Dark kitchen sinks

libby-momsyAugust 7, 2013

I am considering installing a Kohler Black-n-Tan kitchen sink. It is beautiful and would look great with the granite we've chosen; however, I am worried about water spotting. Does anyone have one? What is your experience with the dark color? Would you do it again?
Thanks so much!!

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I have a dark, soft red. It definitely shows spots, but it also wipes very clean easily. I would do it again without thought. Black? ehhhhhh.... I don't know.

I haven't seen the sink you're considering, but am very interested. Can you post a link? I love black and tan -- both in decor and beer.

I have lots of decorating choices I can make and remake.

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Hmmm not sure how to post a link. I know it is on the Kohler site, under Black n Tan sink. That is the name of it.

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Here is a link, hope it works. It really looks darker than this picture. but it is beautiful, almost Leapard looking. More brown than black, i would not have black.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Langlade sink in Black n Tan

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A friend has a black granite composite sink which looks great BUT she said she can never tell if its clean or not.

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>>can't tell if it's dirty or notI want that.

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We have a Blanco silgranit sink in mocha, which is a dark brown. I was warned that it would show water spots, and Blanco recommends wiping dry after use. I have never seen a water spot, and I have never wiped it dry. I clean it with dish soap every evening when I load the dishwasher. That's it! Total low maintenance. LOVE IT. CEFFreeman: this is the sink for you!!

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I am sorry, I do not like the color of that Kohler black-and-tan sink as it appears on my monitor. Appears "liver-y". But it may be gorgeous in person; that is the problem with seeing things just on a computer screen.

I also don't like a sink divided by two equal-sized bowls, but that's just my preference. I feel that if you are going to have two bowls, you need one of the bowls to be large, rather than two equally-small bowls. Can you soak anything in those size bowls? I watched the short video that is on the link the OP provided; the video shows how a low divide makes rinsing a baking pan easier. But the only way to soak that pan, even in Kohler's video, is to fill the sink to the top with water--just for a 3"-high pan--and then tilt the pan on the divide where part of it is still sticking out. Sorry, that video illustrates why I prefer my Blanco Super Single sink.

And Debrak's comment and CEFreeman's response - YES YES YES! I too love that I can't tell when my Blanco Silgranit sink is dirty! I have the anthracite color and hard water, but I have never seen a water spot on it.

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Yep that's my sink in the farmer's style Black and Tan. I LOVE it! Nope it does not show water spots, never looks dirty, and always looks new! One long sink; no more divided sink for me.

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Spb59 - gorgeous! I take back my comment in my post above about the color, cause it looks fabulous in your pic (though I did say in my prior post that the other photo makes it hard to tell on a monitor, and also I think manufacturers' websites' photos aren't that great).

I love the farmhouse style of your sink. That is so great! Apron front sinks are supposed to be easier on the back too. We keep reading on this forum about farmhouse fireclay sinks' problems with the fireclay, but your enameled cast iron won't have those issues.

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I can do anything I want, which is a great freedom. My only restriction is my waitress/bartending income, so I have a lot of time to decide what I want. I change my mind One Million Times. Having just stripped some cabinets and white washed/grayed them, I am really leaning towards both of these sinks.

I gotta go look at mocha, because I LOVE that color, when it's perfectly mocha. No pink, not too much brown, and goodness knows, no purple.

I'm excited. I still love my Hawthorne, but the bowls are too small. Deep enough, but too small. If I knew in 2006 what I know now? I'd have slapped myself silly.

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Weedpuller, would you be able to offer a link to this color? I'm on their site and nothing comes up under mocha. I get truffle, but not that.

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I think Weedpuller may have meant the Blanco Silgranit color called "Cafe Brown", a beautiful rich brown. Alternatively Home Depot sells a "granite composite" sink in a "Mocha", but be warned that the percentage of granite in that sink is much lower than Blanco Silgranit's.

You can call Blanco's customer service number and ask for Silgranit color samples which they will mail to you.

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