eBates, Amazon & Rev-a-Shelf

CEFreemanAugust 7, 2012

Just wanted to let you know that eBates & Amazon are now working together.

Their current Amazon discount is free shipping on qualified stuff over $25.00, and 20% off!.

Rev-a-shelf, Haefle, Black and Decker, Dewalt, and The Container Store just a few of the kitchen vendors I love, which are available thru Amazon!

I'm going to go look now, since I just remembered it, for that hand-held DeWalt shop vac!!

Of course, if you were to join, there is a referral bonus, so find someone you know who shops thru eBates and let them join you. You both receive the bonus.

I've recently started shopping thru eBates for local stuff such as HD, Lowe's, Macy's, Lord & Tasteless, Wal-mart, etc. I order it and pick it up. I get the eBate, don't pay shipping, and sometimes... just sometimes ... I save money because I don't go in and shop for stuff I didn't know I thought I needed. These are known as "impulse buys". I call them necessities, but avoid them with this pick-up ploy.

So if you're looking for drawer, kitchen, closet, and other cool stuff for your cabinets, do it thru eBates.com!

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Great news for me, since Container Store in 70 or so miles, so with free shipping.....and I don't " HAVE" to go to Trader Joe's while I am in the neighborhood, so not only is money saved, so are calories!!

Thanks, C!!


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I'm pretty sure that Amazon isn't doing ebates with every category. I think they rotate and certain categories are available for an ebate for a select period of time. Right now it's back to school stuff. textbooks, kids and juniors clothes, magazines, boys & girls shoes, backpacks. You have to check on ebate's site what are the categories on sale.

But I do love ebates, always go through them when online shopping. The thing to also keep in mind is if you are going to use a coupon from a site (like Overstock's 10% coupons, they won't combine the ebate and the coupon. So make sure you get the better deal).

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Arrrrgh! I just ordered my RAS the other day. I could have used that discount!

But thanks for the tip. I'll go check it out. I'm sure I still have much to order.

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Well, I can tell you that everything I've put into my shopping cart, and there are no back to school items, qualifies.

The names I listed are only a few.
I'd still recommend whatever you do for shopping? Look there first.

"...and who doesn't want free money?"

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CEFreeman, I've looked over the site, what little there is to see without signing up, and decided to sign up. Would you like me to give you as a referral so you can get a bonus? If so, shoot me an email.

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Christine, that is good. I know I just bought some stuff through ebates/amazon and I did not get the "cash back update" that ebates sends out. I guess it must really vary. But you are right, it doesn't hurt to go through the ebates gateway to get there. This way you get the ebate if it applies.

I made out great with faucets direct when I used ebates! I negotiated to get a good price from the vendor, they sent me a cart that had my items, with a great price, then bam, through ebates got even more money back!

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CEFreeman, ditto what marti8a said.
I am going to join eBates. I buy tons of stuff on line. Just never thought of it.

Email me if I you would like me to give your name as a referral.

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If you didn't get credit, go on to the site and fill out the form under Customer Service.
It'll ask you some questions about info on the emailed receipt and they issue credit right away.

I've even shopped thru eBates,forgotten and purchased not thru their regular window. I sent the info in anyway, the times matched up and they gave me the sale.

I'm into it! :)
iGive does a similar thing, but you can designate your sales $$ towards a charity. It's a good fundraiser because you get credit every time you do a search thru their site.

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Bellsmom, don't sign up until you get something from CEFreeman. I made the mistake of joining and then looking for something that asked who referred me. There isn't one. The only thing on there asked me for MY friends. So give CEFreeman your email and whatever name you want to sign up with, and let her get it started.

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since you mentioned the DeWalt shop vac - has anyone used this I am need of one and would like to know what they think. I read some reviews that said it was loud. thanks.

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I LOVE IT, janew22. That's why I want to buy one.
My electrician left his here for a couple of months and I used the heck out of it.

However, I wear ear muffs (headphones?) for everything loud. I don't even mess with the regular vacuum, my sanders, or even the slam of pounding nails. Plus, it's a shop vac, of course it's loud!

I can't wait to get one. It is SO easy to carry around and suck up cat fur!

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CEFreeman- I'm another lover of the shop vac. We have hardwood and/or tile floor in every room of our house. The shop vac with the brush head attachment is the only way I vacuum the house. It's a larger one that gets hauled around the property for use on everything, but it's the only vac I've found that will suck all of the junk that collects in the spaces of the old hardwood floors.

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I am going shopping this weekend!

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Sucks up hair from two long haired cats? An 80 pound labradoodle that sheds constantly and laughs at me when I complain that MOST doodles don't sheed? Drifts of hair under every piece of furniture and in every corner?

Which DeWalt ShopVac should join my DeWalt collection (impact driver, reciprocating saw, drill)? I love black and yellow!

It'll be my first eBates purchase.

And an aside: Probably you all know about Amazon's affiliated website that sells returned items as used. I got a couple great buys there. If it has escaped you, here's the link. Discounts vary from negligible to fantastic, so I always check there before ordering. Amazon Prime still applies to Warehouse purchases.


Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon Warehouse

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The Shop Vac of my Dreams.
I have a lot of black and yellow, but my 2 drills, sawsall, hand planer, nail gun, 2 routers, 2 weed whackers, 2 blowers, electric stapler, and 3 different type sanders are B&D.

Only my other sawsall, orbital sander, circular saw, table planer, jointer, and some junk I can't recall are Dewalt. I like them all. I got more, some Ryobi, Festool, Fein, Hitachi, etc., but I don't care for their colors as much. hehehe. And I don't think I'm girlie. I have 2 impact drills, a bunch of floor nailers, drill press, compound mitre saws, scroll saws, grinders, tile saws, and other things, but I don't know their makes. Usually Craftsman.

And yes, 4 cats, 3 dogs, incredible amounts of construction dust and debris, including the dust from sanding countertops, cabinets and doors.

I don't know about that warehouse. I'm off to look, now!

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Your tools list made me laugh out loud. Wish you lived in my area. I'd know where to go to borrow toys.

I thought this might make you laugh.
I am posting a picture of the way my new saw horses (the kind you can take down and store flat) looked when my neighbor Lee returned them. I had bought the brackets, cut the legs and shelves, but never got around to using them.
told him not to be careful with them, not to drape tarps over them when he painted the shutters, because I thought sawhorses needed a patina'd history of their use. Told him I was going to paint them pink, but he could use 'em before I got that far. (Pink is NOT my fav, tool color. It is just the color that I thought, if the saw horses were pink, Lee would not ''forget'' to return them!)

Anyway, here they are as Lee returned them. Like my dog, they make me laugh.

Be careful what you wish for.

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Tools in silhouette!

Here's the question: Whose tools are now tie-die?

Just great. I'd love to have them.
Got old metal ones a friend gave me, against which I always stub my bare toes. Hate the.

I want yours.

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thanks so much for the feedback I guess that will be my ebates first purchase!

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