Stainless Steel Cleaner

hobokenkitchenAugust 17, 2012

I used to have a great one, but now can't remember for the life of me what it was!

Any recommendations for a cleaner that doesn't streak too badly?


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Annie Deighnaugh

DH likes barkeeper's friend...

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I like wienman. also heard simple green's is good too

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I use dilute Citra-Solv for my whole kitchen but I buff my stainless steel with a clean cloth and baby oil. It resists fingerprints then.

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I'm a fan of cat-mom's water/alcohol/lavendar oil mix, with a microfiber have to try it to believe it. Even DH is a convert!

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I was using alcohol and water, but the elkay instructions say DO NOT use alcohol on their chrome! great!


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Bayes Stainless Steel Cleaner/Protectant is the best that I have ever used. I buy it at a local funiture/appliance store but you can order it online.

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I find the Weiman wipes work well on my small amount of cooktop and wall oven but if you have a large expanse of fridge or DW or maybe you're into cloths rather than disposable wipes, there's a Weiman spray as an alternative. Available in grocery stores.


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I use Thor (spray foam). It's crazy expensive and I may look for something else when it's gone. My only SS appliance is a fridge. I use Thor maybe once a month and then the SS is quite fingerprint-resistant. The alcohol-water-lavender spray did not work for me.

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I just did a bit of research. Of course, I waited until I had 4 other stainless cleaners under the sink.

Seems a product called DIRTEX gets nothing but rave reviews. I ordered some, but, it's not here yet.

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Elraes Miller

I clean first with soap and water, clear water and then dry off. Then use Pledge on it. No streaks and gives a buff to keep finger prints, dirt, etc. off. Doing this for years.

For the stainless steel sink, yes for Bar Keepers. If you want to get rid of scratches, use fine wet sandpaper which is used by auto painters to finish. It takes the scratches away and leaves a beautiful new finish, does not really sand down, more of a cleaning and shine. Very easy to use, buy it at any hardware store.

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Sophie Wheeler


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Yay for the alc-water-lavender MaggieQ!

I am surprised Elkay recs against using alcohol--I wonder why? DH and I scrub our Julien sink with BKF, and I'll sometimes follow up with a spritz of my spray and then dry it off. Looks nice when I do that.

linelle, I am also surprised the spray didn't work on your SS fridge. I do know I had to remove every last speck of "residue" from our previous, oil-based SS cleaner/polish (3M). Every now and then I'll come across a missed spot of residue in a little crevice or out of the way spot (under the handles or around the water dispenser/tray). It took numerous scrubs/wipe-downs with BKF and a wet cloth (to "rinse") to remove it all. After that the spray worked, and continues to work, great.

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cat_mom, who knows? My KA fridge is my first SS appliance. When it first arrived, all fingerprint-y, I went after it with my counter spray (water + few drops of Dawn) and microfiber cloth. It was a horrible streaky mess. Told my salesguy and he said it was because I was stripping out the oil. I thought that's what I was trying to do. So maybe I didn't go far enough? Anyway, I bought the spendy Thor and love it. It smells like lemon Pledge. Maybe it's the same thing. All I care about is it works really well. I'll use it till it's gone and then see if I can find something that's more economical. Or not. As long as it works, I don't mind the cost.

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Zep stainless steel cleaner

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linelle, my fridge is a KA, so I would think it's the same type of SS (?). Perhaps as you said, you didn't go far enough. If what you are using works, no reason not to stick with it. I am very, very happy I took a chance on trying out the alc-water, and that I persevered with the initial cleaning with BKF. That fridge was a giant PITA to clean before this.

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Ordinary "rubbing alcohol" is 30% water which can remain as droplets after cleaning if not caught up by the cloth. The "no fault alcohol" cleaner widely used in technical applications is isopropanol 99% also called isopropyl 99% usually also found in large drug stores in 500 ml bottles. It can be light misted with a small spray bottle and cleaned after a few seconds pause with a microfiber cloth. One thing it won't shift for some reason is dried grapefruit juice splatter.
Cleaning stainless steel often calls for more than two different types of cleaner and several attempts at using them in different order to discover what works. Good cleaners in one situation that fail in another usually indicate an additional contaminant problem is present that must be dealt with first. A good example are the smudges sometimes left behind after trying to strip off protective plastic sheeting which decides to rip instead of lifting in one piece.

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Our appliance store recommended a product called 'Wow' for our stainless steel appliances - they were out, but gave us a couple of wipes to try. They seemed to work really well in a test this afternoon.

Has anyone used it? Like it/ hate it?

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sheila shine

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I found this a couple of winters ago while wiping down the kitchen for germs during cold season:
Lysol wipes, followed by a microfiber cloth. Totally amazing. Cuts through the oils of finger prints. Works great on my KitchenAid fridge. You don't even have to go with the grain. Also works to get the residue off from the stainless cleaners you've used but which didn't quite work :-)

Also use it on my cooktop, dishwasher, and wall ovens. Love it.

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