Can one "plan" for filtration system?

eleenaAugust 5, 2013

If I have everything else, including a filtration faucet, but cannot choose the system, can I have it all installed and then add the filtration?

Shouldn't be easy b/c under-sink filters can be retro-fit, right?

If the plumber installs a diverter for the cold water supply and the countertop fabricator drills a hole for the faucet, would we be able to hook up the filter ourselves later?

I know it would be better to do it all at once but life with one small sink and without a DW has become torturous and I am still debating RO vs. other filtration and don't have time right now for additional research b/c of the job pressures. :-( :-)

Thank you!

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Fori is not pleased

I think so. I'd get the specs for the largest you've considered (RO probably?) and be sure it'd fit and that you have suitable electric and stuff. Be sure you have the measurements on the different faucets so you know that the counter hole won't be in a bad spot...

People retrofit these things often. The worst scenario is that you need to hire a plumber and getting the kitchen done NOW will totally make that an acceptable price.

At least that's what I think.

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What is your foundation? If you go with RO it doesn't have to be in your sink cabinet it can be below in the crawlspace or the basement.

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I think you have less to lose buying something and having it professionally installed now. Otherwise I suspect you'll have an unnecessary hole in your new counters for quite some time. If you get something (I already suggested Costco) and hate it, you can exchange it.

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Yes, you can install the faucet now, and hook up the filter later. You also might consider running a line from under the sink to your ice maker, if you have one, for future hook up.

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