Buying porcelain kitchen tile online? Sources?

cookingbuffAugust 10, 2013

Looking for recommendations/regrets on buying porcelain tile online.

Decided on a tile for my kitchen floor. Can save about $700 including shipping. Went back to my local tile shop and told them. Haven't heard anything from them. Exploring other options.

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I used Aubrey Flooring, and was very pleased with the shipping price and product. I haven't laid my tile yet but I saw it installed in a local showroom that only sells to contractors. So I found it online and actually got it for a few cents (.50?) less/sf after shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aubrey Flooring

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Sophie Wheeler

Well if you've already found it for $700 less from a source, why haven't you ordered from them? You don't consider that source to be reputable? Then maybe it's not such a deal? The thing that I've run in to is that when you are looking for a specific tile, you run into a lot of people who say they have it, but they don't have it from the same dye lot, or enough of it from the same dye lot, or some is in AL and some in CA and some in ME and has to come in from all of those warehouses in dribbles. Also, if you are looking fro a specific name brand tile, it's not really available. But a lesser quality or faux lookalike might be. You might find dozens of imported beige tiles, but not specifically Name1's brand tiles. I've rarely found it to be worth it when you include the hassle factor.

BTW, online shipping is usually palletized, and quoted to a dock with a forklift. If you don't have a dock with a forklift, you'll need a liftgate service to your home, and that's another $100 easily. Be sure that's factored into your quote.

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I ordered flooring from Broadway Floors in Texas and fireplace tiles from Studio Tiles in Florida...not a problem with either one. I also was on the phone with South Cypress and thought their customer service was excellent...they just weren't able to get the tile I wanted.

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We ordered our Montauk Black Slate 24"x24" floor tiles from (link below)
They came on a pallet.
The driver had a pallet jack onboard, and for an extra $20, we just rolled it into the garage.
They arrived in good order and at a good price including delivery.

Here is a link that might be useful: ask4roca

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Thank you all for your opinions. I am hesitate to order online because I am afraid that the tiles may be broken when they get here, not the same dye lot, etc. I am glad to hear positive results from the people that ordered online. So many decisions. I just have to make the decision and order!

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