last minute: Where would you stop this tile (3/4 wall)

young-gardenerAugust 18, 2013

It's tile time!

The plan was to tile from baseboards to 33" above the counter. However, I have ONE drawer that will not clear the entire way out (just halfway out....old, crooked house). SO, plans have changed.

Would you stop the tile at the inner corner to the right of the window or wrap it around to where the counter stops at that run?

I don't want it to look out of place since there isn't a cabinet there, but I'm having trouble picturing it either way. It will go up roughly 33" (a subway and chair rail).

(sorry for the sad photos...snapped these after getting home from a 6 week trip...dh had been hard at work on the kitchen instead of on keeping house. haha!)

entering kitchen from dining...that corner will be the first thing you see

area in question

looking from breakfast room (after entering through rear door of house)

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Can you specify which drawer/s won't open? I re-read your post, but can't understand your problem. Are you saying you will tile from the wall above the range going right above the sink and then need to stop somewhere to allow a drawer to open fully? If yes, which drawer/s are on the crooked wall?

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You mean the drawers in the cabinet to the right of the window won't open? That is going to be tricky.

I think I would do the tile on the range and window walls, but not on the little wall with the sticky drawer. That would really be a side-splash (LOL) so I think it would look just fine not having the tile there. Maybe a nice picture or shelves for herbs, instead?

Nice to see you on the forum! I have been gone a lot, too...but it's great to see your kitchen. You've accomplished so much and I hope you'll post pictures of the entire house :)

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Yes, the problem drawers are to the right of the window, next to the dishwasher. It's the middle drawer that is the issue, so the wall must bow out in the middle. Here is a picture with the middle drawer fully extended. The problem starts about halfway out.

We will tile on the range wall and window wall for sure. The wall in question is the remaining wall, perpendicular to the sink wall. ....the sidesplash, as Lav calls it. ;)

Perhaps I should add that because the wall isn't perfect, the counter isn't flush with the wall on that end (or anywhere else, really). We will have to do a trim piece at the base of all the backsplash in order to correct the gaps. SO, the wall in question will either have to have tile AND the trim piece or JUST the trim piece. I'm not sure which would look least offensive. ;)

counter under wall in question (gap varies, but here is the biggest part)

sample of a small gap spot (on window wall)

sample of a big gap spot (on range wall)

I guess my worry is that if I don't tile this wall, the trim piece will be extra obvious.

(As you can see the gap isn't consistent all the way around the room but is enough in places that we can't skip the trim piece. Old houses....sigh!)

Perhaps it doesn't matter, but the basic tile layout will be similar to this (with more rows of the horizontal subway and a pencil between the horizontal and vertical tiles)

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Will the trim piece in that section be stained to match the counter? I don't think it will be that obvious. If you did add some shelves, they would balance the open shelves you have on the range wall. From what I remember about your plans, you wanted some display space and room for glass jars, etc.

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Could you do a short wood trim piece (1-1-1/2"), stained to match the countertop all the way around and then tile on top of that?

This way you would not really have a joint of dissimilar materials at a point where there is some unevenness and end up with a caulk joint that will probably open and close. The short backsplash was done here. It's short enough that I don't think it affects the appearance:

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palimpsest - I like that much better than what we've started doing. I wonder....

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Lav- Not sure how I missed your message. The trim we thought, would be white when against the tile so it wouldn't stand out? But, I don't see why it couldn't be stained, even if only in the section with no tile. Seems like I need to get some sample pieces to set out...just to see.

Here is what I finished during the baby's nap today.

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