Alternatives to range hood ventilation?

staceyneilAugust 16, 2013

I'm going to ask this here, because I know I'll get yelled at if I ask it on the Appliance forum!!!

I'm helping my mom design her kitchen renovation. She is an artist and has very specific aesthetic concerns. She HATES range hoods and won't consider one. She has suggested a wall-mounted exhaust fan, like you'd see in a vintage kitchen. I posted another thread looking for recommendations for those. However, I've been unable to find any of those that have reasonable CFMs and sone ratings. They are all really loud!!!

So I am looking for ideas for alternative ways to ventilate the range area, mainly to avoid odor and grease build-up. It's going to be a hard sell because she doesn't have any exhuast fan in her current condo and says it hasn't been a problem (she does not cook very much as she lives alone) so she doesn't really see the need. And she's on a tight budget....

I looked at downdraft units but the more affordable ones all have to stand up above the counter, which she won't go for. I had hoped there was one that just sits flush behind the stove, but looks like that type is only very high-end.

For what it's worth, the cooktop is a propane Viking "designer" series that we got free on Freecycle (the glass top is cracked) so it has high-CFM burners but she will almost never be using more than one or two, and won't be doing any high-heat cooking.

Any ideas or is this an impossible wild goose chase?



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This particular client had the same despise. We used a stainless liner and cheap light/fan, only for lighting purposes. She'll never use the fan itself.

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