Sink base symmetry

sstrazisarAugust 8, 2013

Hi! I'm trying to balance a desire for symmetry with a need for function. My current design has a "flipped" door/drawer. I was going to use the drawer for cookie sheets. I never found the tip out useful as it gets grimy. But it he "flip" doesn't seem as aesthetically pleasing. What do you think? I'm down to the last details and would love input!!

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Another view that cuts off DW.

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That run isn't very symmetrical, like the range run, so I don't think it would bother me. I think what might throw you off is that drawer is smaller than the other bottom drawers.

I've seen this done with vanities, but not much in kitchens. I'd check to see how big that drawer will really be. Do your pipes come up through the floor or out from the wall? Will you be able to fit a GD if you want one?

If you like the function, and don't have to go around pipes, can you get taller doors and put a drawer behind the doors? Not as convenient, but if you don't need those items often you might find that a good trade off for the look.

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So you want a sink base cabinet that has a drawer at the bottom (to hold cookie sheets) and doors at the top, and your concern is that this one rogue drawer will not match the other cabinets in the kitchen. Symmetry is not the problem to consider. Space for equipment, water supply, pipes & drains will be your issues to consider.

Sink base cabinets are commonly available with either just 2 doors or a panel at the top and 2 doors. The flip out is optional. With today's deeper sinks, 10" isn't unusual, and the use of a garbage disposal attached to the sink, & dishwasher hook up you'll need all the room you can provide simply to accommodate the height of these items. See photos below of 2 configurations with this equipment. If you need water filtration then the configuration gets more complicated.

If you try to place a drawer at the bottom, you may not have enough space. If your water supply comes from below, then the drawer is out. What you want to do is not impossible, but I would discuss it with your plumber/contractor first. Also, sink bases like this are not available from all manufacturers.

Also where are you planning to store the garbage and recyclables in the kitchen? If your plan was to hold them beneath the sink that further complicates the situation.

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Thank you so much Beverly and williamsen! Very thought provoking replies. The sink is up against a half wall. Plumbing comes from there. I do have a 9" deep sink + disposer...great advice to consider space! Trash and recycling is elsewhere in kitchen. I don't have a full height door option, and the drawer is 4.5" regardless of its placement. Same size as the top drawer in the range run, which is why I thought it might look better up high. I could add a TK drawer elsewhere, but it adds cost. Thanks so much for posting!

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