Latest Kitchen Installment ..

zipdeeNovember 9, 2008

I started a new post, since the last one was so picture intensive. I'm linking part 1 below though.

First ... YAY .. My stove works! :) :)

Next .. we had a bit of a mishap. The antique door I had found on the side of the road and saved for my baking center, ended up getting thrown away by mistake. *slaps forhead* The little house was cleaned out and my DH got a little exuberant. So I had to come up with another idea .. one inexpensive hollow core door and a can of black board paint and some white trim later. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, but it works right now.

This part is far from done yet .. but I will tell you my children are currently behind me making cookies. *LOL* So it is hooked up. It will stay open while in use and cooling, but my ovens a) were bought when I was going to use white appliances and b) I just didn't want to see the ovens because I thought they would kind of take away from the vintage stove .. I'm strange like that.

Open :

Next .. up, a fridge! YAY .. can it get any better :) The shelf needs to be moved down quite a bit yet. My cook books will sit up there.

From this side .. Again, I'm not sure how I feel about the door yet, I'm holding my opinion until after everything is painted. I will tell you I'm not thrilled with the hoosier cabinet there now ( it still isn't painted ). I was going to use that as my pantry, but I'm starting to re-think it.

Long shot where we stand right now .. Hood works now, it has A LOT of power .. first time we turned it on paper towels started rolling along the counter towards it. *LOL*

Here is a link that might be useful: part 1

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It's coming together so nice! Love the sink.

I'm puzzled by your comments about the chalkboard door. Are you saying you are not fully decided on it?

I like the two wall ovens you selected. They seem to mimic the stove with the little oven window they have. You don't want them to look modern right? On most ovens the handles can be removed. Is it possible to use chrome ones instead of the white, so it looks more vintage like the stove?

To hide the smooth-touch controls that would detract from the vintage look, a wood panel can cover them. It could be attached on a hinge to flip up or down. Then you would not need the sliding door.

Just some thoughts.........

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LOL on the stove!

Your kitchen is going to be so fabulous, zipdee.

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Wow you stove is awesome! LOL on sucking the paper towels!
It is coming along so well!

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How X-files is that stove? I love the hood and stove in the long shot - they were meant to be together.

I don't mind the chalkboard door, but I'm with you on not loving the hoosier. I really thing you need a floor to ceiling cab there. I'm not thinking anything fancy- just like a bookcase, maybe with doors on the bottom third and trimmed out on the top like the crown on the wall above your range. Just a thought.

The fridge looks great too, but I'm always gonna miss that little red number.

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It's really coming together beautifully. It's hard to give an opinion on the hoosier until it's painted along with your walls. How creative to use chalkboard paint on your door. If I had that I'd spend endless hours there writing up list and after list. I'm a list junkie and that door is calling out my name. LOL

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Thanks everyone for taking the time to look at the pics and sharing in my enthusiasm! That stove is a trip, isn't it? *LOL* I love that the little knobs light up. So far everything is working great on it, the only 'quirk' we ran across is the first night we hitched it up, the timer buzzer went off at 2:07 am. My DH and I were stumbling all over the house trying to figure out where the new and strange noise was coming from. We had either inadvertently set it when we were messing with the clock, or the stove really is possessed. ;)

Dilly Dally, great ideas to make the ovens fit in more! Since the rest of my appliances, besides the stove are stainless, I'm not sure how they'd look uncovered though. Where I'm not sure on the chalkboard is .. I'm just not sure if I like it with my kitchen. Does it look sort of like a black hole in the wall against all the white? What do you guys think? I had originally found an antique solid wood, recessed panel door. It was in perfect shape, some one was just redoing an older home and set it out road side for the trash truck. It was divided in half, I was going to cut out the top panel and fit frosted glass in there to make it look more like an old pantry door. It would have been painted white and kind of just blended into the back ground. If I decide I don't like the chalk board I might go search a few habitat for humanities to see what they have .. the girls would always love the chalkboard to play with.

Budge .. I was thinking along the same lines as you were with the pantry. I probably wouldn't bring it up all the way to the ceiling though, most likey it would end off around the top of the other doors. It would have to come in 14" on each side, to allow the fridge door to swing freely. It would be shallow, like maybe 15" or so deep. I like the idea of keeping half with no doors, but I'm not sure if I'd have enough pantry space if I did. I can totally picture what you have in mind though, sort of like an old bulter's hutch with shelving on the top. I agree about the fridge .. this one is nice and works great. The Big Chill would have been awesome in here though, I've promised myself when this one dies, that's what I'm replacing it with. :)

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Love the "Roswell" stove!

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Beautiful kit. I am sorry about the antique door getting thrown out but your solution is a good one. I bet you will really like having it and it fits the kit.

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Maybe I am missing something but in the first pic of the chalkboard door there is trim all around it. Then in the pic with the wall ovens, the trim goes around the chalkboard and the ovens. Then in a later pic it is just around the door.

Where exactly are the ovens in relation to the room?

BTW, everything looks wonderful so far!

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*LOL* Roswell stove :) Thanks Rucnmom and Eandhl!

Ctlane, I'm sorry the pics are kind of confusing. The ovens are behind the chalkboard door, it's a pocket door and it slides back into the wall when the ovens are in use or cooling.

Here's some pics with it open and showing where the ovens are in relation to the stove.

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Okay .. this is a sad mock-up, but really doesn't this work better? I probably wouldn't even need to replace the hoosier, just put something up above to give it more height. Thoughts ??

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Zip, I love it all. It's looking fantastic! I personally love:

-The stove (It reminds me of the book "Christine"! It almost looks alive in your pic!)

-The chalkboard pocket door

-The counters

-The stove/hood combo

-The sink

One question? What color were you planning on painting the hoosier? I personally love it for your space, but I don't think it's "singing" there the way it could be if it were painted a bold, fun color. A deep barn red could look amazing, with an older, rustic/retro wooden sign above, maybe with your family's initial or something?

I think the area above the hoosier just cries out for something funky, vintage/retro and cool, and it would help the hoosier wall have a bit more oomph.

Are you doing any schoolhouse or specialty lighting fixtures? Or will the lights be recessed?

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Zip, here are a few inspiration photos I found that reminded me of your kitchen:

I love the mix of colors in this pic. The red, yellow, blacks, etc.

I think your hoosier should be a different color than the cabs, and maybe pull a little from something like this:

This sort of retro/vintage sign is what I had in mind for over the hoosier. Something like this could look *so* cool!

I still love the chalkboard door. This pic makes me want to tell you to keep yours!

Another cool vintage sign:

Loved the bold color of her yellow cabinet:

A glimpse of another very cool old sign:

Another kitchen with a similar vibe to yours. I love (again) the vintage sign over the sink:

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Ahhh...Now I see! Very inventive of you. I like all of Reno Fans ideas above.

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I would love to see the hoosier cabinet painted in a simple fresh white to blend in with the wall -- and then add a great vintage clock or maybe a large platter on the wall above it.

Perhaps add a sturdy shelf across the top of the fridge cupboard to the top of the laundry cupboard?

Here's the one at my kitchen -- DH built it for me.

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OH, I love your kitchen. Everything looks really good. I do like the idea of reno's to break up that chalkboard with trim That she shows in her photo. Looks better in my opinion.
And a nice old sign above the hoosier would be great.

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Go for color on the vintage hoosier, I love it. You've really thought everything out and done a fantastic job!!!

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Reno .. So, so love the inspiration pictures! I really like the chalkboard door in the inspiration picture, but I don't know why but I'm not 'digging' mine. I think it's because I have too many things going on, on that one wall. Stainless, bright hooiser, which is 2 tone right now and a huge black door.

For the hooiser, I plan on repainting the doors to match the cabinet color. It's jadite green .. red, black, white and jadite are the colors I've been going for. The lip of the enamel countertop is jadite. I've started collecting a few pieces, which I just stuck up on top to show you the colors, these won't be staying up here .. plus my little retro step stool. I think ideally I'd purchase some more of the fun red retro dot bowls to go up on top of the hooiser .. if you look beside the stove you can see the little fire king dot grease jar I'm using as a salt pig. Then take the jadite pieces up there and scatter them around the kitchen more to bring the color in play.

There will be a school house fixture of some kind right in the center of the room, the rest of the lights will be cans.

I was thinking about making cafe curtains for the two small windows, just for privacy in the evenings. Something simple like vintage toweling could be fun.

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I'm sorry I was writing as you guys were posting.

Jan, neat idea with the shelf to hold things! Your looks great!

Lyban, I love the signs in Reno's inpiration pics too. I agree that the right thing up there could look great. I actually know someplace right now that's selling off the letters for an old theater markee and they are weathered red.

Yayagal, Thanks for the encouragement and help!

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That jadite green is *perfect*, IMO, and will only look better when the doors match. It's retro, funky, and fun.

The thing is, you're so creative that even if you're not feeling the chalkboard door, you'll come up with something equally as fantastic! I happen to love it, but I think what you may be suffering from right now is Notquitedoneitis. It's a common malady of the serial remodeler, and is especially prevalent in a large project like a kitchen. You start questioning/doubting some of your choices because the details of the room aren't done yet.

I'd bet you that if the beadboard and trim were all painted, and you had accessories on the counter, painted cabs, etc., that you'd start to feel a bit differently.

But I also know that I usually love something *instantly*, because I can always see the final result in my mind. If I don't love it instantly, I do end up changing it, often to the bewilderment of those around me who think it looks "fine as it is". (That's another common malady of a serial remodeler, known as "LeavemealoneI'llknowitwhenIseeit" LOL!)

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I love the hoosier and your ideas for using the Jadeite and Jadeite colors as accents. I agree with Teacats, that a vintage clock would look great above the Hoosier . . . perhaps also in Jadeite green? As for that stove and hood of yours, they're wonderful!!!

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*LOL* Reno .. this is me! Normally when I redo part of the house I have it all planned out in my head before I act, I can pretty much 'visualize' the completed room in my head. So I know if I deviate from the original plan, I need to be able to 'see' the replacement in my head working the same way with the rest of the room's componets. Well, about half way through painting the blackboard I knew I was in trouble. *LOL* I've seen all sorts of fab blackboard applications in kitchens, just like the one you posted above .. but I couldn't visualize it in my kitchen. It never fails either, if I go against this .. I screw up and have to redo it.

Lynn, Thanks! I agree a vintage looking clock would look awesome up there too!

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Okay, I've thought and thought and thought. Here's what I think I'll be happy with as far as the pocket door. When I get a chance I'm going to head to the salvage places and HH. What I'm going to look for is a very simple door, one with either glass on top and recessed panel on bottom or two recessed panels, where I can remove the top to place my own glass. Pretty much just like the one that I had that ended up in the trash.

Some thing along this these lines .. but pretend the glass has no panes, just one large light. Paint it white to match everything else :

Then I'm going to order some Wallwords probably in black to just pick up the other black accents I have in the kitchen, put them on and frost the glass with that spray stuff.

I think like this lettering :

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LOVE IT!!! Like I said, you're so creative that anything you do is going to look awesome.

I do think I like your idea better than the current door!

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Thanks Reno! :) I really appreciate you guys helping me through the process of whether the chalkboard should stay or go yesterday. Like you said in the post above ( *which helped make it click for me* ) you'll know it when you see it. I knew in my 'gut' the chalkboard was not right in that spot, not that it was terrible, it just wasn't what I originally had in mind. So now I just need to invest a little time into finding the right door to go there.

Today I need to track down a supplier for the cabinet coat paint. I looked on their web site and they have a few places listed fairly close. So I need to make some phone calls and see if it's something they have in stock, if not I need to put in an order. Crossing my fingers, if everything goes smoothly we'll be on to painting the cabinets this weekend.

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Oh wow! I am loving how it's coming along! It's so fun to watch your progress. I would kill for that stove. Love it love it love it. And the Hoosier is perfect. I'm so jealous of the whole kitchen.

I did two full walls of green chalkboard in the breakfast room and one in my daughter's room. She's grown up but I've kept them both. We had glow-in-the-dark chalk when she was young. Big fun!

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Thanks Bananafana! The chalkboard paint is so fun to use! The girls can't wait to get ahold of the chalkboard I made for in here when we take it down. I still have about 1/3 of a quart left, so once I get the kitchen done I'm going to use it to make a chalkboard calander in my office area.

After calling no less than 10 different places yesterday, I found one place that stocked the cabinet coat to paint the cabs and they'd tint it for me. They did a pretty good job of matching what I wanted, it's a tiny touch more warm white than I thought it would be, but I think it will be fine.

My DH headed home early yesterday, so I had him pick it up on the way home. Of course I had to mess with it. I removed the doors to paint, but re-hung them after they dried to get them off the floors, the dogs are too nosey for their own good. ;) I'm going to be working on them on and off, so it's easier to rehang them to get them out of the way.

Anyhow .. some of this is primer, some has the first coat cabinet coat over top. The wall that's taped off and on the left side of the stove is primer .. you can tell the primer color because it's whiter. This will start to tell you how everything is going to pull together though.

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Love your kitchen...That is along the same as I had pictured for our new house but, DH had other ideas and would not go along with my vision. "Why put old stuff in a new house?" So we ended up with a very nice kitchen but not what I had pictured so I can understand how you felt about the chalk board.
I love your ideas for the Hoosier. You have a fun place going on there. We are all anxiously awaiting the final post with pics. You have great, original ideas and are not afraid to 'go for it', Good for you.

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I remember a while ago seeing pics of your ground under your kitchen floor!! You have come sooooo far & it is fabulous.

Whatever you do will be great. I love the color of the hoosier & think it will really look outstanding aganist the white beadboard.

I love Teacats shelf above the doors & could so see that in your kitchen with the antique sign above the hoosier.


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Your kitchen is progressing beautifully. I personally do not care for the black chalkboard door, but love the pocket door concept. I like the other door you picked out. My original suggestion was going to be to get some tin and poke holes with a nail to give it the vintage punched tin pie safe look. It would blend nicely with the frig. You could also use the punched tin in the top panels of the other door you selected.

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Thanks so much Flowerchild, Johnatemp and Magothyrivergirl!

Johnatemp .. It's has come a long way from the 'scary pit' under my floor stage. ;) The all the kids still talk about that. *LOL*

For the last three days I've been priming and painting my rear off. I'm starting to get there though. On Thursday I made it to HH and found the perfect door for in front of the ovens, the top panel needed to be removed. Then I bought a piece of frosted glass, it's all installed and looks much more like what I had in mind. I just need to put in my wall word order. My DH is working on wrapping up stuff and I'm painting as he's hanging stuff this weekend. I'll be glad when all the painting is done! ;)

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Here's where we stand as on today, I'm hoping by the end of tomorrow we'll have quite a bit more wrapped up. The shelf over the fridge still needs to come down and be backed with beadboard. The finger pull on the pocket door needs to be installed, quite a bit more trim needs to be put up and painted, as you can see we just run out above the ovens. The toe kicks are drying and will be installed tomorrow. The sink cabinet is in the works, we have got the legs on though. Can light covers need to go on, etc, etc .. still a lot to do. Still need to paint the hoosier .. the list goes on. *LOL* I feel like I've lived inside a paint can for the last week!!

I think once the lettering goes on the baking center, you'll notice the ovens less. Plus I can always put a sheer curtain on the inside if I need to. I'm very pleased with the new door though! It looks like it's always been there. :)

Three things I still don't have is cabinet hardware, I'm having a hard time with finding the perfect stuff. This is an ASAP thing, I don't want the cabinets to get gooked up! I still need to buy a school house fixture for the center of the room. I also still need to figure out how to finish off the hood vent duct cover.

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Wow Zipdee, your kitchen remodel is just gorgeous.

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Awesome progress! I love how your cabinets came out. And the new door is great too. I'm miss the chalkboard, but it was a bit of a black hole look. The new door really does look like an original to your kitchen. I'm excited to see the Wall Word decals. I haven't tried them but they look cool.

You're painting the Hoosier? It's so cute as it is.

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Zipdee -- your kitchen is incredible!!! Love the new door. Have you priced rub-on lettering from Wise Decor? That's who I used for some lettering I have in my kitchen and was very pleased with their product.

Hey, bananafana -- I have that exact same stove in my parent's basement. You don't happen to be in the Chicago area, do you?

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I'm in Minneapolis. That's not that far!

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zipdee: Your kitchen is inspirational!! Your creative juices must be on 24/7. I can't wait to see the end result.

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Thanks so much for sharing in my excitment Lilsophie, Bananafana, Bac and Mldao! It's been a lot of work, but I'm really happy with the progress so far.

Bac, I haven't priced out Wise Decor yet, but I will. Thanks so much for the suggestion! Sounds like Bananafana and you need to get together, maybe you've found a new home for your Tappan :)

Bananafana, The hoosier is staying the same color jadite green, I'm just repainting the doors to match that color.

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How on earth have I managed to miss this posting...


I absolutely love your kitchen. It's beautiful! I would LOVE to spend a day in there baking!

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Bac---oh nuts. I only have 30" for a stove and I'm sure that your parent's stove is 36" wide. But for those 6", I would be driving to Chicago!

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(((((((Clapping wildly)))))))))

When I saw this post had more replies, I clicked on it and scrolled down furiously to see if you'd made progress painting. It looks *amazing*!! I lovelovelove the new oven door. Your gut feeling was right on! I can't wait to see it with your lettering!

Oh my gosh, Zip, it's just beautiful.

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Val, thanks! I can't wait until it's totally done, the girls and I are all ready to test it out with a Christmas cookie bake-a-thon. :)

Bananafana .. the stove is bigger than 36", the Tappans are 40" wide and 27" deep.

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Thanks Reno! :) I was hoping that you'd see the new door. I'm very, very happy with it. I ended up having to dig to the bottom of a big ole pile of doors that they had just got in at HH to find it. *LOL* They only charged me a little bit for it though and it was in great shape, just needed to be cleaned up and painted. The glass shop in town cut me a piece of frosted tempered glass for $25, so far I only have like $35 in to it, which is not bad at all for a custom pantry type door. :)

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Bananafana -- zipdee is right. The stove is 40" wide. Too bad, huh?

Zipdee -- If you don't mind, I'd like your input on a price for the Tappan. I recently saw one listed on Craigslist in Pittsburgh. They are asking $300, but the stove is missing 2 knobs. The one I have to sell is complete and in excellent condition. What do you think of that $300 price? Could I ask more for mine? Thanks for your help.

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Bac, I would think your stove would be worth more than $300 if it's in very good condition. I'm not sure how to price a stove in original condition though.

Our stove was gone through totally, everything that needed to replaced for it to work perfectly was done. All the wiring was replaced, the oven insulation was replaced and repacked, new thermostat for the oven, the burners were calibrated, a safety put on, they made sure the clock worked, timer worked, etc. They didn't do any 'body work' .. some places will totally re-porcelain the exterior, re-chrome what's needed, re-do the oven interior. Our range didn't need any of this done, it's in super shape for it's age. We paid around $1700 for it 2 years ago, but like I said it's 'guts' are basically brand new and were set to factory specs. I know the ones they do all the body work on can go for $6,000 - $7,000 or more depending on how big the stove is.

We finally got the sink cab done, I need to fiddle with the hinge adjustments tomorrow some more, I also need to paint and tack on the sides of the 'legs'

Please ignore the floors .. had a small paint mishap, I need to get down on my hands and knees to get it totally up with goof off tomorrow.

This picture could be labled:

Quality control

OR :

Umm .. Why no Mom I was not going to stick my big fat Aussie head in the sink when you weren't looking! How could you think that of me ??

Where we left off .. toes kicks on, sink cabinet almost done, baseboard on and painted, trim all up and painted.

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Oh my gosh I'm drooling here. You have no idea how excited I get to see your posts!

This is looking just fabulous.

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Thanks so much, zipdee, for your input. I'm not sure when we'll try to sell the stove, tho. After seeing how gorgeous yours looks in your kitchen, it makes me want to hang on to it. For what, I don't know.

Your kitchen becomes more beautiful with every added piece of trim and brush stroke of paint.

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Wow. Just wow. It keeps getting better. And I love your looks perfect there.

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Wooo hoooo!!!!! You're almost done. You must be so pleased. Now, you know you're going to have to have us all over for meal in that gorgeous kitchen ;-)

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Zip, when I scrolled down to see the latest I just sat there and said WOW! It is gorgeous! You have done such a great job. I love how we both found great doors at Habitat! Hopefully my hardware will come in this week and I can show mine off!

Love it, next house I will have to have an 'old'stove!


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Fabulous kitchen. I spend most of my time on the Kitchen Forum but I'm glad I came over hear today. You really need to post these over there. Everyone would love these pics! Terrific job!

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Zip, I must *really* love your kitchen. I had a dream last night that my DH and I went to your house for dinner! I was walking past the stove, and I stopped to point it out to DH. I was telling him how it had been totally re-done from the inside out, and how much I wanted one just like it.

You *know* you've been on GWeb too long when you start visiting the spaces in your dreams!

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Wow, thanks so much for all the kind comments. I really appreciate you guys taking the time to check out the photos and the super encouragment you've given me through this project. I can't even tell you how happy I am to get this kitchen up and running right in time for the holidays! :)

Bac, I haven't used the oven on my stove yet, but the burners really cook like a dream. If you have a spot for the stove and would like to keep it, since your in a large city, maybe there is a vintage stove shop some place local that could put a safety on for you .. that way you wouldn't have to worry about the release of gas with lighting oven.

Malhgold, now that we are getting farther a long in the project, I had thought about posting some pics over on the kitchen forum, but I wasn't sure if they'd be viewed by the same people that post over here or if for the most part it was a different group of people. I 'lurk' over there quite a bit ooooing and ahhhing over the beautiful kitchens. :)

Reno, That's the nicest compliment that you dreamed you were visiting us! :) We'd love to have you, your family and everyone else here over for dinner .. now seriously wouldn't that be a blast! I can only imagine how many fun and creative conversations we'd have going!

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Do you happen to have any photos before you started doing the work? I'm curious to see the space before you started working your magic!

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This light would look excellent in your gorgeous kitchen!

Here is a link that might be useful: school house light

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I rarely come over here from the kitchen forum but I'm SOOOOO glad I did. You have done a marvelous job and so quickly!!

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Nthemdl .. I've actually had my eye on the big brother to that light. :) I think it's the Jefferson, which you can have made up in the same willow green finish and matching shade. I really like the shape of the one you posted better, but I think the Jefferson might fit the space better.

Iris16 .. thanks so much for looking at the pictures and the kind comments :)

Reno .. Unfortunately I didn't take actual pictures of the rooms, just work in progress as we were doing it. The rooms were fairly terrible, we hadn't touch them from the PO. The wall paper was pink bows in what would be the kitchen area now and the eating area now was a bright peto pink bathroom.

We really gutted the whole back of the house! We removed a wall between where the kitchen is now and the eating area on the other side of sink. When you look at the above pics, that 'big beam' is structural .. it's actually an LVL cased out. The floor joists back here were shot and the floor while perfectly stable was a nightmare to walk on as far as settling over the years, they also bounced when anyone walked. Plus in areas the previous home owners instead of fixing issues with exsisting floors, just went over top of old ones, so you had to step up a couple of layers.

We actually flip flopped the back of the house floor plan too. See where the kitchen is now was a small, very dark bedroom .. only one window that faced North. Where the eating area is was split between a tiny cave like bathroom and the back door area, which was a poorly set up no mans land. By moving the kitchen over here, tearing out the wall between the two areas and putting in the three sets of french doors that lead out to the deck it made traffic flow work much better. Plus it lightened up the whole area considerably, it's really is like night and day .. these rooms were very uninviting before.

The other side of the house in the back will become a large master bedroom and master bath, that's next on the 'hit list' after the kitchen is complete. By moving the bedroom over there, we can open on each side of the double fire place, to a room that's currently being used as our bedroom, but will become an adjoining office and sitting area for our master bedroom. So by switching things around a bit, it will make the downstairs much more livable.

Here's a few pics of work in progress ..

Taking up layers of old floor .. thankfully most of the heart pine under it was salvagable.

Old floor joists .. that's my DH wading around in there. This was a truely awful job. *LOL* Thankfully we could close off the back part of the downstairs as this was going on. We did one side one weekend, one side the following weekend. The 'mural' you see in the later pics is from an old kids room I'd painted, it backed the old kitchen .. this is two rooms done together.

Joists removed ( this is one side of the back of the house ) .. I think as this was going on I posted about the 'scary pit' under my house. *LOL* The kids were freaked, including all the neighborhood kids that had to stop in to check it out. ;)

New joists going in ..

And thankfully a solid floor again!

Doors in the eating area, lead to the back deck going in :

Beadboard going up in kitchen and eating area .. that french door leads to what will be our master bedroom across the hall.

Starting to prime beadboard :

Beadboard goes down the hall ceiling too. As we re-do each room downstairs, we'll replace all the ceilings with beadboard.

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WOW WOW WOW. Now that I see the old pics, I remember...what an *amazing* project, zipdee. Magazine-worthy, I'm serious - Fine Homebuilding would love this, esp. since you've got so much history and documentation (or This Old House, but FH is cooler, IMO :)). Congratulations on a vision being deliciously well realized.

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OMG!!!!! Zip, your progress is just amazing and your instincts right on the money!!! I am so loving watching your progress on this kitchen.... I agree with flyleft this is definitely a project to feature in a magazine--esp. because all of the work, ingenuity and creativity has been done by you and your DH. So many times I read in mags, how someone buys a home and wants to restore it and so contracts with some famous architect and/or designer to achieve their vision, but you've not only designed your vision, but executed on it! Keep the pics coming. Oh, and what's on the menu for Thanksgiving?

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Holy mackerel, Zip! Just a little spruce of the old place, huh? Nothing too major.... LOL!

Honestly? You should submit this to a magazine like others are saying. It's absolutely stunning, both in the scale of the work done, and the end results you've posted. (Your girls' suite is one of my all-time favorites).

Truly amazing!

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I don't know what to say besides thank you. I hope you guys know I really do appreciate you all taking the time to look at the pics, your help and comments!

Flyleft, I think at some point, maybe after the downstairs is done I'd like to try to submit some of the work we did here. It would be neat to see it in print if one of the magazines was interested. It's been a lot of work, but.. it's also been a challange and very rewarding. I really enjoy the design part tremendously and my husband does a great job of taking my rolling thoughts and random rough drawings, which at most times isn't proabably a heck of a lot of direction and some how helps me make them real.

Valinsv .. oooh .. Can't wait for Thanksgiving. I've had my fresh turkey order in for a while, just hoping the kitchen would be in good order. :)

Reno .. No, no big deal .. just a little cosmetics here and there. ;) *LOL* Leave it to us to buy a house that needed a major overhaul. We didn't go into the house blind though, we honestly never would have touched it if my DH wasn't a contractor. Paying for the labor to have done, what needed to be done would have been way too prohibative for us. As we walked though the house the first time, you could see the potential there, really knew the house could shine again, but yes it's been very time consuming and labor intensive! At times I've been burned out, at other times I've wondered if we have some sort of masochistic disorder .. but when we finally complete a project, I'm always pumped to tackle the next thing! *LOL* My DH wonders what the heck I'm going to do when the house is complete and I don't have the 'next' thing to research anymore. ;)

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Hey Zipdee! Check out this farmhouse kitchen remodel on the Kitchens board. It's your house's long lost sibling!

Here is a link that might be useful: Farmhousebound's kitchen

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Hi Zipdee! Renofan linked this thread to mine over in kitchens forum and I had seen your thread that you posted and had already gone over it all and drooled as we are not as far in on our renovation--I was just so excited about the hood that I rolled the stove under it and took a pic to show. I have gotten so many ideas from others on the kitchen forum.

Your floors are fantastic--would love to have found those under the linoleum! We will be going with 2-1/4" quartersawn oak throughout the house.

Question regarding your ceiling--did y'all put up real beadboard? We are going to try something kind of radical as we cannot afford the cost of doing real beadboard--an idea from one of the other posters on the kitchen forum (again!) we discovered paintable wallpaper beadboard. I ordered a sample and we are going to try and hang to match up the older part of the house all of which is beadboard walls and ceiling. There are load bearing beams in each spot where the old and new will come together so we are hoping that will be the break we need. You can see the beam in the pic that I posted of our hood--the old part of the kitchen is to the left, new on the right. Also, because this being an older house, with the rest of the additional level, the flooring in the new part is lower than the old part which is why the stove was not rolled center of the hood--DH is working with GC to come up with a solution of raising the new kitchen floor.

I will have several bakers cabinets in our space (similar to your hoosier) and pretty much will be doing some of the ideas that reno fan suggested for over your hoosier. I am a "collector" of what my DH kindly refers to as "stuff" and I will be grouping some of my stuff that has a common theme throughout the kitchen--i.e., one space will have my icecream stuff, one space will have my coffee stuff, one will have my spice set stuff . . . (lot's of stuff, LOL). I love the idea of the old signs--check out ebay if you can't find anything locally.

Have you found your schoolhouse lighting yet? DH will be "building" ours for throughout the space and I have found that I have some extra schoolhouse shades that I have won on e-bay if you might be interested and if your DH has that ability. Just send me an e-mail.

Sorry so long--didn't mean to hi-jack your thread. I know how excited you must be with your kitchen because you have created what I am shooting for! It looks great!

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Reno .. thanks so much for linking Farmhousebound's kitchen! You're right our houses do have a very simular vibe, even the outside with the hip roof and yellow paint. Very neat! :)

Farmhousebound .. First, your Chambers stove is to die for! Wow, it's so beautiful and I love the hood you chose to go with it. Your kitchen is going to be stunning! We did put up real pine beadboard, my husband works with a local wood mill a lot in our business, so they cut us a really great break on it. You are right, it is very exspensive to buy it retail though.

I've never tried the paintable beadboard wall paper, but I've seen pics of it here on the Home Decorating forum and it looked great! Also another way to handle the ceiling would be to do a grid pattern to cover the seams on the beadboard sheets .. most likely you could incorperate the load bearing beam in the design too. Some thing along these lines :

To level the floor, could you lay another layer of subflooring on the one side ( the old kitchen ) before you put down the quartersawn oak? I can see the dip in the picture where the floor goes down, but I can't tell by how much.

Can't wait to see to see more pics and all you componets come together! They sound wonderful. :)

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zipdee--thanks for the suggestions and pics! I have looking at some of your old threads and saw your other post on the ceiling issue. I have just finished discussing with husband and due to the large area of ceiling that needs to be finished, we are going to try the wallpaper out first in the den area before trying to tackle the kitchen. However, that second picture you posted is a definite possibility!

With regards to the flooring, we will probably be laying another layer of subflooring on the new kitchen side as it is the old kitchen floor that is so much higher right now (picture kind of deceiving). We will also have to take the old kitchen back down to subfloor as there are a couple of layers of flooring on top of it.

I saw a picture of your house on another thread--love it and yes, it does look very similar. DH's aunt had the house prior to selling to us and had replaced outside w/ vinyl siding, so when we added the addition, we replaced w/ Adobe Cream vinyl siding to achieve the buttery yellow look.

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Love your home too ... your cupola and weather vane are awesome! :) What year was your house built?

It wasn't the pic .. I had mixed up what side the old kitchen was on. :) I sympathize with you having to remove the layers of flooring, we had to do that here too. Some places the pine was under four or so layers. I hope you post pics as you guys make progress on the kitchen, it will be very neat to see the evolution process.

I hope you post pics of the wallpaper going up in your den too! Lots of people have had the same thoughts of using it on the ceiling here, everyone would love to see those pics and hear your thoughts.

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I haven't clicked this thread on for a while since it has become so "heavy" with photos it takes forever to load on my slow dial-up, but "Wow". It sure is coming along nice and looking great.

I love the farmhouse door instead of the black hole chalkboard. You say you are adding curtains? You could also do an 'acid etch' on the glass. At the craft stores they sell what you need to do this. You could do a lace design or words.

Believe it ot not but the Contac paper that they make in 'Frost' can actually look good. Or you could use the acid etch to frost the entire pane.

The kitchen looks so nice. I hope you are keeping an online blog to reference in the future. Maybe a magazine or TV show will pick up on your project and feature your kitchen?

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