A couple ink cartridges and a new tile sample later

oldbat2beAugust 1, 2012

I received the kj patterson tile samples yesterday, and copied and clipped and taped away.

First, second and third thoughts: wow. Definitely bolder and darker than what I photoshopped initially (below):

I am preferring the lighter color and assume I can tweak this fairly easily. I will live with this up for a few days but think that it could work.

Your thoughts and feedback as always, very much appreciated.

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Sophie Wheeler

Actually, since there is SO much light stuff in your kitchen, the darker works MUCH MUCH better! It also gives the pattern and interest and ties the dark island to the kitchen much better. I think it's a real winner! Now all you need is an installer who can do the tile justice!

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Absolutely brilliant that you copied the tile and literally cut-and-pasted this. It is great to see, for example, the reflection of the tiles in your countertop, cooktop, and island.

I really like the installation. It looks rich and mesmerizing.

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Oh my gosh I love this! I am beyond jealous as I would love to use tile like this, but DH thinks it's way too busy. I am actively cheering you on from the sidelines.

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I think you've just gone down in GW history. Brilliant idea.

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Love that tile! I too, prefer the darker and with your lights gives it a groovy 60s thing. Not in a bad way, mind you. Just a touch of 'hip'. And what a great idea to make photocopies!

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What an awesome idea! Even as a totally temporary b/s. I really love the tiles but personally probably couldn't handle an entire backsplash of them.

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Love the Darker version too. Great idea to copy them and do mock up like you have. Beautiful.

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I love the tile!!! Hope you use it...stunning!

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That is gorgeous! It is so much richer and more luxurious than what you'd photoshopped before. It takes your kitchen to a whole new level. Bravo!

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Oh, oh, oh, [moan moan moan] can you hear me?



I agree. You need some contrast. That darker is GORGEOUS.
Tell me. My monitor resolves it as a chocolate and very light cream. Is it? It looks to be the EXact color of your cabinets!!!

Can you talk about prices on this? I can't stand how much I like this. It really bulldozes my OCD, no-visual-clutter emotions and is just soaking me in.

I think it's the richness. So gorgeous!

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I'll have what Christine is having.

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Finally. I can afford Ann Sacks tile!! Well, at least pictures of it!

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That is perfect.

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Hate to be one of the odd ones out here, but, do they come in a lighter version? This is a bit hard on the eyes to look at on a regular basis.
I guess you don't want to do a mural abouve your cooktop and then field tiles plainer?

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I love this. What a great way to live with the tile before plonking down big bucks. Have you looked at Jeffrey Court tiles in their Antico Portuguese series

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Thanks for the feedback all, I am feeling better about the dark tile.

hollysprings - so very nice to have your input. Glad to know the color we have, works. You steered me towards a patterned (damask) tile in the first place as well as towards a brown tile. I am still chuckling about your comment about towels.

Thanks angie_diy. I'm still liking it 24 hours later. Part of me still lusts after the honeycomb tile roccogurl dangled before me but I couldn't justify the plunge and expense without knowing how it would look. (Hmmm.... I could photocopy the two sample tiles I have...).

Chiefy76 - Thanks!! DH is not thrilled but... he'll let me make the choice. Of course, then I have to live with it without complaining. Love hearing about jealousy! What was that great Gore Vidal quote I heard today -something about dying a little inside everytime one of one's friends does something amazing.

Thanks deedles, I think. Not so sure about the 60's thing... aiming more towards classic but fun?

marcolo - Thanks!!! It's great to turn the corner and see it in different lighting/different angles.

Linelle - that's the question I need to answer in next couple of days. BUT - I think I would like to have the whole backsplash in same color/tiles vs. one bold area.

Thanks shades_of_idaho, williamsem (you gave me so many ideas) and poohpup.

Christine - you crack me up!! Been reading anything grey lately?? Cost from Lee at Filmore Clark (extremely nice) is $21/6" tile. This is a little less than the other quote I received from Mission Tile West.

ellendi - no, no, this is why I post! Very much want the questions to be asked. I've asked about the colors available. My preference is for a single tile across the whole backsplash vs. focal point of some sort.

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Oh lalitha - I like those too.

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I wish it were that kind of moaning [eye brow wiggle].
After all. I live alone.

Cats, dogs, construction .... gotta live vicariously.

That's so out of my league, but I really like it. I think I'm going to save this post and look up Filmore Clark. You never know what I'll do with my savings! :) YEAH!

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Absolutely meant my reference to the 60s vibe in a fun, good way...

It was just an impression from the distance pic, up close maybe not so much...

Here is a link that might be useful: 60s wallpaper patterns

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It's beautiful, a wonderful rich color and pattern.

BUT if I stood facing it, I think my eyes would itch. And the vines would twine round and round as I fell into converging patterns. This is NOT for the astigmatic!!

I agree with Marcolo. Copying them was a brilliant idea. Well worth the ink. You can live with it for a few days and think about it. You can KNOW, not just look, before you leap!

And surely there will be a use for these paper ''tiles'' later whichever way you decide. Inside a cabinet? Laminated as placemats? Wrapping food gifts from your kitchen?


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I Love this!! The photocopy idea AND the tile. I actually like it just the color it is, fwiw. Great job!!

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I love the tile, and this is a genius idea that I will be trying! Maybe it will make the backsplash vs no backsplash choice easier.

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FWIW, if you see a tile online and have a photo or similar quality printer, you can print images of the tile and then follow oldbat2be's example without having to have a physical tile to photocopy. Decide on plain paper or matte vs glossy photo paper to match the tile finish to get a better feel for it with your kitchen finishes. This can help narrow down choices especially is you live far from tile stores. When I did this in my previous kitchen, I put the paper copies on posterboard so I could easily remove it for cooking.

oldbat2be, the rest of your kitchen finishes look like you had it planned all along to go with this tile :). How cool is that!


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Angie_DIY posted a pic from this kitchen in Circuspeanuts recent post. I was looking at the other pics from the kitchen and found this one.
The backsplash is not the same, but thought it might interest you. (Yours is prettier!)

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Hi - Not sure whether you are still checking this thread, but just in case. I'm wondering if you eventually went with the encaustic tile backsplash. I love the look and am interested in doing it for my own backsplash.

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Love it!

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lazyjane75 - seeing this thread made me smile. We did go with the bold tile and 85% of the time, I'm very happy. (The rest, I wonder about different color combinations....). I'll keep an eye out for your thread, I love the encaustic tiles too.

Close up -

Thanks cathy725.

bellsmom, actually, close up, I LOVE the richness of the tiles. No itching!

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It always cracks me up how much Oldbat2b's real tile looks like her photocopied mockup. If only copy paper were more durable, we could all save a lot of money on our backspashes.

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It really did end up quite like the photocopies! Really gorgeous. I'm curious as to how you think the tiles work, cleanup-wise. Did you do anything special to them when they were installed? (e.g., special sealer, etc.). I have read that they have to be waxed when used on the floor.... I'm going to a tile shop that carries these tomorrow--so excited!

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