Plz help with defective furniture - Macy's won't refund fully

storkladyNovember 2, 2011

Long story short...I bought 2 chairs and an ottoman from Macy's on 10/10. They were delivered today. One of the chairs is defective. All four legs don't meet the floor at the same time and it rocks very significantly. We measured each of the legs and they are all the same length. We measured from the frame to the floor and it is not the same the frame is the issue.

We called Macy's to ask for a replacement chair. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued and there are no chairs left in stock. So we asked them to pick up the three pieces and refund us fully, including shipping charges. Macy's will only refund the shipping on the defective chair. However, they will not refund the shipping charges on the 2nd chair and ottoman because there is nothing wrong with them. They also will charge us a 10% restocking fee on the 2nd chair and ottoman if we send them back.

We've been on the phone with customer service for more than an hour...passed up the line to the top (supposedly). And, macy's won't budge. We've argued that we are being penalized for their defective chair and their argument is we "don't want" the 2nd chair and ottoman. Well, I guess not! Without both chairs and the ottoman we can't use any of it. So, we are being forced to pay shipping and restocking fees on their problem or suck it up and keep one chair and an ottoman that we no longer can use.

I plan to contact the atty general of TX tomorrow, but I seriously doubt they will take this on with Macy's. If anyone has any advice on how we should handle this I would appreciate it.

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Fori is not pleased

Did you use credit card by any chance? They might take it up.

DO keep pestering different parts of Macy's. They tend to be decent about this sort of thing!

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I used my Macy's card. Stupid me for that. The local store won't help. They tell me all complaints have to go to the 800 number that is customer service. I don't know who else to pester.

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I just deleted my Macy's Account....thank you!!!!
Therea re lots of places to buy without dealing with an outfit that won't stand behind their goods.
Can you stop payment on your check?
Linda C

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Is it possible to extend the chair leg so that it doesn't rock?

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Can you find any flaws in the ottoman and other chair. Something like a missed seam, a small mark or anything wrong and then send them back as also damaged? Macy's policy is horrible so be picky and find the smallest mistake, take pictures and return the whole set as damaged. I hope you can find a resolution. And I am sorry your furniture turned out to be such a disappointment. Have you asked for an equal value store credit to buy another full set? Good luck.

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good idea graywings. We thought of that, but the leg screws into the frame and if you loosen it drops down another 1/3 inch it wont support the chair. The leg is wood and is tpered and there is no way to extend it that my husband can figure out.

Hi Linda. Thanks for your idea, but I didn't pay with a check...I charged it to my macy's card. I will delete my card too, but not until I try to resolve this.

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This is incredible. I have never shopped Macy's even though they took over our local Federated Department store, which I used to love. If this were them, they would be on their knees apologizing to you for all the problems you've had. What are you talking about here, a couple of hundred dollars? Peanuts to them and a drop in the bucket for the future income in losing more than one customer to negative word of mouth.

This needs a call to your local television Consumer Reporter. I'll bet it will be taken care of post haste.


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Good idea roarah. I will look at the other pieces for flaws. Their policy really is awful and I'm truly suprised at all this. I haven't asked for an equal value credit because there really isn't anything else that isn't too formal or will work in my small sitting area. There is no room for a sofa, settee or larger chairs.

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Have they tried calling all the other stores and making absolutely sure that they don't have another single chair anywhere?

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I suggested that to my husband and I think we will call our action reporter tomorrow. The two chairs and ottoman cost $1425.00. A lot for me, not much for Macy's...however, they just won't stand behind their product.

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Nancy - they claim there are none, but I don't know how hard the really looked. I purchased the items at our local store but they won't help. They say once a furniture sale is made, all complaints go to customer service in Clearwater, FL. Of course that is an 800 number. Nobody there really cares. They just give you the company line. I was told they looked for a chair at every possible warehouse, but who knows if they really did. We wonder if this chair had already been returned and was sitting the warehouse and it was sent because they had no more to choose from as the series was in the process of being discontinued. Of course, nobody told us that when we purchased it.

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If things don't work out, and you don't want to pay the restocking fee and shipping, I suggest taking one of the legs to a carpenter and have him duplicate it. He can make it the exact length you're needing.

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thank you annz. Good suggestion. I hadn't thought of it.

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Along the lines of what annz suggested, you can ask Macy's to repair the chair and pay for your carpentry costs. I'm sorry you are dealing with this - I hope they can resolve it for you! Just keep pestering - that usually works!

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I like your suggestion, but I honestly don't think it can be fixed. They would have to take the upholstery off the chair and somehow fix the frame or remake part of it...and then reupholster it. First, I doubt if they have someone available with that kind of skill and if it's discontinued, I doubt they have additional fabric, etc.

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You ordered a "good" set.....what you got wasn' shouldn't have to arrange someone to fix their error.
How do you pay your Macy's credit card? With a check? Bingo!!\
Tell them to come and get their stuff, because you aren't paying for it....then be sure you have that stuff covered in plastic showing that you haven't used it!

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So sorry for you. I once order a bentwood rocker and had to send it back three times for defects. But, they kept sending them until I had one that was right. But, I would never order again from them because of this experience.
Do you have a friend who is a lawyer? Maybe legal action could move things along.
If you like, let us know the chair, model number, fabric etc. we can all pitch in and make some phone calls and maybe locate another one for you. Sounds to me that Macy's does not care about customer service.

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Try this link. It's got the names of directors and vp for Macy's furniture and bedding lines. You have to go to the very top. Forget the 800#. I had to do this with Sears once -went straight to Sr. VPs in Chicago and got instant results.

Here is a link that might be useful: Macy's contacts

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I would tell them that there are consumer protection laws including an "implied warranty of fitness for a particular purpose." When you purchase a SET, the assumption is that you receive a set. When one part of that set is defective and cannot be replaced, the entire set is thus no longer fit for the purpose for which it was purchased. Therefore, they must accept returns because the set as a whole is defective and not fit for the purpose it was intended for.

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Personally, if I was looking for results, I'd tweet.
They do a good job of monitoring their Twitter account and answer customer service complaints as well as questions and compliments.

I wouldn't bother posting on their Facebook page, with over 2 million fans, you'd get lost in the shuffle.
Only 74,000 follow them on Twitter.

If you don't have one, register for a Twitter account - it's really easy

From your Twitter page, type @macys in the search box

Look on the right side for results, a check mark means it's a verified account

Click on 'Follow' next to Macys

At the top of your page, where it says 'What's happening?'
Post/Tweet your problem as succinctly as possible using 140 characters or less

Make sure you begin your post with @macys, that's how they'll see it on their home page under 'Mentions'

You can also tag it with something like #badcustomerservice at the end of your post/tweet

Also, if they answer you, it will be on your home page under 'Mentions'

@ directs a tweet to a person or company in their 'Mentions'

# marks a topic, event, etc. or you can use it to state your feelings.

Do a search for #badcustomerservice and you can see how people use it to make a point.

I'm @joanieatthelake :))

Here is a link that might be useful: Macy's Twitter Page

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Along the lines of bestyear's suggestion--GO TO THE STORE. Forget the phone. Go, find that store manager, and in person explain the problem.

What's the saying?

Don't take "NO" from someone who can't say "YES".

Good luck, keep us posted.


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Thank you all so very much for great suggestions. I will go to the store again tomorrow and keep trying. I will definitely keep you posted. I know nothing about tweeting but will try to figure it out and do it. Thanks again. I have hope this might work out. More tomorrow...

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I'd go to the store manager and tell them you'd like him/her to check, personally, to see if there is a replacement chair. Explain this is a set and you'd like to keep it, but if they can't offer you a replacement, then the SET will have to be returned. Can they provide you with another set at the same price that is as good a quality/better than the one you wanted...and will fit in with your decor? Oh, and tell them to be sure to check on the DISPLAY floor for the replacement chair, too. They have a lot of stores, there should be something available or they should exchange the entire set. It's like buying three dining chairs and not getting the fourth...would they charge you the same fees for that, too?

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The store manager is a hired flunky. I would not expect any results from them.

I would write a real letter to the president of Macy's - by name, send a copy to the head of Customer Service. In the letter, explain the problem, give details of who you've spoken with and when, and then ask for your resolution. Include pictures.

Go right to the top. In my experience, any lower will be a waste of your time and energy.

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If you really want to shake it up at the top....find out the name of the president's admin or assistant, and send the letter to that person to pass along. If you send it directly to the president it will not make it and it will sit in a pile. However, as I have learned you need to make "friends" with the top dog's assistant. These are the powerful people. ;)

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Would putting a leveling mount on the bottom of the chair work? Macy's should be doing this, of course, not you.

Here is a link that might be useful: All kinds of leveling mounts

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I had a problem with kitchenaid refrigerator. It was under warranty when it developed cracks inside, that were very ugly but also allowed cold air to escape to the corpus. Anyway, the KA solution was to tape the cracks. I was not happy and asked GW gang if they thought this was appropriate fix. No one thought so, so I sent an e-mail with my complaint, photos and the discussion about the issue in GW to the KA US president but also their investment relations people. They were all copied on the same e-mail so they knew who got my complaint. I am not sure which recipient made the difference but I got a call next day to schedule a date to get my fridge replaced.
So include links to this discussion and also alert their investment relations people.
Good luck.

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I won't even address the whole refund issue - I think Macy's is shafting you there - but if you end up stuck with them or want to keep them, I would think it would be relatively simple to fix them if the leg isn't short by more than half inch or so. You could either put some felt pad or a chair leg protector kind of thing (like the leveling mounts that the previous poster linked to) below the leg that is short or you could unscrew the leg, add a small wood piece to the bottom of the chair where the leg screws in, then screw the leg back into that. If you cut the wood piece to the same size/shape as the top of the leg and stained it to match, it would blend in and probably wouldn't be noticeable to anyone but you. I do stuff like this to fix my goodwill and curbside finds all the time and it usually ends up looking seamless (and I am by no means a woodworker, LOL!)

That said, it's not like you found these chairs at Goodwill for $50, where you'd expect to have to "hack" them to fix their imperfections. You paid almost $1500 for these suckers and have every right to expect them to be perfect. If you opt to keep the chair, I would demand a big discount for your trouble because you'll always see the repair even though no one else will be able to tell.

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Believe it or not but every time I've ever mentioned being an active member of this forum which is used as a platform to recommend products/companies OR not, I've been transferred to a supervisor where my issues are instantly fixable and the apologies ring out.

The most recent time was with Moen. Our kitchen faucet had a piece that broke on the spout. When I called, it was like the rep was deaf. She kept insisting that she would send a completely different part (under the lifetime warranty) even when I told her it was not the part we needed. When I refused the part, she said the piece we wanted was 15.00 plus shipping.

That's when I angrily said I'm a very active member to a forum where I had referred this company often but after this experience, I would now be singing a very different story. She put me on hold, her supervisor came on and the next day, we had the parts we needed to fix our faucet. This is at least the 3rd time I've had this type of experience. It may or may not work with Macy's but I would certainly let a supervisor know in writing and include a copy of this link in the email I send to them.

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I would not try and level the chair if the frame is the issue. It may be bent or broken and thus structurely weakened. The chair should be replaced and if they can not locate a replacement the set should be returned without charge to you. The frame is to important to try and make do. Be persistant and firm.

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Linda, why would you delete your Macy's account ? you might as well delete every single card in your wallet, all companies have complaints against them.

storklady, they are not being fair with you, I'm sure someone will come to their senses if you persist on explaining this, it's ridiculous.

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Macy's is not a manufacturer - I suggest you ask them who the mfg is and contact them directly. Explain the problem to the mfg. and they may be willing to help you resolve the problem.
There is no way you should have to fix the chair.
I wonder if you can file a claim with your local magistrate or your county court house. Maybe once they see that you are not going to just go away, they may just credit you and forget about it.
Maybe you could send a certified letter to thier headquarters, explain the problem and demand a full refund. Tell them if they fix this problem, you will not take it further. But, otherwise you will do what you have to, to get a full refund!
Thier main furniture buyer may be able to resolve this, rather than customer service !

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When I had an issue with Sears incorrectly installing a dryer in my house, I got nowhere in speaking to the local store, but after I wrote to the corporate office, I ended up getting a check from Sears' "Blue Ribbon" service for the cost of correcting it. I think copying Consumer Reports on my letter helped.

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Find a human being to whom you can send a fedex letter. You are in the right here and should prevail.

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The suggestion of having an leg made to fix the issue sounds like a workable solution and a lot less effort. Much less effort than trying to find a new set you like. You should ask for them to discount the defective piece based on the hassel and repair cost.

I appreciate your post, after reading this I know where I won't bother shopping.

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Did you buy from an actual Macy's furniture store, Macy's clothing store that carries furniture or a store that advertises as a Macy's Furniture Outlet (but the small print says they are not really Macy's)?

I ask because we have all these options locally. We had a problem with the furniture outlet. I went in, spoke with the manager, problem solved.
You really do need to go in and talk with the person who has the authority to ok your return.

as a previous poster shared, my favorite quote: " Never accept a NO from someone who doesn't have the authority to say YES".

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Ellendi had a good insight
"If you like, let us know the chair, model number, fabric etc. we can all pitch in and make some phone calls and maybe locate another one for you."

There ARE a lot of us out here. Give me the info on your chair and I will call our Macy's and a few dozen others of us will do the same for a GW pal. We might find you one.

Keep trying, whether you try the high-tech or low-tech routes. You are RIGHT in this. You were decorating with two chairs and an ottoman, and one chair and ottoman will just not work.

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Texas has very strong consumer protections with the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act where you can get multiple damages. It does not cost much to sue them in small claims court.
These days, lots of companies will just try to give you a hard time, hoping you will be quiet and go away. I'm not sure they actually have a handbook telling customer service employees how to run you around, use delay tactics, and refuse your requests, but sometimes it sure seems like it.
The cost to sue is modest and you do not need an attorney, small claims court was created for exactly these kinds of situations.
Do a little search on the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act and consider negotiating from a position of relative power as a claimant in front of a judge, instead of begging on the phone to people who apparently by their actions could care less.

Here is a link that might be useful: small claims

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A few years ago I had a problem with a washer that I purchased. They didn't tell me that it was discontinued when I purchased it. They would take the washer back but not the matching dryer. Well I wanted a matching set as my old dryer still worked but I gave it away when I purchased the new set. After calling the store (Sears) and getting the run around I called people at the top and by the end of the day they were going to take both back.

Sometime you have to fight for them to do the right thing.

You wanted it as a set so they should be taking all of it back without charging you.

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Lori A. Sawaya

Unbelieveable! What the hell happened to Macy's? That is so not the customer service I thought they were known for.

Agree about Tweeting. Just followed @joanieatthelake as a matter of fact. I'm @funcolors.

If you Tweet your sitch and want back up, let us know so we can RT (retweet). Put the power of the GW tribe to work if ya think it will help.

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Oooh, I was just considering a dining set at Macy's. I think I'll hold off until I see how yours is resolved.

That's a good idea about finding out who the manufacturer is. Maybe you can find the same chair at another store or online.

BTW, we bought a sofa, loveseat, and chair from Haverty's, and found out after purchase, but before delivery, that it was discontinued. Even after they confirmed it was discontinued, they confirmed that even if one of the 3 pieces was defective, they would replace all three so the set matched.

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I'd try replacing the floor glide with something thicker than what is on the other legs to make up the 1/3 inch. You'll always know but no one else will even notice. Maybe something similar to one of these. Any big box store or hardware store should have some.

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ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS use a major credit card when purchasing items of size, expense that could come damaged, or not at all!!! A credit card company would handle this in one call!!! Complete refund.

Sorry for your mess.

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Good advice given here about contacting Macy's corporate office. You should place a phone call, send a letter or an e-mail directly to the corporate office. This will produce quick results and may help you feel you have a voice. Remind them how customer service and social networking create a spider-web of information. State that you know of 2 people who've already cancelled their Macy's accounts and 6 more that will never consider furniture purchases at a Macy's store.

In your letter you offer only 2 satisfactory choices. "The expectations are that Macy's 1. replace the chair, or 2. Come pick up the entire set, free of charge with no restocking fee, and immediately issue a refund."

In your final paragraph you tell them that your time is worth money and that since you earn about $30.00 per hour and have already spent 2.5 hours on this issue, that in fact, the Macy's Corporation owes you approximately $75.00 and that you are willing to accept a cashiers check from them (not a store credit) in that amount.

Then ask them how it feels to be "nickeled and dimed!"

Yup, I've got a little vigilante in me....

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Just want you to know that I commiserate. We have never used Macy's other than for wedding gifts for couples who have registered there. I have used them three times for this purpose and had ludicrously complex transactions involving inadvertent cancellations following confirmations, back orders that went unidentified until weeks after purchase, confusion of my account with another account, and so on. It took months to straighten out one of the messes. Since we had problems with three of three transactions, I never use Macy's any more, whether or not couples register there. I have prevailed in all three conflicts, however, it cost time, aggravation, certified letters, multiple telephone calls, and going up through the ranks of their byzantine customer service maze, which, by the way, conveniently for Macy's, often fails to note in their computers the history of prior phone calls regarding disputes. I did get a written apology, ultimately, but I'll never shop there again. I am always truly amazed when someone recommends Macy's as a source for anything.

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I'd send Macy's this thread as well, there are a lot of potential customers who have been turned off by the way you have been treated.

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Love Lucille's suggestion. I had an incident with Macy's last Xmas but it ended well so keep up the dogging to the top brass and you'll get results.

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Sophie Wheeler

3 separate items is NOT a "set", even if you think of them that way. A set is sold as a single unit, like 4 dining chairs that are only sold together, not individually. You purchased a chair, another chair, and an ottoman. 3 separate purchases, even though they coordinate and were bought at the same time. That is why you are getting the restocking fee charged. THe manufacturer will give them credit for the defective chair, but it costs them money to come out and pick it up and it costs them even more to have to take a markdown on the other chair and ottoman that now cannot legally be sold as new and must be sold as "used". It will probably cost them in the neighborhood of $600 to be able to return all three items. That is why they have the policy in place about a restocking fee for non damaged items. It minimizes their financial losses.

However technically "right" they may be by sticking to their published policy, it's still the customer service oriented thing to do to suck it up and take those markdowns and return all three items. As evidenced in this thread, too many people don't understand or sympathize with the reasoning for their policy, and it is costs them more in good will to stick to it than to make an exception and return the furniture.

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I disagree. While a 'set' of four chairs for a dining room is indeed sold together, a grouping of items where you would not buy one without the others still counts as a set in my opinion. The reality is that with a piece missing, it is not really a 'set' even if the items can be bought individually.

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I'm just amazed that they don't have the resources to take the chair back and have it repaired and returned to you. It would seem like the easiest option for macys to do this and a lot less messing around for you as well.

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They need to work with you on this. It's not your fault the chair is defective, and what are you going to do with one chair when your design calls for two? Not right. I don't think that rigging up the chair, unless you just love that much, is acceptable either. You would not pay full price for a defective chair. Good luck!

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Paid my Macy's bill on line yesterday. They do NOT take credit cards. You must use a checking account when paying on line.

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Update - Thank you all so much for your great ideas. I never expected this kind of response and so appreciate it. We are till working on this...debating whether to try to repair the chair ourselves or raising hell in the ways you all suggested to have it all sent back. First things first...the salesperson who waited on me hasn't been back to work since the delivery. She will be in on Tuesday. She has been on vacation. The store manager has been in NY. The asst. manager won't make a move until the manager returns from NY.'s on hold until Tuesday for sure. I did file a complaint with the TX atty general's office. They are looking into it and have notified Macy's about the complaint. I;ve only been in TX a couple of years and was not aware of the TX Deceptive Trade Practices Act. Thanks a lot for that info. And, to clarify a few comments.Yes, I did buy from a real Macy's store that has a furniture department. It wasn't an outlet store. Yes, I did use my macy's card at the store when I purcahased the furniture. They do take credit cards here. I did not order it online. Of course, hindsight is everything, but by using my Macy's card I got a discount. So, I bit. I may call on you all to help in the ways you suggested before it's over with. I truly feel thankful for all the interest and suggestions...the members of this forum are the best...always so helpful and friendly. I would have never thought of half your suggestions. I'll post an update ASAP. Thanks again. You've all made such a difference for me. :-)

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