max. sink size in 30' base

debrak_2008August 2, 2011

We ordered a 30 inch sink base and want the largest single basin sink. I have done numerous searches and been to manufacturers websites. Can't seem to find a 27 or 28" sink. Have a 25" now with interior size of 21". I really would like a few more inches.

I know many cut into the base to accomodate a larger sink. At this point we are uncomfortable doing that.

Anyone have any suggestions? A 30" base is not an unusual size why are there not more sink choices? Frustrating...



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Debrak_2008- I had the same issue as you. I found and bought this sink from It is a Kraus, single bowl 30" SS sink that is 10" deep that fits in a 30" sink base. I have not yet used my sink since that part of the reno is not complete, but the sit fits perfectly. It also has the rear set drain which maximizes the under sink storage. Not sure if you were looking for SS or not.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kraus 30

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We have a Kraus 23" D-shaped sink in our 30" sink base. This sink is HUGE. It's 16 gauge as well.

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newbieremodeler, the sink looks great, thanks. I didn't check the price though. Hope its not too bad.

fivefootzero, is the 23" inside or outside measurement?

by the way I thought I changed 30' to 30", but apparently not.

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We will also have a 30 inch base cabinet and the person making our cabinets said he can still put in a 33 in sink. He sounded confident in doing this. He knows what he's working with on either side of the sink. We really don't like the small single sink the house came with (we've been here 15 yrs). I hope he's right!

When I was looking at sinks, one place told me I could more easily put in a bigger drop-in sink into a smaller cabinet, and that an undermount needs more space - for the clips around it?. don't know if that's true, but a salesperson at a big box store then said a drop-in 30 inch probably could be squeezed into a 30 in base cabinet, but a 30 inch undermount would need a larger cabinet. Again, only saying what I was told.

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We too have a 30" sink base.
We went with a BLANCO STELLAR SUPER SINGLE BOWL Undermount Model 441024.
It's exterior demensions are 28x18, interior: 26x16. It's 9" deep but after undermounting it's effectively 10 1/4" deep.
It's plenty big and easily fits into the base cabinet
I'm attaching a link to the spec sheet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blanco Stellar Sink

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Our 16 guage ss undermount single bowl sink is 30" x 18" x 9" (28" x 16" bowl size) and our cabinet is 30". The sink cost $238 from home center . com a little over 3 years ago. We have been very happy with it!

My husband is an engineer and very concerned with "modifying" structures of any kind for fear of weakening or lowering their strength. He did end up cutting out a portion of the sink base (see pics below) and feels that the sink base is still very sound/sturdy.

In the picture below, the left side of the sink base has been cut "notched out".

Then, we notched out the right side

Now, the 30" sink fits into the 30" cabinet

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Those are very helpful photos Laurie!

I have a hard time "seeing" things without pictures.

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Be very careful about squeezing in a larger sink than the base can handle without notching. Not only are you voiding the cabinet manufacturer's warranty and compromising the support for your granite, but you are also permanently locking your sink into the base. If you have an experience like some others and your sink becomes damaged or breaks, you'll have to tear apart your sink base in order to replace it. If you use the proper size base, you'll have room to remove the clips or cradle and replace the sink with no issues. You need a sink that is 3" smaller than the base at minimum. Traditionally, a 30" base is used with a 25" sink because a 27" sink base is an odd size/unavailable from a stock manufacturer. You can usually find a 27" and even a 24" base in more upscale cabinet lines.

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In the photo above it sure looks like the sink rests on the sides of the cab itself and not on the adapted supports. Is the integrity of the unit at all compromised? Or is it actually stronger for this modification, since a basin of water now pushes down on the frame, not on the internal parts?

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Thank you for all the posts! Very helpful.

Laurie 2008, Yes your photos are great, this will help us. As florantha asked I too wonder is your sink resting on the sides of the cabinet? One of our concerns is changing the sink if needed.

We discussed drop ins but decided to stick with undermount.

As of now there are three choices, 2 kraus and 1 blanco. All are SS which is OK. Was maybe hopeing for a granite.

"Traditionally, a 30" base is used with a 25" sink because a 27" sink base is an odd size/unavailable from a stock manufacturer." This shouldn't be...a 30" sink base is a common size. I think most people want the largest sink for the space they have, within reason. I feel like complaining to every sink manufacturer about the lack of choices. Don't they know they are losing business?

Done ranting.

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Yes, the lip of the sink is resting over the edges of the cabinet base. The outside edge of the sink is 30" and the outside edge of the base is 30".

I have not heard about or researched anyone's experiences with replacing their undermount sink.

I'm really happy with the large single bowl and the 16 guage is looking great and no dents or issues so far. It's been 3 years and I'm hoping for 17 more : )

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Debrak_$367.00 on overstock for the 30" undermount Kraus sink.

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Thanks newbie. Did you see the other 30" undermount Kraus on overstock for $197? I checked the Kraus website and it says this one will also fit a 30" base. Not as fancy but its the right size and you get the grid.

I tried to post a photo but it won't work.

laurie, your kitchen looks really nice. Thanks again for the photos, I will show DH.

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