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nycbluedevilAugust 11, 2012

I just made my last purchasing decision yesterday and we start our renovation two weeks from Monday. I am so excited!!

I don't post much but read this forum religously after learning so much from the bathrooms forum during those renovations last year. Without it, I would never have known about Waterstone faucets (thanks A2gemini and Poohpup), Julien sinks and of course, Blue Star (although I did go back and forth between BS and CC like so many GW readers). I would not have been able to see so many beautiful examples of cabinets and countertops. I am doing inset cabinets and marble counters with my eyes wide open about their advantages and disadvantages. The list goes on an on. You guys are awesome.

Anyway, we are tearing out our NYC galley kitchen which is 23 years old. We did a major makeover in 1999 (new appliances, refaced doors, added some cabinetry, new floors, granite counters). But the original cabinets were laminate so the additional ones were too, the refaced doors are thermofoil which are starting to peel and one or two of the older base cabinets are starting to feel really old. Finally, the small sink is getting annoying, the tile floors are hard on my back and I want to open the kitchen to the dining room. Otherwise, we have a really functional layout so no major changes there other than to move the washer/dryer to the back of the butler's pantry area to open up the space near the window.

Oh, and did I mention that my two youngest are going off to college in a couple of weeks, so I need a project to make myself feel better?

So, the decisions are made and I am chomping at the bit to get started. We have decided to go with Rutt walnut inset cabinets in a tawny stain, honed Calacatta caldia countertops and matching 6 x 12 subway backsplash, a Marmoleum floor, Blue Star 36" range with grill, Modernaire hood, SZ french door fridge, Miele Diamond dishwasher, Miele speed oven, Uline wine fridge, Waterstone traditional pulldown faucet and a 30" Julien J7 sink.

Finally, I found a company to which I can donate my current kitchen. The existing appliances (SZ, Miele) are in great shape and the granite counters still look great. With a bit of cabinet refurbishing, someone will get a real steal at the recycle store. And the stuff will not go to a landfill.

Will post before and after pics during the process. Thanks again for all the help, everyone.

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Welcome to kitchens!
I loved your bathroom and can't wait to see your kitchen!

Our GC helps families in need, so our old kitchen found a home also.

Still loving our waterstone!

Have fun!

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When you get to the floor don't let them use a welding rod at the seam. It looks like crap. That is if you are using sheet marmoleum. If tiles, never mind. :)

I envy you knowing what you are doing!

I wish I did, lol.

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Sounds like you have done your homework and it will be beautiful. When my children went to college I got new puppy : ) Dd graduated from KU and just started her first real job on Monday, as a Pharmacist and Ds just graduated from K-State and is heading to OCU to get his masters degree. We remodeled our new to us house and moved into it in February, starting on the bathrooms sometime soon I hope.

Good luck and I look forward to following your progress.

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Thanks Deedles. I have never understood the welding strip. We are doing 13 x 13 tiles in the forest ground color with a dark bistre strip that will follow the outlines of the room.

My neighbors have a Marmoleum tile floor and when you run your hand over the floor, you cannot even feel the seam. I thought maybe they used a welding strip but probably not. I hope our floor comes out the same way.

Regarding the floor, I want to get the floors installed first because the idea of having my cabinets sit directly on the concrete slab is a bit weird to me. In order to minimize the possibility of floor damage when the cabinets and appliances are installed, in addition to having those installers protect the floor, I am thinking about having the floor guys install the floor around the perimeter and least as far out into the kitchen as the cabinets will go, leaving the rest for after the cabinets and appliances are in. Does that sound crazy?

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Awesome. When can I move in? Kids are heading to school in September?

But seriously, I have to ask, why does everyone go for Calacatta marbles? They are so common! Everything else in your kitchen is going to be extraordinary. Pick an Araxni, or Parnonas, or gosh, a Stouraitikon slab if you want grey and white. Or go out there with Skiros marble if you're feeling adventurous.

Of course, I'm willing to move in regardless...

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I went for the Calacatta caldia because I need for the counter to be very white with just subtle hints of green and gold (not gray) and very quiet with not a lot of movement. The walnut is busy and the kitchen is narrow. I originally thought about using a quartz counter but I prefer the depth of the marble. I even thought about quartzite but it was just too much going on with the walnut. I saw the calacatta caldia with walnut cabinets in my KD's showroom and fell in love. And I had been reading GW enough to know that when you fall in love, well you know.

Unforunately for my checkbook, the hardware that was installed on those walnut cabinets at the KD was fabulous--the Forms and Surfaces Sweep pull. At $35 apiece, I was appalled and tried to find a substitute. But I was in love and although Hickory had something close, it was not close enough. So I found the F&S for $31 apiece after a lot of looking because they are hard to find (very small consolation) and am going to use them.

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And you found them where......?

There are some Balitca I'd die for, and some others I've recently found. I save the links and wangle.

Good thing I don't need hardware yet!

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