Did your painted cabs have finish blemishes?

SophiePWAugust 5, 2014

Our painted Brookhaven cabinets just arrived. Right now I'm feeling pretty underwhelmed by the quality of the workmanship. Several of the doors and cabinet corners have slight scuffs in the paint. This is particularly annoying when they're upper cabs at eye-level. I've also noticed tiny nicks in the MDF (fortunately in places that will be hidden once installed). Still... for the hefty price of Brookhaven, I expected so much more. (Our old IKEA cabinets aren't seeming so bad!)

Has anyone else had this experience? Did your painted cabs and doors look perfect upon arrival?

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Kitchens and sausage should not be looked at closely during the process of being made. Minor issues will be addressed by your installer with the touch up kit before it's finished.

Painted cabinets DO show the minor marks from assembly and installation more than wood cabinets do. They also show normal wear and tear of use more. You have to be OK with that, both from the beginning, and with living with it in the future.

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Yes, and I have to say that I should have insisted on more door/drawer fronts being replaced because of dings and chips. The touch up kit paint discolored after a while and was way less chip proof than the original paint.

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