Help with plan. Placement of ovens.

scrappie313August 21, 2013

I have been trying to finalize a remodel, but am uncertain about the location of ovens. I want two, and want adequate landing space. I would like a prep sink as I find it too tight when I am prepping and have clean up area combined. Is the prep sink in a good spot? Kitchen is 20 ft long and 15 ft. wide, dining room is on other side of the wall with the cooktop. Entry to to kitchen is from laundry/mud room by the pantry. There is a 9 ft. opening to the glassed in back porch on the same side as the main sink.

Here is the current plan:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I don't know what the prevailing thought about pantry closets are on GW, but it might be a better use of space to have a tall dual oven cabinet and tall pantry cabinet with pullouts. That would put the ovens at a better working height than under a counter.

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Your prep space is currently that 21" next to the prep sink. It's tiny. It's always so much better when the long side of the island can face the cooktop.

Also, ovens in a bottom cabinet are lower to the floor than the oven in a range. They are harder to see into and harder to lift things out of.

Without knowing the layout of the rest of your home, traffic patterns, etc, I'd try this:
1) Top wall from left to right is: fridge, 27" cabinetry (MW here), cooktop, 27" cabinetry.
2) Keep prep sink on island, but move it 15" or so to the right and face it towards the top wall
3) seating on top side of island moves to bottom side
4)a)Reduce pantry size and put double oven stack on top wall. Or, put oven stack at top of left wall.
4)b)Relocate bar area/glassware to left wall. Or, remove closet pantry and place bar area/glassware there, and put pantry cabinetry on left wall.
5) MAYBE reallocate top and bottom aisle widths. I say maybe bc you usually need more width behind seating but if the top aisle gets more traffic I would leave it 48" and just deal with that one (or 1 1/2) seat that's kind of crushed in the sink aisle.

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I appreciate the suggestion of moving cooktop to the back wall, but I am trying to not have to run duct through 1st and 2nd floor (not certain which way the joists run in that area, and there are rooms in either direction from that wall). The new cooktop is slated to go in the same location as it currently, it's hood is vented to outside. The other thing is the aisle between the top wall and the island is the thru way from garage into rest of house.

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I can't read all the info on the back looks like oven/microwave, fridge, cabinet, beverage fridge, cabinet, pantry. Is that correct?

If so, I would change it to fridge, cabinets, oven/microwave, pantry. If you could include the second sink with this counter area...that's what I would do. It will give you a landing area for baking and a snack area with the fridge, sink, microwave.

The island prep sink is in an awkward space, IMHO. There isn't much prep room on the cooktop side. I would eliminate that sink or move it to the other corner (by the main sink) so you could use it to prep on the long side. Maybe have the faucet on the corner, so you could reach it from either side?

From Farmhouse plans

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Here's another option (which may or may not appeal to you) but with no sink on island...and all one big slab of marble, wood, etc. A contrast to the other countertops. (Still has the undercounter second oven, though.) Just an idea :)

From [Farmhouse plans](
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