Tile--white glaze on red clay--difficult to lay??

needinfo1August 9, 2013

I've got a couple different brands of off-white crackle tiles I am choosing between. The one from Home Depot is the only one that is made on a red clay base; the others all are from white clay. When the HD sample first came I immediately eliminated it because I thought there might be problems with working with a white glaze on red clay (this is a DIY tiling job on a backsplash). Now I am rethinking.

I really like the color of this tile a lot. And, this would be my cheapest option.

My main concern is with the areas where there will have to be cuts and whether the red of the clay will show up as an ugly red line. I am using subway tiles in a running bond, so there will be many places where I will need to cut my 3" by 6" tiles in half to get the 3" squares needed to start every other row.

Does anyone have any experience with using a red clay tile with a whitish glaze? Thanks much.

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It's called red body tile. I have the Adex in my bathroom. I've been very happy with it. The red body shows ever so slightly with white grout -- but it's hardly noticeable. Was thinking the other day it's perfect white tile if you're doing with darker grout, as many do.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you use an epoxy grout colorant on the cut edge before you set the tile, it won't show at all and isn't a problem.

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There is a wealth of information here. Thanks so much to the both of you.

So, to make sure I am understanding correctly, the epoxy grout colorant "seals" the red color and instead kind of paints it to make it kind of whitish thus eliminating the red.

And, I should perhaps use a grout more on the gray side rather than a white anyway since this tile has a definite greenish/grey cast to it.

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If the walls are not perfect, the red body can show slightly. Emphasis on slightly. Using a gray grout will eliminate the issue unless the tile is not perfectly level for some reason.

Here is a close up. This tile was done 10 years ago btw.

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I can't see any red at all. It looks perfect to me. Thanks for posting the photo!

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