wall microwave and wall oven height need help

wakefield52August 6, 2014

We are in the very final stage of kitchen remodel plans and are going to order the cabinets this week. I just looked at the floor plan and am not sure of the best height for the Jenn Air microwave and wall oven. 8 foot ceiling. My husband is 6 feet and I am 5' 71/2 so at this point I do not want to bend any more than I have to but want to be able to get the food from the microwave's drop down door easily. The microwave and oven are two separate units and there are 2 cabinets above and a drawer below the oven. On the plan it looks like there is equal space between cabinet and micro. Equal space between micro and oven. Equal space between bottom of oven and drawer. The kitchen man is out of town so really need your input.

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My GE Profile wall oven and Advantium came with specifications for exactly how high and wide the cutout should be as well as the height from the floor and the amount of space needed between the two appliances. You should check specs for your brand of appliances.
As you can see in the picture below, I have a large cabinet above and a drawer below. My ceiling height is 8'.

The thread below gives examples of heights used by various posters. My measurements are given in that post.

I did not have room fo

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall oven heights

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Hi Wakefield
Your DH and I match in height.
Here is a picture of our wall oven/speed oven set up.
I am cruising on Amtrak through ND and 3G is sporadic, so didn't hunt my old posts with exact measurements.
The bottom drawer is 15 inches. I believe the bottom oven starts around 22-23 inches but don't quote me on the numbers.

I am very pleased with the set up.

The bottom oven is a wolf. It is very easy to snag from the middle or upper shelf with no bending and only a bit of bending on the bottom shelf.

The Advantium is a drop down and absolutely go no higher than ours. I can reach in but am careful not to bump the drop down door.

I know there is a post on GW with our measurements. I will try to search.

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So many thanks to both of you for your advice and pictures. They really help a lot and love seeing how you organized drawers etc! You both must love being in your kitchens. I can't believe you are " cruising on Amtrak through ND " a2gemini and answer my "distress" post. Thanks to both of you and I will let you know how mine turns out!

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