Couldn't resist - banquette cushion in!

a2geminiAugust 5, 2012

Hi all

Tried going cold turkey on posting any new pictures - but couldn't resist. I picked up our new banquette bench cushions yesterday and love them. The iphone doesn't do them justice - but a start. I couldn't get a good overall picture of the area due to the light - The bench is in the east windows and there are also another set of windows on the south side.

The seat is actually cayenne and some of the dots match perfectly. The GC sill has to instal the back -so the cushions are just there for looks. I have 2 pillow all dots, 2 pillows in cayenne and 2 pillows that are reversible.

The bench is between the two "caves" - one for DH and one for me. We each have a pull out work surface and we each have our own charging station. I put mine under the 2 drawers and DH uses one of the drawers - nice to have flexibility.

I ordered our table for the area. It will be an Amish shaker style table with a lift top. I specifically didn't try to match all of the cherry but contrast the color (still cherry but a different color) - the picture is just the stock picture and not the actual unit that we ordered.

Shows pull out works space and drawer

Last one - DH side of the area

Picture of the coffee table that will be in front of the bench - the top will rise up to be 30 inches and moves towards the bench so DH and I can use as a breakfast area.

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Just checked in to GW for the day and saw your new post. Love, love , love the cushion and pillows, especially the colors. I'm sure you and DH will enjoy many hours sitting there. I know someone who had that type of coffee table and it is so cool and functional.

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Looks great! I love the his and hers areas. The colors and pillows make it look really finished!

Been meaning to ask you about your Advantium. Do you find you use it often? Are you still happy with it? And if you've experimented a lot, would it make a huge difference if a 9x13 dish couldn't rotate? I'm still messing around with squeezing one in my kitchen and am trying to definitively decide on built in or OTR put over countertop. Those 30 inches are killing me!

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Thanks badger and williamsen!
BTW - my tile arrives on Monday so making progress - just have to have the tile installed, the back to the bench, the hood (long story but has to do with our local codes.., finish the moldings on the cabs and finalize the height of the light when the table comes in.

OK to hijack my own thread - I use my advantium 240 all of the time. I use the MW feature most often but have used the speed oven piece a number of times - It works great!

I use the reheat a plate of food most often it cooks it almost perfectly - sometimes I need to add 10-30 seconds if I want it a bit warmer or know DH will be slow to the table.

Baked potatoes are amazing - 2 giant baked potatoes on speed oven - 9 minutes flat and you will swear they were baked in an oven and not a combo oven.

The 240 wall unit will rotate a 13x9 without a problem - just went back and checked.

I also made an awesome corn pudding on my first attempt with the speed oven - I did everything you are not supposed to do - and it came out perfectly. New oven, new recipe, modified recipe to use yogurt, doubled the recipe, and used the keep warm moist for an hour!!!

Frozen pizza - using the standard pizza setting - doesn't understand the thick Chicago style using MW only and haven't taught DH about the speed oven feature yet - so need to try it with that setting. Standard pizza worked fine in the MW - although I usually don't like MW pizza.

My work schedule has been crazy, so not much time to play yet - but heading to kitchen to make some cookies - made a batch of muffins yesterday with peaches, blueberries, and yogurt - yum!

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So excited to see your tiles! They look like they will be perfect.

So glad to hear you actually use the Advantium part. The only difference I can see functionally cooking-wise between the built in and OTR is the turntable is smaller in the OTR and will not allow a 9x13 to rotate. Not sure if that is important or not. But I would get that 30 inches back too, so maybe it's a good trade off? Got to post for layout help soon so everyone can make up my mind for me :-)

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It looks great! I love the colors!

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Thanks CK. The colors look OK in the picture but they really pop in real life.

Williamsen - can't wait to see your floor plan - I don't comment on complex floor plans - just the simple ones.

I put in a wall oven and the Advantium above the oven - both DH and I are taller than average, so we went a bit higher than standard which works great (except for cleaning the back wall of the Advantium.
Miele speed oven can go under counter and I think it is Sharp that also has a similar item.
I like being able to use the 9x13 - but not a deal breaker as I also have some old Corning square pans and some round pans.

So far, I haven't baked cookies or cakes - the Wolf is so nice for that...

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Wow, does that look great! Your cushions are really nice looking and what a pleasant place to sit and have a cup of coffee.
I love the coffee table... if I'm understanding, the top lifts and moves toward the bench seat so it's table height? What a great idea, if I'm understanding right...

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Very nice a2! Love the colors! I'm wondering about red bar stools for my kitchen, and seeing a bright color work so well in yours maybe I can muster up the courage to do something bright also.

And, can I just move in next door to you and have samples of everything you make? You always seem to be making something yummy!

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Deedles - thanks! Yes, you are correct. It is called a lift top table. If you google for royal mission lift top - you can see how it works. Ours is not the royal mission - we are having the Grand River modified to do the same thing. We won't have the table for about 10 weeks.... maybe 9 now... But this way, the table is not the star of the room - the bench remains the star and when we want to use to do work or for breakfast or tea (DH only drinks cafe), we can just pop up the top!

Beeps - Would love to have you as a neighbor - I think there might even be a house for sale in the area. I never did much baking and am not a gourmet - I just don't have the time for the frills - things taste good but not always the prettiest delivery.

My mom said my kitchen was getting boring - so needed to enhance a bit - I think she will like it - doubt that she will see in person but I show pictures to her when I visit. We set her up with an ipad and airplay mirroring so even though she is legally blind, she can see the pictures.

For the recipe of the week -
Snow on the mountain cookies (I just made this one up today - modified double chocolate recipe from the web and dipped in confectioner sugar to have a white top) or Salmone de Lexana?

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a2gemini, your banquette looks very cozy! do you mind sharing the dimensions? how deep does it need to be to be comfortable?

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Glad you posted your Banquette. It looks amazing! The table is such a great idea. Did you use a local person to make it? I am interested in something similar when we remodel.

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Kelly - we are ordering through King's Chosen - a local store that works with a series of Amish furniture makers. I could have ordered directly but the shipping was expensive and this way, I could customize it. Thanks for the compliment on the banquette.

Michoumonster - the bench is 79 inches wide. The cushion width is 21 - I have to look, I think it was supposed to be 20 :-( so hope enough room for the back.
The height is 3 inches of foam plus the wraps to make it around 4-4.5 inches. If I had room, I would have gone one inch thicker. I used high density foam and a local upholstery shop did the covers (and ordered the foam, etc.

The pillows are fluffier than I expected but they are so comfy. They are feather filled.

If no back - 18 is probably adequate - but since we have pillow backs, a minimum of 20-22 would be better...

Thanks for the compliments..

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Love, love, love the banquette, a2gemini! I'm a sucker for them, anyway. I really want one in my remodel, but not sure I can make it work with the existing fireplace given these tight rooms. I'll have to live vicariously through you, I guess...

Speaking of which, what's not to love about his and her areas? What a great idea! I hope your partner is better at keeping his stuff in his own area than mine is... I am on constant guard to police my areas around here. lol

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Steph - Thanks! LOL - Actually, it is the other way around. I am the real estate hog. My DH is OCD, so everything is in its place. I am a closet OCD - I am either very organized but when stressed - everything is scattered -and I can tell you right now, the house is very scattered - which drives my DH crazy!

Note we each have a drawer on our side of the bench... DH is bent out of shape that we still have the electrical leftovers in his -but I offered to let him store all of the kitchen appliance manuals etc in place of what I gave him....

Can't wait to see your plans!

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Hi again a2gemini,

Is that King's Chosen in Ann Arbor Michigan, by chance? I am from Michigan, just north of Fenton!

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A2--the cushion area great love them! We ordered our table from Amish Tables--they were in AA, now they are in Plymouth I think, they were great too, and our table is so beautiful!

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Kelly- affirmative on KC in A2
Christine- I contacted Amish tables but weren't willing to customize so went with KC. The owners are quite old so be patient when you go in there.
There was a 10% art fair sale and maybe they will extend it

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Thanks A2 and Christine! I am drooling over the furniture photos online.

Can either of you recommend an upholstery shop for cushions? I only know of calico corners, great quality but a little pricey.

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I can see why you wanted to show those cushions, they are great! Makes me want to curl up there with a book. So pretty.

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So nice! Love it. Gotta go, I am off to google lift top tables. That's exactly what I want for my porch. Enjoy!

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The banquette looks great! Love the color. Those "caves" were a great idea. And having a table that raises up and serves multiple purposes like that is amazing! You're in the home stretch!!

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I like the colors, what a nice place to eat and relax and read. Please post pictures of the table, it sounds very interesting.

When you wrote that you had his and her 'caves', I first thought you meant wine 'caves' and thought, wow what a concept:).

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I'm glad you broke your own rule and posted pics. (Silly rule, really. :) That space looks terrific! It must be hard to leave it. Perfect for a session with a cup of tea and some cookbooks.

I vote salmone de lexana. I made the oatmeal recipe yesterday and it was delicious! I loved the dried cherries that you recommended.

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a2gemini, thanks for the detailed dimensions! hopefully i can put my banquette together to be half as nice as yours!

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What's up with the photo rule? Why else do we stick around on GW? These are eye candy:)

Tell your family they're lucky to have someone with such an eye for color. It looks great together.

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Colorfast - on my lasts post - I said, no more pictures until I am totally done with our kitchen - I think everyone is bored of my kitchen. Thanks for the compliment on my colors - I think I am absolutely terrible with colors and struggle so hard. I think I have 35-40 color samples in the basement to determine the outside color.....

Kelly - I went to a family run business on the west side of A2. Rendells - they are not inexpensive but the work is phenomenal! Lots of choices for fabric - I think they have a couple of rooms! I found the dots on my last trip - I wanted to spice up the room a bit - and the black plus dots did just the trick (plus the cayenne - LOL - spiced up!)

Marti - I want to also - the back is not done yet and the GC's daughter is getting married this weekend, so likely not to see him til next week.

Dilly -lots of options in the Amish tables and also Lazy boy used to have a very traditional one. I am having this one customized to be a bit higher - I wanted the final height to be 30 inches. Some only go to 24 or 27 - so look at the final heights. Amish mission style is probably the most common one around the internet. Most are made in the Shipshewanna area (probably spelled this wrong)

Pooh - yup, home stretch - picked up the tile tonight and have to unload it.

OldBat - once I have the table, I will post pictures - probably the better part of 2 months - I like the idea of a wine cave. Now, do I serve cheese with his whine about the kitchen not being done - just kidding - but he deserves something special - wait - he went out and bought some new toys....

Four - thanks - glad you liked the oatmeal - I will have to defer the recipe of the week for a week or 2 as running back to help mom move from skilled nursing to assisted living - she is doing pretty good.

Michoumouster - thanks! I am sure yours will be terrific - glad I learned the term banquette from GW - otherwise the post would have been bench!

Shelayne - thanks!!!!

Hope I didn't miss anyone! Love all of the feedback and ideas!!!

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Thanks again for all of the detailed info. You have been so helpful.

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Off topic but glad to hear you mom is doing better!

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Forgot to mention when I replied to your post yesterday but we have still another thing in common "dots". Mine aren't as colorful as yours and they are a little bigger but they are dots none less. I reupholstered my dinette chairs as part of my kitchen remodel. Just ordered new everyday dishes this week. Old ones just didn't look good with the new kitchen. Did you happen to get new dishes too?

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Oop forgot to show you the picture

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Kelly- ur welcome Post pictures when u have your bench.

CK - thanks! She is feisty and a real trooper! She is determined to get back to her apartment!

Badger- too funny! Someday we will meet each other! No new dishes other than bringing my parents china back to Michigan. Our daily dishes are villeroy and boch. Probably don't go with the kitchen but very colorful, my parents china is all white on the front with the story of the magic flute embossed on the edges and scripted in gold on the back. (rosenthal)

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GC's daughter is getting married, so have to wait til next week to finish off the kitchen...

So happy for him and his daughter - he is worth any wait!

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Love your banquette! Can you tell me how high it is off the ground and the size of the windows? I'm trying to get my window size right and I think my window is too long and will interfere with the banquet. Right now the window is only 18" from the floor. How high should it be to have a banquette like yours?

Thank you!!

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Love banquettes and this is a beauty. Looking forward to pics and details of your completed kitchen!

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laura - our banquette is 18 inches from the floor and then about a 3.5 inch cushion - the back has a piano hinge and we can fold it down under the window (but the back cushions store on top of the back when folded)

Depth of the banquette is ~22 but the back cushions are pretty cushy, so takes up a lot of it.
The window is 78.5 inches wide

Island - we are 98% there - only trim and the table - trim next week but the table not until late September - custom stain is holding it up :-(

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a2gemini - thanks for the measurements. Does that mean your window is about 18"+3.5"+ 2.5" (molding) = ~24" from the floor? Sorry to be so exact, I'm just trying to make sure I get this right esp because the windows we are placing there are awnings so the crank handles are at the bottom. We also have a larger molding which I have to account for.


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Laura - these pictures might help.
Bench is 18 inches to top of bench
Window frame starts at 22 inches
Crank is about 24 inches (note that we have a lower profile crank - used to have a standard long crank years ago)

Note that we powered the base, so if you are using an electronic device, you can plug in! We each have our own outlets with the vent in the middle.

Overall picture of back/window close up

Piano hinge back in down position

Piano hinge from front

Alternate pillow arrangement - this one allows me to sit sideways to read a book and just enjoy looking out 2 sets of windows..

Hope these pictures help you make a decision - I am going to love reading my Nook in my nook! So much fun being close to finished. Just bummed that the table will be another 3-4 weeks!

PS Looks like I need to clean my iphone lens!!! LOL

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Thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is exactly what I needed. Now to verify my measurements!

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What a cozy little nook - it looks great!

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Laura - glad I was able to get your the measurements you needed! Let me know what you decide.

Pip - heading to my nook after I bake some cookies with my "new" Craiglist KA mixer in my new bake zone - I helped my DH move his coffee maker and grinder out of the bake area, so it is all mine!!!

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a2gemini - OK, I looked at our plans and I may have to modify the window size. Here is our breakfast nook. The window is anchored to the top of the door which is an 80" high door. The windows are currently spec'd at 60" which means there is only 20" below the window to the floor - not including the window molding/casement (which is 3"). If the bench is 18" high then I have 2" to play with, which would be enough for a 2" high cushion (that would cover the window molding/casement). Do you think that could work? This is something that I would likely add later since we are already pushing our budget limit, but I want to make sure I order the right size window. I suppose I could make the windows 57" which would give me some extra space. The downside to that is that we purposely chose 60" windows to match the ones in the courtyard area (the ones with the grids).


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Tough call and not an expert - but a beautiful house!
Are you planning to add a back?
Ours comes in at 23 inches total from floor to folded back and our cushion is is really closer to 4 inches.
I think a 2 inch cushion will be quite uncomfortable - Maybe they could make your bench a little lower to give you cushion room?

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Bumped to make it easier for michoumonster to find post

Bummed that our table was delayed so kitchen stays at 99% finished.

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Love the banquette!

We see these so often in design magazines and online, but in real life I don't know a single person who has one. Well, let me change that: When I was a small child, my grandmother had a fantastic little butler's pantry with shelving on one side, a built-in table with two banquette benches on the other side. It had a large window at the end of the table. I adored that little nook.

Anyway, any advice for a person planning a banquette in a new build?

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Mrs. Pete - If you are putting a back on it - make it deeper - ours is borderline on depth.
I love our pillows vs a standard cushion on the back. Our pillows our about 22 inches square. Initially, I was going to go with 18 inches but so glad I went bigger - but bigger size means the pillows are deeper.
If you have enough height - I would try to have a 4-6 inch cushion for comfort (ours is 3 inches plus padding - so close to 4.5)
Also - unless you are a DIY - plan on the upholstery and cushions to be expensive!! I hoped to DIY, but just didn't have the energy to pull it off.
Our GC was a genius with the back - If our windows were higher, I would not have needed the fold down - but it is a great feature.
I love our nook - I just want to go there and read my Nook!

Think about what type of table you will need - Fishies has been struggling with her design. We are going very basic and planning for only 2 people. So our table will be coffee table height but will rise up to 30 inches to use for a desk or breakfast.

Power the area - we put power under the benches and in our "caves". I was working on the computer and realized the batteries were low(the bad battery gene runs in the family - LOL), so just plugged in and kept working!

Good luck and will be watching your plans.

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