Question for Tapmaster owners please

illinigirlAugust 29, 2014

I have the Tapmaster model that has the continuous flow option, ie kick the stem to about 45 degrees and the water remains on without holding the stem.

My question is- how difficult is it for you to kick the stem into the 45 degree position? Because on mine it's REALLY HARD. I can barely do it with a shoe on (I have indoor slipper shoes or crocs I wear in the house only), and it would not be possible for me to do without a shoe on- it requires more force than a bare foot can provide.

The other thing is that on mine I have to push the stem straight back (away from me) and THEN to the 45 degree angle. Is that the way yours operates also?

Will the stem loosen up over time

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Mine was also pretty hard at first. I sat on the floor and moved it with my hand into and out of locked position for about 5 minutes or so and it loosened up and works easily now, sometimes too easily. I have not had to push it in and then over.

Hope yours loosens up soon!

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Mine was harder at first, quickly loosened up. But it was never too difficult to do with bare feet! I'd either get the installer to review or call Tapmaster customer service. I ordered mine from conservastore and consulted with them and Tapmaster before purchasing, they have great phone support.

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Thanks! Actually i double checked mine and I don't have to push it in either. Even though it is still very stiff I think it has loosened up since it was installed. At that time I thought they put in the wrong model because I couldn't push it over at all even with my hand (until the GC came and gave it some real force to show me it was the right model). I was afraid of breaking it.

I will try your trick to see if it helps.

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Mine is still rather stiff if I use it barefooted/or socks, but it seems like it HAS loosened up some. If I had hard soled slippers on, I think it would seem a bit easier. But, what you've described seems wrong.

May go play a bit with turning it on and off like OOTM mentioned to see if it loosens up a bit more.

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Mine was also difficult to lock at first. I was surprised how much effort it took. It quickly loosened up and is now easy to lock. I only have to push to one side or the other to lock it. I can turn on the flow by pushing the control back also.

This doesn't help you, OP, but may help others considering a Tapmaster. Do not install the foot control centered on the sink. Instead, install it right of center to line up with your right foot. For you lefties, install it left. When you stand in front of the sink, your foot will be lined up perfectly with the control! I know I wouldn't like my Tapmaster as much if the control was centered on the sink.

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