need paint color advice for 2 story foyer ceiling

mom2manyNovember 10, 2011

I have a 2 story foyer with lots of light. I hope to have it painted soon. Probably with BM Sierra Hills or maybe slightly darker. My question is what do I do about the ceiling? Should I just paint it the same or lighter or darker ? A friend suggest we paint the sloped sides a lighter color but that would be only on 3 sides. Should we do the slope and flat ceiling the same or different shades? In the pic with window my front door is right below it. Thanks for advice.

From November 10, 2011

From November 10, 2011

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Lori A. Sawaya

I love Sierra Hills - it's very close to the popular SW Latte.

I'd probably go for the whole space one color. If you wanted to do something on the ceiling, it'd be darker than, not lighter than walls.

The structure, architecture of that space is interesting. A midtone-ish color like Sierra Hills would shadow nicely and serve the interesting slopes and details of the space well, IMO. Simple, classic, subtly defined, reign in the volume to a comfortable human scale -- that's what I think all one color would do.

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I'd do all the same color. I had the same question last year when having my family room painted with 20 foot ceilings. It was recommended here that I paint it all the same color. I am so glad I did. Because of the different angle of the ceiling, the color looks different anyway.

Here's a picture if it helps. Color is BM Manchester Tan.

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Another vote for all one color.

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Funcolors thank you for your reply. After reading many of your posts here I'm happy to get your knowledgeable advice. :) I've tried out 9 different paint samples and looked at probably 100 tan/beiges before finding Sierra Hills so glad to hear my choice is a good one. :) Seirra Hills looks close to SW Nomadic Desert to me on paint chip which is one up from Latte. I've thought about getting sample of it. What would you say would be different in these two colors? We are painting the upstairs hallway the same color. What should we do about the hallway ceiling? I don't want it to be too dark going down the long hallway. Should I leave it the off white or paint it a shade or two lighter then the foyer. We had changed the original house plans to add a office downstairs and bedroom upstairs so this is how the foyer struture ended up. There is a wide ledge/shelf under window then the front door below. The walls have needed painting for a long time so I'm excited to get it done soon.

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jillinnj and htnspz Thanks for your replies. I'm going with one color. I think that will look best too. Hopefully that will keep the cost down on hiring it to be painted. It's my first time hiring a painter but no way do I want to paint that high ceiling,
sorry if this is a double post. I don't see the other I thought I posted.

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As the designated painter in our household, high ceilings or not,it would be a tough job for even the most skilled professional painter to achieve perfect cutoff areas on your ceiling by what my monitor shows. Using one uniform color will achieve the same effect as the color and light will bounce off and reflect lighter and darker shades.

Good choice going with the all for one.

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