Ceramic Beadboard Backpslash - Done

SusieQusie60August 20, 2011

This past week we had our ceramic beadboard backsplash installed. I'm very happy with it! Here are some pix if anyone is interested:

You can probably tell that I ultimately decided to go with the "mellow" theme in my kitchen with the backsplash. I picked something I thought would really blend, leaving my floor and my backsplash (both dark) to really "pop" in my kitchen.

Not a whole lot between me and completion at this point - glass inserts, under cabinet lighting, a few pieces of trim. Can't believe I might really have a "Finished Kitchen" soon.


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I was just thinking about you and your kitchen Susie. Looks great. I love the idea of the ceramic beadbard. Congrats. It is all terrific.

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Super nice job on the backsplash, and the whole kitchen, really. It has a very warm, welcoming feeling to it. I love the colors and the open shelves, although I know I'd never be able to keep them looking neat :)

I saw some really nice ceramic beadboard at the tile store, but we felt it would be very difficult for us to use it. Our walls are a little too imperfect for the large ceramic pieces, and cutting for the (too many) electrical outlets would be a real challenge. Since DH is going to do the work, I let him make the call.

Would love to see pictures of the rest of your space.

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That turned out so nice! I love the ceramic beadboard in general but if there needs to be a horizontal seam, it does not work as well. In your situation, it is ideal :)
Your choices all work so well together and make up a very pretty and mellow vibe.
Bonus points for your open shelves!

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OH I love that. Where do you find ceramic beadboard? What is the brand? What are your countertops? Love those too!

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Oh! You did it! I just love this ceramic beadboard and didn't even know it existed until all this came up. It's so perfect in your kitchen. And yes, I guess it's mellow in the sense that it is integrated. But, you know, you didn't take the boring, safe route either. You DO have colored cabinetry and open shelves, after all.

I just think this is a classic look and great for a finishing touch for your BS. Bravo.

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Wow - thank you all for your comments. I really appreciate it. I just went and took out the "official" kitchen file so I could try to answer any questions.

First, I have to point out that there is one horizontal seam. Look at the 2nd picture, behind my stove. It was the only place where the tile was not long enough. I agree that I probably wouldn't want that running somewhere more obvious. I also have to admit that I'm amazed at how the vertical seams really don't show at all - or at least they don't show to me!

The name of the beadboard tile is: Ceramica Colli Nantucket 8X20 Perline Tile

We ordered it from a local tile store where the owner/manager is a friend of my husband's. We paid about $5 a square foot for it which made me quite happy. (Considering the first ceramic beadboard tile I found was about $65 a square foot - way out of my price range!!)

I always have a little trouble answering questions about my countertop. It is a leathered finish, and we got it from All Granite and Marble in New Jersey. They don't have any "names" just numbers. I can tell you that our countertops cost about $4,000 (cuts outs, installation, etc.) I can't say enough good things about the people at All Granite after our cracked Blanco sink and all of their help in getting the old sink OUT and the new sink IN. But that's another thread entirely...

As soon as the last few details are taken care of, I'm actually anxious to post on the Finished Kitchen Blog. Not sure how that's working these days though, so if anyone wants to clue me in on how to do that...

Thanks again - SQ

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OMG - I was stumped trying to find your horizontal seam but then finally found it, lol... I thought it was a trick at first. That is so tiny and not at all what I meant. I have seen it done when the horizontal seam is very visible across a large area, and that bothers me. It happens when someone is using it as wainscoting as I don't think ceramic bb is every long enough for that..... The horizontal, in that case, disrupts the line of the bb and that negates what the bb look is for. YMMV.

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dianalo - that's pretty funny. I totally agree with you about the horizontal seam thingy. And honestly, I probably wouldn't have even noticed my own seam if the builder had not pointed it out to me! (It does actually run all the way behind the stove - but who cares.) :-)


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I love the ceramic beadboard! Your kitchen is lovely, a very welcoming and comfortable appearing space. Congratulations!

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Wow, that is so cool! I had no idea that the made beadboard tile. Looks fantastic in your kitchen.

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It's funny, when I first started this entire project, I knew I absolutely loved the look of beadboard for a backsplash. But, that was one of the things my husband absolutely would not hear of - just didn't like the idea of wood in any area that was going to get wet (behind sink) and/or greasy/dirty (behind stove.) It was pretty much the same reason he didn't want wood countertops.

The idea of a tile that looked like beadboard just sort of popped into my head one day, and I came here to GW to investigate. I don't remember anyone actually having used it in their own kitchen, although a few people had heard of it. That's the main reason I thought I should post some pictures here so that if someone else is in a similar situation, maybe I can actually be of help!!


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Looks great!

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Hi there,

I also asked my kitchen guy about beadboard backsplash and he also advised against it. I LOVE the look of the tiles.
One question... my vent hood (stainless) will be at 30" -- what do you think of putting a stainless shelf over the seam at 20" up the wall behind the range?

Anyone have any thoughts on how that would look?

Also does anyone have a source for this in the Seattle area? I found the Ceramica on ppltile.com, but I can't verify the color thru samples.

Finding this website was the best thing to happen to my kitchen design. THANKS to everyone and especially for photos. It's hard to explain to my DH what I'm thinking and the pics have really helped.

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What a great idea!! It looks GREAT!

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Looks great...I'm glad to know there is such a product available...

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laura mcleod

Love this - It looks so wonderful!!

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How fabulous! Can't wait to see your full reveal.. Love love your open shelves with the chunky wood.

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That looks terrific!

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It looks great!! Thanks for the pictures, I'm trying convince DH to go with ceramic beadboard for backsplash, this should help!

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Love, love, love your backsplash. I've been struggling with what to do for mine (kitchen has been relatively done for many months) and this would fit in nicely with my sort of Craftsman look.


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so cool!!! I just love it!!!

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First - thanks for all the new nice comments.

Maryann - I think what you're describing with the hood would look great. I think a shelf along the seam would do a great job of both hiding it and being useful.

I'm super happy my pictures can be helpful to some people. My husband (who is totally "amazed" that he now has a kitchen as nice as he thinks our is) comments constantly on how happy he is with the ceramic beadboard decision. He was definitely a bit hesitant. (As he was on the green cabinets, and the Blanco sink, and the leathered granite and the hardwood floor...get my point?)

Here's a fun-fact that we both feel good about: Someone he works with also just redid his kitchen. The main difference is that he and his wife used a kitchen designer that supposedly cost about $8,000. My hubby is so darn proud that his wife (that would be me) did it on her own. (And I'm not "dissing" kitchen designers in any way - #1 couldn't afford one, #2 I enjoy researching and putting things together in my house. I can certainly understand if other people don't really enjoy that.) Bottom line is, I got soooooo many fantastic ideas here on GW I feel like this place WAS my kitchen designer.

Still waiting for my cabinet's glass inserts and then I think I actually will be done. Wow. SQ

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SQ that looks awesome! I thought I was all set on marble subways...but now I'm really liking that look (and the price too)...and I also really like the idea of the stainless shelf suggested above (although your seam is so well-hidden!). You really did pull together a beautiful kitchen! I'm so jealous that you're almost done...we're still light years away here!

One question, can you notice the vertical seams between pieces of tile? Or is there no grout in there? How did that work, exactly?

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So glad you went with the ceramic beadboard backsplash! It's perfect in every way for your beautiful new kitchen. Awhile back, Breezygirl stated she wanted her kitchen to have.. that one element to make her's a unique, one of a kind beauty, that one thing that GW'sters would remember..besides those beautiful open shelves and backsplash, I believe you achieved that "Aha moment"...nicely inspiring, and an excellent contribution! Mission accomplished. Hope to see more, more, more....

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I love your beadboard, open shelves, and beautiful cabs! Congratulations, and I can't wait to see your final pics!

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Once again, thanks for the compliments.

jalys6 -the grout lines (or actually "lack" of grout lines) is what really amazes me. Maybe I was just really lucky when I picked my grout color, but honestly, I have to work very hard to find where 2 pieces of the tile are joined. It's so "smooth."

I would highly recommend ceramic beadboard tile to anyone thinking they wanted this look.

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Wow-that looks fantastic! I looked at bead board tile, but it was around $35 a sq. ft. You certainly hit the mother lode! :^D

I love your whole sink wall. Love your windows, and that shelving is fab!

I'm looking forward to your full reveal!

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This looks terrific! I too didn't realize you could get ceramic beadboard. I did wood beadboard in my kitchen on two walls and love the old fashioned look. And I also designed our kitchen and my DH felt the same way. I don't have nothing against KD either, but I love having this room, where I spend so much of my time, reflect my personality and our lifestyle.

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Wow, it's gorgeous!! I've seen the BB tile in some baths, too.

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I love your kitchen, want to use the same beadboard tile in my bathroom. Did you use the bianco or the avorio? If you used the bianco, was it a true white or something else? My local tile store doesn't carry this so I'm ordering online. Appreciate any insight you can offer.

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I know that it has been a while since SuzieQusie60 was posting about her beadboard tile backsplash but I hope that she still has info on where to buy the beautiful tile that she used. The PPL company wouldn't send me a sample and I don't want to order it without seeing at least a small piece of the tile. Does anyone know another place to order it ?

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CoastalPeg- That's what I'm trying to figure out. I only see PPL as selling it and they don't do samples like you said. Did you find any somewhere else?


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so loving that I stumbled across this thread. I am doing my bathroom in white beadboard and my kitchen is either going to be white beadboard or perhaps a wider white board... so this ceramic beadboard is just what I need!!

thank you for posting


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Wondering whether anyone here was able to locate / purchase this ceramic beadboard tile, other than on the PPL website? Saw it here first, then just came across it featured in BH&G Kitchen & Bath Ideas mag (June 2012). It's the backsplash solution I've been looking for!!

Any info, advice, suggestions would be much-appreciated.

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I found it quite by accident at Cancos Tile and they gave me a sample. I did not see it on their web site but my Google search came up with a PDF document for it through Cancos. And, they were very nice!

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Just wondered, SuzieQ, if you are still happy with your tiled beadboard. I'm going to order from PPL, but as others have stated, they do not sell samples.

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I am also looking for this beadboard tile. I believe PPL tile was just some guy drop shipping tile orders, and the phone number is now disconnected. I haven't seen it locally, at least not at any of the tile shops I've been in. If anyone has been able to get it, can you please let me know where? Thanks so much. Love your kitchen SuzieQ!

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laura mcleod

That looks gorgeous! What a wonderful kitchen, I just love all your choices. Enjoy!

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SuzieQ, where in NJ did you find the beadboard tile? I'm in love with your kitchen!!!

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