Who had beaded inset w/ latches that rocked?

CEFreemanAugust 30, 2013

I've searched and searched, but can't find this thread.

Someone had a wonderful kitchen, where they were going to put these great latches on the doors. However, with the bead, they rocked, rather than lay flat.

I was wondering what she did?
The more look at pictures online, I'd have chisled out the bead -- and some might remember I live and breathe for beaded inset cabinery. It just looks so cool I don't think I'd have compromised the latches for them.

Anyone remember this topic?

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Michelle16 last summer.

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Yes that was me, they chisled it out, so I was able to get the beaded and the latch. Still need to do my backsplash, one year later, but i still visit this forum every day for help!

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I have latches on my upper/upper wall cabinets and on my new hutch....ON ORDER as we speak. I did FLUSH INSET so it was not a problem. No Bead!

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Michelle, I was thinking about this, because I picked up 6, cherry (wish it were oak or maple) cabinets, my beloved beaded inset, and the base cabinets have latches. I stalk my reuse centers every single Friday and today, finally, after more than a year, I hit gold. SIX! But I really like the latches' look.

I just wondered how you'd solved the "rock" problem. Since the latches are so very perfect with this style cabinet, I'd hoped you'd taken the dive and just chiseled out the tiny section. I really didn't want anything other than to know what you did. And...

Do you have pictures? This style is so perfect, it takes my breath away. Come on. Gimme some cabinet porn!

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Ok, fair's fair...if she shows you hers you should show us yours :-)

Those cherry with latches sound lovely!

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some cabinet porn! if you google almost finished...lots of pics.. my thread pops up with all of the pictures.

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not sure why the picture didn't post, I'll try again!

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Oooo. How pretty. And such a cool, serene color.

Williamsem, someone would make that connection! I have only cell phone pics, which are turning out pretty black. That cherry stuff is very dark. I'm going to strip the finish off of them and antique them. The nice thing about Citristrip is you can use it to pull the stain out of wood, too, so maybe I can get it to a lighter state that will photo better.

Did I tell you the cabinets are obviously custom? I got 2, 30"w and 1 21"w cabinets, an over fridge cabinet of W3021 (Yeah! perfect for the cookie sheets I don't use.) and 2 15"w base cabinets, a 3-drawer base and one of the relatively useless 1-drawer 1-door cabinets. But that's going into the dining room area for balance, since I could care less about a 15" cabinet. 6 for $100!

Who got a bargain? This chick! (Mimicing the parrot and volkswagon commercial)

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Michelle16, I love your kitchen! Any close-up pictures of the bead on your doors? I love the latches!

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