Do you have Hafele blind corner pull outs?

karenlk10August 29, 2013

I'm searching for the perfect corner cabinet option. Saw the Magic Corner II by Hafele but ...omg... was in shock at the price shown for all the parts (the base + 2 sets of drawers seemed about $2k)!

Does anyone have these? Are they really that expensive?
And are they worth it? As in... do you get that much more storage than in something like the Korner King lazy susan/drawer combo or even the Ikea kidney shaped pull out?

Of course, I dont know how pricey those are either... yet!

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Yes, the good ones are 1-2K. When you have a mechanism trapped there and can't remove it, it really pays to not have gone with one with poorer quality hardward.

The better choice, if have the 48" of room that one of those organizers need, is to look for a 36" Super Susan for your corner. It's the most efficient use of space with the easiest access. It's cheaper too, but not by a whole lot.

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I was leaning towards the pull outs cuz I'm trying to build out for my old age. The pull out seems more "age" friendly. But not having either style yet - that's just a guess

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List for Magic Corner 2 mechanism is 1530 to 1530, stores 1080 sq ins- don't put a drawer above it, not the best thing for feild install.

A better choice is the Hafele Lemans units- list $870- stores either 884" or 1057 (the one that takes the same wall space as the MC 2- do NOT get the smallest one unless you have no choice) Easier to use with aging back, more flexible storage, can still have a drawer, can be feild installed easily. You have to watch the direction that they swing out if near a range. There is a limiter that can keep it from hitting a range if it must be placed there.

An alternative are the Rev-A-Shelf half moon pullouts- Plastic ones list at $272, Wood 441. Again don't get the smallest, storage is less than Lemans but they pull out in a different direction.

Lemans is my first choice for blinds BUT final determination is made based on door opening and direction of swing/clearanc, and storage requirements.

I disagree that a super susan is the most efficient- depends on the layout.

When doing a susan, if I'm doing either frameless or inset I always use a Suzi Q- which has a slightly higher sq in than typical pie cut super susan but is easier to use.(Suzi Q is NOT field install ever)

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If you're planning to age in place, then the corner susan is a better option.

(1) Everything is always in front, you just have to rotate the susan (very little effort) until the item you want is right in front of you and you simply remove it. No having to deal with a pullout that may or may not open smoothly.

(2) If you get a susan with the walls following the contours of the round shelves, nothing can fall off - ever. With a blind corner pullout, if something falls off inside the cabinet, you won't be able to close the pullout until you crawl inside to retrieve that item - I can't imagine trying to do that later in life if arthritis or other issues crop up. (My KD said that if you have one of those blind corners with or without a pullout, you should have a small child around to crawl inside the cabinet for you. She was joking, but I got her point immediately.)

If you insist on a blind corner, then spend the extra money to get a good/well-made pullout - most are cheap and have problems fairly quickly. This is one place, IMO, where you get what you pay for.

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Well, I had to look up Suzie-Q, had never heard of it. I like the self-closing doors, but not the center pole. But it looks like it can be used with either framed or frameless cabs?

Karen, I'm in the same boat, but seriously considering the Super Susan option. I don't mind bending over as long as I'm not having to rummage in the dark. Having the hinged doors is a drawback, but not a dealbreaker for me.

(I'd prefer the door to rotate with the shelf, but seems like that only works with inset cabs.) I had a heart attack the first time I looked at the Hafele prices for these systems, too. But they are complicated and you sure want them to be reliable! Let us know what you decide.

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I just put a Super Susan in my corner, and I love it (so far - it's only been a week, and I don't have countertops yet). I use it for my crock pot, rice cooker, mixer, waffle iron, large colanders (and it's not full). I couldn't have store all of those things with a pole in the middle. Mine is in a diagonal cabinet, so it's a full circle, which hold even more, but some people don't like the diagonal. Mine has a drawer above, where I have a knife insert.

The other corner in my kitchen is closed off completely, with drawers on each side. I gained so much new storage in my kitchen remodel that I didn't feel like I needed more space for things I don't use much. I would much rather have very efficient drawers that I use every day.

Another option is to put a stack of drawers in the corner. It all boils down to what you want to store there, and how you want to use the space on each side of the corner.

Here is a link that might be useful: corner drawers

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IRL- so long as appropriate things are stored on any of these- no ceral boxes or tupperware- nothing should fall off. I've had a Suzi Q and a RAS half moon for 9 yrs with nothing ever falling off either one. The Lemans is as smooth as butter- perhaps the smoothest mechanism in a kitchen counting the drawers.

IF your serious about aging the Suzi Q is the most accessible from a wheel chair, Lemans is second. But that is another conversation that most folks my age prefer to ignore.

Having a pole in the center is overrated as a problem and pails compared to the added convenience. I actually prefer it as an aid if a lot of stuff is being put away and have yet to have it interfere or limit anything.

Typical price spread from cabinet company with pie cut super susan as a base- add 250-400 for Lemans, add 450 for Suzi Q ...BUT I know of one company that charges $300 less for the Suzi Q than a SS.

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You may also consider a Korner King. However, it depends what you want to store in your corner cabinet. I have a super susan on one side, which is great for small appliances. I also really like my Korner King drawers which you may like for accessibility.

Here's my in-progress kitchen corner:

Turns both ways for shelving:
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suzi q- don't have shot of the dutch ovens but they are there

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