round versus oval/rectangular dining chandelier?

michoumonsterNovember 23, 2012

Hi all, i cross-posted to lighting forum, but thought maybe i might get different perspectives here.

i have a rectangular dining room, about 13x17. Most likely i will be getting a rectangular dining table. However, I have to get the lighting installed in our build first (before we can shop for furniture). We plan on buying furniture slowly after we move in and save up more money. Should I get a rectangular or oval chandelier now, or would round be ok? It seems there are more choices for round chandeliers, though i think rectangular dining tables are more prevalent. Would love to hear your thoughts and advice!

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You can also have it wired for a chandelier and wait to install until you've chosen your dining room furniture. I would think scale would be as important (or more so) as the shape, so you might want to wait and see exactly what furniture you end up with, then chose your fixture. Just a thought, if you are feeling pressured to decide right now.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I agree....just wire now and worry about the chandy later. But keep in mind that if you want to have a buffet on one side, then you may not want the table centered in the room, but the chandy needs to be centered over the table, so you want to think about layout first so you put the wire in the right place....

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olychick, i have to admit, i am definitely feeling the pressure! great idea on just wiring. i will ask our inspector to see if it is ok to just have it wired without having a chandelier installed.

annie, thanks for bringing up the buffet. i haven't decided if i should do one yet, as it would definitely eat up space and throw the room off.

i guess i will start looking around at prospective tables to get an idea on sizing now.

thank you for the advice!

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When you prewire, make sure they don't cut through the ceiling. Instead have them just leave the wiring in the attic or ceiling space. Our *helpful* electricians put it through the ceiling in what was apparently a random location, and of course, it had to be moved. DD had hers prewired, and the wiring was left accessible, but they didn't cut the hole in the DR ceiling, so easily brought down in the correct location later and passed inspection that way. I guess I should have been more specific when telling the builder, but learned the hard way.

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Annie Deighnaugh

sujafr, that advice works unless you have spray foam above, like we do....the wires have to come down if you ever expect to see them again.

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Annie--oh, what a pity! so difficult to figure out ahead exactly where the light should go!

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sujafr, great idea! annie, luckily we don't have foam so i think it is something i can do. thanks!

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