my HOOD needs help!

ZophieAugust 7, 2013

I'm rehabbing my house on a budget and hired the kitchen cabinet makers who my contractor recommended. Both assured me that I did not need an expensive kitchen designer and in fact those who they've worked with often ask them for their advice.

Here's my problem, what's with my hood? I did hire a designer by the hour for general things like paint and materials selection. She took one look at the hood and pointed out that it is an eyesore as it sticks out a mile without a nice slopping transition from ceiling to hood top. Also, she wants to know why they used trim to frame the front instead of a panel. Now that she pointed this out, both are terrible eye sores to me as well.

So I called my cabinet maker to discuss the hood and he was not pleased, basically stating that I approved the design and too bad. Incidentally, I just realized that his plans do not show any profiles of this entire wall, so how was I to know what the hood would look like.

I am stealing most of my design ideas from Houzz but there are so few hood photos in profile. Any recommendations?

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Actually, I like that design. I have seen similar on Houzz and considered doing the same with mine. You seemed fine with your hood till your designer spoke her piece. I personally don't care for the slant front hoods. I wanted a hood cabinet that blended with my other cabs. That's what you have. If you put a decorative piece of trim on the front of the bump out, it will dress it up a little and not look so plain. And once you use that shelf for something magnificent - (antique pitcher, bowls, etc - or a nice large clock) the shelf will look like it belongs and it'll be an asset instead of an "eyesore". Enjoy your kitchen and don't let some kd with her own personal tastes influence you.

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Holly- Kay

I don't think it is necessary for the hood to slope. I have seen more than a few hoods that have a box shape and they look fine. You can use the flat shelf part to display something pretty like a flower arrangement, some teapots or decorative pitchers. On the front section you could hang some pretty decorative plates or art work.

I do think they could have done a better job and paneled it rather than just using trim molding. Your decorator should be able to make some suggestions as to what you can do to make the hood interesting if you don't want to pursue having the GC rip it out and do it over.

Could you post a pic of it from the front? I actually think you can do a lot to make that hood look great.

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Holly- Kay

Amen Sparkier, well said. I posted my reply and then saw yours and I agree that the KD has her own idea of what looks nice.

If I had decided to do a custom hood that is the design I would have chosen because you can do so much with it.

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you really can't blame the cabinetmaker if you approved the design without seeing dimensional drawings. Personally I'm turned off by an artist (kd) who doesn't make an effort to work with what is there and instead uses words like "eyesore".
On the other hand, if you don't like the look, change it now while you can. Show the cabinetmaker photos of what you want and ask if he can match it. Ideally, if you can get a perspective drawing before he changes it you'll know what you'll be getting.

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I am afraid I have to say I like it, too.
You're not bumping your head on it, are you? Is it sticking out past your stove?
I think you have more functional space with this style than the wasted vertical space those sweeping, giant things have.

How big is your kitchen?
Could there be fake cabinet doors up there, by any chance? That might blend it in a bit better for your (the kd's) eye, but it's way off from an "eyesore". I'd adjust the trim, too.

I find the KD rude and judgemental, not conducive to helping you enjoy your kitchen. As we learn here, there really is no WRONG way to decorate. It's all in the eye. You were doing fine until it didn't jive with the KD's eye.

Perhaps you might want to approach the GC a bit differently, as in a "do over". If you called that work an eyesore, no wonder they weren't open to making any changes. As you experienced, no one likes to hear those words, let along have their work such. When it's not.

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OK, OK, with all of your encouragement I am getting over thinking of my hood as an eyesore and starting to like it again. The cabinet maker did agree to make a panel for the hood and not use tacky trim moulding, thank goodness.

BTW, I did not use the word "eyesore" when discussing this with him, I know enough not to get on his bad side. However, he tried to point out to me that he did everything according to the design. I, in turn, pointed out to him, that he never did profile plans of this wall. (I never noticed.) Whatever, I'm over it with the concession that he create a new panel to cover the front.

Next hood issue - to corbel and panel or just corbel?
I like the corbel, but see no purpose to the thin decorative panel below it. I'd rather have an uninterrupted wall of white subway tiles under the cabinets and hood. What do you think?

I wonder if I someone could build a shelf for my salt, pepper, olive oli...? Good idea/bad idea?

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Shouild I use corbel and thin panel below it or just corbel alone? I like the idea of an uninterrupted wall of subway tile below the cabinets and hood.

What do you think?

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Here's a photo with the panel.

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I like it with the panel, but IMHO, something should be supporting the corbel. Even if it's uninterrupted tile, there should be something visually supporting the bottom of the corbel. There's too much "sudden" jut out. It should smooth back to the panel/tile, or the panel /tile should smooth outward to the bottom of the corbel.

As far as putting something on the little shelf?
The world is your decorative bottle!
The one suggestion I have is to put something under olive oil. It creeps up and out, and you don't want oil damaging your finish.

I'm glad you've come to a compromise. I'd boot that KD.

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Sophie Wheeler

I would need to see the corbels in relationship to the cooktop. Right now, it looks as they they are in the prohibited zone for combustibles and should be left off entirely. But then, it also looks as though your liner is a bit small for the hood in relationship to the cooktop? Do you have a diagram or elevation showing these relationships?

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I'm planning a hood very much like your first image. It looks nice.

Shouldn't the corbel be under the hood edge so it looks as if it's supporting something?

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