Rearranged plan

jubilanteAugust 5, 2013

I considered the suggestions made to my first post, and switched some things around.

The longest wall is 18ft (excluding pantry), the shorter is about 12 ft.

Is this better?

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Not sure if this would work and I'm no KD, but I would want my ovens where the fridge is..on the same run as the cooktop. I think I would put the fridge either on the sink wall where the ovens are now or on the pantry wall. Or, only have one sink--on the island with the DW...put the fridge on the existing sink wall..and have the long pantry as you have it now. Im not a big cook and maybe it's just me...but frankly I never quite understood the logic of having a "prep sink" within a few feet of the main sink...particularly if you have enough prep space by the main sink. I think it is redundant and just takes up real estate. I love your two big windows flanking the cooktop and the big pantry.

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the fridge on the back wall however with the island sink and good counter both to the rt of fridge and around island creates a nice zone. Then the main cook doing meal prep between range and side wall sink has a zone out of the way of transient people in/out of fridge/tending to themselves in that area.......[coming from living room side?].....It just depends on numbers of people circulating in/around kitchen on a regular basis.

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I'd swap the ovens and fridge, too.

Take a look right now at where you put things down to load or remove from the fridge. Probably to do something with them in the sink.

Ovens don't need to be nearby. You put something in it and forget about it for xxx minutes. The fridge you're in and out of all the time, even if it's just filling ice trays (am I dating myself?).

You've got a nice lot of space!

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