Why I don't watch deco shows on hgtv anymore...

concretenprimrosesNovember 5, 2011


It spread to blogs too.

I don't like calling mirrors "meers" either. Please excuse me if this is your regional accent. But it seems to me this pronunciation appeared then was adopted on all shows.

Worst of all, the shows apparently got reined in so they are mostly very similar. And deco shows are almost all there is on hgtv now. Strange there was more variety in the shows 10 years ago when they were actually fewer in number.

I lurk here occasionally post seldom. I searched for both Wala and Voila and didn't find it in another post. I just read the "tired of" thread, and "Wala!" is what popped into my head (like a color in a room! ha!)


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I don't have HGTV anymore, so I can't speak to the prevalance of Voila! in the shows, but I know back when I did have it, there seemed to be a weird split in the shows. Type 1 were lots of shows that seemed to be about "standardizing" people's homes and most of the interiors they decorated ended up looking remarkably alike. Walls had to be neutral (unless they already were, in which case they might need a color that was "rich" or provided "pop". Type 2 were the shows that did weird things (Trading Spaces was one, as I recall) that would just turn out horribly in real life and not last a minute. Painting over countertops, or using shelf paper to make faux stenciled designs...A wall covered in bamboo placemats or moss, for example. Moss. Why not just inject the homeowner with allergens?

I used to pound my head against the wall watching Curb Appeal. The landscape designers dutifully trotted the homeowners to the local nursery, where they would all act like they deliberated with great consideratio before choosing the.exact.same.plants.they.always.chose. Or, they would do something totally uncalled for like give people a stylish patio (made of faux stone, of course) out near the curb. Because homeowners who haven't bothered to so much as rake a leaf in two years are suddenly going to become people who maintain and entertain on a remote patio in public view? Uh huh.

I remember once I watched several Curb Appeals in a row and there were actually two installations that didn't look either sadly generic or outlandish. I was literally so excited I called my mother!

I really wish there was a GOOD Curb Appeal. I love me some before & afters and when they do a good job, it really is inspiring!

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I have complained elsewhere about the overuse and mispronunciation of voila! I heard it pronounced properly a few times recently and wondered if someone finally gave the HGTV people a clue.

I never noticed the "meers" thing.

Genevieve has been driving me nuts recently by ending so many of her sentences with "yeah". "I think we'll add a nice blue, yeah?" "Then we will add a pop of red, yeah?"

It has to be hard to avoid repeating words and expressions though. We all fall into certain patterns and then we overuse thing without thinking. It wouldn't make me stop watching, lol.

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I haven't watch HGTV in ages. I could not take watching shows where there was literally no prep work done before painting or staining. I used to watch the show Flipping Out on bravo. You didn't get to see all that much design but that Jeff guy is hilarious as is his maid. Unless I'm missing something there are no good decorating shows on TV anymore.

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LOL, wala! and "meers" are two of my pet peeves. Then again I live in a country where the 2-term president could not pronounce nuclear...set my teeth on edge every time he said it. ;)

I have become bored with HGTV as well. All the House Hunters flavors, blah, everyone wants the same house, people choose not to purchase awesome houses b/c they don't like the wall color or the (brand new but not stainless) appliances...gaaah.

I miss the show where 3 designers competed for a homeowner's business. The homeowners rarely chose the design I would and I liked trying to guess which designer had nailed the client's wishes and would get the job.

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The new season of Sarah's House is now airing Tuesday evenings, but must say that I'm not loving the living room and dining room that she's done so far ...

Haven't really been watching any other HGTV shows...just not finding any that are holding my interest

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What I really miss is the shows that showed you how to DO the projects, not just the before and after. I'm a big time DIYer and I enjoyed the shows that walked you through a project. There haven't been some like that in years.

I am considering deep sixing HGTV since it's all the same programming over and over. I can't stand anything Sarah's House...only because her voice drives me bonkers. Love her work, but only if the sound is muted.

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Decision fatigue, colour fatigue and now HGTV fatigue.

HGTV used to be my go-to-station when there wasn't anything else on and I felt like watching TV. Now I just turn the thing off and read decorating magazines.

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While taking a brief rest from my painting project today, I tuned in to "Dear Genevieve" and was sorry that I did. She repeatedly asked, "Are ya feelin' it?" and towards the end of the program during the room reveal, she kept making these sweeping motions with her arm and I swear, sounds like "whooooooosh" when the camera panned in on the tub or vanity. Bizarre.

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I wish Lynette Jennings and Joe Ruggiero would come back to TV.

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I wonder what Lynette Jennings is up to ; seems to me she disappeared around 2000..........

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Yeah, I really enjoyed Lynette. She was a good teacher. The shows just seem so immature nowadays, focusing on being cool and cute, as opposed to actually wanting viewers to learn something.

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We don't have a tv at home so I watch HGTV in hotel rooms, about every other month. I swear that they rerun the same shows ALL the time. Those house hunter show are on an endless loop. The design shows are awful, and when I saw Debbie Does Dallas, I finally said buh bye to hgtv. I think watching it lowers one's IQ !

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I am sad to say I agree. It became message-y somewhere along the line too working in all sorts of cultural messages above all else. In addition it is also now nothing more than a real estate network. Some of the hosts of the shows are truly dismal. I find Genevive to be so phony and OTT with her yeah and right at the end of every sentence and her awful choices sometimes make me feel queasy. Those international House Hunter shows are a bore. At first it was fun to see someplace else but then it also became message-y and after awhile it just became annoying,

I used to really like Candace Olson but lately after taping her shows and watching several in a row I see that every room is more or less the same. An over abundance of can lights, blinging up spaces that do not call for OTT bling at all such as a man cave or salt box home, baby nursery, that now has chandeliers and chrome beads, the black furniture, the white upholstery the silk drapes. Ohhhh....no. However I still see her as the only real designer on the network who has a successful design business in the real world instead of ones that have been recruited from their little contest shows and do horrid rooms that no one would ever want in real life unless you live in a certain world.

The old shows I loved were Chris Madden, Designing for the Sexes, Designer's Challenge and the one with the couple that did shows back in the early days. They looked like they were from Minneapolis thought they were married but they weren't. Cannot remember their names to save me, I wasn't all that crazy about their work but it was more real what you would really see in a suburban home and with a suburban budget. It wasn't all Pottery Barn'ed up. I even liked that lady that was always schlepping around doing manly chores in the house the one with the Italian name, can't remember now.

I could go on and on about how I hate how HGTV has changed and messed up a good idea for a network. I miss Joe Ruggeio too.

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I remembered the name of the show! It was Room by Room! They were cute.

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I think that I used to watch a lot, because I learned a lot.

Room by Room, with Matt and Shari, while a bit cheesy, actually did teach you how to draw a floor plan, choose a color scheme, select items, stay on budget, and do with what you had to work with.

It was a great show for a new homeowner

Today's shows all see to be about ten thousand dollar rooms. Geez. I don't think I would have a problem if that were my budget. I need help with freshening up my home with the time and money I have at the end of the week.

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I enjoy House Hunters International - especially the older ones. Yes, sometimes the people are entitled or unrealistic or just plain annoying but I love looking at the inside of houses in other countries. Although, it's not really a decor show.

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I'll see your wala and meer, and raise you one "foilage". As in aluminum foil-age. It's FOLE EE AGE, people.

I used to watch HGTV daily around 10-15 yrs. ago, but agree that there is nothing on there anymore that interests me. Cheesy makeovers and endless househunting abound. I used to enjoy Designing for the Sexes, because the host took you through the selection process and decision making to arrive at a real-world result. The show that stages homes for sale also does a decent job of finding solutions to bad decor using mostly paint, editing, rearranging, and updates which are do-able by the average homeowner without spending tens of thousands. I don't remember which network it's on.

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Chris Madden - another good one.
Matt and Sherri were cheesy, for sure, but did explain things well.

I've watched Donna Decorates Dallas for the sheer entertainment. It's like Mr Toad's Wild Ride. ;D

I watch House Hunters International now and then - depends on where they are house hunting.

DH and I say Al-a-mi-ni-um for aluminum (foil) now thanks to our Canada friends.

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I quit hgtv when they dropped the last of the "g" programming. That's around 15 yrs ago.

PBS is my friend.

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I don't know about diction as I try not to focus on quirky speech, but I think Canadian HGTV is worse by far. 10 dedicated design shows sound like a dream. Here if you don't like Mike Holmes, Scott McGillvery and Brian Baumlier (sp??) (all hurly burly Canadian contractors, that right the the wrongs of society) with a dose of House Hunters then don't even bother. The other shows are poorly made American ones like 'my First Place' and 'My First Sale'. How many times can you watch delusional and entitled people buy or sell a house? And I can't stand what passes for 'design' (gratefully they seem to have disappeared this season, ala Genevieve, Antonio and Colour Splash), where they show up with a carpenter who cobbles together a couch for you. If not for Sarah Richardson there wouldn't be any design at all, only real estate and renos. I, contrary to some others here, do not want to see endless DIY. I want quality, high-end and perhaps even snooty formally trained experienced interior designers. Then I want to take what they offer, get my own wheels turning and make it accessible. HGTV is absolutely pathetic. Fellow Canadians what do you watch for a design fix? On my list are W network (that's where Candace Olsen resides here), House and Home magazine podcasts and Cityline home day. Is there anything else?

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Girlville...I'm with you!
I pvr Cityline Home day on Thursdays and Sarah R. and that's pretty much it for me. Just finished watching Brian Gluckstein last night from this weeks Cityline episode...always find his style to be classic & tasteful. Now, if I could just have a little more $$ to pull of some of it:)Some of the other designers like Ramsin K. do some nice work as well.

Decor inspiration pretty much coming from magazines for me...primarily Canadian House and Home, Style at Home and the occasional House Beautiful and Coastal Living issues

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Just an FYI - recently while on vacation and watching PBS I was shocked to see Matt and Shari again--- on Create TV - "Around the House with Matt and Shari" - couldn't believe it!!! I haven't had HGTV in over 10 years; also while visiting I took in a few HGTV shows, and I was saddened over what what it has degenerated into...there was so much potential there that they squandered.

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girlville, LOL!!! I am thankful that Decorating Cents is gone and all those shows that showed you how to ruin a really nice room by duplicating it with trash. The worst show by far was Decorating Cents I remember one where the master bedroom looked like an Easter egg. OMG, those poor homeowners who were expected to fein joyous surprise and their rule number one always put something on a angle in the corner especially if it's a bed that you can never use a nightstand with, lol. Colour Splash, the shirtless, tattooed up, frightening the children with the hysterical laughter character ... But he is part of the HGTV agenda. I sure do miss the original HGTV : (

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I used to watch Room By Room, Designers Challenge and Designing for the Sexes religiously. Actually, it all started for me with Christopher Lowell. Now it's rare that I watch a deco show because I haven't found one I like as much as those.

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The shows seem, for the most part, either designed for children or boring. I can't recall any real decorating or design in eons. Maybe I don't watch enough of the network, but when you all refer to Genevieve or whomever, I can't connect the names to any shows. I do watch Holmes on Homes from time to time, and, if I'm channel surfing and passing by the station, I might watch one of the house hunters shows. Holmes on Homes...pretty good. House hunters? How on earth do they manage, with the whole world at their fingertips, to dig up all those boring houses? They could do house hunters on Mars and put me to sleep.

BTW I saw a copy of HGTV's magazine in the food store a week or two ago. Wow. Really...wow. Or perhaps I should say, "Wow!....Really! Wow!" Because, and I kid you not, I've never seen so many exclamation points in headings and subheads! Never, ever! Has this magazine been designed for children, too? Oh! Yes!

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HGTV is a joke now. And they've set out to ruin the Food Network, too. Dumbed down, idiotic shows. Instead of real chefs who could teach us something, they have "Hungry Girl" who shares a snack recipe on the FN website: take some processed lunch meat from the store and wrap it around a dill pickle. I am not kidding. (Sorry, getting OT of HGTV)...

We were just ranting about "Donna Decorates Dallas" over on the HGTV forums. I live in D/FW and this show makes me cringe and feel queasy. I'm so sick and tired of this overblown, cliched, psuedo-castle style. Every single room she does look the exact same: "bling" everywhere, fleur de lis used somewhere, resin crap, scrolly wrought iron, red/gold/bronze colors, etc, etc. Her head would spin if a customer of her "bow-teek" came in and asked for anything other than this look. She is not a designer, she's a personal shopper.

I miss Designing for the Sexes with Michael Payne. I got to meet him at a home show in Fort Worth, he's so warm and engaging. And so talented, I never saw a room of his I didn't love.

I also miss Designer's Challenge, Landscaper's Challenge, Curb Appeal (the first one), Homes Across America, and on and on. The shows that had dignity and sophistication. I agree that everything on TV now is so childish, so immature.

Even my beloved magazine, "Southern Living", has started dumbing itself down for the masses. "Like it? Get it!!" with an arrow pointing to the only picture on the page. Written like I used to write notes to my friends in the 6th grade.

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Agree about Southern Living.

Homes Across American, yes. And Dream Drives - although I never saw very many of those. TOH and Bob Vila shows used to be semi-interested. Not sure WTH happened to those.

Also enjoyed Michael Payne sometimes.

I was baby sitting last night and caught the tail end of (scrolling back up to get name) Color Splash (?) - the David B... show. He was designing a LR based on a Twilight movie. Seriously?! Although I did sort of like the wood slices on the wall.

Here is a link that might be useful: these pictures look better than on the show....

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Goodness, everybody really is in the 'good old days are gone' mindset about HGTV :).

I have a very different perspective. I did not choose to have cable tv until about 4 years ago (didn't feel it was something that my kids would benefit from and thus didn't feel like wasting the money on it). So I've got no memory of the good old days shows that many reference above.

I use HGTV as my go-to television for mindless comfort entertaining. I like House Hunters, both US and international, although frankly I do wish they'd show some higher end variety in the houses...get a little tired of everyone's super low budgets. I enjoy watching Selling New York and the new spin off Selling LA if only because they are SO far on the other end of the scale. Aside-the LA crew of realtors is absolutely visually riveting. Don't think I've seen that much botox and plastic surgery in one place since the last season of RHOBH. I even am okay with Property Virgins, My First Sale, My First Place. They can get boring but there's enough variety that it keeps me tuning in. I like Bang for the Buck, especially the homeowners' reactions as they watch the tours on their monitors.

Over on Bravo, I love Flipping Out, Million Dollar Listing, Million Dollar Decorators-sense a theme here?

So here I am casting a vote to declare that I still find HGTV and Bravo decorating shows to be good escapist fare.

Ducking for cover now,

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Yep, they do seem to have an agenda, plus just completely ignoring the over-40 demographic. Am I just getting old and cranky, or is anyone else worried about Gen X'ers? They'll be running everything soon, or maybe already are.

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We were just ranting about "Donna Decorates Dallas" over on the HGTV forums. I live in D/FW and this show makes me cringe and feel queasy. I'm so sick and tired of this overblown, cliched, psuedo-castle style. Every single room she does look the exact same: "bling" everywhere, fleur de lis used somewhere, resin crap, scrolly wrought iron, red/gold/bronze colors, etc, etc. Her head would spin if a customer of her "bow-teek" came in and asked for anything other than this look. She is not a designer, she's a personal shopper.

Absolutely, and very well said. As a DFW resident, I too am horrified to think that Donna and her "style" might be seen as representative of the area that I've called home all my life. Her "designs" could just as well have come straight from Kirkland's at the mall. It's that humdrum and uninspired. (I also despise the word "bling" and she uses it in every other sentence. Revolting.)

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Speaking of the "dumbing down" phenomenon, if you've ever seen the movie "Idiocracy", you just might be able to draw some parallels in the direction that our culture is moving.

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Like most of you, I'm so over HGTV, and I used to watch so many of their shows.

There is a fun show, produced in Canada, that I really enjoy. It's "Love It or List It?" on the OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). Unfotunately, it only seems to play at really weird hours -- like 4 a.m. for the insomniacs. Other stations may carry it, too, but I've not found them.

The show selects a house in Canada (don't know the city), and then a designer/decorator (Hilary Farr, with a very British accent) competes with a realtor (David Visentin) for the family's decision. The family sets the budget they have to pay for the redesign (we're not talking simple slap-on-paint, yet most of the budgets are quite modest), and they tell Hilary what are the MUST haves when she's done -- in terms of functionality, accomodating the family, etc. Then Hilary and her construction crew get to work to totally redo the house...and that's often where the challenge really begins, because they run into code violations, old wiring, plumbing, etc. that all has to be corrected before she can begin to design/decorate around the remodeled rooms. And these unseen/unforecast discoveries eat into the family's remodel budget.

Meatime, David, the realtor is taking the family to look at homes priced within the family's stipulated house buying budget. The camera follows both processes, and it's interesting to see the couple (children aren't part of the decision process) respond to these newer, updated homes in similar communities to where they live, and then seen their dismay and frustration with what's going on in their own home.

Both Hilary and David take the brunt of the couple's anxiety, frustration with the process. And it's so interesting to see how professional, polite, yet firm both Hilary and David can be in difficult situations. They both know they need to satisfy the majority of the homeowner's needs.

At the end, the couple and David see Hilary's big reveal, with all the pluses and minuses (so often, she cannot accomplish everything the owners want), and then we watch the couple deliberate over the houses they toured , versus keeping their own home. As part of this deliberation, David shows them what Hilary's changes have done to their home's value, so they know what they would be listing the home for, should they opt to buy one of the homes David has shown them.

And then the couple decides to either love their home or list it. In some shows the couple opts to keep their remodeled home, and in others, they list it. As a viewer, I'm never sure which way they're going to go. The show always ends with Hilary and David sitting down, toasting the other's success with a martini.

Anyone else watch this?

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I forgot about Love It or List It...I do like that one, but there seems to be no new episodes lately.
I can relate more to this show...
Hilary does a good job as a rule with the budgets she's been given. I can't think of too many episodes that I've thought 'What was she thinking??' As often happens, there usually just isn't enough $$ to complete all of the 'Mut haves'.
The homes that David shows and Hilary renovates are more mainstream and suited to the average homeowner.

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Thank you for the tip on Love It or List It as I'm always looking for interesting design television to watch. I agree with others here that HGTV is no longer of any interest to me and Food Network is falling out of favor pretty quickly, although they still have Ina, Giada, Claire, and others making actual meals on their weekend daytime programs. I set my DVR for those.

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I also like Designer's Challenge, Designing for the Sexes and Hidden Potential--where they had architects work with houses that were fixer uppers, which they don't seem to do anymore.

There was another show where they took an inspiration room and then did a realistic more budget representation of that. I can't remember the name of that show as it's been a few years.

We watch some of the yard shows because we seriously need Ahmed and Yard Crashers here.

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gsciencechick: It was Sensible Chic. DH actually copied a high-end mirror I saw on that show, and it looked just like the original! I loved that show because it took true designer rooms and showed you what made the rooms special and how to duplicate the look, though sometimes the copied items fell short of the original.

We were like bfenton, HGTV was our default network and we especially loved the gardening show where the host walked around the yard with an owner and gave the Latin names and the common names of the plants. We also loved the show where they told stories of old houses. Now, I can't remember the last time we turned on HGTV. Very sad.

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Wow, I feel like I really missed out on something. At DH's insistence we subscribed to cable three years ago.

HGTV is about the only TV I watch and after the first two years I started recording and then watching only the "reveals". I can catch up on 15 shows in about an hour, lol, I just FF to see the final product. If there is something that especially interests me (which is rare), I go back and watch that part of the episode.

One of my pet peeves was that show, I think it was called "Color Confidential". The host showed people little cups of items different colored items and that is how they picked their colors! "So, what do you like best, this bowl of grapes, the yellow Legos, the brown buttons, the moth balls, or this tree bark?" That had to be the most idiotic way of choosing color I've ever seen.

And while I do think Candace Olsen is the only real designer they have now, I could create one of her rooms myself, because they are all the same. You start by filling the TV wall with white built ins. The furniture is all the same, usually a light blue, green or silver because those are the only colors she works with. Mirrored tables and mirrored sconces. Cover over any fireplace with glass tiles. Wala!

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It's 2011. We're not in a housing boom. No one is flipping houses anymore. Virtually no one is even buying houses any more.

So why do we have a cable channel about real estate?

I'm amazed to find a thread here about HGTV, because IRL I haven't heard about a single person watching it in years.

Both HGTV and the Food Network's ratings have been dropping hard. Not surprising; one is no longer about homes and doesn't even mention gardens, and the other has nothing to do with food.

I hope we're rid of both channels soon. When a network becomes that formulaic there is no chance of bringing it back.

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Part of Decorating Cents,the last part, I believe, rearranged a room with the furniture the homeowner had...to make it look better. Did not spend any money, just rearranged. I would like to see more of that.

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I think HGTV's target demographic is the first time home buyer, first home decorating and/or 20-something demographic overall. (This typically matches the home owners on the show who are getting the makeovers, right?)

While the demographic on this forum is varied, it is a special sample of the population....... I'm not surprised people here often dislike the channel and/or associate with people who don't watch it. With that said, I know a number of ppl who do watch the channel...... but they are in the new-home-owner demographic I mentioned above.

Also, while people are still buying and flipping houses where I live, people who are "stuck" in their houses in other areas are certainly interested in improving them. I've read several times that people are more interested in home improvements/additions/redecorating/etc. in a down economy. I'm not saying HGTV isn't a dying channel; I have no idea...... I am just making the point that there is still a market for decorating shows in our economy.

For the record.... I also record some of the shows but fast-forward to the end to see the reveals. Each show takes about one minute to watch. I don't often like the designs, but every now and then glean something useful from them.

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Oh I forgot about 'Love it or List it'. Though it's been on for some time when I found it about six months ago I was so design deprived I sat and devoured all 12 episodes, and then consequently watched them again and again and again... Holy reruns batman! I joke of course about the quantity, I'm sure there are more then 12, but not about the way they repeat them. I could move in with those families we're so intimate now. And the show is a bit formulaic. I like it fine some of the reveals are great others... Eh...

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My DH says there should be an HGTV drinking game. Whenever anyone says "focal point", you have to down a shot.

We had friends whose bedroom was redone by HGTV. As you might expect, ridiculous. The bedroom was unusable (no drawers anywhere) and the finishes were TV quality for long-range shots (awful junk).

We also knew a realtor who was on HH, and as many of you may know, the HH has already selected and closed on a house when they are chosen for the show.

It has/had been quite a force. I mean, before HGTV, who ever talked about a "reveal" and meant their new sofa?

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I'm definitely not in the demographic that HGTV is playing to. I can't stand the silly/stupid/annoying/talentless/dumbed down hosts or topics that replaced the really good decorators many years ago. Occasionally I watch Sarah Richardson altho prefer her with the sound off and only watch the last few minutes for the final reveal and to avoid all the angst over everything going wrong.

I have recently watched a new show on HGTV Canada called "Urban Suburban" which is IMO better than most of their RE shows. I used to like Sarah Daniel's amusing altho somewhat abrasive manner when she was a weather girl on a local station years ago.

One of the few RE shows I really like is on the BBC called "Escape to the Country". Genuine English decor and some of it is really good.

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You peaked my curiosity about Linette. Below is her biography. She is also writing many books and doing what is loved. I'd love to see her homes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Linette Jennings...where is she

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Lynette Jenning's show was excellent, on a plane of its own--quality design, quality discussion. The total antithesis of the trashy gimmicky shows that filled the network after. I've often wished it'd at least be brought back as reruns.

Sarah's pleasant to watch; not in that class (no show is), but her designs are designs. Candace is a real designer and very watchable, but her products ARE so all alike! That continuing issue is the only problem I see with this latest show, though, (at least not everything is blue and brown anymore) and she could do a really worthwhile show.

I also genuinely miss Debbie Travis's show, one of those surprise makeovers, but also in a special class all its own, lots of variety in projects, different tastes, places, and people, a very warm and and often funny show with family and friends working away on the redos. I was always smiling at the end, whether I really liked the design or not.

WHY all the trash pretend-design, though? Does anybody really know? Surely a quality show about how to turn toilet paper cardboards into nice napkin rings would pay better than a bad one?

    Bookmark   November 7, 2011 at 7:25AM
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emiganeer, we had a summer house in CO and there was an article in the paper about Lynette talking about her second marriage, teenagers, homes, etc. I already owned one of her books, but purchased one after a recommendation on GW - Straight Talk on Decorating. It's a really good book, especially if someone doesn't have a natural talent for decorating but wants to learn. She shows one of her kitchens in one:

    Bookmark   November 7, 2011 at 8:09AM
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so funny I had completely forgotten about Lynette Jennings and due to this discussion thread I ordered one of her books from Amazon used books this a.m. It was a whopping $2.30 plus $3.99 for shipping!!! It is called No Compromises Decorating or something like that. Another lady that was on early HGTV was Kitty Bartholomew. I also finally remembered the Italian lady's show as Beverly DeJulio who had a how to show. That woman could do anything.

The thing is HGTV has jumped onto the Reality TV bandwagon and shows no sign of jumping off. If it's not a contest or a beat the clock reno it seems it is not HGTV worthy. House Hunters is really just another reality show. ...The real life designers are no longer on for the most part. I would really enjoy watching reruns of them even while dated would be much more interesting than another whole house reno for $2000 that comes in under budget, yeah riiiight...another thing that bugs me is them tearing up everything just trashing countertops and cabinets that could maybe be reused in the basement or a workshop somewhere. Is it that much fun to trash things???? Really?

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I like the Canadian shows...I've learned a good bit about space planning for apartments watching how Scott re-works rental spaces on Income Property. And I've learned quite a bit about how one OUGHT to do things from Mike Holmes...

But these days we watch more DIY network than HGTV. (The Husband is addicted to "Renovation Realities". Sometimes I can't watch...I'm convinced someone is going to get seriously hurt. Not to mention what they are doing to their houses...)

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I have to check out Love it or List it because as a real estate agent, that would interest me, lol...

I loved Designers Challenge and Designing for the Sexes on the old HGTV. I also love House Hunters International. MY only pet peeve with HH is they spend half the time recapping what you just saw before the commercial break. I must have a great attention span because I remember houses from 3 minutes ago, lol.

Renovation realities is too painful to watch regularly. The ones I did see showed whiners. One single girl esp put our teeth on edge as she was unprepared and expected her friend to do much of the work and research (for free) and treated her horribly all while whining and complaining. Dh was rooting for her walls to collapse because she ticked him off so much.

    Bookmark   November 7, 2011 at 10:53AM
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Oh, Allison, I am wild about that kitchen. If money and stability were no object, I would be a serial remodeller. Our GC wanted to make our kitchen, which has low ceilings, double height. I just didn't feel it was right for the house. BUt seeing that kitchen .... oh my.

Mjsee - cannot abide by that Holmes guy. One episode he was trashing the former contractor for not putting in a crawl space for access to eqp, systems, etc. He tore up the floor to put one in, then found out there was one under the d/w, if you just slid it out. duh

    Bookmark   November 7, 2011 at 10:57AM
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mtnrdredux--I didn't see that episode. But...how many people would think to move the dishwasher to access equipment and systems? I certainly wouldn't!

    Bookmark   November 7, 2011 at 11:08AM
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My GC said it couldn't have passed inspection w/o an access panel, in fact could not be inspected w/o one, so the GC should have known there had to be one, and that is apparently (?) not an uncommon spot.

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Those House Hunters shows ... gyaaaah!

"Oh, I hate the wall color in here!"

"Ooooh, those are some very cool handles on those cabinets."

"Look at how they screened in this porch. I don't like that."

"Oooooh, is that granite?" - or, "There's no granite in here!"

"I don't like those curtains at all!"

"There's no storage." (Storage, storage, storage. If you need that much storage, then maybe you have too much crap.)

"Ooooh, stainless appliances! And they're new too!"

The comments from the buyers are beyond ridiculous, focused on the cosmetic and having very little to do with the structural integrity of the property. I'm surprised they ever even delve into the location factor. House Hunters International has become pretty much unwatchable for me too. I absolutely cannot relate to someone who is in the market for a $900,000 vacation home in The Maldives.

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Auntjen, too true.

I would never have imagined hardwood floors could become passe, but now whatever the buyers on these shows want now seems passe to me (HW floors, granite, stainless, crown molding, spa tubs, shower benches, glass doors).
I have heard people complain about ceiling fans, light fixtures, paint, carpet, knobs, wall paper and blinds and people's furniture?! .Absurd. And also, no one seems to care, very rude. Thats goofy apple border in the kitchen was loving stenciled by someone who is probably watching.And ever single time, it is just sooooo funny that the woman needs more closet space then hubby.

I find the tropical HH boring, it all looks the same to me. And while bigger budgets can mean more interesting real estate, I really wonder what kind of person wants to be on TV telling the world how much they plan to spend on what is most people's largest purchase.

The HH in Europe I love. I love quirk, and they have quirk! The place in Italy with a tunnel to the beach? I also recall one place in the Italian countryside. It looked like a modest stucco home, but it was divided into 2 "condos". You walk in the front door into the living room. There was a set of steps --- in the living room --- but they werent yours. They were for the condo upstairs. !?

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I agree that the so-called design shows on HGTV are boring. If you have a painted fireplace, they'll take the paint off. If it's natural brick, it must be painted... And, how in the world can you get a quality job in three days?? Also hate the fake drama of "Oh no, all of a sudden it's monsoon season--will they finish on time?" I liked a show with two guys on it named Chris (the one who seemed to be a bonafide designer was referred to as Christopher--Sabatos??). They are Canadian, and I always liked what they did. Not sure if they were on HGTV or Discovery or another network. They are now on a cable network called something like Live Well, and the show is more varied, including cooking, consumer products review, and a little decorating. I still like them but rarely catch the show.

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functionfirst~The show you're referring to featured Chris Hyndman and Steven Sabados.Both are Canadian. Years ago, their show was 'The Designer Guys' and then moved on to a new one 'Design Rivals'. Loved the original Designer Guys. They now have a daily talk shows 'Steven and Chris'as you've mentioned.They also have a line of home furnishings and decor...quite reasonably priced.

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Also, on House Hunters, EVERYONE Loves to Entertain. Really? I don't believe that in real life 100% of people love to entertain.

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I was at the Dr's today, reading an older copy of TV Guide in which they described a new decorating show on OWN Network, hosted by Paige Davis from Tradiing Spaces. They described it as "magic". I checked my local listings and it looks like it's on at 11am on Sundays, but didn't show any other times (even though OWN rereuns shows 3000 times a week). Anyone catch this show and, if so, is it any good?

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HGTV should do a new show: Clients from HGTV Shows Meets House Hunters.

The premise would be house hunters touring homes done by designers/decorators from HGTV.

The Donna Moss house: "Wow, everything is very dark and heavy! I like open and bright. And all those fake crystals? My 3 yr old would pop those like M&Ms. It's going to cost us a lot to get that thick trowel and faux finish off all the walls. And are those stenciled and hot glued curtains staying? Ick. Um, are those beams real? Was this an old medieval prison? I really don't want to live in a haunted house! And how will I know which house is mine when I turn down this street? They all look identical.

Candice Olsen: "Well, someone certainly likes light blue and silver.....and it's not me! What's with all the canned and recessed lights? Did this used to be a jewelry showroom? Everything is very, um, shimmery and reflective. These lights are hurting my eyes, where are my sunglasses.....

Antonio: "What the ? Have the neighbors been using this house for dumping furniture they don't want anymore? Are we still in the garage? You mean this isn't the garage?? It's the living room?

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MIz G --- LOL

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"meers" .....lol. that's funny. funny because i didn't realize that that's how i pronounce it myself!

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LOl-Miz G.

I miss the old HGTV also. Back then they would actually use real designers rather than "talent".

I really hated that show that they came in and rearranged the room with their own stuff. The rooms would become slightly better at best. More often than not, they were sad looking rooms.

I also miss Michael Payne. He was such a design inspiration and one of the reasons I went and became a designer. To this day, I picture him when I go to see clients for consultations.

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Agree, agree, agree! Most shows today on HGTV are one version or another of 'buy a house/sell a house'. I am so bored with them, except for Genevieve and Candice! Last week DD was home early from school and we watched two episodes of "Design on a Dime". They were so bad it was painful to watch. Cheap, tacky and impractical. My 17y/o DD could come up with better designs!

    Bookmark   November 7, 2011 at 8:31PM
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lisamocha--thanks for correcting me. I did like their taste by the time they were finished with each room they did. Also, what's up with the yard crasher show where they make every back yard look like Las Vegas, complete with fire/water feature, no matter where the house is located, and no matter the style of the house. Have you ever seen the adjoining yards? I can't help but wonder what they all really think.

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I feel the same about HGTV that I always have. I like some of the shows and dislike others. I used to love Michael Payne and Designing for the Sexes as well as Designer's Challenge. Room by Room was too cheesy for me and Decorating Cents was just terrible...especially the "trash to treasure" portion. These days I love Property Virgins. Sandra Rinomato is awesome and I love how she sets those fools straight! I'm a Candace Olsen fan and enjoy her old show as well as her new show. I really can't stand the show Secrets From a Stylist. I'm not interested in either the Dina or Donna shows.

Candace Olsen says 'meers' but I always assumed that was her Canadian accent.

    Bookmark   November 10, 2011 at 11:54PM
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I am with you. I stopped watching it a long time ago. It's just not fun anymore :(

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You all forgot to mention: "Oasis"

mjsee: I have to admit....Renovation Realities is one of my, and DH's, favorite shows for purely entertainment purposes. We don't have cable any more and I don't miss any of the HGTV/DYI shows except for this one. The music/captions/editing were hysterical.

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List of annoying pronunciation...

1. Meers (mirrors_
2. assessories (accessories)
3. Fo-'ee'-yeah (foyer)
4. Carmel (caramel)

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I'll add to the OT above:
I'm from Va.and say
" mirrahs"
"Caramel"( yankees say 'carmul')
"ak cess ories"( is the other one accepted anywhere?)
How about aesthetic? I'm hearing many designers say
"As-stet-ics", which is not aesthetically pleasing to my
ear. :>)
As for HGTV...yes, I miss the quality and watch very little anymore. Sigh

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One more: "pillars" -- apparently people have these "assessories" on their sofas. I have pillows. Just sayin'.

More than agree with what you've all already said. I'm also over 40 and thus no longer of the demographic. Which is sad because a) I'm not old & washed up, and b) people in my demographic are actually quite likely to renovate/build/move. All the shows are now pretty lame, and mostly the same. HH & My First Place are usually on around dinnertime, I use them for background noise while I'm cooking. Invariably DH walks in the door, watches for five minutes, and declares: "people like that should be renting." Of course, that's another show altogether, lol!

I was at a professional interior design conference last fall where the speaker said that HGTV had brought about the "dumbing down" of interior design; his theory was there's so much crap on there masquerading as "design" that it basically obliterates the actual art of interior design, and makes a mockery of the talent and training of real-life professional designers. I frequently think of that when I'm watching the drek.

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I must say I'm sickened by the "agenda" comments here. God forbid there is one network that embraces diversity.

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Kitty Bartholomews show was interesting she was very talented and it was pretty instructional. The show mentioned "love it or list it" is coming to HGTV. I have to say about their ratings dropping and food network, maybe its all of those design star and food network star shows, pitting people against each other. Theres always a back stabbing jerk that annoys everyone, and they put those people through the critiques daily, in front of the audience, its horrifying and I think in bad taste.
Why they feel they should rip these people a new one like they do is beyond me.

They put people in tight schedules and expect them to perform professionally and chide them for lack of completion due to time restraints, what chef or designer has to do that really? You see Candice or any host, working on a nursery or a room in a home, the gal is expecting a baby, bearly showing, shes full blown nine months or already delivered by the time the room is ready, who are they fooling? They take forever for their own productions and put amatures through the ringer. All those competition shows are boring, I like the shows which take the time to instruct and show creativity, and dont enjoy battles. Who really thinks Tyler Florence is better suited to do a show about dueling food trucks? And the whole fall season comes and goes without any fall decor or gardening instructionals. I just dont get it. We have seasons and they address cooking for Thanksgiving or decorating for Christmas. They leave it there and really miss an opportunity to expand on more seasonal decor and gardening.

    Bookmark   November 12, 2011 at 11:11PM
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I'm just waiting for Donna to announce she's 'fixin' to give this room a good spit shine'!

Polly, I loved Kitty!!! She maintained traditional inspiration that anyone could relate to. Her rather small home with the 'Hunter green' ceramic kitchen tile always fascinated me, and I always wanted to see the other rooms. I've always wondered why so many of the shows were cut~~ratings I suppose, but I can't even remember what shows they were up against. Oh for the good ol' days! ;o)

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Gosh, this became a very long thread... I admit I only read half of it, but needed to go ahead and comment...

In this economy the vast majority of us have been forced to concern ourselves with a "just in case I have to sell" mentality!

Why HGTV doesn't lean this direction anymore, I dunno, it makes absolutely no sense! We're inundated with make-over shows with unrealistic pricing for the addition of amenities far above what the location and value of the property dictates, not to mention the upkeep of said amenities.


But my biggest problem with all of them?:

WHAT IS THE RUSH? On every, single, program?!


I know, advertisers want us to do a project per weekend = spend more money, so the show is about how EASY and FAST it is.


What they're doing is creating a bunch of Home Improvement Weekend Warrior Monsters who ruin it for the rest of us. Why don't these shows show how if you do it right the first time, you need not worry about it for quite sometime! Ummm, oh yeah, they want to sell you something else, FASTER!


I've enjoyed Sell This House for a long time, but Sell This House: Extreme (even though it is hammed-up a lot) is da bomb - they get 4 freaking days!


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Cannot watch HGTV--especially the HH series. That whoosh sound they make at the end when they show house #1, #2, etc. is too much.

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Normally, when I watch HGTV, no matter what, it is a repeat. It wouldn't be so bad if it were the 1st or 2nd repeat but these are marathon repeats. I actually like Holmes on Homes and have learned some very good information that has helped with my home. If the bones aren't good so much for interior design.

I have NO clue what audience watches the Donna in Dallas show or what can be taken away after seeing one of her programs. I'm not into gothic decorating and have no use for dark tapestry chambers with bling.

When will HGTV go back to its core design and decorating roots? I'm also sick of property virgins.

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I watch some of the decor shows but only for the reveal. My DVR has some recorded shows and I fast forward to the ending. Sometimes there are colors/patterns I wouldn't think go together, but when another person does it I am like "wow that's cool." My problem is the decor shows are on air during the day when I am at work. When I get some it's only HH, Property Virgins, HHI or HH. Seriously on Fridays they play at least 6 episodes of HHI in the evening...so annoying.

Here's another gem to add to the line up


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The first decorating show I remember was Christopher Lowell...wonder what ever happened to him? He used to dress up in addition to decorating...LOL

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I admit I haven't read every post, but just wanted to chime in to say that my favorite show used to be "If Walls Could Talk" (which isn't actually a decorating show, per se.) If you haven't seen it, it is usually about historical homes with a past that someone accidentally discovers by finding clues while remodeling or whatever - its very interesting. But now, it seems like all the sudden the owners of these historical homes are young and beautiful, and now an appraiser has to make an appearance to tell them how much all their woodwork and stained glass is worth. So irritating. I get really sick of people having to know how much everything is worth or WILL be worth someday, and how they have to dub in that "Ka CHING" sound all the time!

    Bookmark   November 17, 2011 at 6:07PM
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Love Selling New York, and now Selling L.A. just because they're different.

And HGTV is on at my house every night around 10:00. It's great to watch while getting sleepy, since it's nothing I can't turn off when I'm sleepy enough. Works great. Mindless. Non-controversial.

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I'm sick of most of the shows on HGTV too. I used to watch Design Star, but got tired of all the fighting and gossip between the contestants. It also seems that they do a lot of houses for gay people, and that turns me off as well. I'm not homophobic, just don't want that lifestyle shoved down my throat in the name of entertainment.

I really hate Color Splash, The Antonio Treatment, and Cash & Cari. I love Income Property (DH calls Scott the magic man), Property Brothers, and Property Virgins. We also like Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection. Mike seems to be a really genuine man who comes to the aid of people who have been taken advantage of by unscrupulous contractors. I just wish they'd do some new shows and stop rerunning the old ones so much. I used to watch much more frequently than I do now simply because most of the shows are reruns.

As for OWN, I will never watch it. Oprah bought the Discovery Health network and completely ruined it with her crap. I used to watch Discovery Health all the time. She can run all the decor shows she wants. I will never see them.

    Bookmark   November 21, 2011 at 10:48AM
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Does anyone else grit their teeth when the host goes on and on about a room's heighth?

FYI -- it's not a real word.

    Bookmark   February 6, 2012 at 6:14PM
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I like the high low project. I think Sabrina Soto does a good job of finding pieces that resemble the high end stuff. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a store and the item I fall in love with is the one that's way out of my budget. For me the budgets she shops with is more realistic than some of the other designers' purchases.

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I like the high low project. I think Sabrina Soto does a good job of finding pieces that resemble the high end stuff. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a store and the item I fall in love with is the one that's way out of my budget. For me the budgets she shops with is more realistic than some of the other designers' purchases.

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It's akin to recent acceptance of "off-ten", "impor-tant", "ditn't" and "whole nother". Even news anchors now say "off ten".

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I haven't read all the threads but wanted to add a couple of observations.

Could Holmes on Homes be any more egotistical? Seriously, they tout hime like he is the "God" of home improvement. He may be good at what he does, but it is still home improvement after all. Mr. Holmes, pleaes check your ego at the door, thank you very much

The other rant is that alof of the decorating shows do create nice rooms for people, but they never ever discuss the design of the overall house and the appropriate design for that particular house. Each room that is redesigned is treated as though it's the only room in the house to consider.

Okay, one more rant. The speed with which the TV programs redo rooms is crazy and gives people a completely wrong idea of how long a quality remodel should take.

I don't watch HGTV much anymore. I miss Sarah and Candice.

    Bookmark   February 6, 2012 at 9:02PM
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I like the Designed to Sell where they put neon orange tile in the shower and paint the small bedroom black. Yeah, that will sell quickly. But I guess staging for the typical buyer would get boring after a while. I also love how they pretend to meet up with people at the home improvement store. Ummm, they have castings for these shows.

And yes I liked Sherri and Steve, I think most of the shows are set up to sell products.

    Bookmark   February 7, 2012 at 12:45AM
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I have to give another shout out for the High Low project. I think it is INSANE any one would EVER pay what one could on the "high" side. The show proves it isn't about how much you spend, not by a long shot. The newer Design on a Dime's also are doing some real life decorating. HGTV as a rule is one long long long advertisement. It is nice when they are actually pushing REALITY.

    Bookmark   February 7, 2012 at 7:23AM
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Ann and bird-lover, I am right there with you. I love those shows for mindless TV. There aren't too many shows I actually WATCH, but HGTV is perfect for when the baby is fussy and I'm going to be up late anyway. I don't have to pay close attention and I don't care if I miss the end.

I admit to being VERY TIRED of people complaining the size of a bathroom. Let's be honest. There's not much you're supposed to do in the bathroom, so why does it have to be huge? Why does every family member have to fit in it AT THE SAME TIME? In my house, we have a little thing called privacy and "wait your turn," or "get up 15 minutes earlier."

Also do not get the attachment to the idea of an en suite. I do not like the idea of a bathroom being close to the bedroom . . .to me, that is not a pleasant thought, but I am in the minority! I'd MUCH rather a bathroom be far down the hall from me.

Sad to see brainwashed people who say, "Granite countertops, SS appliances," just checking them off the list. They do not know what else to look for, so this is a sign of a "good house."

I am also sad to see perfectly good rooms that supposedly need to be "updated." I think of all the waste.

I would be interested in good design shows. A show that would really breakdown elements of design would be great!

    Bookmark   February 7, 2012 at 1:24PM
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It drives me crazy to see young couples just starting out whose "must have" list is a mile long. I realize that many of these couples are older than I was when I married, but it's still shocking to see.

My favorite - the women who look into a very spacious closet and declare that it's not even big enough for their shoes! LOL

My other favorite - the buyers who just MUST have a completely remodelled and updated house from the get go, so they won't consider a fixer if the budget won't cover complete remodelling from roof to basement. I see a lot of gems passed over for that reason.

    Bookmark   February 7, 2012 at 6:32PM
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I get a kick out of those shows like Househunters and Property Virgins. The to-do made over paint colors! Please, does anyone really buy a house and never paint the walls again? What about the inevitable marks on the wall, lines made by furniture against the walls, not to mention the fading which is obvious when you remove pictures? Please someone tell those newbies that, yes, of course you have to paint the walls, at least eventually. Paint doesn't last but five or so years, IMHO.

    Bookmark   February 10, 2012 at 10:54AM
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I missed this thread in November; but I thought it was just my idea that HGTV could REALLY use some improvement. The older programs were definitely better.....Sensible Chic, Designing for the Sexes, and liked Christopher Lowell as well. Someone forward this thread to HGTV...lol

    Bookmark   February 10, 2012 at 5:27PM
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I do sort of like house crashers on the diy channel. It does have that artificially imposed 3 day deadline, and it irks me that they smash up stuff the should be donating to recycle/reuse places, and they are a little shouty, but they dont dumb things down as much as most other shows.

I miss Designer's Challenge!

    Bookmark   February 10, 2012 at 6:51PM
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Too bad if you liked Sandra ( I do ) on Property virgins. looks like they've replaced her with someone with more " personality " . I've only seen ads proclaiming this. I found PV. Mildly entertaining, but always wished to see the house after move in.
As for the decor shows, how much would we love one that was not thrown together with new/ mediocre ( color splash...yuk ) brand new cr..p!?
how about this idea for a show :
Little Money Big Taste Contest. Six or so contestants ( pairs ?)would be challenged to furnish identical apartments , with identical budgets. We would follow them as they hunt all the various haunts: yard sales, thrift shops, etc. Real designers would judge the winner at seasons end.
And the winner is.!.............hmmmmm, my 3 dogs, Ttodd, etc. Oh, I'm leaving so many out , myself included, but you get the idea. We are frustrated because so many of us Do have better taste than these hgtv " talents".
P.s. let's be kind and assume typos we see are due to new users of touch typing! Not sure how much I'll improve, either.:>(

    Bookmark   February 11, 2012 at 1:22PM
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Love the yard, you have hit on one of my pet peeves....I cringe when I hear that silent "t" in often.... Don't they teach about the quiet consonants any more? :)

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I'm sick of seeing the exact same style of furniture on *every* decorating show~~mid-century modern I believe is what it's called, and I still don't *get* the term. What has happened to the beautiful traditional rooms of days gone by? Every sofa/chair/lamp in the 'newly designed' room is identical, with little or no imagination being used. Even the 'diva' of hgtv, Candy Olsen, is following the trend, and as someone else noted, all her rooms look alike. Hgtv, please bring back the shows from the 'old days'! ;o)

    Bookmark   February 11, 2012 at 11:21PM
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cyn427 (zone 7)

We know a couple who was on House Hunters. It is not real either. They had already bought the house and the show set up two others as if they were considering them. I was so surprised. Guess I should quit hanging around Home Depot and Lowes hoping to run into Ahmad-haha. *sigh* I so need help with the yard...

I actually don't get why people want to be on these shows anyway. I also find it embarrassing to be an American when they walk into a HUGE kitchen/bathroom/house and talk about how appallingly too small it is. Most of the time, it is the lack of taste that is appalling. ;)

    Bookmark   February 12, 2012 at 3:03PM
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Ditto about HH, I know they had already bought the house~ but I still watch the show (and HH's International) and enjoy them...
Love "Love It or List It" and "For Rent".
Miss Michael Payne & his talent (met him at a book signing) and the middle segment on "Decorating Sense" where they re-arranged for $0.

    Bookmark   February 12, 2012 at 5:55PM
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cyn, I am so with you re: being embarrassed to be from the US. I cringe when people complain . . .there are people who have no running water yet here are people acting offended by a functional bathroom. The privilege we have is astonishing. I see these HUGE homes and the people are stretching their budget to buy them . . .and there are only 3 people living in the home!

I saw a "What Is My Home Worth?" recently and it was sad to me. A new build . . .very big (and again, only 3 people living in it). It was in Hawaii. I hate to think of what was destroyed for this new home.

    Bookmark   February 12, 2012 at 10:11PM
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Oh, I forgot about that Joe Ruggiero show. I LOVED that show.

I watched a few episodes of Love It or List It, but I don't like it. The designer woman annoys me. She always messes something up -- like she didn't find out that they couldn't build that addition because of zoning laws until later, or didn't realize it was a load bearing wall until taking it down, or...I like the real estate guy (think he's funny) but the whole thing is a setup. He shows them several houses that do not meet their requirements and need a lot of work, and then finally shows them a beautiful move in ready house. Every time, same thing. And, I've never seen a show where they actually list it. Maybe I've just missed those? Even so, I like seeing the last nice move in ready house and the final reveal of their house. They are usually very nice.

I do like House Hunters. It feeds my desire to see inside everyone's houses. I do know it's fake. Read that not too long ago. Now we make a game of figuring out which one they already bought based on their comments.

lolab - the "heighth" thing drives me nuts! I'm pretty sure it started on these decorating shows but now I hear it everywhere. IT'S NOT A WORD!

    Bookmark   February 13, 2012 at 1:52PM
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The kitchens the HH don't like....must remodel...some look a lot better than mine and yes, "lack of storage" always gets to me also.

    Bookmark   February 13, 2012 at 2:34PM
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jillinnj wrote, "...or didn't realize it was a load bearing wall until taking it down".

WHAT?!? Did that really happen?!? Tell us about that, please.

Carol M. in Jacksonville

    Bookmark   February 13, 2012 at 3:13PM
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I miss Designers challenge, and Designs for the sexes, or whatever that show was called. At least on those shows they were actually designing. Many of the shows on HGTV now are just rehashing cookie cutter decorating schemes that even I could do by now because I've seen them done so often.

    Bookmark   February 13, 2012 at 3:57PM
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Yes, that actually happened! Well, I think the supports were still there, but the wall was ripped out. They were opening up the downstairs to make an open floor plan. The homeowners came in and asked why it was still there and she said it's load bearing and can't be removed. It annoys me that she tells them the plan before she knows if she can execute the plan. Same with the time they were going to extend the back of the house. Well, turns out zoning laws didn't allow them to do that. Shouldn't she have found that out before telling them the plan??? They had already started renovations.

Forgot to mention - I also love Selling NY and Selling LA. Again, feeds my desire to see inside houses/apartments, especially high end ones that I'll never own.

    Bookmark   February 13, 2012 at 5:41PM
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Long time lurker here, but this is one of my first posts so please be gentle :)
I used to be a long time, all day, every day HGTV viewer myself, but lately I've found that I watch less and less of it because in my opinion, the shows just seem staged, fake and they all follow the same formula, just with different people and different locations. There's nothing unique about it anymore. Perfect example being one of their new shows Love it or List it.... Interesting concept.. but every episode is practically the same. Same crisis over and over again.

    Bookmark   February 13, 2012 at 7:50PM
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Unfortunately once you realize that they are all scripted shows the fun really is all gone.

Househunters takes 6 days to film one episode. The buyers already are under contract. The realtor is told exactly what to say, as is the buyer.

Property Brothers, same thing, they already have the house and are scheduled to close before they would even start filming.

Once you know this, when you watch the show it is obvious which house they are going to "choose".

And that Love it Or Leave It show....how scripted is that? "David isn't working hard enough to find us our new place he better get his act together"....really? Would people really talk like that on a show when they are being filmed? Well, I guess if the producers told them to do so they would.

But it is mindless, and it helps me fall asleep at night...

    Bookmark   February 13, 2012 at 10:28PM
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The show that I really like is Bang For Your Buck. On BFYB the camera takes its time and actually shows whole rooms and details with a well-photographed and easy eye. No jarring editing. No dumb "reveal." The owners explain why they remodeled as they did, how and why they made their decisions, what worked and what didn't, etc. Then the designers come in and critique the rooms. Of course, they're supposed to find something wrong, so they always do, even if it's silly. But you actually have a serious discussion of a room by two separate parties. I don't actually care much who got the biggest "bang", but I've gotten a lot of decorating ideas.

Love HouseHunters just for choosing the house I like best and guessing which was the one chosen. Some of the stories on HH are very moving. Unless, of course, it's some 20-something whippersnapper who whines about granite or looks at a perfectly usable bathroom and says "dated". In that case, like some other posters here, I yell at him/her to go live in a village in Afghanistan or Iran, where the toilets are literally a hole in the floor (or the ground). Sometimes we don't realize how great our lives are!

As an English teacher and cranky grammar-nanny, I do blame HGTV for its cruel assault on our beautiful language. However, I'll spare the forum my lecture. :o)

    Bookmark   February 14, 2012 at 2:28AM
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I completely agree with you, jillinnj, about Love it or List it. The other thing that designer always does is goes ahead and makes a decision about where the money is going to be spent without consulting the home owners.

We all know that you can compromise an original plan to meet unexpected budget needs. Like using less expensive materials for certain items instead of high end. She just goes and decides that she'll finish off a basement, for example, and ignore a bathroom that could have been updated if the budget was massaged a bit.

    Bookmark   February 14, 2012 at 9:40AM
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I commented on HGTV back in November apparently. And have come to the realization that I haven't watched anything on it since about then. HGTV no longer seems to occupy any space in my brain, and I just do not think about it any more.

    Bookmark   February 14, 2012 at 5:16PM
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