Which Sconce and How High?

bbstxNovember 23, 2013

The photo below shows the dining room chandelier and the breakfast room chandelier. You cannot see the dining room from the breakfast room, but if you are in the living room you can see both.

The foyer is a part of the dining room.

Rather than have a ceiling fixture in the foyer that might compete with the dining room chandelier, I'm contemplating using a pair of sconces in the foyer.

I like the mirrored sconce better. I think it blends with the two chandeliers and I like the refined look. However, it is limited to one 25 watt bulb. To me, that is a nightlight with delusions of grandeur.

The Italian style sconce is rated for 3 60 watt bulbs. While I don't like it as much, it is acceptable and would certainly give sufficient light to illuminate the entry.

What do you think of using sconces rather than a pendant?

Which would you choose? If you chose the Italian style light, would you put shades on the bulbs?

Is there any way to have the mirrored sconce re-wired to accept a larger wattage bulb?

I have to meet with the electrician Monday. One website I read said the center of sconces should be 60" from the floor. Agree? If not, where do you think they should be?

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Like both chandeliers and the mirrored sconce, but feel the Italian style sconce does not fit either. Can you post a layout of the rooms? I've learned lighting is very hard to get right and that the right solution will probably involve a layered solution (multiple zones, lights on dimmers). What's in the foyer and what do you need to light there? I like the idea of sconces but suggest you figure out how much light you need in this room and then keep looking.

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It's likely the shade that is limiting the wattage to 25w on the sconce.

I agree that the Italian sconce is the odd one out.

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ob2b, below is the floor plan. Ignore the dotted lines. There is no demarcation between the DR and the foyer.

The 2 chandeliers have been purchased, so they are the givens. I like the way the mirrored squares on the sconce repeat elements found in the other two fixtures.

This chest and the etchings above it will be used in the new foyer.

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25 W seems extremely low. I wonder if it's a mistake.

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I thought it might be a mistake too, nosoccermom, so I "chatted" with Horchow. The person I talked to confirmed that 25W was the max bulb size.

It appears that one can buy a 23W CFL bulb equivalent to a 100W conventional bulb. That might be what I would have to use to get sufficient light.

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The base and coil of a 23W CFL are really large -- too large for some table lamps. I don't think it would work with a sconce.

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Rats. I was afraid of that. A quick Google search leads me to believe that I can get a torpedo shaped CFL bulb with a candelabra base that is a 60W equivalent. Maybe that would fit. I would prefer 100 watts, but 60 is better than 25.

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Holly- Kay

I have the torpedo shaped bulbs in my Kinzig lamp and I think they are 60 watts. Will the torpedo shape make the shade not fit well? Btw, I like your choice of the mirrored sconce.

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where will you be putting the sconces??

i think even if you put a 60w equiv in the sconce, with the shade they won't put out nearly enough light... i think you would want more light in the foyer. i think those sconces are meant more for accent lighting...

i would keep looking....

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Def like the mirrored sconce, not the Italian one. Since you will have two of the sconces, you'll have 120 watts of light. However, that is not much for a foyer.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Well, I am the odd one out. I think 25 w will be fine in the foyer. I never (NEVER) turn on my foyer light. The lights from the dining and living room will offer some light and if you have two, that would certainly be enough for me. I think about the candles in the windows during the holidays and they definitely give off enough light in my rooms for passing through (not for reading, etc., of course, but who reads in the foyer?). In addition, you can put a lamp on the chest. Disclaimer, I find 60 watts too bright in almost every setting. I mostly use 40 watts in all my lamps.

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I agree that the Italian one doesn't "fit". Definitely like the mirrored one. I would either find a way to make that work or keep looking.

I do think that you need at least 60w in the sconces in a foyer. I think you should do a dimmer as well. I try not to use my overhead light in the foyer but sometimes you just need it. We also have a closet that doesn't have a light so definitely necessary to have strong foyer lighting.

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Horchow has the mirrored sconce on sale with free shipping. I have 30 days to return it, if I don't like it. I'm pulling the trigger! I don't know any other way to figure it out. Maybe the electrician can help me find a way to rig it up without actually installing it so I can test light bulbs. Wish me luck!

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