Layout help 11'x16' kitchen

Luiz Borges GomideAugust 18, 2014

We are having some trouble on finding the most functional layout for our kitchen. The dining room is directly below the kitchen and the blue rectangles are columns.

Those are the 3 layouts we came up with with our concerns about them.

A U layout with a bar counter, we think it might be a bit cramped with two corners (cabinet door problems).

A linear layout with the same bar counter, this seem to waste space, althought no more cabinet doors clashing.

An L layout with an island. Never had an island before, I don't really know if that would work. Also there is a column in the middle of an edge of the island.

We also planned a smaller kitchen like the 1st or 2nd layout but with a broom/supplies closet facing the laundry and the fridge enclosure against the column.

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I posted this same pic on your other thread. Regardless of the OTHER parts of your kitchen layout (which I'm not commenting on with this idea, this idea is mostly just fridge placement to open up more useable space for the other layout), I suggest a fridge notch. The kitchen deserves more square footage, and the laundry and pantry are both oversize RELATIVE to the amount of space allotted to the kitchen, so I propose taking some space from them and using it for a fridge notch.

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Whatever you do, don,t go with the fridge, stove and sink in a row unless it's a one-person kitchen. I think the first one is the most functional. I don't know how the two-level(?) counter/seating zone works, but is there a way to extend the gray counter top a couple of feet toward the pantry?

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Luiz Borges Gomide

beautybutdebtfree, like I said in the other post, I can't move those wall (I could shrink the pantry, but I want a storage pantry, so I would rather leave it as is). Also, moving the fridge would add 75-80 cm (about 2,5 feet) of counter, I already have at least 5 m (16,5 feet) of counter top, not including the island/peninsula. I think I have enough area in the kitchen, it will be mostly one cook, and maybe two on ocasion.

FXMom, I could extend the counter top, I will just have a notch where the support column is. But wouldn't it be to big? Making the entrance smaller and more trouble to go from kitchen to the dinning room?

Also, you said that the linear kitchen is a bad idea, what if I move the sink in the second layout to the bar/counter area? I would have to move some plumbing, but it is doable.

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I like the first plan. It's a good layout...the only problem seems to be the island. Can you put two beams in, rather than one in the middle? Maybe one on each end of the island, with seating facing the range wall?

This would be more similar to your seating at the peninsula. Would this intrude too much into the dining room? It looks like you do not have enough space for stools and walkways with seating on each side of the island.

I also like your fridge on the wall to dining room. It works well with the beams (if they can't be moved) and separates the two spaces. Do you have enough space for stools? Another idea might be shelves or shallow cabinets for display and/or cookbooks.

Best of luck with your remodel :)

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Luiz Borges Gomide

lavender, I can't move the beams, unfortunetely, so I have to work around it.

I haven't set on the island size, the one I put in the there seems oversized to me. But the aisle width is compatible with what I found on clearance and sitting:
"If traffic passes behind the seated diner, allow at least 44 inches to walk past."

The fourth layout, the one with the fridge against the column, which would be extended to be the full width of the enclosure, is one of my favorite designs. Is has as much countertop as the first layout, it incorporates a seating area and fully hides the column. A downside is that the kitchen looks smaller and the path way to the dining room becomes a bit more cumbersome.

Oh, I don't intend on using upper cabinets, just some shelves around the range to make it more spacious.

BTW: This isn't a remodel, is a new construction that we changed the floor plan along the way...

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One thing I would check out is making the door into the laundry room a sliding door. Doing that frees up the door-swing space allowing for more counter or floor to ceiling storage, or whatever along that top wall.

It looks like the corner of the laundry on the other side of the pantry wall is free space and that is where you could enter from.

Just a thought.

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Luiz Borges Gomide

blfenton, that corner in the laundry will have a full height closet for supplies. Since the door to the outside is in the opposing wall of the closet, changing the entrance would produce a dead wall and lose too much space.

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If you do the layout with the fridge at the end of the peninsula, you will have to enclose it more. I did this in two projects, I will look for pics.

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There was an immovable brick wall to one side of the fridge. We boxed it in and there was an open run of counter topped by glass fronted and backed cabinets between this enclosure and the other wall:

And here's another place I did it. The fridge is to the left of the counter stools. It lined up with a freestanding fireplace that your catching the edge of on the far left:

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If it was my kitchen and using your first diagram, I would:

Laundry room: move the door to the "bottom" wall so you can put counters right up the the wall. You might not need the space right now, but I think it would be easier to carry wash in to the center of the room than in to the side of the refrigerator.

I would consider using a wall oven on the same wall as the refrigerator and rather than putting the range on the refrigerator wall, I would put a cooktop in the bar. One nice thing about a cooktop over a range, is on a hot day you can use the oven and not roast too if you need to use the burners on top.

Looks like a fun project.

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Luiz Borges Gomide

palimpsest, I didn't draw in the diagram so it wouldn't be confused with the pillar, but I would do the enclosure walls exactly like you described.

Since you have first hand experience with that layout, what do you think about it? I'm between that one and the one with the island. I even simulated the island layout in my current living room and its aisles were very open and easy to navigate, but I wasn't happy with the amout of free counter top (ignoring stove, sink and MW).

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The clients liked it: Kitchen 1 was very small 11'x9' with no room for expansion in any direction. There would have been a thick wall next to where the fridge was put regardless. It made sense to have this kitchen single entry. But sometimes people did some prep standing outside the kitchen proper at the peninsula. (helping kind of stuff)

The second was too small for an island and adjacent to the front door: she did not want the kitchen completely open.

I did a hybrid plan with island instead of peninsula:
Less seating outside but could do seating on both sides to get four.

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I think the column may be in the way of the left hand stool area but I am not sure how much I moved it. Sorry.

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Luiz Borges Gomide

Thanks for the layout palimpsest, I'm torn between having a peninsula or an island. The peninsula seems more private for the cook, this can be seem as an advantage or disadvantage...
I guess it is too subjective at this point, since in terms of work areas and countertop size they are equivalent. Not I guess is more a matter of form than function (maybe have the island with a wood countertop instead of granite).

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Just a quick spin on Pal's idea. Not sure where beam would be...but since it's new construction, don't you have some input on the placement? could be a closet or space for a wall oven/microwave next to the range/cooktop. Have fun with the planning! :)

From Kitchen plans

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Luiz Borges Gomide

Hey lavender, actually this is pretty close to the original design. The construction is on going, so the support beam is already in place. Due to some minor errors on the construction and second thoughts about the layout we decided to change it while we still can. :(

The 2 reasons that lead us away from this are: the fridge is too far away, the way to the laundry pass through the kitchen.

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Luiz Borges Gomide

Trying to decide on the which layout is more functional, I tabulated some data about then, they are pretty close so I guess is all a matter of taste.

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Another idea...what if you changed the access to the laundry, so you don't have to go through the kitchen at all? This way you have a walk through pantry/laundry storage and a second pantry by the fridge.

Since you said you have plenty of counter space already...I added a prep sink on the island. Great place to make salad, chop veggies, etc.

From Kitchen plans

Not everyone likes 'walls' in the kitchen, but it helps hide the dish clutter by the main sink, gives you some separation between louder laundry and cooking/baking...and a place to hang pictures, paintings, message center, whatever you like. Just a few ideas :)

From Kitchen tables and vintage kitchens

From [Pink kitchen]( From [1920s kitchen project](

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Can you change your washer and dryer location to the wall under the windows. Put your laundry accessories to the left on the same wall with the windows That would really open up more possibilities with you kitchen.

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Luiz Borges Gomide

Hi Karen, that is not a window, is a door to the outside. That is why I can change the entrance or the appliances.

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You have a sliding glass door in your laundry area? Is this your main access from the kitchen to outside?

If this is a new build...I would want to make some changes. Can you post the entire plan? It would be nice to see the flow between the rooms.

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Luiz Borges Gomide

Hi lavender, here is a sketch of the full plan of the first floor.

The laundry area goes to a "service" corridor (that also access the backyard) where we have drip lines, gas cylinders for the stove, oven and heater, etc. The kitchen, dining and living room are all one big room with stairs in on the side that goes to the upper floor (another living room and 2 bedroom suites). The main access to the backyard is through the "dining room" through a glass sliding door (about 11 feet wide).

I think that there are some different ideas regarding space distribution between US and Brazil. :)

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I'm sure there are...thanks for the picture!

Have you thought about laundry upstairs with bedrooms? Or does it need to be closer to the service corridor?

Glass doors make more sense in Brazil. But, would a single glass french door (or door and window) be safer/easier than a slider? Or are those double doors that open for easy access to replace the appliances?

Now I understand why you don't have windows on that side of the kitchen. Do you plan to have a pool in the back yard? Do you need easier access to the bathroom?

Also, what's that dark object on the 'bottom' wall of the living room? Is that a fireplace? Is the TV on the wall to the garage?

Do you have any windows on the 'top' or 'bottom' walls? (I'm not sure what directions these face.) Is there anyway to put small windows on each side of the range for more light? It seems like all your light is coming from one side and it might be nice to balance that...but you don't want it to be too hot, either. Or have an unattractive view of the service area. Any chance you could have a pergola there, with some vines? :)

I'll know more, after I see what your answers are about laundry, etc. Thanks for sharing your plan!

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Luiz Borges Gomide

Here we usually have the laundry close to a service area or at least close to the outside (we use clothes lines a lot).

Most of the doors in my house will sliding.

No plans for a pool, just a garden, some trees, and our pets.

No fireplace also (it doesn't make much sense here), that is a full wall bookshelf. The TV is against the "front" of the garage, but we probably will switch it with the bookshelves.

North is to the left of the plan, so there is light coming all day long from the windows on the dining and the kitchen. Also, the line that pass just beside the dining table indicates an opening in the upper floor (like a balcony), and just above the big door to the backyard, there is a window just as big as the door that give more light to the dining room and the kitchen.

Here is a sketch of the backyard and it's access. It is rotated 90ð counterclockwise from the previous plans.

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Oh, that's going to be nice!

I wondered about a fireplace...bookshelves make more sense.

Now that I can see the importance of the service area (and accessing it) I can see why you want to keep that pathway through the kitchen.

Have you considered a wall against a slightly smaller island? That would give you a large opening on either side...and hopefully room for stools, especially if they push under when not in use.

The wall would give you a little more division between kitchen and dining/living rooms and it would provide a place for a hutch on the dining side.

I think a stone would look great on the island, but it just depends on your situation. I don't use stone because it's too cold with our winters...but maybe it would work well for you :)

From Kitchen plans

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Luiz Borges Gomide

We thought about putting a wall to hide the post, but I think I will probably go with the larger island.

Countertops in brazil are almost always granite, and that is what I will end up using. I wanted to use concrete, but this kind of countertop is unknown here, so I will have to do it all from the start as a DIY.

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I was thinking something like LL has at her 13:03 post for the fridge and broom closet (it says 'pantry' on the layout tho). The door to the broom clst could still be in the laundry room. Maybe that'd make room on the lower wall of the laundry for an entry door into that room.

I don't know the width of the laundry room so not sure if the w/d and sink could be turned and run along the outside (garage?) end wall. That'd give you an open area in the middle of the room/ in front of slider. You could put a drop down shelf/table on that wall (opposite the slider) that you could pull up to fold clothes on and then drop back down to be out of the way until needed again.

What's the aisle width in your pantry? depth of the shelves?

my kitchen has a double entry like in LLs last post. There's a peninsula counter on the kit side of the center wall - I'm having that (counter) taken out so I can put my old wooden pedestal table in that space.

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Luiz Borges Gomide

Hello steph, the pantry is really a pantry. The broom closet mentioned appeared on the fourth layout of my first post, since then I got rid of it.

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