Anyone Used (All Granite & Marble Corp) in NJ?

drybeanAugust 16, 2010

Good rainy monday morning everyone! At least up here anyway.

I've done a search of the forums and can not find anything about this fabricator, good or bad. They are located in Ridgefield Park, NJ.

Their quote came back way under the other 2 that I've priced out.

Before we drive 1.5 hours to NJ, I want to check and see if others have experience with them, good or bad. I've found 2 reviews on Citysearch, 1 horrible and 1 great.

If you would prefer to email me, that is fine too. Or, if you know of a good fabricator in the NY Tri-State area that is reputable and reasonable, let me know! We live in Fairfield County, CT.

Thank you!

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I got a quote from them. They do have good prices because they do a lot of volume. However I found them kind of difficult of work with and not that flexible. So lets say the customer service isn't all that great but they seemed to know what they are doing.

If you need a little bit of hand holding or you tend to ask too many questions or you need them to help with a little bit of prep work, you might run into some push back.

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I found their website to be wonderful when looking at various types of granite to narrow down looks and colors but not so much so going there in person. Very crowded and it was a real effort to look at the inventory. They have many small samples up on the walls and want you to pick the few that you want to look at in person. You do this while crammed into a relatively small area with many other people doing the same thing. You cannot take them down from the wall and look at them any closer and many of them are high up or low down on the wall. Then you write down the numbers and have to find them yourself while walking around a huge yard. Quite difficult to get them to answer questions or help you. Good prices or not, I knew I needed much more hand holding than that for my kitchen and took them right out of the equation the day I visited. On the other hand, my sister just needed a vanity top for her bathroom and was happy with the granite she picked and the work they did.

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Padola-Thanks for the info. That is what I was afraid of...I need a little bit of help since I am attempting to GC this project myself. I take it you ended up going with someone else? Do you mind sharing who you used (if you were happy with them, that is).

Hilary-Their website is fabulous, isn't it? I've spent hours on it already! That experience does not sound like very much fun, and I would guess that they probably are not amenable to giving out samples, either. However, I'm very happy to hear that your sister was happy with their work.
I wonder if I went during the week if it would be as crowded. Do you mind sharing who you ended up using?

They are supposedly opening up a Danbury location very soon, and maybe it won't be as packed. But then who knows if they would be using the same installation crew, etc.


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Are companies allowed to post on threads about them? I'm not sure and if we are not I'm sorry for the intruding presence. Just wanted to share that if you'd like to visit All Granite and Marble try to come during the week as we are sometimes overwhelmed with the volume of clients on Saturdays and it may unfortunately be difficult to give the personalized individual attention that you require & we want to provide you with. You may have a salesman walk the yard with you to help with selection and show you the slabs, you do not have to be alone (in most locations its required for salesman to accompany you), and the samples are free of charge and you can take as many as you'd like! Just clearing those things up. You can msg me with any more questions. Thank you all and good luck in the decision you make.

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We went to the Ridgefield Park location a few weeks ago. At first I was a little put off by the show room and the small samples but once we had a sales person walk around the yard with us it was much easier to see the slabs. When we didn't like any of the slabs from the samples we saw the sales person did walk around to show us some others that we might like. I did like how they gave an initial estimate right away so we at least had a clue of the ball park we would be in for cost. Of course, all the ones I liked were in their highest range but the price was still reasonable.

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I've been to All Granite twice, but am still very early in the process so I don't have any experience with their work.

The first time we went was as Hilary stated. A small dark area with many small samples on the wall that all looked the same. It was very hard to see what the granites looked like from those samples. We picked about 5 or 6 and a salesman took us in the yard and showed us those slabs. Make sure you have good walking shoes on, the yard is enormous. As we were finishing, I noticed a completed vanity top and asked about that granite. The salesman was able to idenity the granite I was looking at and took me over to see that lot. I was able to take a free sample home. I have to say that even though it was a Saturday and they were busy, I never felt rushed.

The 2nd time I spent hours on the website and wrote down the lot numbers listed of the granites I was interested in. The website is great inspiration, but none of the lot numbers matched. I was very disappointed by that. Interestingly, after spending a couple of hours walking the lot, I came up with the same granite I had seen before.

I will most likely get an estimate from them even though my contractor works with another fabricator pretty exclusively, so I am also interested in any actual experience with them.

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My friend just recently used to do her new den/office area. She loved them! Did lots of comparison shopping and said the price couldn't be beat. They went to the South Plainfield location during the week and had no complaints and was amazed by the selection. I know they give samples because I now have hers at my house, saving it for my upcoming kitchen remodel!

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We used them for our remodel and were very happy. That being said, years ago, there were several people who posted here that had negative experiences, and it was sort of concluded that it depended on who you ended up dealing with, and who did your installation.

We went there for the first time on a Saturday and it was in fact very busy...but we were able to walk around the yard with an employee and wrote down every slab we liked and got samples of several for free. It is a HUGE yard.We went back on a weeknight for templating and they moved the slabs around SO many times to get it the way we wanted (our granite is very busy). I felt bad but they didn't complain at all.

The main reason we wanted to use them was for their quick turnaround - from template to install it was 3 days. Not sure if it's still like that now (we remodeled in 2006) but we had a great install and are very happy with our counters.

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Great feedback, thank you so much. I do feel better about using them now. I was pretty scared after I read the awful review on citysearch.

I hope the Danbury location opens up in the next few weeks, b/c that would hopefully eliminate some of the traffic at the NJ one, and I can make multiple trips there with ease during the week.

lnersesian-they do still advertise a 3 day turnaround time, which is impressive! I'm very relieved to hear that you had a good experience.

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Must admit that we were there on a Saturday and it was brutally busy. Sorry we did not visit during the week - may have totally changed my opinion.
Ended up with a yard/fabricator in East Rutherford. Drybean, sent you an email with their information. Will respond on how it went once it actually happens!

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Thanks for all the feedback. We're going to check it out on Friday, so hopefully it won't be too busy. I'll be sure to update how the visit goes, and if we end up using them.

I wish the CT office would open soon.

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I did not use although their quote was excellent for the slabs they have (River White). However I ultimately did not use them because when I wanted a slab (quartzite bianca) that they had to get from another stone yard. They were literally 2x Atlas Marble and Granite which i ended up going with. Atlas' quote was also based on getting the stone from the same yard.

I mean they are polite and curteous but you can sort of tell when someone is not interested in holding your hand or really getting to know your project to see if there's any professional suggestions they can make based on their experience. With Atlas I talked to the owner multiple times, they always returned my call, they gave me tips, they got to know my kitchen, they helped me prep my fireplace free of charge.

I mean I wouldn't pay $1000 more for that extra service but if price is close i'm going with someone that would actually answer my silly question without the "i really got to go now" attitude and get to know my project.

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My husband and I went to yesterday and it was an awful experience. To be fair, we also had our kids with us so that did not help.
I went onto their website and got an estimate (very easy). We have about 60 sq ft of counter space and the "base" price is a little over $2100 for their lowest level granite and $2400 for the next level. The website quote does not give you the prices for the higher levels. The thing is- they upcharge for just about everything. Most granite places give you a free sink, sink cutout, 4+ edges to choose from and up to 4 hole cutouts. This company charges $150 for the sink cutout and $210 for the edge- not an upgraded edge but just for a straight edge! Quarter bevel is $85, full bullnose is $380, etc. I really felt like it was a waste of my time.
We are probably going to use Tri-State Stone. They have showrooms in Newark and Long Branch and the company just seems more straighforward and honest.

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Drybean, there are many places right here in CT (I, too, am in FFLD County). Why go to NJ? Have you shopped local?
Just curious.

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Speaking in general terms my of experience shopping for a stone in NJ, NY and CT. The most selection and the best prices are in NJ. The sales tax on my stone was 3.5%. I'm sure it NY it would've been 8%. Not sure what it is in CT.

NJ is a port CT so they got the best stuff at the best prices in my humble opinion.

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Kitchens by Design

Have you tried LaPietra in Brookfield? I know several people who have used them and have been quite happy. Also, I have heard All Granite is having issues with the town in the CT location.

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There's also Marble and Granite Creations, in Brookfield and New Milford.
LaPietra is good, too.

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Hi everyone,

Thanks to all for the continued input and suggestions.
I did trek out to NJ about two weeks ago to visit I went during the week, hoping it would be less busy. It was still quite busy (more than I would expect for a rainy Tuesday morning, anyway), but there were plenty of available salespeople to help. I had a patient sales guy who walked me around the yard and allowed me to peruse the slabs.

I am glad that I opted to get a babysitter when I went, as children are not allowed in the yard. Wanted to note that here in case others are in the same situation. It would have been a wasted trip, as you can't really tell much from the small samples in the showroom.

Paintergirl-I wanted to check out as I've heard from a few people in NYC that they had the best pricing around. So far, I've found this to be true. I checked out US Granite in Danbury and another local place in Newtown, and had them beat by well over $1K. I'm working on a very tight budget so that is a pretty significant chunk of change.

I've not checked out LaPietra & Marble & Granite creations yet though. I'll do that. Thanks for the suggestions.

When I was All Granite, I asked about the Danbury location. He said that it was supposed to open in two weeks, which would be right about now. I drove by the location and it did not look close to opening. They have a truck parked there, but didn't look like there was anything else really on-site.

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Have you seen if the locals could match those prices (or, do better).
Agreed, $1K is a good chunk of change.
In the meantime, I'll check out who may be good for some of my smaller jobs. And then, I'll check out All Granite as soon as they're open in Danbury. Thanks for the tip.
Here's a word of caution, tho: when choosing a slab make sure it is not a commercial grade stone. There are simple ways to identify one. And, some places have smaller slabs, which means yours may have a seam. Not knowing your layout, don't know if that's an issue, just giving a heads up.

Good luck with your stone and looking forward to seeing your finished kitchen!

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No, I did not ask if they could match the prices. I am planning on asking at US Granite if they can do so. I hate asking people to come down on makes me turn bright red! But it must be done, so ask I shall.

How can I tell if it a commercial grade stone, and why would I not want one?
I have about 63 sq ft of counter space, and so I expect to perhaps have a seam at the corner?

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Photos-Before

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We got our kitchen granite there. It was the cheapest by far, the installation was done within a few days, and it came out beautifully. We were extremely happy with the outcome.
HOWEVER, we decided to use them for our bathroom, which had a vanity top, a saddle, a shower bench, and a few pieces that the shower door would rest against. They only installed the vanity top and then left the other pieces sitting in the shower. When our contractor tried to put the pieces in, it was clear they were the wrong size and edges that would be showing weren't finished. They were not helpful when we called and complained, and we ended up paying another granite company to come in and fix the mess.
My suggestion: they are fine if you are getting basic counter/vanity tops, but for projects that include other pieces, use a granite company that will actually INSTALL the granite. They took no responsibility.

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We picked out our slab and everything was fine until installation day- the granite template they made was not correct leaving big gaps between the slab and backsplash. They came 2 hours after the service window (at 8pm!!) and were sloppy with whatever liquid they used dripping this liquid all over our brand new cabinets RUINING several doors. I called the company and they were VERY rude and got such a run around.

This place obviously does not value its customers- lesson learned you get what you pay for!

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Despite their 3-day turn around claim, it took them a week to come back with the cut pieces for a small marble countertop in an apartment kitchen. They don't work on weekends. The company only accepts payment in full by certified check or money order before installation, after which you are at their mercy if all doesn't go well. The men who finally came to install the countertop attempted to cut the backsplash on premises and basically ruined marble. Measurements originally taken were off and had to be redone for the back splash and window sill. Customer Service was terrible and inflexible. Company refused to set delivery times in advance; they waited until night before to confirm. Even then, on one occasion no one showed up at all. Communication between manager, marble cutters and installers was terrible. When new backsplash was finally delivered, the edges had to be polished on site. All in all, a very small custom job that should have taken a week to complete, ended up taking three times as long with much aggravation. My contractor said he's never seen anything like it and would have recommended a local company, with better customer service. So I pass along his advice to you...lesson learned.

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I'm a little bit freaked out because I just found this thread here and I am already in the process of dealing with the Ridgefield Park warehouse. They came to measure for my tops yesterday and so far everything seemed ok. When I went to the yard last week the guys at the office were a bit basic in terms of customer service but still helpful. It looked like they had a lot of other customers there so they went straight to the relevant questions and got me out on the yard to look at the stones. I found my granite pretty quickly (Peregrine) and took a sample. I'm hoping nothing bad happens on the install tomorrow. I'll be watching them closely and update when they finish.

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So installation came and went, and I can't really complain about it. They showed up about 30 minutes into the scheduled time and the pieces were installed without any trouble, but they were a bit sloppy with what I could only guess was sealer. All in all I'd say it was not a bad experience at all (based on some of the other posts). I would recommend them if you're on a tight budget and need a fast turnaround time. I hope this helps someone out there in their decisions!

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Im just now ordering from They have a new store in Vestal NY. I have got a color I like and have asked 4 local businesses and is like 1000.00 less. Here's what I have experienced so far. I did the online estimate and it sent me to the PA store. I called and told the Vestal store and they said send um the estimate # and they will Email me a new one. A few hours later I got a new estimate but it was 60.00 more for edge detail than PA store. I asked why and they said it was correct and they were not adding to edging to make more money. Moving on .. They sent me pictures of full slabs and a nice note that said they were to far from me to do a template. There web site says 200 mile radius and Vestal is 83 miles from me and the PA store is 193 miles from me. So I called um and they said the radius was 100 miles from their store. I said ok your 83 miles from me and they said their templators come from the PA store. The manager suggested I do the template and they would install. I said I dont know how to do that and even if I did how would I get the templates to you.Then he said he will see if he can get PA store to do it anyway. The next day I got a email saying they would do the template but there would be a additional charge of $450.00 for gas from PA store to my house. I was LIVID. I said how is it my fault your store dont have templators. He didnt seem to care. He agreed to take 100 off the price. So reluctantly I went along with this . Its Friday and he said next week the templators will come out and call monday for times .. I call and they said next available appointment was Tuesday of the next week. Then he said they can install a week after that. I said what happened to the FAST 3 DAY TURNAROUND. He said its not 3 day it says FAST TURNAROUND. 3 WEEKS IS NOT FAST IN MY BOOK !!!!!!!!!!. This is where I am up to now , Ill update if they ever get here .

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Update I finally got the granite in and it took the crew of 3 5 hours to put it in becuase the slab was a tad off. It didnt fit the wall so they had to cut into the wall on the right side to get the seem in the middle of the sink to line up. They finally got it all done the guy told me the final bill due and it was 20 less than the money order I had., He said they will send me the overage, ! month later and still no refund. Ok so now they were done I had to sign a "all good" paper saying everything was good to go , They left and the next day the plumber did the pipes and facet and no leaks. So I put all the chemicals under the sink and went on with life,.Well a month later I went under the sink to make sure there was no water and bam a puddle. I tested the drains and facet and all was good , Then I sprayed the undermount sink at the seems in the center and a rainforest of water came down. They must have missed a gap on the sink with the silicon cause its not stopping any water .

I called up and the manager Adrian argued with me saying how could it be leaking a month later . I said its not like I was watching the under side of the sink everyday . Then he wanted pictures. How do I get pictures of a gap between the sink and the granite?? . He then said I signed the "all good" papers. I said how am i supposed to test if the undermount sink was water tight before they left. Was I supposed to go get my garden hose. He said you cant cause silicon has to dry. OMG. He said its not worth it for them to drive an hour and a half to fix it. Asked if I could put some silicon in the front. If I could get silicon between the sink and the granite I would but I dont know how thats going to hold up just hitting the front and besides it going to look like crap.
He said let me call my manager and he never called me back. If I dont get a return call tomorrow Ill just file a BBB report and caulk it my self till a better repair can be made .
So may be cheaper BUT they lack in QUALITY of instalation. Use at your own risk ,

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Sammy2013 - I was wondering if you had any further update on your experience with (did you complain to BBB? did they do anything to rectify the situation?). We are looking for an affordable granite option in the Ithaca/Binghamton area and I was so disappointed to hear about your experience with since their quote was almost half of what we were hearing from other places.

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yes I did file a BBB complaint. offered to pay for the $5.00 silicon I had to use to seal the hole between the granite and the sink and I refused and asked for the extra cost they charge to install the undermount sink and they refused. they have now not answered any other letters from the BBB. so I guess Im just screwed. is cheaper because they use old school templeters that use the old stick and glue method. The new method is dot tape and a digital camera then input to a computer program. After they templeted my counters everything looked perfect but when they cut the granite and got here the slab didnt fit. They had to cut into my wall a 1/2 inch on the right side to get it to fit. Took them 5 hours to install. If they had used the dot tape it would have fit the first time and been outta here in half the time. Also the installers were young. Id say mid 20's with not much experience. They had 3 guys with them . 2 were working the third was supposed to be learning but was on his cell on my porch more often than learning. I could only imagine if I had got him installing the granite.
overall the silicon I used sealed the leak but now I have to maintain that seal forever. Maintenance I shouldn't of had to do. The granite looks nice , The seams are a tad big and you can feel them .If ya want to talk more email me at . I also have pictures posted on my facebook page

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Please check to see how your sink is secured to the granite. It must be mechanically fastened.

You need to have your sink reinstalled. The silicone must go between the flange and the bottom of the stone, not be merely topically applied at the rim.

If your top has been "rodded" this can have catastrophic consequences. I'm not exaggerating. I've fixed plenty of these.

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Trebruchet :

I just happened to check this page again and seen your response .

My sink was installed with silicon on the bottom edge . They then used clamps to hold it to the granite. They then used I'd say about 70 2X3 inch left over scraps of stone and used epoxy on all of them and I guess put the stone over the sink edge and granite to epoxy it to the bottom. I didnt see any rods epoxied into the slab. But the bottom did have a netting on it .

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They just installed my new counter top. Very professional installers. Downside of the process - you have to visit the site at least three times. Even you have paid a deposit for specific slab they don't guaranty that the slab you picked will be used for the counter top. They just pick the first one in the batch. That is why you have to go to the site again and see the one they taped. However, the selection is HUGE and staff is friendly.

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