Restrained Gold or Baby Turtle for my Living Room pics included

kim72November 14, 2010

Hi, I posted awhile ago for advice on what color to paint my living room. I can't find my post but I remember that most of you suggested a shade of green. Someone even did mock-ups for me but they are on my laptop that died. We are finally going to paint in the next two weeks and I'm having trouble convincing my husband to paint it Restrained Gold. He doesn't like gold but I love it! Our kitchen is painted Blonde and he doesn't really care for it. He loves green where as I'm kind of sick of it. My kitchen was green for a long time and our basement is painted Green. I do like the color Baby Turtle but that is about it for greens. I want to brighten up the room so I think Gold is the better choice!

I'm going to post a few pictures for you to look at. Some things have changed but I don't have new pictures on my computer. I have new lamps (goldish shades) and the rug in front of the couch is gone. New pillows match the window panels and the fireplace is painted white.

Thanks for any advice.


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Your room is very pretty--But I'm confused. Is this what your walls currently look like? They look like they are already painted a gold/tan color.

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Well, since you have Blonde in your kitchen, I think Restrained Gold would be a good color. It sounds like that's what you really want. The question is, can you talk hubby into it?

What color to you currently have? It looks similar to Lenox Tan which I just got through painting my walls.


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Hi, thank-you for the replies. The color in the pictures is the current color of my walls which is tan. The problem I have is that the walls look pinkish at night. There isn't any gold in them at all.

I know that gold is close to what I already have but I can't stand the pinkish tones.

Thanks so much!

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ok--so I wasn't losin' it. Your wall color on my monitor could have been tan or's always hard to tell. Yes, I agree, Restrained Gold would look nice.

If you were to do a green, would your panels and the rest of your decor go with it or would you end up having to change because I really like what you have in there now.

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I don't have any advice; I like both gold and green and think either would look lovely. But I just had to say how beautiful your room is. I love the restrained hand/eye you used with decor. Just perfect!

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I think the gold paint would be perfect in your pretty the gold vase on your mantle.

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I agree with your DH. While I think both colors would be fine, I think the baby turtle would enhance the colors in your room better. I think the fireplace will disappear with gold on the wall unless you stain it darker or paint it white. Your room has plenty of natural light, I wouldnt be concerned about the baby turtle making it dark.

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Definitely the Baby Turtle. With your furniture, it will be the perfect color. I also think it will work well with your rug and panels.

Use the gold color for accents, but your walls a gold color just won't go with your furniture - just my 2 cents of course! I also have to admit to being a bit tired of dark gold colors. I have three rooms painted various shades of "gold" and find myself leaning towards taupe and dark blues!

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Since the furniture is all brown (from what I can see), I don't see how the gold wouldn't go with the furniture. I have Blonde walls and a brown leather sofa and it looks great. Anyway, I also have concerns about how the gold would work with your fireplace. I think it would disappear, as roseabbey said. Do your curtains have any green in them? The curtains would be my only concern with a green, but I do think a green would work better with everything else. Baby Turtle, maybe -- or also look at Cheyenne Green or a more subtle green like Gray Mirage?

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i think the gold would look much better with your furniture and panels than the bt...

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Kim, here is Restrained Gold in my great room. I thought this would help as we have some similar colors and elements in the room. These were taken shortly after the room was painted.

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Restrained Gold!

Your furniture appears a brown/burgundy and think the gold would look best with what you have. I think either could work but I like the gold idea better.

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Thread hijacking a min. Msrose, where are your photos!?

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Thnak-you everyone for the replies. Just want to note that the fireplace is painted white now.

Thanks for the pictures. I think the RG looks great in your room! Your curtains are similar to mine and I think they look perfect with the gold.

The cutains have green in them as well as gold. I think we could go both ways. I will get a sample of both colors and put up a board and take pictures. I will post them here to see what everyone thinks.

Thanks for all of your opinions. Also, I know gold is used a lot lately but I really love the color!

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Shee - I'm more than half way done, but I have to wait until I'm off work again to finish the rest. You can't see until it's completely finished :)

Bonnie also has RG in her dining room with similar curtains.


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Hi, thanks for all the advice. I've decided that I want a gold but now I'm trying to decide if I want Restrained Gold or Blonde. I have Blonde in my Kitchen and I love it but I thought that maybe a warmer color would look better in the living room. Any opinions on that? What does it have to be so hard to pick a paint color?!

Can someone please tell me how to find a older post of mine. Someone did mockups for me and I cant find my post.


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I think I would go with RG since that was your first thought.


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kim I did a search using your screen name but it only brought up this post. Sometimes stuff just disappears. If you remember how you worded the title of your old post, sometimes you can find things on a plain old google search.

As for which gold color to use, I'd make sample boards of each - you may not deep to have more depth/warmth. The Blonde will look different in your LR than it does it your kitchen.

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I found it for you! Took me awhile this time, but Google is my friend. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Mock-ups

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Gosh, you're good newhomebuilder. I googled it also and couldn't find it.


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I'd been researching Restrained Gold and Blonde earlier on Google and had come across it.

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Wow, thank-you newhomebuilder! Well this weekend we painted Restrained Gold and I LOVE IT! I will take pictures and post them sometime this week.

Although I think that Green would look good too, I've had my heart set on gold for a long time!

Thanks so much for all of youe advice!

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Kim72, Pics please....

My neighbor painted his living room Restrained Gold and it is so rich and beautiful. I am glad you are happy.

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Can't WAIT to see!

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Kim my gut told me that you would settle on RG. Can't wait to see pics as I know it is going to be beautiful!

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