how to mix base molding?

sstrazisarAugust 14, 2013

Hi all! I have a setup that's tall pantry-bar area-fridge. I'm wondering if flush molding under the pantry, and then a regular toe-kick under the bar area cabinets would look more finished. I could also pull out the pantry & fridge by 1-2" to make it easier to get that built-in fridge look. I have flush furniture molding on my island, so I thought this might tie in nicely. I'm having trouble finding photos like this, which makes me think it might not be a good idea. My layout is attached. The pantry butts up to a wall, and the fridge is next to a door that goes into laundry room.

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Flush molding under the pantry would give some symmetry with the fridge, and since the uppers are symmetrical it'd be a nice little detail. As long as you don't overdue it, those little touches will give your kitchen a nice semi-custom look.That said, you could easily go with a standard toekick across the expanse and that would look fine as well. I don't think I'd pull the pantry and fridge out any further though, it isn't necessary and I don't think you'd like the front corners on either side of the bar area.

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Thanks sparkier, I really appreciate the feedback. I'm looking for that semi-custom look, exactly right! Would you put flush molding around the fridge nook too? I struggle to find pictures of how this looks. Like this transition under the ovens?

Here is a link that might be useful: kitchen

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I often pull out the pantry and fridge panel in situations like that. It allows the counter to "die" into the sides BUT then the faces are not on plane. Other way is to allow counter to be proud at the corners. You have to decide which you prefer. I do both or neither.

If you have to make fridge panel deeper but want faces on a plane then pull all the bases and the pantry.

If you pull it you may want a door swing limiter on that base cabinet.
If full overlay I put a 1" filler (+r extended stile) on the wall side of paantry. May want a limiter there too.

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Thanks jackuval, loving the details! Can you define "proud at the corners"? Googling the phrase got me nothing.

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If I'm unsterstanding you correctly, and am correct that this is a free-standing fridge, then air flow is a concern. You can't block the bottom.

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Definitely true foodonastump. I wasn't thinking molding under fridge.

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Ok good so I misunderstood. As you were... ;-)

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quick visual

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