buehl, questions/pics your sharb inspired pantry?

amberleyAugust 22, 2008

Hi buehl,

I saw on a thread that you were using sharbs pantry as your inspiration, and I was wondering ifyou had any pics/dimensions? I LOVE her pantry, and will be using it as my inspiration as well. I am trying to figure out what will realistically fit in my space without being crowded.

In my current layout, I have a 5'x5' corner pantry with a 24" door (actually 2 12" doors) with 36" on the short sides (all outside dimensions). I am hoping to house ALL pantry items (except most used spices and oils, etc), as well as bulk items like paper towels, cleaning supplies (bottles, etc), swiffers, brooms, and the vsacuum cleaner (I have no hall closet). I also want a small wall spot for a corkboard and a calender.

Would love to know your thoughts.

BTW, I hope that use MDers are able to get together for Labor Day weekend. I need to pick your brain about some other contractors!

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So sorry that I didn't see your response to my other pantry post until after I submitted this one!! What do you think of teh dimensions that I have for what I want to put in there?

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You have a bigger pantry than I do! I think it's great size.

The door(s), though...I'm wondering if you would be better off with one 24" door. 12" doors are pretty narrow and I don't know if I'd want to have to open 2 doors every time I needed to get into the pantry. Are they "standard" doors (i.e, you have to use the handle to open them) or swinging doors?

Swinging might work for the opening issue, but with swinging doors you eliminate use of the area in front of/behind and near the sides of the doors to allow for the swing. Also, if they swing, is there room to swing them the other way once you're inside so you can get to the shelves behind the doors?

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I think that the 2 (not-swinging) doors is something I am willing to compromise on, as I am trying to save as much space as possible in the aisles. I would rather have just one door to open, but I don't think it would bother me that much. Besides, when I am working, I am sure that I will be leaving the doors open. In reality, they will probably be open ALOT since I constantly have my 3 and 5 year old kiddos in my current pantry.

I am glad to hear that the size I was thinking of is considered large! I measured it out in the current space, and it seems like it will be very serviceable.

One of the main things that I hate in my current kitchen (even despite everything falling apart) is a better pantry solution, and a utility closet. Right now when you open the pantry, swiffers and broomsticks attack you (fall down, crack the 3 year old on the head....). I realized that if I made the corner pantry bigger- from 4x4 to 5x5, I could incorporate the utility closet (which was going to be separate).

I was also considering putting the micro in there, but some of the ventilation issues I had read (sharb esp) makes me think twice about that.

BTW, I hope I didn't confuse things, as I stated in the one post that I wanted the separate utility closet, and on this one, those items would be together.

Anyways, I very much look forward to seeing your finished space. What type of beadboard are you using? What material are you using for your shelves, and your brackets?

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It's paint-ready beadboard and comes in 12" (I think) widths. My DH would know for sure since he purchased it (at HD) & put it up. We're both going to paint...we debating on who does walls and who does trim--we have to paint the Pantry, Kitchen, DR, FR, Foyer, and Powder Room. The LR/Music Room & Office will probably also be painted while we're at it!

The shelves will be wood. We also plan to "brace" the shelves all along the back wall and put decorative corbels in a few places for additional strength. Our basement overflow pantry is more utilitarian....

(I can't post the pic I was going to post since PhotoBucket is wigging out right now!)

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I am the ONLY painter in my house. To be honest, I am too much of a control freak about it anyway. I have painted every room in the house but one bathroom since we moved here, and the living room/stairwel/upstairs hall twice. We recently put in all new windows (the bay window is all wood, everything else is wood inside, with all new trim) so I have ALOT of painting ahead of me too.

Does your bb have alot of definition to it? We use the plywood sheet stuff throughout our basement, and I wish we had sprung for the better stuff. Big disappointment.

Can't wait to see it!

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We did two doors for our basement as the one door was too big and in the center of our kitchen and we really like it, so it really should depend on your space. But, I'm also thin and can squeeze through one if we actually put the doors on too . We swapped out a hall closet too and I now wish we did all our closets that way but at the time it was a lot more money for the doors (local supply shop as they are cheaper for that stuff) vs. off the shelf home depot.

Amber, we have lots of painting left, once you finish yours, if you are ever bored! We did our windows last summer and have yet to paint them. We did most of our trim, but have a little left (joys of DIY) We even went so far to buy a spray gun for the air compressor to make it easy.

Buehl - where are the pictures?

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Here are the basement overflow pantry pics....they're very sturdy...even if they aren't "pretty"!

If you look at the underside of the shelves in the back, you'll see that we have a brace running the entire length. The brace runs along each side that has a wall. We then put posts at the corners and ran braces b/w them & b/w each one and the walls.

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Lord, I will be painting stuff in this house until I die. I tis a good thing that I actually like to paint. And since I am seriously considering painting my cabinets myself, I better!

I even paint the furniture, and have more to do....

Funny, I am really sold on the idea of a "real" pantry as opposed to cabs, becuase it allows me to have more wall color, and breaks up the cabs a bit. I am going for an unfitted look, so I am trying to avoid monoliths of cabs in the same color.

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