teeny tiny prep sink next to a wall?

lisapoiAugust 7, 2013

Layout plans for our kitchen renovation initially did not include a prep sink, but now I am thinking that we should put a very small one in. (I'm looking at one that is about 8" wide and 15" long. It really will be used to rinse off vegetables or pour off water from a pot).
The 'prep' sink would be located in a countertop run of only 32", and would probably have to butt up near a wall. On the other end of this counter is our stove. Our main sink is going to be in an island, (island is located directly across from the stove but the first 2' of counter on that end will house the dishwasher, followed by the main sink next to it).
Is this idea feasible? I know it is far from ideal, in terms of space, but I'm wondering if it would be better than no sink. (I think we will be using the counter on either side of the stove (32" each) and the dishwasher countertop directly across from the stove as a kind of prep space for cutting/chopping vegetables, etc. as I cook.)
I wondered if anyone else has a teeny tiny prep sink in a location that was not exactly ideal . . . and would you do it again, or is it not worth it or too aggravating to use?

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Trying to visualize your space (would love a drawing) but seems like it would be easier to just use your main sink vs. what you describe the prep sink and space available to be.

I think prep sinks are most useful when they are at least 15" in each direction (big enough for a large pot).

But who am I to say... I don't have a prep sink (yet).

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Can you actually direct water into a sink that small when you are pouring water from a spaghetti pot? And can you rinse veggies without splashing all over the counter and wall?

It sounds too dinky to even wash hands in.

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Yeah . . . I guess I knew all along that this really isn't going to work and that it is all just wishful thinking on my part. We have a makeshift island now (we're "trying out" the new layout, and I find that my husband works on the end which would be across from the stove and I work on the side adjacent to him (where our new main sink will be). I was thinking it would be nice for him to have a place to rinse off the peppers, etc. instead of coming around the corner and using the same sink as me. Really, the space that we would have available (for a prep sink) is teeny tiny. If someone had said that they would put in a second sink no matter what, then I would push harder to persuade my husband to put one in.
I guess we're going with one sink. Thank you for your thoughts on this one. Reality checks are good:)

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I think this may work and personally I would have loved a small prep sink in all of my earlier kitchens. I remember Erikanh's kitchen with the sink right next to the cooktop. I read in a kitchen design book (Kitchen design with cooking in mind) that water is the most important and frequently used ingrediant in a kitchen. Having a small sink for prep is really helpful.

Here is a link that might be useful: small prep sink close to cooktop

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I would do it. You may use your main sink most of the time but it would be nice to have a second sink as an option for overflow prep, snack makers, and drink getters. It would be better to have it and not need it, than to need it and only wish you had gone for it!

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I think it would work for pouring water out of pots: you should be able to hit a target that's 120 square inches.

The position would be important for maneuverability.

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Thanks for everyone's input! Now I really have something to chew on. I had pretty much decided against the prep sink until I saw Erikanh's kitchen . . . the set-up is almost exactly the same situation as mine (even the island position, although I think I see the main sink at the end of the island there and mine would be 2 feet over).
I guess if I put the sink next to the stove, it would be easier to drain pots (big pots would be taken to the main sink, probably). Maybe I could find some kind of cover for the sink for the times when I need to use counter space?
It's so wonderful to have this site as both a sounding board and source of helpful advice and suggestions. My husband doesn't have the patience to listen to my waffling deliberations:) I have waited 30 years for this kitchen and I just want to get it right.

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A fitted cutting board cover is not a bad idea at all. Look at will2kz 's mod for franke prep sink. I think this sink is too big for you but the idea is still applicable. You need a sink with a lip that a cutting board can sit on.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cutting noard covering the sink

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I had a lot of reasons to remodel, but needing a 2nd sink was a big one.

We use a sink to wash hands, rinse produce, run a garbage diposal, fill pots, drain pots, get drinking water, make beverages, thaw meat, open packages of meat, drain cans, wash pots, hold dirty dishes/cutting boards/pots/utensils, and wash or rinse things between uses or when the dishwasher is full. In my old kitchen, I also used it as a landing space for hot things because the stainless could take it while laminate counters couldn't.
I seriously regret spending the last decade trying to do all that for our family with one sink, it created conflict.

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Not the best picture (and ignore my neighbor's crazy screen, my shutter for that window hasn't arrived yet). This used to be the position of my *main sink* and that was awful, but as a prep sink, it's been a dream - even 4" off the left hand wall. I have no issues dumping pots of boiling water in there. And the added benefit of always having a clean sink for cooking? Priceless!

I always thought the prep sink was a bit of a ridiculous luxury...luxury, perhaps, but far from ridiculous if you really cook from scratch frequently!

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Grlwprl makes a great point. A clean sink for prepping and cooking is very useful for fast cooking. I always felt it was yucky to fill a pasta pot or rinse fruit in a colander over a sink full of dirty dishes.

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I really appreciate the feedback. As we have been working in our kitchen, I have been imagining how useful a second sink would be, and I can really see enormous benefits (it would keep the two of us from bumping into each other as we work, for sure).
But I hated to give up any counter space (only 32" on each side of the stove).
In spite of losing 10-15" of counterspace, I think I will still be OK with 15" remaining on one side of the stove and the 32" on the other. Plus, the island end (36" wide) will be across from the stove, providing a 3' wide x 24" deep surface for prepping as well.
I haven't showed my husband this post yet . . . but I'm now looking at my options for that teeny tiny prep sink! This entire discussion will be helpful (especially all the pictures, so thank you so very very much for taking the time to find and upload those) in explaining why I think we need that prep sink.

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I don't want to hijack this post, but I love your kitchen grlwprls! I am having to do a very, very similar tiny cupboard next to my stove to space it from the wall, how thin is yours and what to you store in it? I was trying to figure out HOW thin I could go.

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It's a 10" spice pullout *loaded* (and I do mean loaded!) with fancy salts, peppers, honeys, soy sauce, cane syrup, molasses, and vinegars. I keep my oils elsewhere just in case re: the heat from the stove.

It holds a lot more than I expected it would and despite its small size, I find it very functional.

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