Layout question - please help!!

julie1973August 6, 2014

I don't know if it's "normal" to go back and forth so many times with the architect, but I feel like we've gone through so many drawings - I just want to get it right! So, we have a u-shaped perimeter with 48" range at the bottom of the U and center island perpendicular. The sink and dw are on the left and fridge on the right. The DW is at the end of the sink run, closer to the range, with an easy reach corner cab before the end. Right now, there is 51" of space between the end of the island and the range. Is this too much? I cook alone most of the time. I am thinking the space is there to clear the DW on the left, but there is still more room than that. I am thinking it is far to pull things out of the oven and place on the counter,and that we should make it 48. Will that make a difference? Any input would be appreciated!!

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51" isn't too much, 48" isn't too little. Calculate the size of the range door itself. If it's about 24", when it's open that gives you just a bit over 2' to maneuver items in and out of the oven comfortably. It works.

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Thanks suzi. In looking at the wolf specs online, it states that the door clearance is 19" (if I understand correctly - but there is also a diagram in which it looks like its 28" but that seems huge!).

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Actually - door clearance is 19.5".

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OK I think my drawing is way worse than the layout the cabinet guy gave me. But heck I'm going to try it! Thanks for any ideas.

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