Dura Supreme vs Designers Choice Cabinets

ljsandlerAugust 17, 2013

So the KD I am working with sells Dura Supreme and Designers Choice Cabinets, She priced them both out and Designers Choice were more reasonable. Has anyone used or know anything about Designers Choice? If so, what has your experience been?


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Can you see actual drawers and cabinets of each? i can only vouch for Dura Supreme. They are excellent quality cabinets.
When you open a drawer, you can actually see how well and sturdy they are made.

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I have had alot of issues with my Dura Supreme cabinets. Out of 40 doors and drawers, 29 have been replaced and out of those replacements 15 had the same issues. The doors were not properly sanded before factory paint (off white) so there are dust and saw dust particles at every miter. The miters did not line up as well. The factory rep and my KD came out immediately after installation and said they had never seen the issues that I had. He took pics and Dura Supreme agree to replace. My KD sent out a refinisher to fix the issues on the 3rd set of doors and drawers. I have also noticed that the paint finish is coming off on some drawers. My cabinets are not even a year old yet. I do alot of cooking and baking and I feel like I have to use extra caution around these cabinets. My old cabinets took a beating and still looked great after 25 years. I often wonder if quality control was on vacation when my cabinets left the wharehouse. I don't understand how that many got past someone.

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Wow-- Thanks for the input--funny how the responses are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

I would really be interested to know if anyone has used Designers Choice cabs.


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