Week 15: Praying for rain...

CEFreemanAugust 23, 2014

...so I can get something done inside! I'm going to pick up furniture my mom left me last year, and want my cat sitter to be able to walk through the house without dying under a hoarder's pile of building materials.

I sit and stare a lot.

I have PI on my bummy again from mowing yesterday. I didn't use my own, tried and true preventative measures (i.e. Dawn Dishwashing Liquid) and didn't even think about it. I have never gotten it this late in the year. I guess there's a miserable first time for everything PI.

No plans today.
Gotta work at 3:00.

What are you doing?

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Mags-Beautiful window! Very impressed.

CEF-I don't know how you do all you do.

I'm going to do some outside stuff before it gets too hot. I'm telling myself that. It's going to happen. I need to weed and trim the front planter first and foremost. Then I just need to do tidying, watering, etc.

I'm also going to bake cookies. I planned to last weekend and didn't. I am going to pull out my food processor to chop walnuts and leave it out in hopes I actually remember to use it.

Got an email from the contractor's wife asking for my availability. I guess I'll let the carpentry work happen with MIL here. Will have to find out and get back to her.

DH and I made a list of things that probably should have been or should be done or we thought would be done by the HD GC that we should just have our local peeps do to get them done.

I need to get more shelves, but here's what I ended up doing, at this point, with the tall not-broom cabinet by the door.


I need to get more shelves.

And here's the other cabinet filled:

And I WILL get the DR table cleared off today.

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Holy Moley!
cal_quail, your pics look like an advertisement for some kind of space savers! Truly incredible. I can't believe there was ever a question about not using that cabinet as a broom closet. Look at how much stuff you fit in there! Wow!

I just spent 2 hours staring and measuring a weird room, trying to fit it into a bedroom. It was originally to be an office, but let's get real. I do everything in front of the TV, so a bedroom is more sensible.

It's got a sliding glass door on one end, the hallway door on the other. There's a bump out that was to be a entry closet, but at 12" deep, it's pretty worthless. Taking that out would give me enough space for the bed (vs. a day bed) but then I'd need to develop a closet type thing in here. It's only about 12-13' deep and 124" wide. Another project I don't need to start.

Well, it's sprinkling. I was praying for rain not spit. But I'll take whatever I can get!

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Post a sketch CEF. I love puzzles.

I don't know WHERE I was thinking all that stuff would go. I think I was thinking in the island drawers when they were planned to be wider. There's one deep 24" drawer that is/should be empty. We keep shifting things around. I was planning that maybe the 9x13 pans in there and a few more (standing with dividers that I ordered and have to now return...probably). I think this works well. When I get more shelves, I'll move a couple of my small appliances there as well, I think. And I'll get at least half of one of the low cabinets for something else. Overstock of food is what I was initially thinking there. Food is what we really don't have enough storage for.

I have to decide what to do in the 18" cabinet at the top of the 21"w pantry. I gave DH the choice of baking sheets etc. there or in the lower cabinet. I thought he'd like, and he initially chose the high one. But then he switched. Pros and cons to both. But having installed the tray dividers in the low cabinet, I'm super happy I don't have to try to mount them on the ceiling, essentially. We have one more roll out shelf we're owed for in the pantry and I'm trying to decide if we should get a shelf or roll out or two or a mix or what for up there. There was a thread a while back about high roll outs. I liked the idea of a high backed one. That's how I'm leaning. We've got extra 36"w shelves from the sink base and I'm thinking I'll have someone (with better tools and skills than me) cut at least one of them down to 21" and see how I feel. We've also got an extra 21"w shallow shelf from one of the spice cabinets. I thought about putting that up there, but I'm not sure if there are the right holes for it. I doubt it.

I also figured out that, while Innermost doesn't advertise it, I do have Blum slides etc. I figured it out because there's a part number on the plastic spacer and used my google-fu to find them. I ordered two extra roll out shelves for the 21"tall pantry in my initial cabinet order. They sent one and they didn't send any of the white spacers that I thought they always mounted on. I have since figured out that you only need spacers where there are hinges. So a single door cabinet needs one and a double doored cabinet needs two. I'm pretty sure that they're supposed to be ordered separately, so I don't think I was shorted them, I think the KD didn't know to order them. So I found some online and ordered them. Much quicker than I'd get from HD/KD/Innermost. Probably cheaper too, even paying for 2 day shipping (since they won't ship until Tuesday and are coming from Florida and I want to be sure they'll be here next weekend.)

I deadheaded about 11.5 out of 14 buddleias in the front planter. I started at the east end where there are some 'okay' ones and some anemic ones. I worked my way west where there are some that are crazy exuberant and mixed in with a bunch of weeds and other volunteers that need to be dealt with. It got too sunny so I'll continue tomorrow morning (or maybe this evening, but I wouldn't bet on it.)

I'm going to make some breakfast. And some more coffee. Then bake!

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Frustrating day thus far. I got to the paint store and the home center early and picked up everything I needed to start painting. As soon as I got home and tried to start painting my phone started ringing and hasn't stopped! Work will not leave me alone. I got a little of the baseboard painted when one of the worker bees showed up to skim coat the drywall repairs in the laundry room. Guess tomorrow will be a better day for painting!

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It is pretty amazing how much Christine gets done by noon in a day!

That cabinet set up is awesome Cal! You figured that out good!

Christina, can't you just lose your phone for a few hours? Lol

Well I was planning on dirt theraphy...but I have a lovely headache and effort just makes it worse.

Arghhh...just walked out back to check on #3's weed whacking skills, they um SUCK he tried to tell me the other one is just as bad, and I said I know you both need to stop and look back..it's not hard to see things look jacked up.

Oh I'm going to pick up that coffee table that matches my desk..she's dropped the price to $10!!! Score...

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Those are some cool organizers.

I have been too bummed out to do much lately. Moving a few tools that i am done with to the garage has been about it.

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Still living in dust and squalor, although I have really rustic chicken wire "wallpaper" all over the place. At least the demolition is over.

They screwed up the microwave installation ... it doesn't vent!

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I have a bedroom door! This morning, I finished routing for the hinges and putting the frame together and managed to get it put in by lunchtime. Tricky, but it's in and I think the rest of the trim around it won't be too hard. 1/8" here, 1/8" there, trim a bit, nudge a bit, and it's in. These old houses aren't that hard. It did not help that these doors come with white painted frames which I have no use for, so I have to build new frames out of my wood...on every door upstairs. How much fun is that?

The door itself is raw wood and still has the plastic on it. I'll pull the hinge pins and put it up on the sawhorses and start finishing it this afternoon.

The door is cherry veneer, lightweight but pretty. Bought three for the upstairs on closeout at HD. This is the second one. The remaining door is for the bathroom. All the closets do not have doors at this time; wife did not want them. I suggested stringed beads for the closet openings which I've loved ever since I was a kid.

Another shot of one of the closet openings. Both are framed identically for a 24" door:

cal_quail - Good to see you are making use of your new kitchen. Hopefully you are having some fun exploring the space.

CEF - No rain here either. I think we have had our mid-summer spat of rain and now it's back to summer again for a while. But the days are getting noticeably shorter and the morning temps are starting to drop. I can feel the change in the air now.

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I worked OT today 7a-3p. A dream OT shift. It went by so fast compared to my normal 12 hour shift. I'm picking up another one tomorrow since the boys are with their Dad and I can rarely take it.

CEF, you amaze me with your energy and accomplishments. So tell me, can those Mums you buy at the store right about now go directly into the garden, or are they "disposable?"

Cal, what a great job on that cabinet! You've fit tons of stuff in there.

Terri, you crack me up! Boys have no idea what they're doing half the time, I think! Hope your head is better.

Doug, nice door! It's really moving along, whether or not you think it is.

Lazy, are you serious? After all that other nonsense and waiting around, and now this? They're going to fix it right?

Christina222, your floors look great!

Schicksal, any decision on who is fixing/taking responsibility for what? I hope you get that resolved soon and that bad weather doesn't derail your plans for the house.

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Oh yeah, Mags! Cool window!! It looks great!

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MGM, well the weed whacker is laying in the back yard. The back yard is not done...you know it would take me um maybe 30 minutes to do all the edges, stumps, trees and rocks. Front and back and maybe another 20 to do the Jungle orchard space. It will take these two, two days! And barely look like anything was knocked down!
Watched hubbies youth football game. They won. No dirt therapy..
Dish washer is working and I cleaned one toilet so far. Picked up the table. The finish is really scratched up and there are some pretty good dings in it. Citristrip, black cherry stain, poly..a beauty it will be.

Yep, I think my day is complete. Boys are all out..told hubby to bring us home something yummy for dinner.

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That's a nice looking table. Looking forward to reading about how you keep the finish smooth. I'm not so great at that.

MGMum, they haven't done much anything really. I've spoken with the material supplier's insurance again when they called. They have been unable to get in touch with the roofer's liability or the roofers at all. I will call them on Monday to poke just a bit. I think the lack of information is what has getting me down, and being unprepared for the jump back to doing things at home again.

The stabilization plan involves drilling eight holes on the outside of the two long walls, running lumber around the perimeter of the place and basically attaching the opposite sides with cable pulled tight. This prevents anything from falling down.

This evening I resumed working on a classic Mercedes that's been hiding in the garage since last fall. The fuel filter was blocked with what looked like rust from the gas tank. I have the tank nearly removed now. Being able to drive the car again would help cheer me up.

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MGMum, YES! Those mums are perennial (around here and much further north) and just wasted! I'm looking forward to picking up some burgundy ones for nice (red) fall color. Easter lilies, too.

Teri, LMK when you're ready to finish the top. I have some final treatment tricks that help make things very smooth. Wonderful find!

shicksal, my favorite car in the world is a Mercedes 450 SL. Seen any recently? :)

going to bed now.

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Well there you go Shicksal, new project.

Well I've got to get it stripped and stained first. So I'll let you know Christine. I still have the headboard in the garage I haven't done anything with either..lol
It'll be a good piece to practice on for working my writing desk which was a lot more $$ upfront.

I try and over winter some Mum's clipped down to hardly nothing in pots in the garage. Some years it works, some it doesn't. They are awesome for color for quite a while around here from now until November or so. I need to pick some up and put them in my pot that has scraggly impatient and begonias in it.

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I typed a long post yesterday afternoon. Must not have hit submit. :(

Nice overcast morning here. Need to get out and finish that front planter, at least the dead heading. Then it's mostly work-work inside of both varieties. I've got a couple classes for job#2 and have a bunch of prep and grading for job#1.

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CEFreeman Yes, the one in the garage is nearly identical (560SL). It's off black with a burgundy interior. And a bad gas tank that with a bit of luck might be removed this afternoon. The heat index is 85-90 instead of 110-120 like it has been lately.

terri - wish it was a new project... this is something that has been waiting for me to finish the kitchen since around October. I just decided that maybe changing focus some will help, and maybe being able to think through the house (that we live in) project and figure out what needs to happen next. It helped - I realized that the reason I feel frustrated is because there are clearly things that need to get done that I'm not working on. And the reason for that is because I don't have the things that are needed to work on them. I need to get online and order lights, doors and other things instead of sitting around and feeling restless.

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We've got a project car in the garage too. DH texted me in the middle of school the other day "I like yellow and white". Huh? He'd gotten to talking to students about it. It's a 1975 Blazer. I think it started out red and white. It's currently all white. I've talked about painting it yellow. He'd was googling and saw a yellow and white one, hence the text.

We've had it since 1996. It was my dream/project car, but was his daily driver for a while. And when we sort of moved up north for a while, about 75% of the way, I had it as a car down here and my regular car up in the bay area. I'd come down and stay with his parents and go to grad school during the week and fly up and work on weekends. Flying was a LOT cheaper and easier then.

It mostly sat once we moved here in 2000. I did clean it up and drive it a bit a few years later, but it's sat since about 2004, I'd guess.

It doesn't have a top. We had a soft top for it, but it is long gone. We look at craigslist, etc. once in a while to try to find a top for it, because we acknowledge that once we start trying to do stuff to it, it needs to be able to be outside and needs a top. And then we get overwhelmed and give up for a couple more years. His aunt married a guy who's into cars (no one else in the family is mechanically inclined at all) and last we saw him, we asked if he'd look at a top with us if we found one somewhat near him. He agreed. Turns out there are full blazers for sale up near him for about what we'd been planning to pay for the top. But...then we'd have the rest of the car to deal with again. And...we get overwhelmed and give up.

It'll be awesome when 2/3 of my garage is not 'permanantly' taken up by it. We really need to make it happen. But all we've spent on the kitchen probably means it won't realistically happen soon.

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CEF- we had your rain in Glacier and the plains are flooded as well. I hear parts of chitown had 4-6 inches of rain and napa had an earthquake.

We finished our ride but lost 2 days of riding due to the weather including the trip highlight- going to the sun. It was pouring and 10 miles of dirt road leading to the foggy pass- so bumped over the pass for safety.

Cal- you have the "tetras " gene for organizing.

Limited 3G on the train and down to one bar so sending before I lose what I wrote.

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Yesterday we were able to check off a lot of little things that needed to be done. The list of items seems to grow, rather than shrink, but we finally installed knobs on plantation shutters in our loving room and master bath, hung towel bar on end of island, hung Grook holder in our broom closet, and hung towel ring in master bath. Today we hung up a valance and some pictures in DHs study.

I haven't looked forward to weekends this much since DH and I were dating and living an hour away. Retirement can't come soon enough.

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cal_quail - I've had a bit of a soft spot for those since the people across the street had one when I was in jr high / high school. Their oldest son didn't really know what he was doing and that's part of why there aren't many of those Blazers around anymore.

The Mercedes was supposed to be just a more interesting car to drive to and from work every day. We took road trips to Deleware and Texas in it without any trouble. I grew up thinking they were cool and already checked the other dream car off my list a few years earlier, so when this came along I went for it. Since the car started acting fuel starved and rusty looking gas came out the filter when I removed it I figured the tank was bad and parked it. This is when I was still trying to finish joists, have a plywood floor to walk on and wire the kitchen so there were more important things to do.

I'll spare the details but I got it all apart today. I removed the gas tank and discovered that it's as good as new inside! My assumption of the problem was completely wrong, it was just the filter itself getting old. Just knowing that is a HUGE weight off my shoulders - I would get a reminder of something left unfinished every time I went in the garage and saw the car sitting there. The fuel lines are old and cracked so I'll replace them with new ones and get back on the road again.

I'm trying to square away lighting orders. The formal living room light will come from DWR and I'm unsure of where to buy pendants because the ones we liked are discontinued. I'd like to go full vintage with the entry hall light. I also sourced a place for the slate for the entry hall but don't know about shipping. Tomorrow I also contact a possible door source. Backsplash tile goes on order in the morning. I guess the funk has been lifted and the house is getting back on track :)

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Last night when we arrived at the inlaws, they proclaimed their internet didn't work. That means I got to trouble shoot and fix. We've got the same cable co. and they've recently upgraded. I figured maybe I just had to reset the modem and get the new speed upgrade. No, I opened some device and there WAS no network. Then I heard that DH FIL tried to fix it and did a restore (of some kind). I'm pretty sure he wiped out the network. He's the lone Windows hold out and I am shaky at best on XP and am absolutely useless on 7. As soon as I opened my iphone, the Airport Time Capsule started walking me through establishing a network. I set up the network and it was still a bit hit and miss, and could get the windows machine to see the new network but I could NOT get it to ask me for a password. On all the mac and iOS devices we'd get the first page to load quickly and all subsequent pages crawled, so we called the cable co. Yep, it was a system issue that happened at 2:30pm or so...right when FIL tried to 'fix it'.

I went back over this morning to get FIL up and running after asking a friend for Win help. As I drove over, the cable co. also called to say the trouble was resolved.

I finished deadheading the buddleia. Was that in the post I lost...did about 11.5/14 yesterday. Finished that along with pulling most of the weeds in the front planter. There were lots of giant solanum of some sort (I think) that were encroaching on the buddleias and lobelia laxifloras. I need to figure out what to do with those lobelias. I think I should cut them down to the ground. They're really straggly and only growing at the tips. There's a teeny bit of new growth coming up from the ground, so I think I should, but I need to make sure it's an okay time to do it and that it's the right thing to do.

Worked job#2 for a few hours, planned Stats for the week (mostly) and DH finally seasoned his wok and put the beefy BS burner to the test. YUMMY. Chicken veg stir fry over steamed rice.

We did a bit of tidying in the LR, moving molding, etc. into DH's office. I swept most of the LR floor but it's still not worth mopping.

And I cut my first roses for a 'bouquet'. I planted 6(?) hybrid tea roses down on the second level where the veggie etc. garden is so I wouldn't feel bad cutting the flowers. I always chicken out cutting flowers because they look so nice on the plant. These are teeny-tiny. I think I need to feed them more. I need to take a pic.

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I moved my twin sons to college today. They are Juniors at the state university 75 miles away, and roommates for the third year in a row (better the enemy you know, right?) It was a quick trip down and back for me - unload the van, then race back home to be at work by 3 pm.

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Cal, my answer to cutting plants back. Is this. It either kills them or they do amazing. With the unusual summer we've had. I've hacked a lot of roses and such just because they grew so much.
I have been snipping the roses here constantly. They keep growing and blooming.

Ann, 2 at one time..ugh..I've got one to go next fall and already makes me emotional!

Yesterday we bought the big jug of Citristrip, but I didn't apply it.
Today I need to call the HVAC guy and see what's up on my gas range line install? Maybe he lost my phone number?
Hubby but more toys tools. A multi tool dohickey and the sawzal head too. The head cost as much as the tool!

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Hmm. Teri, it would seem to me that you're warmer here in the winter than I am. For some reason, I remember at least the Seattle/PacNW being warmer. That said, why in the garage? Plant those mums and forget about 'em!

Annkh, is it really quiet there? :) Thank goodness for the mom-type, they're actually pretty close!

Teri: that multi-tool thing.
I bought the B&D Matrix system. Impact driver, reciprocating, oscillating, circular and jig saws, mouse sander, router, 2 20v lithium batteries and something else I can't remember. Can't get the case, unfortunately. That said, I already own multiples of several of these individual tools. Both corded and cordless. Some from my DH and some I bought myself. I use this multi thing more than I've used all the others put together. I can't believe how simple and powerful it is, and QUICK! The only thing I think I use with the same regularity is my pair of B&D 18v drills/screw guns. One with a drill bit and the other with screw heads.

If I were not a construction materials hoarder wasteful I'd give away all the other tools. I love my multi thing. IOW, I think your DH bought a great new toy tool. I keep looking for more attachments...!

Didn't do anything today. Woke up late, had coffee (and Reese's cups) on the porch, enjoyed the morning, sprayed weeds, and generally was a slug.

Yesterday my main accomplishment was to screw in a stack of MBR cabs & put some blankets into one. I also loaded 9 wheel barrow loads of wood chips in a totally, 7 year ignored garden area. I plan to put a Japanese Maple in that area.

Hey! Buddleia. I have 3 that were planted in full sun. The trees around them (again, in 7 years) have shaded them out. Any advice on digging those puppies out? They're 'Royal Red' and 'Black Knight' which are evergreen. I figure, perhaps incorrectly, since they're actually expensive weeds, I'll just wait until 1st frost and hack them out.

Anyone want some really pretty, dark pink crape myrtles? I also have lots of 'Burgundy Cotton' seedlings.

I'm trying to clean up before I go away by picking up something, then not putting it down until I find it's "away" place. Wandering around a lot, but not finding many "aways."

I go to work at 3:00.

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Reading that feels like a week's worth of things done at home over at our place! Seriously jealous about being able to get things done outdoors...

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It is quiet - I've been working 3 - 11 pm all week, and the boys would wait up for me, and we'd hang out for an hour or two before I went to work. It was wonderful! My hubby was long asleep by the time I got home last night - but one of the boys called me at midnight, knowing I'd be just coming home. So sweet!

Terri, I thought I would be a basket case when they first went off to school, but they both loved college from Day 1, which made it a LOT easier on me! It also helped a lot that they room together, so at least they have each other. They are close enough (and have a vehicle) to come home regularly. I am blessed with sons who are still willing to hang out with Mom and Dad!

They tell me it's because we take them skiing.

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OK actual progress...
Backsplash =ordered
Slate = sourced. I will try again locally tomorrow because I could save a lot on shipping, otherwise will order online from the place that has it
Doors = sourced, want to order tomorrow.
More lighting has also been settled but not enough to start ordering

Car parts go on order today too

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Today I went to the US to pick up a package for my sister, and then when I got home I had to mail it to Alberta.

While there, I had GWeb on the brain. First, I had Reese's Cups for lunch and thought of CEF. Then I thought of someone else. I'll give you a clue and you have to guess who it was. I almost died laughing when I saw it. I think it's perfect!! I saw it at Meijer, if you have one there! ;)

Here is the clue:

Ann, I love that your boys want to hang out with you! I hope mine do when they are older. I'm doing my best to convince them to go to college/university out west so I can move back. LOL

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Haha...oh Shicksal...she's calling you out....roflmao...

Ann, my guy will likely head off to University out of state. He told me a few minutes ago that he received an email from Boulder today saying they had received his ACT scores, they were outstanding. When they offer a huge discount on tuition we'll talk. Next month we should find out where he scored on the PSAT. He made it in the "high score" pile, just don't know if he shook out nationally high enough for a bit o' dough from that Scholarship. I hope his NHS membership benefits him too.
He really wants to get in to Stanford. That is his top pick.

HVAC guy called with a quote on the gas range line...sheeeeeet... $150 on parts, $64 an hour up to 2 hours. Cash or check. My cash flow for Sept is budgeted to our high school, 2 ASB cards, Athletic fee for one and Parking pass for the other. I am going to have to bat my eyelashes for some cash. ;)

Christine, it's not the cold here it's the wet..things like Mums will tend to rot in the ground.

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Last leg and then home!
We are sitting in chi town waiting for the delayed train.
My DH calls it amtrak time warp.
I call the last train- the late shore instead of the lake shore
Guess we can go directly to breakfast when we hit A2

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@MGMum - pretty much, but we were calling the tools our recently used items. :p Most of them are put up now where they actually belong instead of jumbled together, or where we had them staged near the kitchen, since they are mostly for tasks that are complete.

Today is off to a horrible start. Out of all the different coffee makers I've owned, from age 0 to 40, none have ever quit except for this one. They never leave you stranded when it's convenient; I was just standing around this morning waiting for something to finally happen when I realized that this thing was gone. There are no coffee places between me and work (another thing I miss about the PNW) so this morning I'm surviving off the weak stuff they sell in the cafeteria. Today feels very much like I'm lost in nowhere.

The way that chefs on this board are about their ranges - that's the way I am about coffee. This is something that will get used every day so I need to find a good, versatile one that won't let me down. Maybe something that will let me be able to make new and creative things...

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No coffee!?! That is tragic.

I started out drinking coffee with lots of half and half and sugar. Then I worked in restaurants and drank a LOT of coffee and realized how much half and half I was consuming a day. I went to black and just weakened it. But since about grad school I've done dark, strong coffee. One of my fondest memories was the dept office which was in a basement (not common here). The secretary kept us in Trader Joe's Bay Blend. A while ago it started getting inconsistent and I started ordering beans online.

I've got a TechniVorm Mocha Master. DH thinks its the ugliest thing ever and said, during the remodel, "We need to get you a better coffee maker." Ha! No, not unless you're planning an espresso maker buddy.

I like the simplicity of it. Everyone I know (literally) has a Keurig. Different kind of simplicity and not for me.

I did French Press for a while before this coffeemaker, but that was too simple and too finicky. I've thought about getting into pour over coffee at home, but (for better or worse) that limits the amount you make.

What I want is a better grinder. There's nothing WRONG with my Krups grinder, other than the bin being ultra static-y. And for the better ones without the static, I lose features. So every couple months I look and threaten to get one and don't.

When I'm shopping for coffee stuff I hit Seattle Coffee Gear.

Here is a link that might be useful: Seattle Coffee Gear

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Coffee machines!?!
I swear they're made with planned obsolesence these days. (Did I even spell that closely?)

I gave up coffee years ago and went straight to the espresso. Coffee is too bitter for me. I also used to sweeten it just a tiny but with that brown sugar.

Then I quit carrying a purse, so I had nowhere to take it with me. I moved to skim & espresso, which is what I drink today. Right now, as a matter of fact. mmmmm

I also have a Keurig. A friend who repairs commercial coffee makers gave it to me for $20. I have yet to use it because I've been too lazy to find a reusable basket thingy.

My current machine, a Krups espresso maker, is about 25 years old. I have had it longer than I had my DH. LOL Glad I kept it (and his tools). I don't know what I'll do without it when it does give up the ghost. I need a new carafe, with this one's top being held together with black and white checked duct tape. But oh, I'll make due.

Someday I'll tell you the story of how I exploded my 1st espresso machine. Poor baby.

Heading to MI presents a problem I just remembered. My mom's house doesn't have a machine & the closest store of any kind is in a Grand Traverse Pie Co. Where they have real, homemade cherry pie. And espresso. [whisper] Piiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee[/whisper]

Oh, BTW. Thanks for thinking of me with the Reese's cups. In some weird ways, we all live forever. :)
LOVE the sign.

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Mmmmmm coffee....
I just went out and pushed the button..usually it's set and done by now. But the early bird is snoozing. He has appts today for him and #2 in the Valley.

I buy my beans from Camano Island Coffee Roasters. Brazil Dark is my mainstay.
I drink mine with a 1/2 t raw sugar and glug of 1/2n1/2. Mmmmmm
We just bought a new coffee maker a few weeks ago. The last one was to hot and half the water became steam!

Oh my guy said, make the appt with the gas line dude. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Camano Island Coffee Roasters

This post was edited by terri_pacnw on Tue, Aug 26, 14 at 9:56

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I'll have to hit them up after I have something to make coffee with. Today people have suggested all types of things. The majority like some kind of press, which I would probably have to make at work with a small water boiling pot left over from school.

Today I have not been a friendly person. This afternoon I just cleaned and put up things but it's something that needed to be done for a while now. Habitat will love me - there are a ton of cabinets and other things they can have soon. Goodwill is going to get a lot of stuff soon too.

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Cleaning and purging needs to be done too. Probably helped to focus your frustration on that task.

Tommorrow is carpet install day in the master bedroom at Mom's. She arrives late Sunday I guess.

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Long day. Lots of phone, email, walk into HD stuff re: the HD GC. Bottom line, no progress.

Other GC called and said he and HIS cabinet guy could come over today so I cleared my schedule. GC got here first and started looking at the cabinet for the speed oven and the electrical. We also talked about mounting the pendants. We decided that the cabinet guy could make a canopy for the pendants. :)

Cabinet guy got here and we finally opened the box of the speed oven. :) We'd been afraid to on the off chance that someone still told us it wouldn't work. Once we were sure enough they could make it work we opened it. They wanted to verify the specs, see how the flanges on the sides worked, etc. They say it will be tight, but it will work.

We're also going to see about him making something like this:

It will be narrower (8-ish"w) and somewhat shorter than the island. The cabinet guy seems to think he's got the perfect piece of cherry. I hope they get back to us tomorrow!

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We made it home! We arrived in a2 yesterday at 0700!
Stayed up all day(minimal sleep in coach on last train).
Best friend moving to Colorado and came back to pick up 4 bicycles and drive her second car back to Colorado.
So nice lunch together.

Crashed at 8:30 PM and slept for over 11 hours after being awake for 36 hours - I used my overseas trick / get on local time, stay up for the day and then crash for the night.

Visited my garden yesterday and plucked some tomatoes, beans, arugula, basil etc. Bambi and ground hog left a few treats for us.

Guess I was tired as I wrapped up the arugula in a towel to dry and tossed the towel in the washer - oops!
Luckily DH didn't see the mess
Today- need to finish the laundry mountain and a few errands.

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LOL on the arugula! Glad it wasn't an issue.

Glad your home safe and hope the delays and rain didn't dampen (intended) the trip too much.

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Lol...well that's one way to wilt it. ;)

Cal, love that pendant idea!
I may borrow it. I too have been thinking one power box for over the peninsula.

Grrrr..rain forecasted for the Music Festival. Not that it's not needed..but we will have a lot of wet people. :(

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Doors: Ordered
Slate for the entry hall: Ordered
Builder/engineer/city on roofless house: The stabilization plan is being put in place
Delivery for cabinets: on hold, see above. Nowhere near ready for that.

If I can get more of the lighting figured out this evening nearly all of the remaining stuff will be on order for this little project. What can I say... I'm lazy, especially after work. To me this is a pretty good accomplishment.

This post was edited by schicksal on Wed, Aug 27, 14 at 16:20

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schicksal - I can relate. Work takes it out of me, too, even though I just sit all day :) I love getting rid of stuff. Once the decision is made, it's so liberating to be free of it. Hope things start moving in your favor on your house.

My week has consisted of work, apply coat of poly on the bedroom door, work, flip door, apply coat on other side, work. Next day work, scrape smooth, fix any oops, apply coat of poly, work, flip door, scrape smooth, fix any oops, apply coat of poly, work. The plan tonight is to do final coats on the door....carefully. That's all I've had time to do this week.

Putting clear finish on doors is not easy. Plus its been hot here and the temp upstairs is pushing 80 during the day. The poly sets almost as fast as I put it on.

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Terri and cal- LOL
At least the arugula was clean in addition to wilted- we didn't eat it anyway.
Best arugula and greens season ever. Guess the colder lakes kept the temps down and water up.

So many accomplishments by all

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@doug - yep... Habitat, Goodwill, my brother and the recycle crew have plenty coming their way. I wish they took recyclables weekly instead of every other because we have more of that than anything.

Are you going oil or water based poly? I heard the water kind doesn't yellow as much over time.

The dining room is functional again. It has been an overflow for tools, materials, appliances and everything else for about a year. We don't have an abundance of stuff - a video from two years ago shows everything completely neat and clutter-free. Life just goes on hold during a long-term DIY project.

Pictures of this room will look funny when I post them - I bought the furniture in there when I lived in a place less than half the size of this one.

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schicksal - Minwax oil modified poly in satin. It's their new water-based mix. Great stuff. A bit pricey at $50 gallon, but I can do three coats a day if timed right, so it's worth the cost. Works perfectly for my trim. It's good on doors and furniture, too, if the temp is reasonable when applying. The stuff sets really fast when it's too warm.

I had to wipe the last coat on the door tonight because of the heat. The wipe coat dried almost instantly. I'll see tomorrow whether it succeeded or not.

I'm doing a 50/50 mix of mineral spirits and boiled linseed oil for the "stain" on all the trim and other woodwork followed by three coats of poly. It's a 2-3 day process for every piece of wood, but it's the easiest and best-looking coloring I could come up with (and I tried everything in early testing, probably 30 different blends and products before arriving here).

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If pushing 80 is too warm it would be difficult to use here except in late fall-early spring. Do you do any sanding in between coats?

A friend from London (ON) did an awesome job with a table and chairs he bought at a yard sale but I'm not sure what he used or how he sanded between coats. It looks as good as something you would buy from a high end store. Wish I had those kind of skills.

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Depends on the humidity. Here it's very dry when it's warm. Bad combination. Plus, I don't have those kind of skills either; always felt uncomfortable putting on clear finishes.

The only trick I know is not to fuss with poly. It's pretty forgiving and something that shows when wet usually disappears when dry...usually :) Oh, and thinner coats rather than thicker coats. I always do three.

Sometimes I sand between coats when it's really bad but most of the time I use a cabinet scraper between coats, using a light touch. If I have to scrape after the final coat, I buff out the glossy spots with synthetic pads or #0000 steel wool.

In a perfect world, I would pay someone to put finishes on my work or have room to set up a spray booth.

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Thursday ... I am still living in dust and squalor but the chicken wire is covered up! First coat done all over the house.

As a matter of fact, they are done with applying the finish coat to the office and working on the LR and DR. I can tell from the sound of the trowels what they are doing.

Would have been done with first coat yesterday, but BOTH cement mixers died. One blew a bearing and the other one smoked the motor.

I have located a house cleaner to help me clean up after the crew removes as much as they can. The plan is to vacuum everything, dust with damp cloths, then discard the vacuum bag and vacuum again.

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Ug...just sheet rock and wood makes a mess. I couldn't imagine, plaster and such!
Good that you hired help.

Well I still haven't set up the gas line appt. And I think the lighting in the range hood is fried. When we have a little time, I'll have the Big Guy check it out..but I will not replace it with any ol hood. Might as well get the one I want! ;) which of course is a lot more dough than similar. And requires new electrical box and of course cabinet removal.
I've got to get through this weekend. Music festival and mom's arrival. And school starts next Thursday.
So maybe by October I can set a plan of attack in motion.

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Haven't yet heard from guys that came out a couple days ago re: speed oven cabinet prep and pendant work.

Since we've got a Miele oven install specialist here I'll ask.

The GC was worried about the venting (or lack there of). The spec is to have a 4"opening cut across the back of the cavity where the oven goes. The power comes up through it, but the Install Manager at the place we bought it pointed it out to me in the specs and said it's for venting. GC is worried about it venting into a drawer. I'm planning to keep some variety of containers, etc. in the drawer. Does that sound okay? Maybe not plastic ones? Or is he being overly cautious? He also said we might think about putting some holes into the back of my bookcase to let it vent out the side. It wouldn't be noticeable. I'd be fine with that. Think it's necessary?

The Innermost rep told HD he could come by early next week to see bent panel (non-HD GC and cabinet maker think its the panel itself, not panel install and not floor guys). Hope he can make it at a time I said I'm available.

DH stopped at HD and talked to someone there (not our designer, I forget the title) and it does look like the GC has been paid. He was told conflicting info that:
1) It's HD's policy to let the GC say when the job is done.
2) We must have signed a waiver if it shows as done in the computer and we didn't say we're done.

But the GC being paid would explain why they're being a PITA.

A friend recommended Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast by Ken Forkish to me and the same day it arrived from Amazon because DH had ordered it a couple days earlier. Picked up some yeast today. Hope to make bread this weekend.

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I'm at such a loss right now I don't even know where to begin.

So my parents decided we would be co-owners on this property, we would build a mother in laws quarters (a separate building) on the property for them to live in.

This way I would be close by to take care of them and when they passed, ownership of the property would become mine.

This is the plan we have been operating on for the last 2 years. This is the reason I remodeled my childhood home to build a kitchen I like, this is the reason my husband and I decided to stay in this house, with all its flaws and style I don't like instead of building our dream home, where we could take care of my parents and my children could grow up close to their grandparents.

Our original plan was to buy the lot that (at the time) was for sale right down the block to build our dream house. My parents wanted to do something nice for us and they suggested the aforementioned plan.

Tonight, without warning, they informed us that they are worried my brother won't inherit anything if they end up with high medical bills and apparently some of our neighbors have objections (deed restrictions) so, instead they are going to gift me a portion of the house while I buy the rest, and then they will either build a new house or buy one close by.

I'm sorry if my post is disjointed but right now, all my thoughts are as well.

How could I be so stupid?!?!

WHY didn't I just say no thank you to their offer and build my dream house instead???

Why is my brother such a selfish a**hole? (Sorry, lots of personal history there)

I feel like I've been hit with a mack truck.

All these plans, all this future I envisioned of my girls running next door to hang out with their grandparents, or my parents needing extra care so I spend all day at their house and then walk back to mine at night to go to bed...gone. Gone in an instant.

I don't even know what to think or which direction I should go.

My husband has turned down very lucrative job offers that would allow us to provide for our family even better, in order for us to stay here to take care of my parents.

I turned down the opportunity to build my dream house in order to sink a lot of money into the childhood home I never liked that much, to make it a liveable space.

We did all of this, sacrificed this, so we could take care of my parents and now....I'm just destroyed.

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TXG, I am so sorry. I can sympathize and empathize with you.
I/we'll will be the ones caring for my mother when need be..oh wait starting next week. Lol Currently the plan is her house is to be my house. My brother has written her off. I highly doubt he'll ask for any part of it. But it's possible.
Thankfully, our life was not moved around to meet hers up to this point. It's tough to think with lifespans increasing every decade how to plan for our own future let alone our elders.

She was hemming and hawing about retiring (semi actually it seems) and wanting her house back. So we took the plunge and bought this house. When I told her, she "wasn't ready", maybe It'll be a year or so..we could wait no longer, market was heating up and we were ready. She ended up moving her retirement to only 4 of those 12 or so months. She'll be "home" after almost 20 years working away from here Sunday night.
Only a little bit of me is looking forward to her being in town 24/7. It'll be a big demand on our family.
Oh well..I remind myself I still have her. Trouble or not.

I guess the moral to my tale. A new path(opportunity)is before you. Stop, step back, breathe and pick a new direction that suits you and yours.

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Texas Gem, I am sooo sorry! What a terrible blow!!! Your parents definitely put you in a hurt locker. Is there nothing you can do now? Sell that place and still build your dream house? It seems as though whatever next step you take you will have suffered a loss. :o(

Holy cow you peeps are busy! I hate checking in once or twice...I miss so much! That not-broom cabinet of cal_quail's is awesome, and terri's table was a real steal!

But I am happy to report that I miss so much because *I* have been busy, too! Yay!

Took a little side-track when we found out Boy2 wants to come here to stay until he leaves for the Navy (soon but unspecified). We were so spread out in ev-er-y room in this house that we made moving downstairs a priority, then a fast one as we wanted to be in the technical master before Boy2 got here. So I have been frantically painting in preparation for new carpet (nasty, disgusting, smelly carpet in there now) that goes down this morning!

Also got all the rest of my border scraped off, including two layers in the bedroom. Paint color finally chosen for dining room, got someone helping in the living room, found a fence contractor to do our dog fence for us since DH was never going to commit to helping.

When Boy2 gets here he will be available for lots of help, so I will finally get a chance to formalize my pasture fence, solve my winter shelter issues for horse, get my heavy stuff moved around and in it's proper location.

It is utter chaos here, still, but I feel like the pieces are finally arranging themselves in some semblance of order, so when the pieces fall into place they are all going to fall, with sweet relief, just about at once.

So happy to see people zooming or tip-toeing along. Christine, you could send some of that energy this way, you won't even miss it!

Thinking about feisty68 this morning, know they were hitting some major roadblocks. Hope they an get back o track soon, because I understand that needing your space back.

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@cal_quail - for what it's worth, we've had both the combi-steam and convection ovens running at once numerous times and the ventilation doesn't seem to be an issue. It was done per the Miele drawings though, but the little chimney behind the cabinets doesn't actually go anywhere and the backs are open as the instructions said to do. I haven't noticed it getting hot in the cabinetry above.

terri_pacnw - not fun with the range hood. Those things weigh a ton, BTW! I was barely able to install it, only because the cooktop was not in and I could stand in the cabinet and squat it up. I think ours was over 80lbs.

Texas_Gem - that's just not right. I hate it when major decisions get made based on what someone else promises, who then doesn't follow through on what they said they would do. Is it not possible to sell the place and move/build what you wanted?

greenhaven - good to hear that things are getting back on track!

Things are still boring at home IMO. The slate arrives on Tuesday, I pick up the backsplash tile after work today, the door order will be finalized later today after details are taken care of, and the parts I need to get the car that's been hiding in the garage back on the road should also arrive today.

This afternoon and weekend will be busy. First the backsplash and car stuff, then prepping the entry hall for flooring so I can hit the ground running when that shows up. I also plan on building the surround for the fridge this weekend out of some spare wood and extra wallpaper. It'll tide us over until it's time to get a SZ at some point. Once the floor is in I'll finally know the height of the front door I need to built. It should be easy, but I need to come up with a jig to attach to the door so I can make the three rectangular windows straight.

I was told liability on the house with the collapsed roof should be figured out soon. They've had an appraiser / estimator out once or twice to try and figure out an initial figure. Not sure if they want to try knocking it down, but good luck with that because the city already says no. I'm sure the cost will snowball like crazy once the full effects of the collapse become known.

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It's quiet around here. My sons will be home for the weekend - today is their 20th birthday, and our 27th wedding anniversary, and we've been celebrating with dinner out on the 29th since the boys were 8. The last two years, DH and I drove 75 miles to where they live; since it's a Friday this year, they're coming to us.

I had trouble wrapping their gifts: one got a new 5-string bass (he paid for a chunk of it); the other got a new canoe paddle.

Last year I gave one of them a unicycle - that wasn't easy to wrap either!

We went out to dinner last night to celebrate our friends' anniversary. The night before they had a pool party. Projects can wait!

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Texas! You poor thing. I agree with Terri, take a deep breath. Then decide what you want to do. You still have options, despite how it seems right now. I'm so sorry they pulled the rug from under you.

Schicksal, I hope they solve your house problem soon. I can't wait to see the backsplash! What one did you choose? I know what one I want to see. :)

Ann, there's a kid up the street from me who rides a unicycle everywhere! Happy anniversary!

Terri, great table!

Cal, your not broom closet looks great!

A2, I'm glad you had a good trip even if the weather didn't cooperate with you.

Greenhaven, when is the reveal?

I can't even remember what else I've read. LOL

I've not done terribly a lot. I worked a couple of OT shifts, so that was good. Today it seems chilly, so I'm going to make some freezer meals of chicken parmigiana. I like to have some ready to go in the fall/winter for days I can't think of what to have. I also want to organize my pantry cupboard properly before school starts. I want the boys to start making their own lunches, but truth be told it only takes me about 5 minutes to do it, so I don't really care one way or the other. The cupboard is a disaster though. LOL

Well, school starts next Tuesday and hockey is right behind it. I'm going to be busy! I'm off next Monday-Friday which is a nice coincidence for my schedule, so I may make some other freezer meals too. Maybe chili or some kind of soup. Anyone have any good freezer meal recipes?

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Reveal?! ROFLMBO! Seriously, couple weeks, probably.

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It's probably not the one people wanted, but it looked much less impressive in person. It also really wants to be installed vertically. To go horizontal it would require cutting the bottom row of all sheets exactly in half because the tiles are not even. Also the tiles are frosted glass, not clear.

So instead we went with the one that's quite close to the back painted glass that was an idea once upon a time ago. The color should be close to the pantry doors. Tiles will be stacked vertically.

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I am STILL living in dust and squalor!

But I have said "hasta la vista" to the plastering crew, who packed up almost everything and pulled out of my parking area late this afternoon.

And my future house cleaner** came by and may come on Monday to wash windows and help the de-dusting process.

**house cleaners stack everything they don't know what to do with on a prominent surface, such as a table or bed. Housekeepers on the other hand, know where they should go.

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I am STILL living in dust and squalor!

But I have said "hasta la vista" to the plastering crew, who packed up almost everything and pulled out of my parking area late this afternoon.

And my future house cleaner** came by and may come on Monday to wash windows and help the de-dusting process.

**house cleaners stack everything they don't know what to do with on a prominent surface, such as a table or bed. Housekeepers on the other hand, know where they should go.

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Oh, Texas_Gem. I imagine you're reeling!

I know there are details you've not shared, but somehow in this mess, you should be able to recoup your investment either by selling now(?) or when the Time comes and you and DB must divvy things up.

It's not like you would be divvying up the original house, which is/was worth $xx, vs. now and what you've put into it. Perhaps figuring this out and presenting it to parents, which I believe should probably show your investment would wipe out any inheritance DB thinks he's gonna get. Be warned, though, because I can see it being turned on you like you're the grasping, greedy one.

You've put a lot of heart and soul into this mess. How malleable your parents are! And how quick to throw you and your (kindness? caring? money-where-your-mouth-is-ness?) mutual plans under the bus. They could surely figure out some other kind of inheritance for him.

Geeze. I'm here in MI with my sisters, where we're going to divide stuff up after my mom died last August. I am ever grateful we don't have the kind of family that fights over Stuff.

Lazygardens, "still" in squalor? Oh, come on. You ain't seen no squalor until you've seen my almost 10 year squalor. I'm so done with it. I'm about ready to hire someone to come organize my home.

I've got more cabinetry than LWO in her showroom, but nothing in them. All have small details I have to finish before I can hang them, so Stuff is E.V.E.R.Y. where. Hate it.

Shicksal, it should be interesting to see who will be found liable. I am surprised there's any question, given the fact the shingle people put a too-heavy load on your roof and ->SPLATMTDoug, I am leery of anything with the word "oil" in it, because it will yellow. Linseed oil dries hard as a rock, but over time... yellow.

I picked up a whole bunch of 3/4" pine boards with widths from 2" to 16. I'm thinking kitchen floor at this point. But I want to find a matte finish that won't yellow.

I'm considering testing my favorite Exterior, latex, dark(est) paint base. It goes on a frightening white, but dries absolutely clear, and absolutely matte. So matte I have to mark where I left off, because I can't tell.

What's your opinion? I don't wear shoes (almost ever), no dog nails, barely cook, and have all the time in the world to let this cure before I walk on it. Do you think I'm crazy to consider a paint? I mean, people paint floors all the time...

Oh- and a final touch to your finishing. Stick your hand in a paper lunch sack and rub it all over your final finish. It's an old trick to absolutely get any anything out of the finish. Makes things butter smooth.

a2g, welcome home. :)

Thursday I set up more soaker hoses. I have a ton of them buried in the gardens already. Some disintegrated, so I needed hose menders. Boy, are those things cool! Got my timer working, packed, and cleaned up a tiny bit for my cat sitter.

Today I flew, had lunch with my sister, and took a nap. My ride decided he needed to leave my house by 6:00 am (which meant I was up by 5) for my 11:02 flight. OMG. This is yet another reason I don't accept very kind offers of rides and help. I wouldn't have to leave until 8 if I were doing my own transportation as usual. I'm a bit tired and cranky.

Oh - several mimosas might have had something to do with the tired part. My sister, coming in from VA, took the same flight to Lansing. She upgraded us to 1st, where they make the most delicious cocktails....

Ok, guys. Going back to my nap, which hopefully will last through the night.

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Thank you so much everyone for the kind words.

Since ownership hasn't be transferred yet and the whole idea behind our plan was to make my parents retirement easier (no mortgage, shared utilities, etc) and their idea destroys all of that and lands them with a new mortgage for the rest of their lives, my husband and I discussed it and we told them we were just going to go buy a new house for ourselves and then they could have this one back.

This reduced both of them to tears. They were completely distraught over the idea of their grand babies not being right there for them to visit. Of us not living so close to help them.

The driving factor for everything is my brother. He has always felt like they loved me more. Add to that the fact that he is Alex P. Keaton and he equates money with love, they were trying to find a solution that left him his inheritance.

Everything with the mother in laws quarters is back on the table and I am cautiously optimistic about the outcome.

They admitted tonight that they just don't know how to fix the issue with my brother, they love him and don't want him to feel like I'm being favored.

I did, however, make it perfectly clear to them that if we are not going to build on the same property as per the original plans than we WOULD go buy a different house. I will NOT take any part in them going into debt. The whole idea and plan was to make their retirement easier, to give them more financial security.

I wish I could win the lottery and just pay my brother his stupid inheritance now.

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TG, what did they think you were going to do!? Just say, OK and continue dumping $$ into a house you really don't care for, just so your brother can reap the rewards of your investment? I'm glad you were able to be firm on the alternative.

I wrote a rant about "Exceeding Expectations." I even had some post back to me. However, the whole thing doesn't exist anymore! I borrowed a phrase, "crap hole" which I did use extensively. I didn't receive the reprimand email or anything like that. Any idea what might have happened?

Do you think I might have offended an advertiser? HGTV?

Ok. I am going back to bed.

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CEF- oh, I love you!! You are my favorite person on these boards.

I wish I could have read your post. I never saw it and I was checking all day to try to quell the "butterflies in the stomach" before speaking with them.

My parents have good hearts and...as a parent, I can understand wanting to make sure your children feel they've been treated equally but I gotta say, in my naive "my kids aren't adults yet" stage, if my kids acted the way my brother has, I would go off on them!

When my parents told him the plan almost 3 years ago, the first thing he said, literally word for word was, "I'm OK with you giving her the house as long as you also give me my inheritance right now."

Yes....he ACTUALLY said that. I was there to witness it.

I've grown from not understanding my brother to truly loathing him. How can a person be so greedy and selfish that they are willing to make the entire family and their parents suffer so they can get more money in the end?

Lol, must have HGtv, they know I'm a fan. ;)

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Texas_Gem, they created this monster, not you.
I'm thinking he might be right and they knew it. They prefer you and tried to overcompensate because they knew something was stunted/damaged/just plain wrong with this kid. IMHO, they let it happen and continue.

My mom and dad were far from perfect, and were totally Bewitched parents. But they'd have somehow figured out a way to see the error of our expectations. They loved us each for different reasons, but they loved us. When one would whine about the other getting something, the response was always, "It's because I like them better." To this day I even say that to restaurant adults that complain that someone got a bigger steak, more tomatoes, blah blah.

But I know their most basic way to have started that was, "It's not YOUR STUFF."

My parents also, always told us
don't get pregnant and think you're bringing it home for us to take care of. We've already done that 3 times.
don't wait around for anything from us because we're spending (and selling) it all before we die. We worked for it, you didn't.
If you want something, work for it and get it yourself. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you. (Hence my mink coat, pearls, and 1st home.)
There is always someone in the world with more than you, so get used to it. Enjoy what you a) have and b) worked for.

I think you get my point.

Stick to your guns. Your parents being in tears shows they knew what they were deciding to do was not what was agreed, nor really what they wanted to do. I still can't quite believe they thought you were going to roll over and acquiesce. Glad someone in your family has a pair bigger than your brothers. (Oooo that was crass, wasn't it?)

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