Help with Faucet Choice for Soapstone

hunterdonnjAugust 17, 2013

Hi there. I just finalized a soapstone countertop and sink order that will sit on Shiloh shaker style platinum color cabs in a casual farmhouse style setting. But I cannot settle on a faucet. I want a pulldown. The sink will be pretty large, as big as they can fit in a 30" sink cabinet. I think it's very hard to change out the faucet once it's in there, so I am looking for something that will last. Have a Kohler Simplice in the old setup, but we've had to replace the head 1x in the 2 years we have had it (but otherwise great). Hoping for better. Many thanks for any suggestions or success stories!

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Waterston's PLP or gantry or,best, gantry+articulating arm? These are all pretty pricey choices--but they should last.

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I should have mentioned budget! I need to stay under $500. I love the waterstone, just beautiful and I don't dare go see one in person for fear or changing my mind on budget.

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Can you post how the sink and counter are related to each other? It is hard to visualize what kind of faucet without the layout.

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How weird.
You know how you'll say a word that's not necessarily in my volcabulary and the TV or radio will say it?

I am watching I Hate My Kitchen.
Just as I was reading this, they installed soapstone countertops and said, "Perfect for rolling out your dough."

Oh, my!

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"I am watching I Hate My Kitchen"


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Actually a faucet is one of the easier kitchen items to change out. (Compared to counters, cabinets, floors, etc.). Suggest you find a Moen or Delta pull-down that you like and go with that. Both are reliable brands, they stand behind their products, and will work with your budget. If you find a few styles you like, share that info here and I'm sure you'll get plenty of help making the selection.

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Ended up with the Moen 7565ss over a similar looking hansgrohe after browsing a well stocked Ferguson showroom that pretty much had everything out on display. Thx for the input. The Moen felt and looked great.

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