Week 12: What's in your ...

CEFreemanAugust 2, 2014

living room?

What'cha gonna do this week?
My plan is small. I blew last week and it's weirdly cool weather off. Sadly, I could have done more, but just didn't. Now that it's heating up again, I'll probably mulch more.

Other than that, I have nothing planned.
What do you want to accomplish?

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Repainting my powder room. It is currently red & casts a pink hue on my new flooring. Bye bye to that!

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More of the same for me, still trying to wrap up the million loose ends I made for myself.

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More dust and squalor!

They finished plastering the office, except for adding the layer of drywall/soundproofing between it and the bathroom. Continuing onward. 3 more rooms, fortunately with less repairs needed.

I need to do the oak floor in the rear bedroom.

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What I need to do is stop obsessing over the frickin' kitchen and get other stuff done. Total down time on the kitchen until Tuesday, AFAIK when floors start. Hopefully we'll see the electrician Monday, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

This is my last week off. I need to:
--duck in to school and prioritize what needs to be done in my classroom since I'll miss one of the prep days for appliance install (fingers crossed)
--get closet and clothes in some manner that will allow me to survive going back to work clothed appropriately
--clean my office/desk
--clean out my bathroom cabinets (now that the lower one is mouse-free) and REALLY clean my bathroom (aka: mini-kitchen)
--work on getting passport
--figure out medical/insurance billing stuff
--clean up a few strategic outdoor spaces: side of garage, breezeway, back porch/patio
--call for large trash pickup
--return some clothes
--return some HD stuff
--perhaps figure out what I'm doing the first week or so of school

DH goes back to work Tuesday, so I should get more done from that point forward.

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I'm at work until 1:30, then swinging by the rental to get some quick measurements of the kitchen. Just the size and where doors/windows are are all I care about, and I'll grab a couple of pictures for any who care to peek at the ugly "before" view. There's a party to attend that starts at 4 and this evening I'll compare measurements in the kitchen with with my inventory of cabinets and see if these building blocks can be made to fit somehow. I'm looking forward to giving Citristrip a try on the old woodwork but that will be a side project.

Tomorrow is when the real fun begins.

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Of course, what have I done since I posted last? Played with ROTS and other kitchen stuff. It started because I'm trying to get more kitchen stuff out of my office...

The 3 low cabinets under my window are identical EXCEPT I put two ROTS in two of them and one just has a moveable shelf. I THOUGHT I could easily move the ROTS at will. And I can EXCEPT (this probably isn't news to lots of you) you can't put it on the bottom of the cabinet with no ROTS because in order for it to live at the bottom of the cabinet, there needs to be holes down the center to hold the blocks to hold the glides (to clear the hinges). The blocks go in the front and back at most positions, but to get it at the bottom (and not lose the bottom several inches) you have to use the middle holes...of which there are none in the non ROTS cabinet.

I want two in one, and one in each of the others at the bottom. I'll likely get one more too, and cut the existing shelf down to half depth so there's kind of a hidden upper shelf in the dog food etc. cabinet. It can be for pet-travel stuff (used infrequently).

I'm planning to add the extra holes needed to mount the glides where I want them. But I'm scared. I decided I'll let it sit for a bit and maybe do it later. I made a template of where the holes need to be and then came up with the plan to mount the glides to the blocks and set them in the cabinet instead (or as well). I think that'll work better. I'll have to mount the glides to the blocks, mark where the blocks go, detach the glides from the blocks, mount the blocks to the cabinet, then mount the glides to the blocks. Anyone, feel free to tell me if this sounds like a good idea or a bad idea.

I also played around with trying to see what pots and pans will fit where, and moved everything back out. DH cooks more, so he should place those things, but he's adamant about not doing it until later. I said I'm fine moving it in, out and in again. I feel there's going to be stuff we need to get. And if we do that now, we can get it before we ultimately put stuff away. But he's not on board.

One thing DH has been excited about is getting some specialty glasses out of his 'office'. I was thinking a few in the 6"d cabinet on the sink side of the island. He's intent on getting them all out. He filled both 6" cabinets. I was planning the one on the pantry side of the island as part of the pantry (can storage). Oh well.

The stuff I'm having trouble figuring out where it goes are the mixing bowls, pyrex dishes, etc. Bowls can go in drawers, which I think I have plenty of, but 9x13 pans won't stand in my drawers. So I need either shelf space or ROTS that is shallow. They may go into one of the low cabinets. The other option is this:

It's what was supposed to be a broom closet, but when we shrunk it from 96"t to 84"t, the large part isn't big enough for brooms. And frankly, it just seems too nice. I think the brooms will temporarily live in the entry closet (by the vacuum...it's the only floor-level closet we have) and I'm thinking that when I get the breezeway cleaned out, if I want to, I could put some kind of a little broom closet out there. Like one of the tall/thin cedar sheds or something.

It will have a charging station and the Braava, handvac, flashlight, etc. will live in it. But I'm starting to think maybe I'll have that run to the bottom part, rather than the bottom of the top part. And then use that top part for things like those lasagna pans, etc. It's awesome storage. That would leave that other short cabinet for deeper storage (front to back).

I don't know if this is even something one could comment on based on not standing in the house or knowing my stuff, but comments are still welcome. :)

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I ordered the last two boxes of flooring yesterday for the bedroom storage area. Those will arrive next week.

In the mean time, this weekend, I will finish up invoices for July. It's nice to get paid once in a while, at least. Then it's out to the shop to start working on trim for the bedroom. I have to sort all the fir into piles for different widths and lengths and then start ripping to width and shape, sand, and put finish on it. I will start building the window and door casings in the shop too but doubt I will finish those this week. It all depends on how much free time I have what I get done each week.

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cal_quail, bummer about not being able to put your cake pans in drawers! I specified to my cabinet maker that certain drawers had to have a specific usable height, just for that reason, but my cabs were custom, which gave me that flexibility.

Get several extra shelves for the pantry cabinet (former broom closet) and put cake pans on them, with minimal stacking. Or, if you have cookie sheet/tray storage somewhere (over the fridge?) you could put cake pans there, with wider dividers.

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I've spent so much time working on my table in the garage the last two weeks, I've completely neglected the house. Today has been cleaning day - vacuum, scrub the kitchen floor, put away stuff that has accumulated on horizontal surfaces, brush the dog, wash 3 loads of clothes.

Oh, and I scanned my wedding photo. I wanted to use one with just me (or with DH), but I couldn't get those of of the album - and the one on the wall is too big for the scanner!

Be kind, it was 1987. I should include the pic of my little brother walking my mom down the aisle - he had a terrific mullet.

And here is the doll dress made from my wedding gown:

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Annkh - you were married the same year as me. The doll dress is really nice. I think it was a good thing to do.

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Back into the fire this week. Contractor is coming to demo the closet in the laundry room. The floor for the guest/sewing room is due to be delivered this week as well. Also booked a few days at disney world for right after Thanksgiving, can't wait for a holiday!

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Today was enlightening. I remembered the kitchen larger than it was of course. It's actually 10'x9.5'. That changes the cabinet situation in a big way. The ones I have are way too big to fit so I will have to buy new ones... Guess these will find a home in the garage now.

The people were supposed to be moved out by now but they greatly underestimated the amount of stuff that they own. I am still waiting to figure out if the stuff will be gone tomorrow. I was able to measure and grab a few pictures. I also noticed the door to the kitchen is completely MIA. The cheapest identical replacement is for sale at a store in Maine so I will order that on Monday. Not sure about how to get hardware... The door opened both ways.

Here are the pics. Small but challenging layout.
From the stairs...

Looking back towards the stairs and pantry.

Other kitchen entrance. Stairs are to the right. The box is a water heater.

Back towards the other kitchen door.

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annkh, My first guess was mid-80's (my first wedding). Very familiar look. Very nice and it really makes you appreciate the dress.

I've spent most of the day planning kitchen storage stuff. Moving stuff around and back.

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It's a long weekend in Canada, and I'm working. Then I'm off again for two weeks I think. I take almost all my vacation days in the summer. I save some for hockey tournament weekends in the winter, though and Christmas.

I'm not sure what I'll do this week. I really need to get my furnace room cleaned out. We put the "hockey trees" there in the winter, and our bikes. I have an old rusty table saw that came with the house in there, and I'd really like to be rid of it and put some cabinets in there, so I'll have to sort that out. It's attached to a table about 8 feet long. I'm not sure why anyone would be using a table saw in the house, but maybe that's just me. LOL

Ann, the dress looks great!

CEF, I hope your hand and ankle are feeling better!

Schicksal, wow that is challenging! Can you put the fridge where the sink is, and move the sink over and continue the counter to what looks like a closed off door? And maybe put an upper corner cabinet above the water heater? I guess that would leave the stove next to the door and then it'd be tough to open cabinets and the oven. Yikes!

Lazy, I hope the work gets done in your place soon!

Cal, good luck at school next week! Where are you going that you need a passport?

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Well I look forward to what Shicksal does with this mini space!
Yeah Miss Quail, where ya going?
I have no ideas for you on what goes where. To me, you have lots of nifty cabinet space.

Christine, sometimes we just need to stall to regain our momentum..like rocking back to get a push off. You'll move forward faster when you are ready. Your garden with pathways sounds lovely.

Ann, I graduated in 87. Your bridesmaid dresses are the same royal blue my Prom dress was. Sweetheart neckline, tulip sleeves and bubble skirt. ;)
But the table..woooozer..that looks good!

Doug, you have been very busy and it's been a bit more than warm too!

MGM, just how many vacation days do you get a year? Time off: Much of the reason I went to work for our school district. But vacation is over for me..Back to work Monday. Kids are out for another month.

I finally finished the last of the painting at my mom's today was the final wall.
My oldest and his wife will be up tomorrow for a few days, to try and get the garage enclosed. He started on it first of year. Then moved on with his life.
I still have bedroom baseboard trim, slider trim and the rest of my crap out. It'll be just weekends and a few evenings from here on out.

Bought the paint for my hall bathroom Friday.

Picked up the CL gas range today. Yippee! Of course our current one is a slide in and the new is free standing. There will be some sawing in our future. And a gas plumber called.

Cut out 2 skirts and a sun dress yesterday. Might just go start on something in a few minutes.

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I finally figured out what to do with the three little cabinets. After seeing where DH wants stuff in the other drawers and what I have left to work with, I know I want two ROTS in the far right cabinet. They came with none and I have one that I took out of the middle one. I figure'd I'd put the one I have in the upper position and eventually get one for the bottom. Just slide stuff in down there for now. But...the holes are in different spots! I bet it will work, but not so easy as look-at-cabinet-1, repeat-on-cabinet-3.

I'm going to Costa Rica. Not any time soon. No more details than that. Shhh.

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Well, I finally repainted the trim in the kitchen to a white that works better with the cabinets. And, hung the curtains (thanks to lcskaisgir). I don't think I can call it done until I finish stripping the wallpaper off of the basement stairwell, repaint, repair the steps, and change the floor by the back door -- all visible from the kitchen.

My elderly cat had not had any "accidents" since the construction finished months ago, but apparently having the furniture rearranged in the family room after fixing the ceiling destroyed her tranquility again -- she had another "accident" on the freshly cleaned carpet. Not that I think they are all that accidental. Anyway, had to replace padding and actually cut out the section with the stain so that I could launder it -- the usual treatments weren't working.

Oh, I also dug out a large red twig dogwood -- decided it was too large, and didn't add to the view much (although the bit of red in winter was nice, it wasn't THAT nice). I had waited until the birds had eaten all the berries. The shrub was very happy where it was and didn't particularly want to be removed. I had to take my reciprocating saw to the roots. When I bought that tool I didn't think of it as a landscaping aid!

What do I want to accomplish this week/month? Now that the Tour de France is over, and I am not tempted to watch every day, I should be getting more done:

1) decide just where to plant each of my dwarf apple and cherries
2) make another weeding pass and finish spreading mulch
3)take down the shabby patched-together trellis that blocks the view from my FR window onto my neighbor's patio, and try to build something sturdier and more attractive to replace it.
4) finish re-constructing the 2 used gazebos that will act as frames for deer fencing around the fruit trees and potted blueberries. The challenge is, they have some rusted and broken connecting pieces so I am going to try to use metal duct tape to secure those spots.
5) reattach the bit of front door trim that was taken off when the refrigerator was delivered last summer
6) hang the new back door storm/screen door. I may have to hire this out if it needs to be trimmed to fit. I may hire it out anyway, I am tired.

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Well, this weekend my oldest turned 7. She is my little artist so its no surprise when she tells me she wants her cake to have a brush, an easel, and "one of those things artists use with all the colors" on it.

Linked below is the cake I created, sans the easel which held a sign wishing her happy birthday.

Definitely not one of my best cakes, since it was pretty much done last minute, but she loved it and has had a great birthday weekend.

Nothing much planned house wise for the rest of the week. Just hanging out with my kids and enjoying the last bit of summer before school starts back up.

I do have a list of fairly small items which need to be completed so I can post my reveal. Hopefully I'll get them done in the next week or two.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Everyone is so busy!

My DMs curio arrived at 8:30 last night. It took awhile for the mover and his wife to get it in the door. It is a real moving company but they forgot to put in the moving truck cause was too tall to fit in the moving company storage locker. The owner was coming to ohio to move his son back home and made a detour to drop off my last piece. I won't have time to assemble the glass shelves and my brother cut the lighting wires thar DD added, so both downstream after our trip.

Last training ride before our bike trio from Jasper to Whitefish.
Still have to finish packing and need to make sure to pack my enhanced drivers license or Nexus card as we cross the border at least 2-4 times.

We are taking the train to Whitefish. We considered staying overnight in Toledo the night before as the train leaves early! But since Toledo's water is not drinkable, we will pass on that option.

Poor Toledo and the algae bloom. It is even effecting us as the residents are scrambling to find bottled water and the local groceries have empty shelves. We don't buy bottled water for our use but pretty scary. Boiling the water doesn't help.


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A2, So many people crossed the border yesterday from Toledo to buy water or just get away for a day or two. Plus with the soccer game! I am dreading work today. Do you mean Jasper Alberta? From Whitefish MN? Yes, I googled it. That's a hell of a bike trip!! I have a couple of friends who did Banff to Jasper. If you've never been to Banff, Jasper, Lake Louise etc, YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!!

Terri, I work for the Gov't, have for 22 years in two different departments. I get 187.5 hours vacation per year, which is 25 7.5 hour days. I work shift work and 12 hour shifts, so when I maximize my days off with my vacation days, I get a ton! It's all about taking the fewest vacation days combined with the most days off. I've had a lot of practice with that. :) Vacation is granted based on seniority and so my seniority usually gets me the days I want.

Texas, cute cake!

Cal, nice! Does DH know yet?

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@ MGMum - That would be challenging. The space where the door is closed off is where the electrical panel is, facing the opposite direction. I'm lucky in that it's a relatively recent panel - all the knob and tube and ungrounded stuff was deactivated. I'm tempted to take two weeks off also, just to get everything done at this house and get it on the market. I've never had something of value like a table saw come with a house before. Mostly worthless or old/forgotten things.

@cal_quail - dumb question, but what are ROTS? I've seen the word used here before but haven't put it together yet. Costa Rica is loads of fun though! Arenal was our favorite part.

@ terri - well... here's what I put together! I need accurate measurements between the wall and the dining room/kitchen doorway, and everywhere in general. I also think my measurement for the soffit is inaccurate (too big).

So... here's the deal. The house is about 95 years old and it's mostly original - three of four walls in the kitchen are still made of plaster and lathe and the floorplan is virtually unchanged. There are some very hard constraints here with the doorways, windows and the soffit that the plumbing from the bathroom located one floor above passes through. My wants are to not move the sink due to the cast iron drain making that "fun," not moving the range because of a gas line, and keeping the water heater near its current location. I'm trying to keep the utility work at a minimum.

So, here's what I have. Dashed lines are windows.

I'm thinking Newport Pacific White cabinets that have sort of the shaker design that everybody is using now. The house is a craftsman so the two go together well.

All of the constraints are met, the sink and range aren't moving and the range remains roughly centered under the window. I'll have to figure something out with the water heater - I would like to move its little box to the laundry room underneath the cabinets, and since I'm calling a plumber to rough in a half bath where the pantry is now I doubt that would be much of an extra cost.

Also a possibility would be to put in a reverse of the 12" pullout / DW / 27" sink base if it wouldn't be a huge cost to modify the water line and drain down there. The plumber would already be working right there anyway... It would allow the sink to be centered at the window and a regular upper cabinet to be installed next to the soffit.

This is what's on the other side of the doorway that was closed off. You can also see a bit of the laundry room cabinet I mentioned poking out.

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a2, that is an ambitious trip! Be forewarned, Amtrak is very busy in western ND, and I've seen trains come through at odd times this summer. Be prepared for delays.

Have a great time!

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I posted a thread on a fridge surround issue. Comments appreciated. Freaking out a little.

ROTS=Roll Out Shelves (or slide-out as my cabinet line calls them)

Costa Rica is a trip for job#2 (team meetup). DH knows, not sure how I'm going to deal with it for job#1 though...but I'm going. Better to ask forgiveness than seek permission and all that. But it's causing much angst. I wish it were somewhere closer. The first time they include the part-timers and while it's cool to go to CR, I'd have rather met them pretty much anywhere in the US. Last year was Santa Cruz CA, and while I wasn't invited for the week, they did fly me up for a day/night. (I would have driven but it was the day I'd been to Grad Night the night before and driving up the state when I hadn't slept didn't seem very prudent.) The one before that was in Utah. (See, I'm not good at not talking about it.)

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Done for the day! The old cabinets are out, cut up and by the street for pickup. All bad drywall will be replaced, of course. I think I'll go ahead and have the sink moved under the window - the old water lines are garbage anyway, along with a lot of drywall.

It's looking pretty gross in there but I'll fix it.

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Now that I see the room without cabinets, can the fridge go in the corner to the right of the sink/window?

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Hanging uppers in laundry room. Salesperson ordered wrong size for left side over desk. Now I have two the same size instead of one 15 inch and one 12 inch so looks like the project will be even more stretched out but that's ok. It has taken DH quite awhile just to figure out what to anchor it to on the wall. It seems there is just dry wall but there has to be a stud somewhere. The cabinets are going on either side of a small window above the desk. I may just return that cabinet and not even reorder the 12 inch since I didn't realize it would interfere with the new lamp. I really like having a lamp on the desk and I could live without the extra cabinet after seeing how much trouble it is getting the other one up. Not to mention we have to put on the crown mold on the cabinet too and hard telling how that's going to go. All the other cabinets have been in since we built the house except these four and the appliance cabinets. I feel like you all are probably sick of my laundry room project but it's getting there! The upper cabinets over the desk will be the end.

Ah, DH surprised me and already has one of the cabinets up : ) Maybe the last one since the other side doesn't fit and it will be three more weeks if we decide to reorder the correct size. I'm waffling. The new one looks so nice. These cell phone pictures don't do a thing for them. They are really pretty cabinets. I just got cheap Home Depot ones for this small side project I think they are American Woodmark, I have to say I am loving the soft close on them. I never had that before and it's really nice. They match the other ones that were already there pretty well except that thermofoil has gotten a lot better in 16 years. Barker made the appliance cabinets.

So here is one cabinet up without the crown moulding. DH doesn't like the crown I ordered because it doesn't match the old stuff on the other side but I don't really care, they don't make that anymore and it's close enough for me but he isn't having it so I guess I will take that back along with the other cabinet that is too large. Wah….
But I love the new cabinet!!! Isn't he something?

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Gr8, I am just so jealous of your office, I mean laundry room. I have a garage with machines in it. ;)

Shicksal, little moisture damage, but not to bad. Are you going to reuse the sink? Did you say you are going to put it on the market instead of renting again?

MGM, working for the government can be a good thing.
TX G, cute cake..good mommy. I don't do big cakes very often. Cupcakes are much easier. ;)

Today more work at Mom's. Got the trim for the slider, stained and hubby installed..but more paint is in order around it.........grrrrrrrrr

I also painted the 1/4 round to match my chocolate brown wood wall. I didn't like how the wood wall left a gap I couldn't get paint in. So we bought the trim a month ago, okay maybe 2. Finally got it painted and cut. Hubby just has to nail it in.

I think I am going to skimp out and put up composite trim around the floors at my mom's. That one slider was $23. And 3 bedrooms of the 2 1/4" casing out of my pocket plus all the staining. Hmmm..I'm going to have to calculate it out.
I have builder grade with 20 layers of paint trim in my whole house.

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@terri - the rental market. Habitat will probably end up with the sink pictured along with the old one from the house we live in. They are both too big for such a small kitchen and are cheap cheap cheap. I am considering putting in a nice cast iron one I already have, or if it's not as nice as I remember maybe something similar.

@cal quail - I thought about it but there would not be much room left along that wall for a dishwasher and sink cabinet. It is also 30" deep instead of counter depth.

I went back out to take care of a small plumbing drip from a shut off that no longer shuts off all the way and had a peek at the flooring. Unfortunately there is not hardwood hiding under the kitchen. At least not in either of the two areas I sampled anyway. The subfloor rules out tile so a nice linoleum it is.

Also I had to play with CITRISTRIP! It did a great job on the latex I applied and the two layers underneath. The bottom Army tan layer is giving it a lot of trouble. The paint scrapes off in small flakes like it's still dry. I left some on and will check up on it tomorrow.

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MGMum - yup, jasper Alberta. I feel better prepared this year for our bike trip.
You must be near Windsor to see the toledites scavenging for water. They drank our stores dry - but I lucked out and snagged a few bottles as we head to toledo for the start of the trip.

Ann- trains are running way late. My goal is for the train to arrive in whitefish 12 hours late so we arrive in the AM and not the middle of the night! Our joke is that Amtrak has a schedule, freight don't but they love to mess up amtrak as they own the tracks,

Schick - you are amazing. Hard to comment when not on a real computer.

Gr8- cute!

Texas- I have to click your link- almost missed it!

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I'm finally back home. Today I took out the bottom part of the soffit and made even more changes to the layout. The cast iron pipe in there is set back in the wall cavity somewhat, and I can put a super Susan in that corner too. I may not even need to offset the cabinets any. Tomorrow I will post an updated layout.

Also I left some Citristrip on the door overnight just to see what would happen and it pretty much took out the nasty, bottom most layer of paint. I'll have to start bringing things home now to work on. I was amazed that anything could get rid of it. Even the heat gun just turns it into a gummy mess.

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No updates from me. First day of back to work for the new school year.
Thought about starting on the hall bathroom, but that would require towel bar removal and other things, I had no energy to do.
So I rubbed a rack of ribs and put them in the oven, took care of the dishes, made a casserole for the boys, sat out front read a few chapters, cameback in fell asleep on the couch. I just awoke to unfoil the ribs and casserole, dress the ribs with BBQ sauce, sprinkle cheese on the casserole.

I sure hope someone else had a more productive day than I.

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You cooked a lot - beats what I did, even after I edited the post!

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I just told DH that I think the whole 'being without a kitchen' thing is a kind of 'walking through the desert' sort of thing, like a rite of passage. I WANT TO COOK! (and I don't cook much).

Realized what I thought was my birth certificate wasn't, it was just the hospital cute thing. So I went and got a copy, then spent DH's last day of freedom lunching and shopping.

Heard from GC, finally. Should be no problem to move the cabinet after the fact. Best to do so so that we can see what it'll be best to do about the height issue. Once I find out when the flooring people will be done (fingers crossed that it'll be Wed or early Thurs) I need to let him know and he'll either get the electrician over here or come over to finish up the electrical himself, he says, so that we're ready for DW and Speed Oven next week.

Heard from the other GC (not the HD one, the local one we have doing other stuff for us). Did I mention we had the fascia primed and painted last week? We were going to paint the house, too much going on. Can't agree on colors. But with new fascia, we needed to get it primed, and since we knew the fascia would be white-ish, we just had them paint it all out in SW Snowbound. He's going to install the vent hood up to cutting the hole in the roof and coordinate with the roofer (new roof a few months ago) to seal it into the roof. Hopefully sooner, rather than later, but they'll need to coordinate to do it within a day or two. He'll also run our ice line and maybe do the sink hook-up if the HD GC doesn't get his plumber here within an acceptable timeframe (like, I want a functioning sink AS SOON as humanly possible after I get a counter/sink). So he's another one I call as SOON as the I know an estimated time of completion on the flooring.

I'll run to HD early tomorrow morning for some odds and ends I need to finish up the paint.

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Terri- why on Earth would you ruin ribs by putting sauce on them? ;)
J/K, I don't even eat ribs, much to my husbands chagrin, as I've been told by many that he makes some of the best.

I made the mistake one time at a cookout by asking if I needed to get out the BBQ sauce. You should have seen the looks of horror I received from all the rib fans!

Schicksal- its kind of satisfying to rip it all out huh? You made quick work of it too.

Cal- I hope everything comes together quickly. Being w/o a kitchen sucks!

As for me, I've been cleaning the house and trying to finally clean out the garage, which became the go to spot to drop tools, supplies, etc during this remodel that started....A YEAR AGO!!!!!

I need to clean it out so I can set up some sawhorses and paint all my trim.

This week I have to register my oldest 2 for school and also take my 5 year old to orientation as this will be her first year going.

Maybe I can work on trim next week.

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Well around here, ribs are eaten either way, but sticky mapley sauce is just better. ;)
I make my own rub and BBQ sauce both are always on hand.

The Casserole is the boys favorite, they don't like ribs and hubby is always wanting more when I make the casserole anyway. So they were all happy!
Broccoli, Chicken, Rice and Cheese. I make a Chicken stock based white sauce instead of cream of whatever soup.

Shicksal, sounds like you got stuff done too. Don't sell yourself short!

CalQ, sounds like you have a plan of attack going. That's a start. Getting folks lined up is something.

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Twittling my thumbs waiting for the train to arrive in toledo.
It is almost 2 hours late but We have extra time in Chitown and hoping that DB and SIL swing into town for lunch
DB is recovering from an equipment failure bicycle accident. Design flaw on the wheel hub caused all of the spokes to release. Result Bike 1 DB 0 with a fractured humerus.

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Here's the updated layout based on what I saw after I took out the bottom 6" of the soffit. The iron pipe is mostly in the wall but I don't think it ever was entirely in there, and there was always probably some kind of bump for it. I need to do a little geometry and double check the second super susan plans, but I think this one may be what gets ordered.

Earlier there were thoughts of moving the range across the room. That comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. The upside is that it would allow for an OTR microwave (I am not too worried about venting since I doubt young professional/med student types are avid chefs). The downside is that the wall space where the range was could not be used to put upper cabinets due to the window, so it would cost storage.

Today I think I'm going to completely empty out the room, remove the fouled drywall and get to work on wiring. It would be cool to have that basically done. Cabinets also go on order this afternoon unless there is anything big here that I'm missing.

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That's a whole lot of storage packed into a little space.

Since I've been in TKO mode, I've only really thought about my old kitchen here (14 years) and the house I grew up in (I probably lived there a total of about 24 years, and it was in the family for 33). Most other places I lived, i didn't do much cooking (single, often working in restaurants, etc.). I lived in a condo for about 5 years and did a good deal of cooking and two other apartments for an extended time (such as it is) and I CAN'T remember the venting situation.

My point being, I can't fathom not having any venting now. It does not compute. However, MIL had an OTR micro and never, ever, ever used it. (Recently moved into a new place with a real hood, and luckily it has a built in, hidden spice rack so it has some redeeming feature for her).

Everyone wants more storage, I'm just playing devil's advocate between storage and venting. Young tenants probably don't have that much stuff. But between roommates, they could I suppose. I also suppose there are many, many, many places that aren't vented and no one bats an eye.

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Cal has a good point. I'm certain there ARE actual vented hoods somewhere here in my area, but I can't recall having ever seen one in person.

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If I were wanting to strip and re-finish (painting glossy white I think...at this point, but feel free to talk me out of it) my sewing table, would I do it while it's assembled? Would I have to (or should I) try to disassemble it?

I put an arrow pointing at the 'seam' where the left flips open to be the larger work-surface, and the right a smaller flap. Then the machine rolls up from the bottom and IIRC there are other hinged wood parts under there.

Also one of the ends opens up and is a tiny little compartment for supplies.

I'm asking now, but I'm betting this isn't a project for now. Especially while it's part of our make-shift kitchen. I just want to try the Citistrip I bought on something. :)

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If I were to try and repaint it I would do the seam that you put the arrow on, along with any other seams for things that pull out. I would also do the compartment door edge.

Actual venting would be practically impossible on the opposite wall from the range. There are a bedroom and bathroom above that location. I guess I have storage on the mind since the pantry is going away. There is also an upstairs bedroom with no closet and 1/2 of another bedroom's meager closet is used to run a HVAC duct down from the attic to the first floor. I think they were more into wardrobes 100 years ago. Also of course, there is no garage to put things in.

I'll play around with the drawing a bit more... I think the opposite wall may end up being better anyway due to requirements we have now vs. back then.

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Crap. I had a whole message typed and my hyper-sensitive touch pad apparently objected and erased it. And guys... this is a novel. I haven't been writing for a few days! Ok, here goes. Tex_gem, what a cake. She'll remember that all her life. I can't fathom your best work if this isn't just that! raee, I read about this stuff that's getting rave reviews. I have a cat that pees, and I know she's ruined at least one room's hardwood floors. When pee seeps down between the cracks, all you can do is pour Nature's Miracle and hope it follows the flow. For me, even that stopped working. My plan is to get some of this: Scoe10x Odor Eliminator and try it on that and my dog's last days' accidents. annkh, what a sweet idea. Your dress was lovely in both its incarnations. Keep your picture with the dress, because that's the story. :) a2gemini, I'm so sorry about your DB. The humorous is a miserably difficult bone to break. Your DB must follow Drs' instructions about staying off it. If he gets all (macho) dumb and whines about just wanting "to get back to xxx" he'll damage the fine webbing of the healing bone and be in pain for the rest of his life. I had a student that thought yoga was going to cure this kind of bone healing. i.e. badly done healing. Yoga can move bones, change muscles, etc., but cannot fix something healed badly because of someone thinking they can tough it out, or (This one makes me gag) they know their body better than anyone...

BTW. "DB" Dear boy? Dumb Bozo? For decades, DS has been dear (or whatever) son, but I'm thinkin' I like Dumb Bozo. Teri, do you wear full skirts, an apron and pearls while you cook? Do you meet Walt at the front door with a martini? Do you sing while you feather dust? OMG the things you get done. Your family is so lucky. I hope they see it -- at least one day! But that broccoli thing. Gotta give that up. Broccoli is baaaaaaaaaaaad for you. Green slime. Baaaaaad. cal_quail. Your sewing table. I would take it apart. Label the hinges. In older pieces things settle and are not interchangeable. I'm here to tell 'ya, as I stare at a piece I took apart 8 months ago and can't get the door back on to work.

The glossy finish: Keep in mind that it'll show Every. Single. Imperfection. Just like a glossy ceiling would. You'd need to sand. Lightly mark the deepest part of a ding or dent, then sand with broad strokes until it's gone. Then you know it's smooth.

I admit that I'd probably paint it glossy white, but then with a darker shade of white, glaze it. I hate to sand. The dents and dings give it character, while the color would still be modern-er. No use an old piece trying to lie about its age.

P.S. Great job with the ROTS. It's fun to put stuff back in. You'll probably move it 100 times, but at least it's nice to be back in the saddle kitchen. shicksal, oh, shicksal. What is there to say? You make my head twirl. There is a song in that somewhere.
You've done incredible things. I love that door's view. The cobblestones make me want to see what's out there. May be a bistro table and chair? A garden? The back wall of the garage (where one could grow a clematis)?

Citristrip. Now you see why I'm not necessarily insane about it. Remember the plastic bag trick, and please remember the water vs. mineral spirits thing. Where you are right now, is where it starts sucking the stain out of the wood. This is how I got the same type of antique doors back to lovely raw wood -- without sanding.

If you end up having to spot strip, do the whole panel. Citristrip will keep removing stain, so it'll look blotchy. If you do the whole panel, it'll look more consistent. LOVE it.

I've not spent any time on DIY boards, but wanted to tell you how impressed I am with our forum here. Who else do you know that just takes a deep breath and says,
"Hmm. I think I'll rip out those cabinets and move that pesky wall before MIL comes to visit." or
"Hmm. I forgot to put in an outlet there. Let me run a wire real quick so I can plug in the rice cooker for the stroganoff tonight." or
"I have no idea what I'm doing, but on the Kitchen board, if greenhaven, cal_quail, shicksal, or that numbnuts CEFreeman can do it, I sure can! They'll walk me through it."
IOW, impressive all. And teri is here to feed us all. Christina gives us visions of "Dinny World!," and a2gemini rides into the sunset.

Enough of this. If I accomplish something today I'll let you know. It's incredibly hot and drippingly muggy again, so I am not into moving. Lost my phone with Morgan's last pictures on it. Am afraid it's out in the yard somewhere, where after 17 days, we had rain. Wish me luck finding that.

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MissQ, I thought I could do it without taking it apart. But I ended up not being able to get to all the edges and sides on my flip sided coffee table. I started with Citristrip keeping the piece together, but it was easier apart in the end.

I have no suggestions on the stove placement. I must have venting. Lol but I cook heavily.

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You are too kind - unfortunately the old brick sidewalk leads to the area between this house and the one next door and their back yard is badly overgrown. To the left is the yard we own. Currently there's a storage shed but I am giving it away. That will make a table and whatever else a possibility at least. I'm perfectly ok with Citristrip taking away stain - I'm sure the doors and trim were there for a couple of decades before being painted and scratched through the paint/shellac/stain more than a couple of times throughout the years. I planned on taking them down completely and putting new shellac on as I did with all the trim in the bathroom upstairs.

I just confirmed it - the IRC says the range must move due to combustible materials within 30" above the surface (window sill + whatever window treatment might be applied). Here is another layout reflecting what I learned about the soffit yesterday and the range relocated across the room. I think this may be it, but I've said that at least once before.

This post was edited by schicksal on Tue, Aug 5, 14 at 10:49

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Good GAWD, teri. Understatement of the year.

When painting furniture: Turn it upside down and paint the underside and legs first. Let it dry. (read: probably overnight) Then flip it over and continue. WAYYYYY easier than trying to reach up underneath something.

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Thanks for the tips on the sewing table. I'd be fine with white and a glaze. That'd make it more like my 'little girl furniture' that I was thinking it'd remind me of when white anyway. Thanks.

But yeah, it should wait. I'm going to copy off the tips. But I did figure out what I should use Citistrip on this week. Door frames!

They're not going to put the new doors in for a couple weeks, but when they painted the fascia, I asked them to buy me a gallon of paint to use to do some of the other trim myself to freshen it up. The lower ledges of the windows are masonry. They're in the darker taupe that was on the fascia, as are the door frames and the frames around the side lights of the front door. Those door frames are what I should strip!

Here's the front door. I figured close-up/detail was better than the overall view.

It would take it down to that same level of wood that I have where the chunk is missing, right?

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That still looks like a ton of storage schicksal. Good job.

Does the line you're working with offer a 33" blind? Seems that it'd be more user friendly than 24 and then 9. I've got a 48" blind and I appreciate all the room I have to maneuver to look back in there. (But JEEZ those shelves are big. 48's are monsters!)

Not that 24" blind is bad, I was just thinking that the 9" by the range would be teeny. Particularly in a face-frame cabinet. (Unless it's a pull out, which I'm thinking not in a rental.)

I'm finding my frameless 12" at the L of my blind nicer than I thought (but still a bit cozy) for coffee supplies.

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Sure, I would unless there's very much actual wood missing since I'd imagine you plan on painting it again. On a door frame like that I think you'd be best off using Citristrip to take down the thick buildup look that comes with so many layers of paint. I planned on doing exactly that in areas where I don't have time to restore wood but don't want it to look like it's been painted five times, paint flaked off and then someone painted it twice over after that.

It should be able to make your door frame wood look crisp and clean again. Cool sidelight glass, btw!

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When I posted the pic, I actually was thinking that I like the sidelight glass. We actually have new glass planned with the new door. Just etched/frosted. I'm second guessing that now. I think either we should have the original glass re-fitted/glazed or maybe if the reason was also to get double pane glass in there, maybe still go with that design.

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I spoke with a local glass company about that exact topic about a months ago. Any of their glass options are available double paned. What they do is put the bumpy side facing inward on one pane, then the other pane is clear glass. It makes it much easier to clean. That style of glass was one they had available along with three kinds of reeded and numerous others. It sounded like a window by itself would be quite inexpensive.

The line I was looking at (Newport Pacific White by HD) had only the blind options you see here. I had the same thought you had. I need to comparison shop Lowes this evening, and figure out the height of the uppers. One of the big attractions to what they offer though is how quickly they ship and that reviews are generally good. That will be a factor here.

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Right. We were struggling to match the glass available from Simpson Door with glass we could get locally for the side lights. Then we finally asked 'If one breaks, it can be replaced right...can we just order it without glass?' Which is what we did. There's a world of choices that then opened up.

I didn't personally want a diagonal upper corner, but in this instance, would it be preferable to the blind and 9"? Could it work? (And then would it be weird to do it on one side...or would you do it on both?)

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A2, that's where I am. I may have seen you a time or two in Nexus (my favourite lane!) and not known it. :) Enjoy your trip!

Schick, you've really come up with some good options there. I can't wait to see it when it's done.

I'm still tired from the weekend. I worked 2x12hr and yesterday I worked 15 hours. Then I got up early and did all my grocery shopping since I had hardly any food. I think I'll do some cod tonight for dinner. The little guy will complain about it, but I'm sure he can force down a couple of bites.

Cal_Q I hope you can get all your workers lined up!

We still have another month of summer vacation; the boys don't go back to school until the Tuesday after Labour Day.

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@cal_quail - That's a great question. I checked the catalog and the corners run 24" down the wall. That would leave me with 10" instead of 9" between the corner cabinet and OTR microwave. There isn't space for me to bump the range + OTR microwave far enough to put a 12" upper in without getting into the casing for the doorway to the dining room.

@MGMum - Thanks, you and me both.

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I'm sure you are all SHOCKED that the flooring guy won't be here today. ::roll eyes::

He called in sick. The owner of the place ASSURES me that it WILL be done Thursday, one way or another so I can keep my other appts.

So now I've got calls in to both GC's to say 'Hey, come on over and work today. No, you can't come Thursday.' The local one is supposed to do some work at my inlaws' today, so I'm hoping he may be able to swing by here and put up the hood and/or run the ice line. I owe him for the fascia, so maybe that will entice him to come work here today. :D

But now that I have calls out, I'm still sort of forced to stick somewhat close. I also called the sprinkler guy out, assuming he'd come one of the next few days, and he said he'd be free in a little over an hour. So I'm hoping he'll come, and I can get him started and go. By that point, if anyone wants to come work inside, MIL could come over and hang.

Should go in to work and meet the new principal. He's treating DH well thus far and he's emailed me about an opportunity. I don't want to jump on the opportunity, but I'll take it if he doesn't have anyone else (Academic Decathalon...previous teacher is my good friend who's moved to the new HS. She said it's not a lot of time/work and it's always a good group of kids. I'm just frightened of overcommitting. And since I did jump at her vacated Statistics classes, I didn't want to jump at her vacated Aca Deca spot.)

I should also go do the passport thing today (yesterday, got BC only) and do some shopping and returns.

I don't work until 6 tonight, so I'm SURE I'll fit all that in. ;)

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Well, the train finally arrived in toledo and we are crawling to Chitown. Now we are stopped due to freight construction. Might not make our connection in chitown. Last check, our 9:30 arrival was at 1:45 and that was before we were stopped for freight. Our connection is 2:15...,

DB= dear brother

Cal- I have another sewing machine and base if you need more practice! I think it needs to come apart to do it right.

MG- how about a meet-up. CF was going to swing through Michigan sometime this summer. You are in the closest foreign city south if Detroit - a good trivia question

Schick - great job - a bit hard to see on the phone.

Yeah, we just started moving again, albeit about 15-20 mph.

Maybe we should have ridden our bikes to Chitown

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Demolition Day again around here. The laundry room closet is gone. Soon to be replaced by cabinets, a counter (butcher block maybe?) and open shelving above. The new floor for the sewing/guest room is being delivered tomorrow.

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Yeah Christine! Most of us have been there, done that!

Amtrak held the Empire Builder so on our way to Whitefish. Enjoying some hummus, almonds and vino until dinner.

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a2g - sounds heavenly!

Christine - looks like fun...sort of.

Applied for my passport. Woo! It was easy.

Switched sprinkler guy to Friday.

Kitchen/HD GC stopped by and did...nothing. He was only stopping by, evidently, because he thought his level was here and he needed it for another job. It wasn't. He told me yesterday he'd cap off all the water openings at the angle stops so that whether we got the sink first or fridge first, we were covered. He must have forgot that. ::roll eyes:: I thought that was WHY he was coming by. I was out running errands a few towns over when his wife called. I had MIL meet him here. She called me while he was here, but he pretty much blew in and out without even letting me ask her to ask him anything. He said he'd call tonight during my window of opportunity before work. (yeah, right).

Didn't make it to school, but I did do my big return to REI (I pulled out two things last minute...I still have a few days to decide on them.) I ordered an ottoman for the living room since I'm keeping the old one in my dressing room. It'll be delivered tomorrow. I got a SimpleHuman rechargeable (USB) soap dispenser. Since DH didn't want one in the counter, I figured it was okay to splurge on this. And of course, I had 20% off. I also didn't make it to HD.

I got a call from DHL that they have a shipment for me. I asked the weight and number of packages. 2 packages, 261#. I think it's another one of the short cabinets for under the window. I told the KD I didn't need another one, but she said I paid for it, I should have it. I'm thinking that either we'll wrap some kitchens storage into DH's office, or we've talked about getting some kind of a sideboard/buffet/hutch for the DR. After hearing a few people on here do it, I thought maybe we'll build one with cabinets. This could start it, but it's such an odd size. The other thing I thought is we could put it in the breezeway, just at the entrance to the kitchen. It's covered, but it does flood every 10 years or so. Maybe put it on some kind of raised pedestal of some kind? Dunno. I'm just hoping they send one with ROTS so I can move them over to the existing cabinet. I'm waiting to put a follow up order in until I see what's in this thing. I was told this would be in 7/31. Glad we didn't wait. Anyway, it'll be here tomorrow.

Terri, hope things are smooth as can be being back at work.

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Demo is done and... Design change time again. The soffit is structural. Who ever heard of that? I will go over my pictures again... I may be able to design a header and column so I can remove it below the upper cabinets but it will be a challenge.

I also brought a door home with me so I can play with citristrip. That'll be fun at least.

Here's how it looks now. There are so many holes and ways things can get in its not even funny. I will seal all that up and try to find a way to insulate the walls. The new work you can see appears to be dated 1986.

I also saw a bit of the original wall color and flooring. I may try and borrow from it with the new color scheme.

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Well Christine, if you must know......
. .
. .
. .

No. Lol. No skirt, heels or pearls. Nor perfectly applied lipstick, no carefully coiffed hair.
And I can't mix the Big Guys drinks the way he likes them.
Sometimes an apron if I'm still in good clothes and cooking something greasy or messy.
But I was a stay at home mom for 13 years full time plus another 4 part time. My husband provided the dough. I took care of everything else. So it's a habit hard to break. He also commutes 3 hours a day. And this time of year add coaching football in our Youth Football League. He comes in the door at 8:15pm, he left the house at 5:30am.
I like to know what my family is eating too, so baking and cooking does that. My boys are very aware of the "spoiling" they get. They love to "show" off and share their homemade foods. For the last 7 plus years I have been providing half a PBJ(homemade strawberry freezer jam) to my middle sons buddy. He swaps half his sandwich to him for a gummy fruit package. Lol I've even offered to make S his own sandwich, but #2 likes to "swap". Omg..I just realized this is the last year of that. :( they are seniors!

So anyway...I stopped by mom's watered the veg and strawberries a bit and picked up the paint card for that bit of paint I have to have ACE make up.
Came home and sliced up several pounds Bottom Round and turned it all into Mongolian Beef.
Oh I got my first local organic food box from this Farm I've been eyeing for a few years. It had this little melon in it. Snow Leopard or tiger something. White with bits of green stripes and white flesh Sweet like honeydew with a tiny bit of muskiness.

So again no house stuff. It's probably all going to be weekends now.

Shicksal, what does your mate do while you work on all this? Are you all on your own? Did you say no more inlaws? ;)
Is the flooring you uncovered a soap stone colored tile or laminate? And was the wall chips golden, "real" butter yellow? Oh and that hot water tank would not wash my dinner dishes, lol..

Christine, I do hope you find the phone soon! Bag of rice for a week. ;)

Cal, you have been ticking off your personal to do list, good job! Are you going to paint your front door that turquoise blue you have there?

a2, Bike ride started yet? Or still on the train?

Christina, What will be going in that space?

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Not a lot... There was food available when I returned home at least. That was a nice surprise. I work alone. No in laws... I can handle about a day before I've had enough. The flooring is a black and white checker pattern linoleum set on a diagonal. The black parts at least have sort of a stone look. The original wall color is the brown shade behind the tan flakes. I like the flooring at least, and might borrow from these old ideas for the new kitchen.

I've put together a couple of ideas for the soffit... I may be able to redistribute the load to structure that is inside the wall. It's a really odd repair to what I think was termite damage discovered long ago.

Citristrip is doing its thing on the door overnight. I used it on one side and removed the nasty mess it turned the top 3-4 layers of paint into before applying more. On the other side I scraped. The 1st-2nd layer of paint did not bond well so it scrapes off in large, thick sheets easily. I should have scraped the citristrip side first too before trying it.

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Lol, food available is good.

We often work alone on our own projects. He never does as I would. (Which means he does it wrong.) rofl I usually put him on a task. This new furniture building skill he's honing is expensive but I don't try to help, just give him the idea and he runs with it.

I thought after this last visit maybe you said...go visit when ever you want, just don't bring them back here.......EVER...

Ooh on the diagonal, that would be cool. Now that you say that, And I look back I see it. I thought the "tan" was just smoke stained sheet rock.

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She can come back but really, REALLY needs to resist the urge to redo or paint things here. It always turns out a disaster. Anti-help.

I worked on the layout some more but can't make the base cabinets work out with the soffit in place unless the dishwasher disappears or everything gets completely redone again. It's easier for me to reframe the area around the soffit because I have the space above the upper cabinets to work with.

Because I always post pictures of nasty, grimy things, here's the door last night with everyone's favorite stripper applied. It would be more fun if they used colors besides layer after layer of army uniform tan.

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Shicksal, isn't it amazing? It really makes stripping almost fun, don't you think? You are so right, though. It's fascinating to watch different colors come through. Do you think your people got a sale on the paint, or worked for the government and always took home the extra?
You're using the plastic trick, aren't you?

I'll be heading up to the Winter Wonderland in later this month. Anyone near the E. Lansing area, or a middle point who wants to do a meet up, LMK! :) But we need to take this private, since I know there are people are there stalking, who just want my stuff. All my beautiful, half-built, half-finished, reuse center stuff. Or so they tell me on TV.

Teri, just how nice. I can't imagine such luxury as having not only someone, but a mom who cooks and takes care like you. My mom did for a while, when I was young. But she got over it and went back to work, despite my dad's vehement, indignant objections. My mom couldn't really deal well with a 1-stop light town, where my dad grew up and knew E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. Who could blame her after growing up in the Detroit area?

Another hot one...

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Aside from the previous owner for about 18 years, the place was a rental for a long time. At least from when he bought it back to 50 years ago according to a curious neighbor who lived in this house in the '60s. It was a very bad neighborhood and I think a lot of the original wood and whatnot that's left is there by virtue of neglect. They probably chose tan for the same reason we do today - it's a neutral color and they used an enamel that was tough and durable. Luckily it looks like they forgot to sand it between coats early on so the outer stuff peels off in pieces about as thick as cardstock. I could see the original coat of paint left behind being something applied when the place was 15 or 20 years old as a way to freshen the place up and get the dark, dreary wood out of there.

Today I'm using nature as my plastic trick. The humidity is extremely high and I left the door out in a shaded area. It seemed to work ok in areas where I let it sit for a day while the thing was still indoors in the a/c so maybe it will work even better outside where it's warmer and more humid.

Winter Wonderland sounds awesome! It's humid and gross around here.

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Yes, it's hot and gross here in MD, too, but as much as it disgusts me to admit it, I'd take this over snow any darned day.

Shicksal, the plastic has another purpose. You are probably experiencing this to a degree. When the paint bubbles up in ribbons, the Citristrip is no longer against the piece, i.e. the old paint. Pressing the plastic into it keeps the product against the paint, letting it eat through more layers. It also keeps it from drying out so fast.

Plus, it is a good way to reuse all those stupid plastic grocery store bags. Oh - but make certain the printing isn't pressed into the Citristrip. I've learned it makes a great transfer medium after I branded a door with a bright red WaWa logo.

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I'm not sure if what's on the front door was THE color or not. There are about 8 of them around various parts of my house. It's either Deep Lagoon or Tropical Lagoon. We're going with Tropical Lagoon (Dunn Edwards paint, the finisher's choice).

Our original thought was base of house med/dark/sage-y? green:

Then I started working more towards gray-green:

And it all fell apart when we tried to decide what to do with the accent colors. DH and I disagreed, and the kitchen was hitting full speed, so we decided to wait.

Looking at these, having not looked in a while, I definitely like the white eves. The house has always been light body, darker accent on wooden part near the top and eves. I want to flip it to be different (and eves matching fascia). Or, part for effect and part for cost savings, I'm thinking maybe do the wood at the top the same as the base to highlight the angle of the roof rather than the multiple materials. I guess I never mocked one up with light wood at the top. Maybe I'll do that today. (And don't laugh at my horrible skills with the SW color visualizer).

(Semi-current, before fascia was painted Snowbound last week).

ETA: And while I'm at it, two other sources of contention re: the look of the front of the house are the planters and the walk.

Curved walk is original I'm sure and the planters curve to match the walk. I want something like this:


but with the rectangles staggered. But then I run into an issue with the curve in the planter. My solution? Rip out the planters. I think it would look better without them. DH thinks we should have them plastered and maybe capped with something. And I think if I did that I could have them just demo that corner and re-build it not curved. Or the other solution is to bring the 'porch' flooring out to the edge of that curve, which would probably be more cost-effective.

Thoughts welcome. Not doing any of that soon, but those are the dominos of decisions that hold us back on that stuff.

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I'm confused as to why you need to rip out the sidewalk and/or planters. In the photo, the part at the door, between the planters is square/rectangle. Why not begin a staggered rectangle sidewalk right after than initial porch-ish piece?

If the planters are original, leave them. Nothing's worse than looking at a house and saying, "mmm. Something's missing." Here in DC, there are different era neighborhoods. There's an area north of Georgetown that has wonderful 20-30s attached homes with the covered porches. Many of the wanna-bes took the porches off to try to recreate the 1800s Georgetown row house look.

There is no foolin' the eye, though, when the other 20 homes still have their porch.

An extreme example, but I think you get my point. Plastering and capping is yet another architectural era. You're doing a lot to preserve a great MCM home. IMHO, I hope you don't fuss-it-up with stuff that's not appropriate to the era's style. Again, IMHO as an idiot gardener, your landscaping could provide the transition from curved to angular that you're looking for.

Now. About me.
I found my phone
Walking in the yard, trying to decide where to plant some of the sun-proven Japanese Maples, I stepped right up to it. I walk that way all the time, so I'm convinced the yard fairies are screwing with me. The good news is ...

so I Bluetoothed all my pics to my computer. Stupid thing is so old I can't email them, but I can Bluetoothe 'em!

OK. Now I should pot some of the hosta I ordered. They've come, all beautiful and healthy. Yeah!~

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We spent two days on the road, picking up my son Bryan from his summer job. He worked for 9 weeks at a Boy Scout canoe base, taking 6 different crews out into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, and Quetico Provincial Park. It's his second summer in the north woods and he loves it.

It's 365 miles from home, so DH, DS1 and I drove out Monday afternoon and stayed overnight. When we dropped Bryan off in May, we went out and back in one day, which was brutal. Staying over gave us time to stop at Bryan's favorite place to eat, at a resort/cafe. The burgers were fantastic, and the view was delightful. Bryan is playing naturalist in the photo, telling us the difference between red pine, white pine, and jack pine. We watched a pair of bald eagles fly over the lake.

I love his sun-bleached hair!

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annkh that looks so wonderful. No nature-type travel this summer at all with the kitchen. In laws have a cabin with a view like that that's even somewhat close and we just never get there. We have to make plans for a weekend after things calm down with the kitchen.

CEF - WOO! Phone!

To me, I feel like our house is a sorta-kinda-MC. Meaning it's on the early end while this particular individual was trying to lean that way, it's not all the way there. And to me, the planters are not MC. That's why I'd lean to taking them out. They're all cracked. They've been texture coated as the house was. But it's missing a bunch on the planters.

Since we're waiting, and will likely not paint the planters when we paint the house, as we did last time, we've got time to gather pics.

I highlighted the curved part of the planter in the pic below. There's the square pattern stamped concrete in the darker color by the door, then it drops down and there's the random stamped concrete in the lighter color (also lots of cracks in that walk way). I was thinking if I wanted to do the concrete rectangle walkway, I could have someone move that transition out from where the squares are to the front edge of the planter. Then I could leave the curve in the planter and have rectangles in front of it.

You can see the discoloration where water pools just at that transition. Our house has nearly flooded twice in the 14 years we've been here. Garage did flood. Water in through the garage door and out through the side door. The driveway to the garage and breezeway becomes a big river. I bought sandbags after the first time, but didn't get them out in time the second time.

And...the floor guys have been here about an hour and a half. :D

And I'm doing school work. Scanning stuff, so fairly mindless stuff in the back of the house. Good task for today.

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Lots of scouts and Amish on the train.

Scouts are from Wisconsin and Germany. Amish have been from all over but most on this train are from Michigan.

We are stuffed and skipping lunch today as we cruise through ND into Montana. Train is only running 2.5 hours late so far. Of course 30 minutes was because they held the train for us (and others)

Lots of blue herons , Sandhills cranes, some deer and of course cows and horses. Also lots of ducks but not sure of the variety.

I did manage to sleep on the upper bunk last night - not much wiggle room for an active sleeper.

Ann- I think we passed your "hood" earlier today We haven't seen any bald eagles yet - but pretty cool.

Wish the train had wireless so I could use my ipad instead of the phone.

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Omg! Christine..I just knew it...
We have those faires/gremlins here too.

a2, chug a chuga choo choooo. ;)

Shicksal, your mind just keeps going back and redoing things. It'll settle in on perfection soon. I've seen proof of it.

CalQ, I love the curved walk and was trying to figure out why the planters were so rectangular, but they were trying to mimic the roof lines and substatial chimney I guess? The planters don't read curved. I like the color of your main house "proposed" but the darker more sagey greens needs a deeper door color. I love the turquoise but think it pops to much in that last photo.

Ann, what a lovely view to lunch by and great company too!

Okay, gotta head back to work..

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A2Gemini, my DD took that train the opposite direction several years ago in midwinter -- she was on a car that had a door stuck open with snow blowing in! When she arrived in Toledo around 2 am, the guy working the baggage car didn't offload most of the luggage for that stop. He kept insisting that there was no more luggage for Toledo, but in the face of an angry mob threatening to storm the car to see for ourselves, he relented and double checked. Lo and behold, he found everyone's bags!

CEF, thanks for the tip -- I will look for that product -- it was my old standbys of hydrogen peroxide and nature's miracle that failed. Maybe because I was impatient and didn't let the H2O2 dry fully before applying the NM.

Re-attached the front door trim finally. Dried some tomatoes and made peach-jalapeno relish. It is not so hot here, only in the low 80's -- I like it. I just took a break to have a drink and look in on the Tour of Utah cycling race.

Yesterday I hauled home a section of curved railing, the attached pickets, and some long boards from a Victorian porch that had been demolished. I'm thinking that I might somehow be able to use this with my cedar lattice to make an attractive trellis for between our houses.

Next I am going to spread mulch and again spray the Canadian thistle. Boy that stuff is stubborn!

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Terri- I saved two cabinets when we redid the kitchen and those are going where the closet use to be. They're lowers and I'll have open shelving above. I saved a couple of uppers too and they're on the opposite wall over the washer and dryer.

The other project we have going is replacing the worn out wall to wall in the sewing/guest room. The flooring arrived today. It was about 100 degrees out and about to rain so the guys put it in the garage, even though technically they're supposed to leave it outside. Chose Pergo for the combination of budget, we liked the look of it and it's been durable in the homes of people we know. I got 7 of the 19 boxes into the house before I ran out of steam.

This post was edited by Christina222 on Wed, Aug 6, 14 at 19:53

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@ Terri - that's what I did today... More plans and going back and forth.

I met with the plumber today. This is going to be expensive, I'm afraid. But... It needs to be done. The vertical drain behind the soffit has *one* pinhole that's visible. I guess cast iron only has a 95 year lifespan. A large section needs to be replaced. The rest of the rough in is fairly straightforward. The quote I am getting factors in me cutting a 4' hole in the subfloor since the crawlspace is tight. I'm OK with that.

The timeline looks like about 2-2.5 weeks. Since plumbing will keep me from closing walls below countertop level, and along the soffit cother all the way to the ceiling this presents a challenge. I will get about where I can get in the kitchen, then do other things like paint the rest of the place and trim trees. Once they wrap up it's game on.

The soffit ended up being non load bearing after careful inspection of how it was made and tearing out all drywall. I still don't like how a joist is supported and will strengthen it tomorrow.

Citristrip is tied with my other method of removing paint. It took the paint down to The sort of butter colored layer that I mistook for tan. It makes a sticky mess on the ground though.

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We were on the capital limited yesterday but now on the empire builder which is still crawling behind a freight train. We are pushing 5 hours behind schedule.

As I told DH - we are traveling so just sit back and enjoy the show.

DH watches all of the cycling races as well. I usually catch sections of the races.

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It's 5:19 and tile guys are still working. I am not complaining. They can stay as long as they like.

I got my replacements of damaged/missing/back ordered pieces. I forgot one piece of base molding was back ordered. Glad I didn't order more! Got some door and drawer fronts as expected. Got the toe kick for the pantry that we no longer need. And got two cabinets. One expected, but not necc. wanted, and one out of the blue. Expected:short cab for under counter. Crunch on back of original. Told KD they were fixing it, she insisted on getting a new one. Unexpected one is a wall cab that flanks range. The nomenclature days it's one with a spice rack, but in the case of the other cab, there's prob not a door. Don't want to open it now. Had to open short bae one to see if it's got ROTS, and it doesn't. I think we try to put something g together with them in DH's office (behind kitchen/fridge).

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CalQ, good plan using them! How's the floor looking? When are you washer and dryer coming, this weekend?

a2, you were just 3 hours behind..lol...

Shicksal, so you don't do major plumbing, here I thought you did it all! ~wink~

So Christine, My big accomplishment of the day..Dinner.. Well it's in the oven. Sausage stuffed shells topped with Pepperoni and cheese. #3 made sure on his way out the door to help at Midget (9-10 yr olds) football practice that it was still on tap. I assured him it would be waiting for him and Dad upon arrival. ;)

I am sitting in my rock "garden" out front in the evening sun. It feels good after 7 hours in an office. Very pleasant temp, slight PNW breeze. Speaking of PNW, anyone seen Doug?

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They left about 8:30pm. Finish floors tomorrow. Counters Friday. Fridge and range Saturday. W/D/DW/Speed Oven Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

I'm going to work in the yard as much as I can tomorrow while it's nice. Then hope to do some indoor stuff in the afternoon (cleaning or school stuff). And I invited us over to the inlaws for dinner tomorrow. "Want to go out to dinner tomorrow night or want to have us over?" I'll bring laundry too. :D

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Lookin good!

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I got a window installed today!! After almost 9 months of looking at plywood, it looks wonderful. Can't wait until the morning to actually see what my countertops really look like!

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That looks fabulous! I love the window to the counter and it makes your counters look great! Looks like a nice view as well.

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Mags, I've pinned you. :) That is egggg-zactly what I'm planning to do! Great to see it looking so beautiful. I hope this morning brings you WOWs!

cal_quail? Oh, pretty. What a nice, smooth floor! Any ... lippage? LOL. Not with what we learn here, right!?

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@Mags438 - It's looking great in there with the window!

@cal_quail - it's crazy how fast things are going at your place. You could be done 5 times over in the amount of time it's taking me to do only one.

@ terri. Everything but cast iron. I can do regular kitchen/bathroom sink drains and basic relocation of toilet lines, but not adding one from new. Especially while trying to tie in to cast iron plumbing. Water supply lines are easy for me. I'm basically paying for the drain work and having them do the water supply too in order to make it worthwhile on their end. It also frees up my time to paint walls, scrape popcorn and do whatever else in the meantime.

I'm about at a stopping point in the kitchen. This afternoon I'm doing just a bit of framing and more than a bit of cleanup. I'll go ahead and take out the drywall straight to the ceiling and do some electrical work. I lucked out though - I already have all of the circuits that are needed relatively near where they need to be, in the right size.

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I haven't done anything. Just laundry and dinner. Not much to do anyway really until I have some more money. I really need to get motivated to clean up the furnace room. The weather is perfect so I'm mostly sitting outside doing nothing. I could be weeding, but I don't like weeding. LOL

Schicksal, the table saw that is there is all rusty and it's I think home-made in a big wooden table. I have a friend who might take it and fix it up for himself if I can get it out of there. I think I'll buy some Ikea drawer bases to put in there for storage once I get that out of there. I can get a pre-made laminate counter top at Lowe's or HD whenever I'm ready to do that. I need somewhere to store off season sporting gear.

Your rental is moving along! The plumbing will allow you some extra time to sort out the floor plan.

Ann, what a nice place!

CEF, Yay for the phone! Isn't it crazy when you lose/misplace something and you walk by all the time and it's not there and suddenly it is!!

Cal, your kitchen is really coming along! I like the gray green exterior. There's a house not far from me that used to be white and now it's a dark blue/gray. OMG!! It looks SO much better. The side is still white. LOL No advice on the planters. My exterior is garbage! LOL. I've been focusing on the inside because that's where we live. ;)

A2, I think the delays would drive me crazy! We have soccer in Northville this weekend and I'm trying to sort out if I-96 is closed East and West. I heard it is and I can't make sense of the MDOT website. I've got calls in but I'm dependent on my GPS to go there (not to certain places, but there for sure) and I don't know what to do if it's closed going West or whatever direction away from Detroit is. LOL I can't wait to see pics of your trip!

Mags! Your window looks great! The handle looks pretty easy to access too.

I can't remember what else is going on with everyone, sorry!

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Well the floor plan is settled now and I could order cabinets but... there's the whole height of the uppers thing. 56" uppers are about $500 more. Ceilings are high in here. I need to have a look and measure things to see how it would look. It is a rental but it's become a rather expensive area and if it gets someone in here a month faster now, or 10 years from now, it's paid for itself several times over.

Between the kitchen, roof, and plumbing this will be an expensive transition from one person to the next. They're all things that will not have to be addressed again for a long time at least.

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Yep, do it right once schicksal.

Speaking of which...I could ask advice on the plumbing forum or general population of kitchens but...

The water line to the icemaker. Obviously it was ripped out in demo, but NO ONE pointed out that I better have a plan to get one put in. I did think to make sure that the angle stops have the right openings for the DW and fridge, and they do. But it's one more thing that:
a) I wasn't planning on having to pay someone to do, I figured it was in with the plumbing part from the HD GC, but it's not since I'm not getting the fridge at HD OR I figured they'd do it as part of the fridge install, which they won't
b) The timing of getting it done...I could have done it almost any time in the past two weeks, but it was only recently brought to my attention that I need it done. It would have been much easier to have done it before cabinets were installed, particularly with my 33x36 susan. So it now has to be done before Saturday when (fingers crossed) we're getting the fridge. And I couldn't have anyone here T/W/Th because of floor work (except I now know I could have had someone here Tues.

So, should I just do it? Seems simple enough:
-Drill 1/2" holes in all the cabinets necessary to feed the tube through.
-Cap the faucet side of the cold water (5/8" brass cap with plumbers tape).
-Connect the tube (use plumbers tape).
---it's the connection to the fridge part I'm unsure about. But I imagine they a shut off something that snaps on.

I need about 10 or 11 ft plus room to pull out fridge. I'd rather get something where the ends are on it, which there's a 20' braided stainless which comes with 1/4" compression ends. The alternatives are copper or PVC 'kits' that come with everything but you have to attach the ends. That sounds like trouble to me.

My other question would be, is it fine for it to just lay in the bottom corner/edge of the cabinets (susan and trash pull out + 3" filler)? I'm sure there are some little U things to hold it in place. If it was done earlier in the process, it could have run in the base of the cabinet behind the toe kick, but I'd think it'd be too hard to feed it through there now.

The spec says it needs to be at virtually ground level on the right side of the fridge surround. So I'd be running it along the floor of the fridge surround. The power outlet is just above that. I'm assuming that's just fine.

The quote I've got for it is about $300 and there's still a question of whether it can be wiggled in time-wise. And I can not see either of the two big guys maneuvering in the susan cabinet as well as I could.

Do I do it? Do I attempt it? Is that being penny-wise and pound-foolish? Is it frustration and reno-fatigue making me think I'm the best person for the job?

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Love that window Mags! I wish mine went down to the counter like that.

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I would plan on the icemaker line being wherever the spec says it needs to be, but that's hearsay from others who have plumbed Subzeros and mentioned that they were a bit particular as to where the line runs.

I would avoid the vampire tap variety at all cost, but to me it sounds like you already have a location in the cold line under the sink to use to run to the icemaker anyway. It would be simple/safe enough to run PEX over to the fridge and then use some clamps to ensure that the line is secure. Then a shutoff valve can be installed wherever appropriate in the refrigerator area. It was a bit of a challenge to find one that works with PEX. I had to order online and it looked like this.

Here is a link that might be useful: PEX Icemaker Valve

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The guy from the local appliance store where we bought the fridge and range was just here. Talked through the icemaker line situation with him. He says you want the shut off to NOT be behind the sink on a SZ because it's not something you just roll out if there's a leak. You want the shut off accessible, so it'd be best under the sink right after the connection to the angle stop. He also said you can't run the stainless type through cabinets. I didn't mention PEX. He said it has to be copper through the cabinets. This is the quote from our other GC:
"From the existing cold water angle stop, purchase and install braided ice maker line from the angle stop to the new refrigerator location, to include a brass shut off valve behind the refrigerator it will be necessary to cut holes in the side of the new cabinets to run the line due to the fact the line was not run prior to the new cabinets being installed."

So he sounds like he's planning braided stainless and was planning the shutoff behind fridge. I'll let him know it has to be at other end if I have him do it.

Appliance guy also said don't worry if it's not hooked up before install. They WILL drill one hole through endpanel and trash cabinet and leave the line there. They will temporarily hook it up to a line attached to outlet at angle stop to verify it works properly, then unattach it and leave the hose in the trash cabinet. to then be connected to whatever gets run through the cabinets.

AND when I confirmed the Miele install for next Wednesday, I asked if they cut the cabinet front...and no. Bad assumption on my part. So I need alt GC to do that too. Ugh.

I know it's coming together. But ugh.

I did text back and forth with granite guy. We're on for tomorrow, 10am. He said best not to have faucet hooked up for 24 hours, so I'll try to get that set up for Saturday if I can. At this point, if it has to be next week with MIL here, I'll survive. I guess.

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Watch out, she might lose everyone's tools :p

Their Icemaker plans sound OK. I'd it were me I would place the shutoff in the cabinet next to the fridge and do a PEX run to get it there but there are a lot of ways to accomplish this.

It feels like 100 degrees at the moment and the kitchen I am working on is on a west-facing wall that has no insulation. I am going to chill out at home before going over there to work. Maybe the weather will cool slightly.

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Mags- lovely window!

Mum- I96 is closed from I275 to telegraph road (m24 also known as the 2 by 4). Take i94 to Livonia. Livonia is still recovering from the soccer official who was killed by a soccer player about to get a red card. Very sad that an adult recreations player would sucker punch the ref and not stop to see what he did. He was arrested and charged with 2nd degree murder.
Don't worry - Livonia is very safe and the perp was from Dearborn.

Train arrived at 3 AM - about 4.5-5 hours late. We had a nice nap in our roomette and are now in whitefish.

Signing off for 2-3 weeks. I hope I can survive without DTs!

See you on the rebound

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Have a fun trip!

Today's progress is all behind the scenes. I wrapped up the framing for the former soffit area, decided on 30" uppers because 36" would look funny with the crown molding on the doorways, cleaned up and scraped a lot of paint. I underestimated the total number of layers. I counted 11 of them!

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Boy someone went crazy in there with white paint on wood like at my house! Thankfully I don't have all those nice thick moldings around the doors, just boring thin builder grade.
Are you going to use Citristrip on that too?

All my water shut offs to fridges water have always been off the cold water line under the sink.
Copper line at mom's with a couple of coils worth of extra behind the fridge. White braided (looks like see thru garden hose) at this house.

Beautiful window and location!

No work here really...heating hodge podge of fridge contents for dinner. Watered the rose garden, deck pots and baby fruit trees. Worked on the stupid Music Festival.

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What you see is me + scraper. I am going to try scraping what I can then using the heat gun to get the rest. It seems like the best option because regardless of what I do to get the last layers off I will have to sand the wood smooth. At least this way the chunks of paint that go on the floor from heat will not be sticky like they are with chemicals.

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Yesterday we had a couple bits of drama. The range opening was found to be a tad small (fixed this morning) and I was unsure the speed oven would fit. We switched from microwave to speed oven and I never checked the specs beyond 24"w. This morning I talked to the install manager for the store we bought it and I think it'll work. But I can't think about that right now. The HD GC is going to have to cut the cabinet now because it's the only way he's going to get electrical into the speed oven cavity. His fault for waiting until after we had counters.

Sprinkler guy came this morning and fixed up a few different areas. Went for parts and will be back to change up some heads.

Granite is coming along...

DH just said he thinks I can/should do the icemaker line. They only had the 'vampire' shut off valves at Lowe's. I called a local plumbing supply place and the guy sounded like I was loony asking for a shut off for the icemaker line. I said I didn't want the self tapping one. He said I could use a ball valve or angle stop. If I can get out of here with enough time to go check it out, I will. It's 1pm now, they're open til 5. Not sure how long the granite will take.

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Oh, wow.
Your granite really ties your paint and cabinets together. At least as my monitor resolves it!
Just beautiful.
You must be so excited!

Last night I mowed the lawn.

Today I moved some bricks someone had filled a dip in my lawn with. (huh?) Seems they'd become a Black Widow condominium/nursery. Never seen so many. Filled the dip with wood chips, which will pack down and grass will eventually seed there.

I mulched around some free standing trees.
Moved the hoses to water different beds.
Cut out more junk trees and vines.
Cut out more trees and vines.
Put slate squares down in front of what I call my front porch to give me a nicer area when it rains. Did I ever tell you how I made my front porch?
Made plans to move reseeding hosta ('Invincible') and hellebores. Wish it would rain so I could dig them up.

Tonight I might must have a little wine and do nothing.
Again! :)

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Oven just beeped..it's ready for the chocolate chip cookies..and Christine I ate some dough just for you. ;)

I have mondo burgers smooshed out for the grill and the fryer has oil heating for fries.

I have big mental lists for this weekend, we'll see where reality settles. Lol

For now, it's just rest from my very busy first week back to work!

Good looking space CalQ, coming together...

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Terri, I'm still here. I did not see you query asking where I was until tonight. I just read through the last few days to catch up on everyone's progress. Quite impressive.

I spent my week mostly working. In fact, I will have to work some tomorrow, Saturday. I am also nursing a very sore neck. Don't know what I did to it but after a few days of just being sore last week, on Sunday it went into spasms and only just today can I flex my neck far enough to look at the ceiling or over my shoulder. It's the same pain as a charley horse, only in the neck. The soreness is slowly going away and the spasms have pretty much stopped. Hopefully that will be the end of it.

I did get out to the shop a few times to work on trim. I got the pieces for the bedroom window just about ready to install. I might even get it put in late tomorrow. I got all the doorway frames cut and sanded and ready to finish and about half the baseboard and casing trim is cut to width. I love working in my shop and this week was the first time in a long time doing anything with wood. I've had quite enough of insulation and drywall and wiring and cement and painting to keep me for a while.

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Hey Doug, take it easy..the scorcher of a weekend that is predicted, has me thinking I should be getting up early to get as much done as possible before the marine layer lifts?
Well it's nice to be able to work on parts of a project you enjoy.
Hope the neck pain and stiffness leaves quickly.

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" I know there are people are there stalking, who just want my stuff. All my beautiful, half-built, half-finished, reuse center stuff. Or so they tell me on TV. "

that'd be me. I need 4 drawers about 26" W. Where will I find them? Don't make me look from room to room!

schicksal - let me know when you are done with your work there. I think all of your skills could be used here... you know what they say - 'use it or lose it'!

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cal_quail - the countertops and laundry area look awesome! Great idea to have the countertop double back down at the front too. It's something I've seen personally only on rare occasion.

desertsteph - you reminded me, I've tried guessing when our place will be complete. My estimate was sometime in 2016. :/ Future projects only get smaller as time goes on. Same for the rental I'm working on at the moment. Once the kitchen/bathrooms are complete it becomes more mundane work, continuing to depaint wood as time goes on. Working hard today in the hope of a brighter future.

This weekend I'm going to start on the electrical plan. On walls that will not be opened up I will run wire through schedule 80 PVC. Otherwise I can run as one normally would. If I can wrap up with a mix of installed wire + others that are cut and ready to go in once cabinets arrive I will consider that a success.

No word back from the plumber... I may make holes and start work on the water supply lines on my own, then contact someone else for the drain work. Since the old stuff is cast iron it's something that I am incapable of doing on my own, which really bothers me.

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Wow, do you guys *ever* slow down?? I get overwhelmed by just reading all the activity.

Thanks on window; took 3 specialties with me being the go-between, so really pleased with outcome.

I love the new countertops!! Cal, you must run at at least 100 miles/hr. I wish I could hook into what motivates and keeps you going

Schicksal - you'll have a entire place done before I get my teeny kitchen done!

CEF, I thought of you after window installed with the soapstone. We share the same vision. :-)

Despite having a slightly unfinished kitchen, I've moved off to other things. Finishing things seems to be a problem for me. Some siding needs to be replaced on the exterior and need a new porch floor before getting exterior re-painted. Looking at James hardie siding, but not very common here yet. One of the big box stores has a display, but they don't sell it??? So I contacted a few contractors thru hardie site, to see if affordable for us. Of the two that came up for my area, one became despondent after I sent a photo of the area to be resided...guess not big enough job. Contacted 2nd one, I didn't send a photo this time. At least this 2nd one seems more familiar with neighborhood to know housing is mostly stone and brick with very little original (cedar) siding. My goal the last few years - no maintenance anything.

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schicksal-do you mean the laminated front? That's pretty much the only way it's done out here. Out west they sell 2cm granite and put it on top of plywood. Usually 5/8, but with frameless, has to be 3/4 to allow doors and drawers to open.

Again, my vision for the kitchen for years was pretty much YOUR kitchen. But I'm very happy with the way this is coming together.

I haven't talked of anything non-kitchen recently. The weather's been a bit cooler than average, which is great to me. I've trimmed, weeded, and staked some. Lots more in the yard that I planned to do this summer, just like there's lots more inside I planned to do, but that's par for the course.

I planned classes early this morning, because I was sure they wouldn't be here for the install before 9. But they said 8-9 and I didn't think anything of it, yet my classes go to 8:30. DH is not happy being 'alone' when they arrive. I put out a request for someone to cover, and we'll see. If it stays the way it is, we'll survive.

ETA: Second class covered. Free to supervise fridge and range delivery/install. :) Will cover for someone tonight.

The HD GC is also coming out today. Or sending someone. Or... Not sure. DH talked to the wife. Don't know if he's planning in doing the sink and or the electrical himself of if he's sending people. Maybe the cabinet guy to finish up? Crazy that I don't know.

This post was edited by cal_quail on Sat, Aug 9, 14 at 8:27

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