If you have a counter height box/bay window - please help!

Ellen1234August 23, 2013

[I already posted this basic question, but wanted to get opinions from anyone who has a counter height bay window or bumped out window such that the granite extends into the window box.]

Do you have any seams along your window run, and if so, where is the seam?

My granite is being cut tomorrow!

I have an L shaped run, approximately 58" by 163" (along wall). I have a 33" apron front sink and a 62" wide counter height window extending 9" into the window box along the long side.

They are suggesting putting the seam directly behind the faucet (the seam would be I suppose around 15").

The other option mentioned would be to put the seam to the left of the sink and window box (so it would be to the left of the window box and would be your typical counter depth of 25.5").

I'm not sure I would like the seam directly behind the faucet. I suppose if it's done correctly I really shouldn't notice it?

I will be meeting with them in the morning.


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I would think you'd prefer the smaller seam, behind the sink than one that is the full length of the counter.

We have a counter height window that bumps out and our seam is behind the sink..

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Thanks! I was actually going to ask you specifically about this -- so thank you for responding!

I sort of modeled my counter height window after yours (and some others), although mine isn't as wide so I just went with the center pane.

I was going to ask you how you like your layout of your faucets / soap dispenser / air switch -- I also plan to use your picture to lay mine out on Tuesday when the holes are cut. Are you happy with the layout?


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Yes, I love it : ) No issues so far! Good luck!

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