Corner Suzan or Flush wall cabinet?

cherylmassAugust 14, 2011

I may have missed it, but couldn't find this topic covered.

I'm trying to maximize cabinet space and would like your thoughts on whether a upper cabinet lazy suzan would be better than a flush wall cabinet.

We are in the planning stages of remodeling our L shaped kitchen in a 300+ year old N.E. Farmhouse.

I was leaning towards all white, with black galaxy granite,an absolute black granite one basin copper front apron sink from Modern Danish, white subway tile backsplash.

I picked Diamond LaGrange style but found out yesterday that LaGrange doesn't come in white. Not sure where to go from here; change colors/change cabinet styles.

Looking for ideas and suggestions from all you helpful folks!

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We are opting for a corner lazy susan cabinet. My MIL has one and has used for different things over time--1st baby food for her grandchildren, then medicine and vitamins, and now paper goods, etc.
The "corners" (where the lazy susan isn't) are a little harder to access but I found getting the items on the lazy susuan easier to access than a corner cabinet, at least on the first shelf anyway...

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Do you mean a blind corner cabinet as an upper cabinet? If so, those are worse than base blind corners. It's almost impossible to access things in the "blind corner" in an upper cabinet...unless you have very, very long arms and are tall so (1) you can actually reach inside the corner from the outside and (2) see what's there.

My MIL has blind corners in her kitchen...both upper & base and she doesn't use them...unless something falls back into them! She hates them!

Since you're wondering about a corner cabinet, have you considered what I think is called an "easy reach" that has a 90-degree cut (rather than diagonal)? For upper cabinets, I think they're the best option overall. I have a couple of pictures I saved for the future of BluBird's corner easy-reach cabinet.



I think hers was built with one side wider than the the other but with a divider. They also are available 24" x 24" with a 12" opening on each side.

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I currently have blind corner cabinets both upper and lower. As buehl says, they're horrible! I'm pretty sure there are things in the lower reaches that I haven't seen in the last 20 years.

For our new cabinets (ordered, due in a couple of weeks), we went with a base corner cab with a super susan and an upper corner cab much like buehl's photos. Hope we made good choices, but whatever the result, it has to be better than blind corners! Another possible choice for the upper was a diagonal cab with a super susan. We hemmed and hawed, and decided we could probably use the "easy reach" version more efficiently.

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I had a super susan in our last house and it was nice unless something fell off or you tried to reach something in the corners. The upper shelf made it hard to get stuff down because of the necessary lip on it. It also wasted space.
I like Buehl's pix much better.
I'd even consider open shelving that wraps the corner.

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"Do you mean a blind corner cabinet as an upper cabinet?"

I have one now, but when we remodel would like the most space in the corner that I can get.
I was told that a diagonal super susan would give me the most space in a corner, but then I thought that would cut into the top cabinet space to the left of it.
I do like the easy reach L shaped with a hinge door, but the right door would be opening/banging into the stove hood.

Love the pictures. Are there instructions on how to add photos to my posts? I only see "Optional Link URL" when posting.

I appreciate the opinions, personal experiences and great suggestions. :)

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To add photos:

<img src="Your URL location here" </img>

For instance, say I wanted to show you a photo of this sink I saw on Faucets Direct

The place I found the photo was

but there was a lot of other stuff on that page I didn't want to show you. So I tapped two fingers on my touchpad while the cursor was on the photo and got a list of things including "copy image location." That gave me

and that's what I pasted into the URL spot. Non-Mac computers may handle this differently, but there is a way to do it.

If your photo is coming from Flicker or Photobucket or the like, they have directions on how to copy the image location from there.

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I see! Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Thanks for posting those, buehl! Next week will be the one year anniversary of this kitchen, and I have to say that I love that corner cabinet. It works very well and keeps all of my glassware very handy.

Cherylmass, could you have the door open from right to left instead of left to right to avoid the hood?

My daughter has that diagonal corner cab, before we knew better and went for custom cabs in my kitchen. The width of the doorway is too small to put in many of the items which that large cavernous space would be suitable for. Once you put shelves in, it's almost impossible to get anything into or out of the space. Using a turntable/ lazy Susan, is only slightly more useful, because when things fall down in the back, it's a real struggle to find them.


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I'm really happy to hear that you like that corner cabinet after a year. That's what we've chosen, but we weren't a 100% confident we'd love it. Now I feel better.


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I can have the door open the other way.
After reading your posts I'm going with the easy reach. Thanks bhuel and everyone who posted!

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That easy reach is so great - and SHOULD be a standard option for cabinets. It just makes so much more sense than those darn corner cabinets, especially for uppers. I love that. Wish it wasn't custom.

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Steph2000 :Most cabinet companies do offer it as a standard option. Most rta cabinets don't offer it. What cabinet company are you looking at that has this as custom?

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What I've seen called easy reach in many non-custom cab lines don't look and function like mine. One which I've seen has the shelves running straight across each side of the L and actually crossing over each other, leaving very low height areas where they cross each other. Just an FYI.


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bumping for stacilynn

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Ordered the cabinets last night. Still second guessing, but I did order the Easy Reach 24 x 24 corner cabinet.

To get the Diamond Lagrange (recessed door)I ordered the Toasted Almond. I have no idea how they'll look. I've seen other cabinet styles in Toasted Almond,but not the Lagrange.
That style was on their upper price levels, but I did want the recessed door.
I was told that many a home renovator does not get to see the exact door style in the exact finish until the cabinets are delivered. Scary for me...I'm a visual person.

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