backsplash thicker than window sill

abbey_cnyAugust 17, 2012

I just learned something about my full granite backsplash due to go in next week, and I wondered if anyone else had run into the same problem. The gentleman was just here from the tile store taking the measurements, and he tells me that the back splash is going to be a bit thicker than my window sill. My window sill is slate. The sill must be narrower than normal? since any pictures I have seen of full granite backsplashes the granite always appears to be either just as wide as the sill or a bit less. Is the granite being a bit wider going to look strange? Hopefully I am worrying about nothing but was curious if anyone else ran across this problem.



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I'm finishing a project Monday where a customer has waited for special order 2CM product for this application. I don't think 3CM should be used on the wall, which is what I assume what you have? 3CM = 1 3/16" 2CM = 3/4" approx.

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I have 3 cm on the wall. My sill does extend a little past the backsplash, but the trim around the window didn't. I panicked, but my fabricator just beveled the edge of the BS that abutted the trim so that it came down to the right level. It looks just fine - you wouldn't even notice it. I would think they could bevel under the sill, as well.

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thanks for the info. Yes it is 3CM. The fabricator didn't seem to think it would be a problem, I will talk to them again about this.


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laura mcleod

I am not sure if this is helpful at all - but we definitely had some issues with the slab BS, sills, chunky window trim, and clearance for faucets. We ended up having the trim die into the BS with no lower trim and a different type of sill. I was worried about how it would look but ended being pretty sleek and is definitely east to clean.

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I appreciate the info. My window set up is a bit unusual I think. Originally all the windows were metal casements (from 1950). Not practical in central NY! So I had them replaced with vinyl windows, but because they were originally metal there was no trim around them. The replacement windows were set into the opening, and quarter round was put in to finish it off a bit, but that is it. No trim on the sides or bottom. The sill is slate and I won't be changing that, so I am a bit worried how it is all going to work out, but I am trying to have faith in my fabricators. So far everything I have panicked about in this remodel has turned out just fine so I am hoping this will too.


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