show me backsplash that's beadboard/tile combo?

susanpnAugust 6, 2009

Anyone have this? I can't find any pics and have an idea in my head but am hoping someone has photos to share....I'm thinking beadboard with a mosaic insert; space is about 9 inches tall total from counter to bottom of upper cabs. If you've done this I'd love to see!


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I don't have a photo for you, but I think you might find the thread I've linked informative.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Beadboard Backsplash

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Thank you thank you thank you!! You've just convinced me not to put in beadboard for a backsplash at all! Didn't even THINK about the cleaning issue, and I am a NO maintenance person. Tile wins out, even though the look of the beadboard is really beautiful. I've got it in other places though, so it's not like I'm giving it up totally.
Really, thanks so much for taking the time to put in the link for me. This really helped me make a good decision!

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Have you considered the PVC beadboard? That's what I have in my baths. It's pretty and very scrubbable. If you'd like a picture I can post some.

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I would love a picture. I have not heard of that product. I need to do some research.

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Hi Brutus! Hope you are well. I've missed you! We also installed PVC beadboard and love the stuff.

We did beadboard behind a *granite* splash in one cabinet area. The rest of the kitchen has simple tile backsplash.

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Hi golddust, your beadboard looks great.

mc, here is the same in my bathrooms.

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I'm the one who posted the thread complaining (whining!) about what a pain the beadboard is to clean. Well, once again, I repainted the beadboard..but this time I used a darker color and higher quality paint. I think it looks great, and I'm (once again) pleased with the look of the beadboard. In my "beadboard regret" thread, someone said to think about needing to repaint as "maintenance" and that really struck me as a practical way to look at it. I now figure, so what if it needs repainted every year, I like how it looks and if that's the price I need to pay for having the beadboard be it!

I think that if someone is looking for low maintenance, then beadboard is NOT a practical option....but if you love the look of beadboard, and are willing to deal with cleaning the grooves, and sometimes repainting if need be...go for it! I definitely think that 9" or so of tile would help with the cleaning problems, but I'm having a hard time visualizing how it would look.

Here's a link to my new thread with updated pictures of the beadboard after I finished repainting today...

Here is a link that might be useful: Loving the beadboard again!

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Hey there - we used beadboard - oak with benjamin moore aura in satin - and have no problems. Actually, the subway tiles behind our stove seem to 'attract' more dirt than the beadboard behind the sink. Here's a pic, although not what you are looking for - but a tile and beadboard mix, just side by side, not together.

We found, when mixing beadboard and tile that there are a lot of issues with transitions. It's fairly difficult to get them the same thickness, so you can't just butt them up against each other. Hope that makes sense - something to consider! I certainly hadn't, until our installer was onsite and I had to go to the tile store and home depot and buy a bunch of options to try them out!

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Thanks for all the pictures. I really do love the look of the beadboard.

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Re the transition issue (raised by reedrune) -- this is a concern of ours. We are definitely doing beadboard in the room -- 5 ft or so high -- and have gone back on forth re using it for most of the backsplash too. Either way, we are going to have to have at least one transtion from beadboard to tile.

We like the wider-style beadboard, but our contractor can only get that in 3/4-inch planks, which are obviously a lot thicker than tile. This compounds the problem.

I was wondering what people have done re beadboard/tile transitions.

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Sure would love a answer to the last Question that was posted by s8thrd...if anyone knows? thanks

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They make beadboard tile. It may not work for your particular configuration, but might be worth looking into.

I know there's several manufacturers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceramic beadboard thread

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I have already purchased the bead board and had in cut in 18"heights and they are 4 ft wide...Will be sanding/ priming and painting the next couple of days. I have a Beautiful Glass tile I want to use behind stove and was wondering What kind of trim I should use for the transition? I would assume I would trim the bead board up to the tile using a bead board trim...rather than seperating with glass tile?? Is that correct or not?
thanks for any help with this...going up soon.

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