Looking for some opinions (sorry, long post)

AudryAugust 9, 2012

Hi, I've posted a couple of replies here and there but am mostly a lurker. I'm getting very close to my kitchen remodel (new Ikea cabinets are sitting in the living room and we're tearing out the old ones this weekend) and am looking for opinions.

We bought our house 5 years ago with big renovation plans that have slowly been ratcheted back as the economy tanked and my husband has gotten tired of all the projects. However, the one part of my vision for the kitchen that has never changed is the faucet. I really love the huge, professional-look pre-rinse style faucets, and my husband is A-ok with me getting one if it will make me happy. The problem is that the closer we get to pulling the trigger the more worried I am that it's going to look stupid and over-the-top in my house.

We live in a typical builder subdivision house, built in 1994 - all the houses in the subdivision have masonite siding, 3-tab shingles, steel front doors, wood windows with GBG, carpet or laminate flooring, etc. We have upgraded quite a bit: new architectural shingle roof, in the process of replacing the rotted masonite siding with fiber cement, new fiberglass front door, new Jeld-Wen windows with SDL, hardwood floors throughout (got a killer deal - the carpet needed to be replaced and the wood was cheaper than carpet), we have scraped the popcorn off the ceilings, installed crown moulding, nicer baseboards and casing, built a masonry fireplace with a custom mantel and built-ins to both sides, etc., so the house doesn't feel builder grade, but it is still a smallish house with a blah sort of floor plan and in a very builder-grade neighborhood.

We are using Ikea Ramsjo cabinets, brown-black on the bottom and white on the top, with the Domsjo single bowl farm sink and Numerar countertops. I think the big heavy sink is perfect for the type of faucet I want, but am still worried about it looking silly. Also, a few months ago the hideous, awful light above the sink died and we bought a new one that we thought would be nice in the new kitchen... but it is a fairly large pendant, and I'm worried now that not only will it conflict with a big faucet but the style won't match.

Here are the two (very similar) faucets I'm considering:

This is the light fixture currently over the sink:

Here is the range hood:

And here is a pic of the ramsjo cabinets. (though it doesn't have the oak butcher block counters or the farm sink that we will have)

I'm not even going to think about backsplash till the cabinets and countertops are in, but I think that should give you a general idea of the style. Thanks so much for any input.

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Is that your kitchen? It is lovely! I think the faucet will look great, it is very sculptural. I have the Kraus in my kitchen and I had a lot of the same hesitations about it that you have. But I like it and I like the look of it. I love the backsplash in the photo too.

I cannot advise you on the light over the faucet. That is my biggest hangup in my kitchen. I'm thinking of just going with a recessed light. The electrician could not put a recessed light there because of a joist. So, he was going to do 2 instead. I foolishly stopped him and said to put a junction box, centered so I can add a pendant later. But then I realized my mistake. One more different fixture puts me over the edge to the world of "crazy". So, I am living with the capped off junction box for now.

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Faucets are easy to change out. So if you get sick of it in a few years, or you decide to sell and the new owner hates it, then whatever! You could always order it when you get the cabinets and lights installed and then hold it up on the counter and see if you like it. But if you've really been wanting one, I'd say go for it.

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Bee, in the fine print Audry says that the kitchen pic is just to illustrate the cabinet color/style. Her kitchen will have butcher block.

I don't think that the fixture style matches the style of the faucet. The faucet is industrial and contemporary; the fixture is trying to evoke a century old look with the edison lamp and the slightly wavy glass.

I don't have a good enough sense of size to comment on that. You might get better comments if you posted the height of the faucet and diameter of the pendant.


Kichler polished nickel Fresnel lens

Husdon Valley Haverhill pendant

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I was going to say what cottonpenny said. Consider that another vote in favor of at least trying it out.

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cawaps, whew. thanks. I thought it was another "before" kitchen that looked like an "after". Glad to know!

Sorry Audry for not seeing that.

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Agree with you and cawaps that the faucet style and pendant style don't work well together. Change out the pendant to something more modern, or a flush or semi-flush if you don't have the height for a pendant and the faucet, and go for the faucet. You've done a ton to the house, you deserve the faucet. :) Maybe you will love it and switch it out yourself before sale and take it with you if sale is in the future! Or, maybe you will see it in your kitchen and decide it is too over-the-top. At least try it out.

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Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Cawaps, I agree about the style clashing, but since I just bought this light fixture a few months ago, I'm sort of wondering if I shouldn't just get a faucet that will go with it. Along with my fears about the faucet being overkill, it feels like throwing money down the drain to get rid of the light. I'm kicking myself for not thinking it through better when we bought it. Actually beekeeperswife, I like your suggestion of just doing a recessed light over the sink. We are also currently debating whether to have a ceiling fan in the kitchen... I don't want one because I think it will look cluttered, but we really need it because the heat registers on on the ceiling, and if we don't run the fan in reverse in the winter, all the heat stays up above our heads while we shiver down below! If I don't have a pendant above the sink at all, the fan probably won't look bad... maybe I can recoup some of the loss by selling the light fixture on craigslist.

Cottonpenny and Angie, that's a good point that I hadn't thought of - if the faucet looks totally out of place once I see it in person, I can always return it and pick something more low-key.

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Thanks beeps, I started typing my reply before you posted yours so I didn't see it. I think that's what I wanted to hear :) - go for the faucet even if you have to lose the light! I'm just tired of spending money at this point, so I think I need someone to tell me it's ok, ha. I AM afraid I'll regret it if I don't go with the faucet I love... I've made so many compromises as we've scaled back this project and I do regret some of them. We aren't planning to stay in this house forever, but I am insisting that when it's "done" we'll at least stay a few years to enjoy it before we sell!

(beekeeper, that's ok it was a long post!)

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I agree with the others to get the faucet: It is something you love and have wanted for some time and it sounds like the pendant is just a pendant. If you can't find another place for the pendant, selling on craigslist is good. And, Bee, I still think you ought to have a glitzy pendant over your sink to go with/complement the others :)

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Just my small ordering/returning PTSD contribution learned at the cost of oh, let's say several hundred dollars...

Don't order anything that you may want to return too far in advance of maybe returning it. I did this out of sheer excitement then had to *beg* like a big loser to be able to return as it was well past the return window that was clearly stated on the website. Not to mention the 500.00 tub surround that can't be returned as we cut holes in it before realizing that the guy at faucetdirect that told me there wasn't a tub surround for the tub I ordered was correct and me thinking that all surrounds fit all tubs was 500.00 worth of incorrect. Derpdederp.

Just a word to the wise. Do like those faucets in theory... not sure I've heard of anyone loving them (or hating them) in the real world, though.

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I think the faucet style will be fine in your space. Since both are so similar I would go with the one that will fit your comfort level the best ie. easiest to use and functionality. I like the pendant a lot on its own but also think recessed lighting would be better over sink, as the pendant would be low and the faucet high and you wouldn't want them to compete. Good luck!!

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