Pre paint wall cleaning?

skyla78November 17, 2009

I am just wondering what everyone uses to clean their walls with before you paint? regular soap n' water?

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i have never done this, but there was something on the today show this morning about this. maybe check their website?

I think they were specifically talking about odor, but could still work . . .

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Dirtex-following directions on the box. :)


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I wash anything obvious off when I notice it on a fairly regular basis. Other than that we've never washed/cleaned walls prior to painting and never had a problem. I do clean the woodwork before painting it and if hubby paints woodwork (before I have a chance to clean) he just starts painting over dust or whatever, grrrr! But I've never noticed a problem with that either, lol! But we don't have children or pets so I'm guessing that makes a difference.

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Powdered Dirtex is "King of the hill" for pre-paint cleaning!
Normally, you don't have to rinse it, unlike TSP.
LIQUID detergents can leave a residue on the wall, unless rinsed WELL.

See my "Good stuff" pic below!


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Another vote for Dirtex. It's the only way to go.

Just make sure you don't ask your husband to do the prep and then give him an old dishtowel to do the washing with, which he fails to notice is disintegrating on the ghastly orange peel textured walls, thus leaving about a bazillion microscopic bits of fiber behind on the "now-clean-and-ready-to-paint" walls.

Ask me how I know this...size=1>

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