Pull down tablet holder and under cabinet lighting

anldsmomAugust 13, 2014

I've always wanted under cabinet lighting and an under counter pull down tablet/ipad holder, since I keep all my recipes on my ipad and it gets splattered on the counter. I'm wondering do these two things work together? I wanted to do led strip lights near the front of the cabinet. My uppers will be 12" deep.

Is there enough room for both?

And will the lights create heat or glare that close to my ipad screen?

Can anyone recommend a good pull down tablet holder?

Any experience would be appreciated.

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Hope you get some good answers as that's exactly what I want! Right now I hang printed recipes from the metro shelf over the counter where I'm putting the dish together. I think I would give up my kitchen TV if necessary (absolutely necessary) in order to have a pull down tablet shelf.

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Haven't used it myself, but look at the Adorne system. Modular lights, power outlets, tablet holders, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Adorne under-cab system

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In further searching I found the following thread: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/kitchbath/msg0200164414290.html

I swear I put in a myriad of search words before and it didn't come up.

Also, this:

It seems the undercabinet lighting limits the space enough that a regular depth upper may not allow it to fit. Of course, I'm getting rid of my angled corner cabinet! Maybe I'll just keep propping it up on top of my trifle bowl. In this remodel, I'm finding too many of my "dream" ideas being struck down by reality. sigh.

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The concept of using a fixed stand sounds good but it is not for me.

The beauty of using an IPAD is flexibility. I place it anywhere in the kitchen (counters, island..etc.) on the built in stand of its iPad case. I don't want to keep on returning to the same spot checking information such as next step on a cooking recipe...

What if the size/shape of future IPAD changes, the stand may not fit any more. To me the less mechanic moving parts installed in a kitchen, the less potential repair problem.

I use protection screen and iPad case to keep it from being soiled.

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LED tape lighting takes up maybe 3/8" inch. It's compatible with just about any type of under upper storage or pull down that you want.

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