Painting Cherry Cabinets Creamy White

natashakAugust 21, 2009

I found someone to paint my cabinets, but she wants to glaze them. I don't want to glaze them. She says that the regular paint will be too dull and flat.

If you've painted your cherry cabinets creamy white, can I see pictures?


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Why would painting cherry cabinets creamy white be dull? Does it have to do with the wood being cherry? I would ask her that. It may just be her personal opinion to glaze them and SHE may think they will be dull otherwise. I would caution you from glazing, I personally think down the road it may look dated (just my opinion please don't take it personal). I posted pics of my kitchen "help with finishing touches to my kitchen" if you want to see pics of off white cabinets. The color is Moonlight white by Benjamin Moore. My GC had to put many coats on but the finish looks beautiful. It has a bit of yellow and a bit of gray. Not sure if I'd call it a creamy kitchen, though it is not a stark white either. I would be interested to know what she says if you inquire further. Good luck!

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I don't understand why she says they'll be flat either. Is it the kind of paint she wants to use? I got 3 estimates for having my cherry cabinets painted, no one mentioned glazing. Did you get other estimates and references? I had each of the people who gave me estimates paint a sample door for me. That really showed me their work. None of them minded doing that at all. Once you paint them, there's no going back. Be sure she's the right person.

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I don't think she's the right person. Prill, can I see pictures of your kitchen. Going to look for Megpie's right now! :)

Thanks for your thoughts!

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Mine haven't been painted yet. They'll be done in a couple of weeks. Here's a pic of Kpaquette's kitchen - she just had hers done. Also, may other posters here who have painted their cabinets if you search. I'll post mine when they're finished for sure.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I painted my cabinets. My cabinets are exactly that "Dull
and Flat". I LOVE them. Get what you love. Don't glaze
just because she believes dull and flat is something bad.
Here are a few links I used to help me learn and plan.
Maybe they can help you too.,,202424,00.html

Meanwhile My humble kitchen is nothing like Kpaquettes or
other GWers but I am proud of my simple white flat paint
job. : ) I wanted a soft white not cream because I have
white trim throughout my open concept house. A soft
white worked for me. Trim is still unfinished in this pic.

Glazed... Lovely but not my kitchen.

This pic just inspires me and it is painted too..

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I have a rather ordinary, but open kitchen with cherry cabinets. It does not have much architectural interest like beading, etc., but is still pleasing and warm because of the wood grain. But, if the cabinets were painted, the room would look flat, monotone, and boring. Perhaps this is what your painter means. I would think that paint, followed by glaze could add back some interest and depth.

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I intentionally chose a matte white paint for my cabinets. They are a simple Shaker style, no bead, simple trim. They're anything but boring or dull. Skip the glaze and think about maybe finding a different painter.

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Do you know where to get the gold handles for the almond glazed kitchen in the pic above?

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Cherry is such a beautiful wood to hide behind paint.

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That's what I was thinking, gpraceman. If I was going to spend the money on cherry, I'd sure want it to show!

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Her finished kitchen looked better with painted cabinets.

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Thought the link would be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: Her painted cherry cabs

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