Quick peek. Almost done!

Kristen HallockAugust 26, 2013

We installed almost all of our cabinet pulls this weekend. We swapped out some doors and ripped up the ram board from the kitchen cabinet area. Tomorrow our countertops are being templated and they should come in about 2 weeks. We had to wait longer to get more slabs of Cambria so we could get our countertops down to 1 seam.

Our 33" cabinet in the island has slab drawers instead of the 5-piece drawer fronts, so we are waiting on replacement drawers there.

DH and I are still in disagreement about the direction of the prep sink. We are having a prep sink on the corner of the island near the fridge and stove. The sink base faces the stove, so the doors open into the stove aisle. I wanted the prep sink to face the stove. He thinks it makes more sense for it to face the fridge....any input there? DH thinks the prep zone is the island on the fridge side, so the sink should face that side. We need to make a decision by tomorrow for the countertop people.

We still need to install the panel on the side of the fridge too.

Oh, and we are contemplating the large glass doors on the island. DH might want to buy 4 smaller doors for the island bookshelf instead. But I dont think the large ones look that bad. Anyone want to weigh in?

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Looking good! I could see prep on either side depending on what you are doing. Can you put the faucet in the corner for use on either side? I don't recall which sink/faucet you selected, so may not be possible.

I'm lazy, I'd likely prep salad or other no-heat stuff right by the fridge, but want to be able to prep and pivot when cooking.

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Kristen Hallock

Our prep sink is more rectangular. Its a Blanco undermount stainless sink. It requires a 21" cabinet and we have a 24" one, but I am not sure about putting the faucet in the corner. I'll ask!

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Your cabinets are gorgeous, and to have windows on two sides must be heavenly!

I can see the sink in either place for prep (corner sounds great). I'd suggest walking through the motion of lifting a large pot of water (as if you are going to drain pasta) from range to sink.

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Gorgeous! I love the windows on two sides. Your kitchen really will be the heart of your home.

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That's a really pretty and spacious kitchen!

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I have similar layout with a corner prep sink and I opted to put the faucet in the corner. I mostly always prep on the side opposite the stove (even salads) and that is because the aisle between the island and the refrigerator gets more traffic than the one by the cooktop. I agree to go through motions for both salad prep as well as cooked foods prep. The way I cook I find that I do some prep pivot to cooktop to add, then pivot back to prep next ingredient, etc. hence why opposite the cooktop works better for me. But if I've worked with any raw meat/eggs then I do switch to the other side and prep there so if you can fit it in the corner faucet it gives you that flexibility.

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I'd put the ram board back down for the counter install. Protect those floors from any dropped tools and the dolly to bring in the island slab.

BTW, I like how your kitchen is coming together.

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Oooh, looking goooood. I agree with the posters above that if you can put the faucet in the corner it would give you the best of both worlds.

If you can only pick one or the other I'd put it on the range side, otherwise you'll always be in competition with snackers when you're prepping a meal. But I'd actually consider switching sinks for a different one if the one you do have won't let you put the faucet in the corner.

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I actually prefer the fridge side. That way, when someone is helping you prep, they can stand in front of the sink but not be in your way. Also looking at the orientation of the island, it looks like there is more prep space to the right if the sink faces the fridge. When I am prepping by myself and have something on the pot, I like to be able to look at the cooktop without having to turn around. So I guess I agree with your DH :) Maybe if he is going to help you prep a lot, he gets the vote on this?

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Another consideration I forgot to mention is where do you plan to store your prep tools (cutting boards, colandar, and knives)? They need to be in easy reach from where you prep and on the same side.

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Kristen Hallock

Thanks everyone.

when my Bluestar range was delivered, they gouged our floors and today the flooring guy finally came by to look. They are going to resend that area and then Put a 4th coat on the entire floor. We are going to put ram board down again. But the stuff around the island was in terrible shape. So we will pull the ram board up out of the dining room and move it to the kitchen.

DH and I took out the prep sink today and I think maybe we will have it face the range but try for the faucet in the corner, or close to the corner at least.

Thanks! We are getting close and it feels great robe in the home stretch.

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I prefer the refridge side too. It's longer, so you will have plenty of space to be prepping over there and moving things from sink to counter. I agree with GWlolo that I would rather not have to turn completely around to check cooktop while chopping or washing veggies.....

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Kristen Hallock

Well I think we've settled on have the long side of the sink on the fridge side, but placing the sink equal distance from both the range side edge and the fridge side edge so that you can use the sink comfortable from either side. then the faucet will go in the corner (Grohe ladylux pro) and the soap dispenser will go to the left of the faucet.

Hope I made an OK choice. Counters were templated yesterday and this is what I settled on with the templater.

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khallock, do you feel a sense of relief that all the decisions have been made now? I know I did!

It looks like you've been putting things away in the cabinets. Are your things going where you thought they would? Are you pleased so far with your space, layout, and function? I know it's hard to tell until you have plumbing in and can actually use it.

Can't wait to see the final reveal! I hope your install goes smoothly.

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Gorgeous looking kitchen - I don't have an opinion on the prep sink other than being jealous that you have such a beautiful island to put it on plus the windows flanking the range!
Also what is the wood and color of the stain - it is beautiful!

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