Bullet proof grout for Kitchen Flooring

berardmrAugust 12, 2012

My tile place is recommending Quartz Lock 2 (I believe that's the name) for my floor grout. The salesperson says it's 'tricky' to install and she would never recommend it for the bathroom. By tricky, she said to make sure the thinset is 100% dry before applying the grout. This stuff is sold pre-mixed by the gallon.

Another tile shop has a formula that you mix with your regular grout. I don't know much about it yet.

My kitchen floor grout is going to be an off-white and I want to be certain that it won't chip or stain, and is easy to clean.

I would appreciate any recommendations from the real experts! Thanks.

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No advice but I'm eager to hear what the experts say! I'm also excited to see your floor. (And I don't see bill_vincent over here much if at all, but he is a tile expert over on the bath forum. You might cross post over there and ask him.)

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Hi Beeps, Thanks, I did get my answer in the bathroom forum. I was told that this grout is great, even in the bathroom. Here is a youtube link on it. One more question answered...woo-hoo!

Here is a link that might be useful: Quartz Lock 2

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How 'bout epoxy grout? I used Spectralok by Laticrete. Generally described as bulletproof. I am quite happy with it.

Here is a link that might be useful: some spirited discussion about grout

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Wow. That video sold me! Wonder if I can talk them into using that in my new house. Probably not. :( With dogs and their occasional illnesses it sure would be nice to have something bullet proof. Glad you got your answer. I guess I'll have to look further into grout, including the Spectralok. But there are one or two brands that I think my builder uses, and knowing my builder they are the cheapest two. Guess the good news is I'll have 24x24 tile to at least minimize the grout lines.

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