Can you help me make a lamp shade decision?

marti8aNovember 13, 2009

I have taken a lot of pictures and am resizing them now & putting them on my blog, but will put the original lamp & shade here so you can see it without my commentary to influence you.

Here is the lamp with no shade:

And the lamp with its original shade:

Here is the first shade:

I can add more pictures as I get them cropped and resized if you want, or you can look at my blog entry. It's just one more step to put pictures here, not really a big deal.

Here is a link that might be useful: My blog with more pictures but also biased opinions about shade choices

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some of your other choices didn't cover enough of the lamp (the mechanics of the lamp). I like the dark brown one, but it needs to be longer. Sorry, I'm not much help.

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I think the original looks best. If it needs a new shade for some reason I can't see, the barrel shade is the best of the shapes you have shown, but it needs to be longer or have a shorter harp to cover the switch.

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I have to admit I can't abide those barrel shaped shades; they have no grace at all that I can see. You know what this lamp actually makes me think of? Those very fancy shades that look like a skirt with a crinoline (or whatever you call a lace petticoat) underneath. Either that or a glass shade that echoes the porcelain part of the base. That would be a little involved technically, but they were a colonial style thing.

The shade I'm thinking of is very vintage, as is the lamp. Even if that's not your taste, I think the shades you are looking at are all too new, too formal, too... something. Try a vintage store, craigslist, flea market, thrift store, or other source of stuff the same vintage as the lamps.

I have a shade that shows what I mean... I'll snap a photo if I get a chance.


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One of the antique stores I went to today had a booth with custom shades similar to this:

I finished loading the pics onto my blog, and had the bright idea to copy the code here, but when I did, they were enormous. I can load them onto photobucket if anyone would prefer to see just pictures without dialog. I also put a poll on the blog if anyone has an opinion but doesn't feel like doing any more than just clicking a button. What I explained there was that I bought a shorter harp and after seeing several shades, decided they would all look better with it. I also described the colors of everything & gave some options there, and I don't really want to rewrite the whole thing here.

I thought I was posting this to the small house forum, but had both windows opened and didn't notice it was the decorating forum. I'd move it if I could as I know most here don't like links to blogs, but since I can't, you can either ignore the blog link or ask me to put the pics on photobucket. Hope you understand.

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That's actually another shape I was thinking would work, maybe with less embellishment but maybe not.

Here's the lampshade I was thinking of... I forgot this one doesn't have a crinoline. It's kind of a butt-ugly lamp but somehow the exuberant tackiness of the shade makes even it look tolerable. I'm not using it at the moment so just put it on the floor for a photo. Don't mind the unfinished wall behind the curtain...

By the way thanks for mentioning the small house forum - I'd missed that. Reading those threads makes me feel normal :-)


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I think shade #9 looks best.

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If you want to spend big bucks for an antique shade, that is of course the best choice for a victorian lamp, however the first one the white one works great on a victorian lamp such as you have there and picks up the white from the base, use a shorter harp, and it will look great!

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Karinl, I love that shade. I haven't seen one of those in years and yours looks perfect. I think my dh would absolutely freak if I got one that that or the fringed one. lol

You're right Susieq, those shades are big bucks and since I don't love the lamps, I just can't see spending that. In fact, I don't want to spend $20 each on them, but if I keep them, I probably will spend that or more. I did put an even shorter harp on it last night and it looked better with the shades I have here at home. I think it's the long skinny neck with such a slender lamp that bothers me. The only part of the lamp I love is the brass middle piece.

thanks everyone.

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I second Gracie01's choice of shade #9!


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Why don't you go to a lamp place and take the lamps apart, use the middle brass piece with a difference base, and get rid of the glass/roses section? Lamp kits are cheap, and you will end up with lamps you can love, rather than just live with.

Then take the two rose base parts, put a votive candle in a glass holder inside, and use them as decorative accents in the room - or use one with a votive, one with some pretty cream roses and greens in silk as a decorative vase.

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Les, I did go to a lamp place today. I ended up getting the name of someone who can rebuild the lamp, or make a custom lampshade, and then the lady I was talking to pulled out a couple of shades and one of them looked pretty good. I haven't had time to put it together in the room yet, but I think it's going to work and I'll be happy with it now.

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